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Who is the Real Enemy of the Catholic Church?


An article on the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary






By Ted Flynn

(Newsletter below with full article)

             A friend of mine is a believer, and follows world events very closely. If you ask him his thoughts on a political subject, he can penetrate to what is being said, and what is going on behind the scenes from an erudite standpoint based on history, and modern political philosophy. He sees the divide among people is getting more intense, and feels like many, that violence is coming to the streets of America at some point in the future. Recently, I asked him who the real enemy is? Who is the wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings? He gave me a blank stare, stood back a step, and said, “That is a really good question.” He ventured a guess to satisfy the question and said, “The Democrats.” I said, “No, there is a malevolent dark force behind the curtain of humanity that people do not see.”

The ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu wrote a book approximately in the year 500 BC called The Art of War. It may not have had a subtitle then, but has one now, called, The Most Influential Book of Strategy in the World. The book has been used in councils of elders and war colleges for nearly 2,500 years, and is probably the most quoted book on war, peace, and combat in the history of the world, as it concerns military and social strategy.

A definition of the book can be described in three sentences if you research it:

“Know when to fight and when not to fight: avoid what is strong and strike at what is weak. Know how to deceive the enemy: appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. Know your strengths and weaknesses; if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

The pithy sayings dotted throughout the book are folklore to many, and deathly real to nations who have sought the book’s principles to maintain their relevance in the world. There is no book like it. It is a book about deception, which is not a laudatory practice for a person who professes a personal belief in Jesus Christ. But, as a nation state it is about survival of the fittest. It is weak nations that are invaded first. A few sayings are:

– All warfare is based upon deception.

– There are five essentials for victory:

–  He will win who knows how to fight and when not to fight.

– He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.

– He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.

– He will win who prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.

– He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

– There is no instance of a country having benefitted from a prolonged war.

– Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.

– If he is superior in strength, evade him.

– The worst strategy of all is to besiege walled cities.

 Infiltration and Operating in Stealth

Sun Tzu provides a blueprint for aggressive nations to conquer, and those less able to maintain their own status quo, until ready for combat. It is a book of strategy to conquer. The historical reality of Sun Tzu is unmatched. Does this have relevance to the Roman Catholic Church and those looking to subvert its truth? The answer to the above question is yes, and to find out who is the real enemy of the Catholic Church. The enemy of the Church is Freemasonry. Masons have applied these principles of infiltration and operating in stealth, and hiding in the weeds, as well as in plain sight against the Church for the last several centuries. The barbarian is inside the gates.

They have had enormous influence without the general population knowing their plans, and with clergy thinking they are some sort of boys club driving go karts for sick children, and wearing funny looking hats. It is a profound lack of understanding of spiritual warfare and knowing how to fight your enemy that enables them to operate so efficiently. If one is intel­lectually and emotionally honest, they would have to ask, how did this apostasy in the Church happen? What is its origin? Was there an agenda? Is it a conspiracy theory? Is this the thinking of a disordered mind who believes this, or worse perpetrates a deceptive agenda like this on an unsuspecting public? It is a topic worthy of consideration. It is not heavily talked about for two main reasons. First, ignorance of its existence, and secondly, fear of retribu­tion, thus one becomes marginalized socially, politically, or industrially. Masonry roots run far, wide, and deep, and it is deceptively portrayed as just a fraternal organiza­tion doing good works.

Father Malachi Martin, in his novel of historical fiction, Windswept House, tells the story of a priest by the name of Gladstone who is summoned to the Vatican. He doesn’t know why at first. Father Gladstone is an amalgam of a man from a wealthy Galveston, Texas home. He is a man’s man, well bred, traveled, educated, with enormous personal and intellectual gifts. If he were at a cocktail party or dinner, Gladstone by virtue of his presence and savoir-faire (a person who knows what to do in almost any circumstance) would command the room. He is the type of person who can walk by a chess game between friends, look at the board for a second or two, and tell the friend to move the rook, take the knight, freezing the king. Checkmate.

 Find Out If It Is Organized?

He is now in Rome meeting with the pope. Passing pleasantries, the pope then tells him the reason for the meeting. The reigning pope asks him to find out the intentions of these one world order people, the titans running the global show of power that the pope knows is anti-church. The pontiff knows they are evil men doing diabolical things. He then asks Father Gladstone the penetrating question, “Find out if it is organized.” Gladstone is commissioned to find the answer.

Father Malachi Martin clearly understood the battle way in advance of others, and while alive, he was arguably the most controversial priest in the world. When Fr. Malachi Martin died, the title then went to Father Gruner who wrote on all things Fatima, and the diabolical forces in the world looking to undermine the Church. Both had many things in common. They both intimately under­stood Fatima and its extreme relevance to the Third Secret, and the necessity of the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the Blessed Mother asked at Fatima.

            Diabolical Masonry, widespread apostasy, atheistic commu­nism, and corrupt political institutions and governments are just a few both priests were intimately aware of. But, both knew above all, how Masonry had infiltrated inside the Church and was blocking what heaven was asking of mankind. Because of this, Fathers Martin and Gruner were vilified by many, and understood by few who thought their views extreme due to a naïve under­standing how the corridors of power actually work Their harshest critics came from inside the Church because they were so close to the truth, and the Vatican intrigue surrounding why certain things are not being done as heaven has asked.

As the saying goes, “you only take flak when you are above the target.” If you get too close to the unholy grail of Masonry, you will be attacked. You become an immediate threat to the establishment, and they will go to any extreme to discredit you. Both Father Martin and Father Gruner died believing the Consecration of Russia was not done by the Church, as it was asked by the Blessed Mother, in unison with all the bishops of the world — specifically mentioning Russia by name, as Our Lady asked. Not the consecration of the world, but Russia. Both priests knew intensely the battle inside the Church and its Masonic influence, even having their own Lodge in Rome called Propaganda Due (The P2 Lodge).

St. Maximillian Kolbe

Masonry, to the casual observer, is an innocuous group of people. The men are Masons, the women have the Eastern Star, and youth are members of DeMolay. It is designed by its framers to hide the truth. As a young priest studying in Rome in 1917, St. Maximilian Kolbe saw the Masons marching in the streets saying they would control the Vatican in 100 years. He immedi­ately founded the Militia Immaculata (MI) that very day putting the protection of the Church under the mantle of the Blessed Mother. He instinctively saw a serious threat that has become an aggressive cancer to the world and the Church. Powerful and bright men knew they could not take on the Church head on because it was too big, too wealthy, too organized, and too centralized, and with too many faithful followers with a long tradition that would openly fight to preserve it. They needed another strategy rather than a head on fight of a walled wealthy city that was not winnable under those terms. As Sun Tzu, they found another way, and they found the best way was a Trojan Horse approach using infiltration to change the narrative. You can be the judge on its success.

The term “New World Order” has been used tens of thousands of times in this century by high-powered proponents of federalized world government. For years, leaders in education, the media, and banking have promoted those with the same world-view as their own. On May 4, 1993, Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) president Leslie Gelb said on the Charlie Rose Show, “you had me on before to talk about the New World Order. I talk about it all the time. It’s one world now. The Council on Foreign Relations can find, nurture, and begin to put people in kinds of jobs this country needs. And that is going to be one of the major enterprises of the Council under me.” Former CFR chairman, John J. McCloy (1953-1970), said “they have been doing this before the 1940’s.”

Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1844 states, “So you see…the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” All quotes in this article on the New World Order and its structure are from the book Hope of the Wicked by said author. (see page 53)

Prior to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, President Woodrow Wilson published The New Freedom, in which he revealed, “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately, some of the biggest men in the United States, in the fields of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so inter­locked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” One should be reminded that Wilson was president of Princeton, and Governor of New Jersey before he was elected president, and was the useful idiot that Lenin spoke about who did the dirty work for powerful people without often knowing it.

 Powerful Positions and Easy Careers

            Masonry is the Deep State or the Shadow Government spoken about today on a daily basis. It is a cabal of a like-minded and an ideologically similar group of people in a network to promote each other to a world they want to see fashioned. That is best accomplished in placing people in strategic positions in govern­ment, industry, and law enforcement. As Father Gladstone found out, it is organized under Secret Societies. But, first it is about easy careers. These people are placed in powerful positions that give them privilege they could never attain on their own. Its utopian fantasy goes all the way back to Plato believing the world could have a ruling class, working class, and a military class, best suiting the needs of citizenry as an ideal government.

The Rhodes Scholars were created by Cecil Rhodes to create a new ruling class, looking for a modern day Utopia. A Utopia on earth will never exist unless it is under the sovereignty of God. As long as there is Original Sin, and men who seek power, it is an illusion of the financial and political elite. That is its achilles heel. It is an ideal way to look at the world, but sovereign nations must be done away with to achieve its purpose, thus the role of immigration/migration reducing man to a robotic state of compliance with statism. Words have meaning, and when used year after year, they often become legislated policy. What we are witnessing today in church and state is centralized power over a long period of time with people placed in very strategic positions doing the bidding and allegiance for the “illumined ones.”

The United States is experiencing a modern day coup d’etat, with Gestapo tactics of the elites utilizing the administrative legal power of the executive branch of government. Remember, all Hitler did prior to World War II was sanctioned by the German legal system that permitted his activities. Presently in the U.S., nine media companies govern ninety percent of the narrative in the news, but a free press is an illusion. Multiple dozens of entities are under each of the major media corporations. Yes, the Deep State is organized, and controlling the narrative of the press is essential.

 The New World Order

            Its modern day philosophical roots were birthed by Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria in 1776 for the New World Order or the Novus Ordo Seclorum, to achieve its goals. Weishaupt was a professor of Canon Law who adopted Masonic thinking for a new structure of the world. The word “illuminati” is thought to have come from him — an enlightened group of self appointed men to rule the world. “Illumined souls” think they know what is best for mankind. Under their control, Secret Societies, and specifically Masonry blossomed at this time in Europe as the young colonies across the ocean were just being formed. They saw an opportunity and took it to mold the new world to their views.

The elite (illumined souls) believed the young colonies that comprised the new world could become the new Atlantis under their control. The French trappers and the Dutch mariners showed the British the potential of the New World, and they decided to control its destiny under men like Francis Bacon providing a plan. To better understand, it is simply men going along, to get along, for financial and career prosperity. If one were to research the list of Masons, you will find some of the most prominent people in the last 250 years on the list. There is a heavy concentration of industrial, banking, and political members with an overt intent to have control. No matter which party controls Congress and the White House, the same entities are in the most influential positions in government. Benjamin Franklin was asked who the founder of America was, and he said, “Francis Bacon,”a leading Mason in England. Franklin as a young man worked in England before achieving prominence in the early colonial period, first as a candle maker, then a printer.

Prior to the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, there were a total of seventeen candidates battling it out on stage and the stump to be the GOP nominee. While the field was still full, former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich made a startling statement on the Bill O’Reilly Show on the chances of Donald J. Trump being the nominee, let alone president. I was so startled what he said on live television, I had to play it back several times to make sure I heard it correctly. Gingrich said, “Bill, you have to realize Trump is not a member of the establishment, he has not been initiated into The Secret Society.”

            It was a loaded truth rarely spoken in public. He said the word ”initiated, member of the establishment,” and “THE Secret Society,” which is Freemasonry. Not A secret society, but THE. This is the fight we see daily in the media, and it is intense because people with power do not give it up easily. This is a fight between the powers of darkness and light in the spiritual realm, and it is a white-knuckle fight to the last man standing. Well over a century of concentrated power in the halls of both sides of the aisle of the U.S. Congress will not capitulate without a fight. It is not about Democrats or Republicans, but those in secret societies working on the same agenda giving the appearance they are separate and distinct. There may be nuances like pro-life and other social issues, but not when it comes to control through banking and finance.

The agenda is being carried out using age-old principles of Sun Tzu in the modern era of the 20th and 21st centuries with an interconnected and smaller world of high speed everything. It is the digital age using social engineering to control the masses, controlling the message. It is the manipulation behind the scenes of masses of people without them even knowing about it, much less their tactics. Yes, it is highly organized as Father Gladstone found out throughout Masonic halls in the world, and the whisper of Woodrow Wilson. With the rot and stench of this agenda, Our Lady is now exposing their evil agenda, and active as she was in dismantling the evil of Soviet Russia in the early 1990’s.

 In the Name of Mary

Heaven historically has a lot to say about Masonry. In one of the most famous messages from the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Blessed Mother in message 456 titled, In The Name of Mary, says, “In the name of your heavenly Mother, yes, in the name of Mary, the Turks were defeated, when they laid siege to the city of Vienna, and threatened to invade and destroy the whole Christian world. They were far superior in strength, in numbers and in weapons, and they felt that their victory was assured. But I was publicly invoked and called upon; my name was inscribed upon their banners and shouted out by the soldiers, and thus through my intercession, there took place the miracle of this victory which saved the Christian world from its destruction. It is for this reason that the Pope instituted, on this day, the Feast of the Name of Mary.

“In the Name of Mary, Marxist commu­nism, which for decades had been exercising its rule and holding so many of my poor children in oppressive and bloody slavery, had been defeated in these countries. Not because of political movements, or persons, but through my personal intervention, has your liberation finally come about.

It will again be in The Name of Mary that I will bring to completion my work with the defeat of Masonry, of every diabolical force, of materialism, and of practical atheism, so all humanity will be able to attain its encounter with the Lord, and be thus purified and completely renewed, with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart in the world.”

It is clear, based upon the Blessed Mother’s above role as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate, through her intercession major events are happening in the world. As the prophetess of our age, appointed by the Most Holy Trinity, she is doing major cleaning and caring for her children. Heaven is flushing out evil from where it hides and is exposing it to the light. In the Old Testament, judgment first begins in the house of God. This is what we have been witnessing for the last twenty years as the hypocrisy of some in the hierarchy is being seen by all. Presently, in a very unstable world there could be numerous things that could come to mind where the Blessed Mother would move, but she says her next target is Masonry. Due to her intercession, Masonry is now biding time just as her intercession at Lepanto, Vienna, and the former USSR brought victory. It is like a termite infested dwelling on borrowed time that will topple due to foundational rot. A new building will then be erected to replace the old one. The Marian Movement of Priests (MMP), Father Gruner and Father Malachi Martin had controversy around them for the same reasons. They got too close to the truth, and the enemies of the Church sought to discredit the MMP with a vengeance. The MMP flies above the target in majestic truth in language like no other. No one can articulate the truth clearer than the Blessed Mother, other than Her Son.

 Masonic Forces vs. The Marian Movement

The Masonic forces in the Vatican have sought to discredit the MMP messages from the outset saying they were prayerful thoughts, musings, meditations, and prayers of the MMP, but not heavenly locutions given by the Blessed Mother as an encouragement to mankind. The MMP drove a dagger into the heart of Masonry calling Secular Freemasonry the Beast Like a Leopard, and Ecclesiastical Freemasonry, the Beast Like a Lamb. Presented below will be a lengthy exposition of both the messages, because frankly nothing else is so true, pure, and enlight­ening in the world on why we have the current state in the Church and the world.

Many approved apparition sites in the world validate its authenticity as a supreme enemy of the Church. Our Lady of Good Success of Quito Ecuador, Blessed Ann Katherine Emmerick, The Devotion to the Holy Face, and a myriad of mystics attest to it. A document called The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita lays out the plot of Masons to subvert and undermine the orthodoxy of the Church. Pope Pius IX in 1861 guaranteed the authenticity in a letter of approbation of the document, and asked that it be published. Below is an important part of the Alta Vendita:

            “Our ultimate end is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution—the final destruction of Catholicism, and even of the Christian idea. The pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies: it is up to the secret societies; it is up to the secret societies to take the first step towards the Church, with the aim of conquering both of them. The task that we are going to undertake is not the work of a day, or of a month, or of a year; it may last several years, perhaps a century; but in our ranks the soldier dies and the struggle goes on.”

Dozens of papal bulls and statements could be provided here from the Church over the last several centuries on the evils of Masonry, but we’ll let the Blessed Mother have her say below, which will enlighten, and bring you intel­lectually and spiritually to a new understanding of the enemy intentionally hiding beneath the surface — The Art of War at its finest.

 The Beast Like a Leopard – #405, MMP, Secular Freemasonry

“… In this terrible struggle, there comes up from the sea, to the aid of the Dragon, a beast like a leopard.

            If the Red Dragon is Marxist atheism, the Black Beast is Freemasonry. The dragon manifests himself in the force of his power; the Black Beast, on the other hand, acts in the shadow, keeps out of sight and hides himself in such a way as to enter in everywhere. He has the claws of a bear and the mouth of a lion, because he works everywhere with cunning and with the means of social communication, that is to say, through propaganda. The seven heads indicate the various Masonic lodges, which act everywhere in a subtle and dangerous way.

            This Black Beast has ten horns and, on the horns, ten crowns, which are signs of dominion and royalty.

Masonry rules and governs throughout the whole world by means of the ten horns. The horn, in the biblical world, has always been an instrument of amplification, a way of making one’s voice better heard, a strong means of communication.

            For this reason, God communicated His Will to his people by means of the horns which made his Law known: the Ten Commandments. The one who accepts them and observes them walks in life along the road of the divine Will, of joy and peace.

            …The grace of the redemption is communicated by means of the seven sacraments…

The task of the Black Beast, namely Masonry, is that of fighting, in a subtle way, but tenaciously, to obstruct souls from traveling along this way, pointed out by the Father and the Son and lighted up by the gifts of the Spirit. In fact if the Red Dragon works to bring all humanity to do without God, to the denial of God, and therefore spreads the error of atheism, the aim of Masonry is not to deny God, but to blaspheme Him. The beast opens his mouth to utter blasphemies against God, to blaspheme His name and dwelling place, and against all those who dwell in heaven. The greatest blasphemy is that of denying the worship due to God alone by giving it to creatures and to Satan himself. That is why in these times, behind the perverse action of Freemasonry, there are being spread everywhere black masses and the satanic cult. Moreover Masonry acts, by every means, to prevent souls from being saved, and thus it endeavors to bring to nothing the redemption accomplished by Christ.

            If the Lord has communicated His law with the Ten Commandments, Freemasonry spreads everywhere, through the power of its ten horns, a law which is completely opposed to that of God.

            – To the commandment of the Lord: You shall not have any other gods but me, (Exodus 20:3) it builds other false idols, before which many today prostrate themselves in adoration.

            – To the commandment: You shall not take the name of God in vain, (Ex. 20:7) it sets itself up in opposition by blaspheming God and His Christ, in many subtle and diabolical ways, even to reducing His name indecorously to the level of a brand name of an object of sale and producing sacrilegious films concerning His life and His Divine Person.

            – To the commandment: Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day, (Ex. 20:8) it transforms the Sunday into a weekend, into a day of sports, of competitions and entertainments.

            – To the commandment: Honor your father and your mother (Ex. 20:12) it opposes a new model of family based on cohabita­tion, even between homosexuals.

            – To the commandment: You shall not kill (Ex. 20:13) it has succeeded in making abortion legal everywhere, in making euthanasia acceptable, and in causing respect due to the value of human life to all but disappear.

            – To the commandment: You shall not commit impure acts, (Ex. 20:14) it justifies, exalts and propagates every form of impurity, even to the justification of acts against nature.

            – To the commandment: Thou shall not steal, (Ex. 20:15) it works to the end that theft, violence, kidnapping and robbery spread more and more.

            – To the commandment: You shall not bear false witness, (Ex. 20:16) it acts in such a way as the law of deceit, lying and duplicity becomes more and more propagated.

            – To the commandment: You shall not covet the goods and the wife of another (Ex. 20:17) it works to corrupt in the depths of the conscience, betraying the mind and the heart of man. In this way souls become driven along the perverse and wicked road of disobedience of the laws of the Lord, become submerged in sin and are thus prevented from receiving the gift of grace and the life of God.

            – To the seven theological and cardinal virtues, which are the fruit of living in the grace of God, Freemasonry counters with the diffusion of the seven capital vices, which are the fruit of living habitually in the state of sin. To faith it opposes pride; to hope, lust; to charity, avarice; to prudence, anger; to fortitude, sloth; to justice, envy; to temperance, gluttony.

            Whoever becomes a victim of the seven capital vices is gradually led to take away the worship that is due to God alone, in order to give it to false divinities, who are the very personification of all these vices. And in this consists the greatest and most horrible blasphemy. That is why on every head of the Beast there is written a blasphemous name. Each Masonic lodge has the task of making a different divinity adored…

            The task of the Masonic lodges is that of working today, with great astuteness, to bring humanity everywhere to disdain the holy Law of God, to work in open opposition to the Ten Commandments, and to take away the worship due to God alone in order to offer it to certain false idols which become extolled and adored by an ever increasing number of people: reason, flesh, money, discord, domination, violence, pleasure. Thus souls are precipitated into the dark slavery of evil of vice and sin, and, at the moment of death and the judgment of God, into the pool of eternal fire, which is hell.

            Now you understand how, in these times, against the terrible and insidious attack of the Black Beast, namely of Masonry, my Immaculate Heart becomes your refuge and the sure road which brings you to God. In my Immaculate Heart there is delineated the tactic made use of by your heavenly Mother, to fight back against and to defeat the subtle plot made use of by the Black Beast…

            Thus I am making use of you, my little children who have consecrated yourselves to me, to unmask all these subtle snares, which the Black Beast sets for you and to make futile in the end the great attack, which Masonry has launched today against Christ and his Church. And in the end, especially in his greatest defeat, there will appear in all its splendor, the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.”

            Heaven is making it very clear there are opposing forces in the world. For all virtue, there is an equally powerful vice. For obedience to the Ten Commandments, there are also powerful forces in the world working diligently to countering the intent of heaven. It is organized inside Mason lodges throughout the world according to the words of the Blessed Mother.

            Where the Beast like a Leopard is secular, the Blessed Mother to the Marian Movement of Priests gives a message to the world about Freemasonry inside the Church.

 The Beast Like a Lamb – #406, MMP, Ecclesiastical Freemasonry

“…I also foretold to you the subtle and dark work, carried out by Freemasonry with the purpose of separating you from the obser­vance of the Law of God and thus making you victims of sins and vices.

            Above all, as Mother, I have wanted to warn you of the grave dangers which threaten the Church today, because of the many and diabolical attacks which are being carried out against it to destroy it.

            To attain this end, there comes out of the earth, by way of aid to the Black Beast which arises out of the sea, a beast which has two horns like those of a lamb.

            The lamb, in Holy Scripture, has always been a symbol of sacrifice…

             The beast has on its head two horns like those of a lamb. To the symbol of the sacrifice, there is intimately connected that of the priesthood: the two horns. The Bishops of the Church wear the mitre with two horns to indicate the fullness of their priesthood.

            The black beast like a leopard indicates Freemasonry; the beast with the two horns like a lamb, indicates Freemasonry infiltrated into the interior of the Church, that is to say eccle­siastical Masonry, which has spread especially among the hierarchy. The Masonic infiltration, in the interior of the Church was already foretold to you by me, when I announced to you that Satan would enter in even to the summit of the Church. If the task of Masonry is to lead souls to perdition, bringing them to the worship of false divinities, the task of ecclesiastical Masonry on the other hand is that of destroying the Christ and his Church, building a new idol, namely a false christ and a false church.

            …And so ecclesiastical Masonry works to obscure His divine word, by means of natural and rational interpretations and, to make it more understandable and acceptable, empties it of all its supernatural content. The errors are spread in every part of the Catholic Church itself. Because of the spread of these errors, many are moving away from the true faith, bringing to fulfillment the prophecy which was given to you by me at Fatima: ‘The times will come when many will lose the true faith. The loss of faith is apostasy.

            Jesus is Life because he gives grace. The aim of ecclesiastical Masonry is justifying sin, of presenting it no longer as an evil but as something good and of value. Thus one is advised to do this as a way of satisfying the exigencies of one’s own nature, destroying the root from which repentance could be born, and told that it is no longer neces­sary to confess it. The pernicious fruit of this accursed cancer, which has spread throughout the whole Church, is the disappearance everywhere of individual confession. Souls are led to live in sin, rejecting the gift of life, which Jesus has offered up.

            Jesus is the way which leads to the Father, by means of the gospel. Ecclesiastical Masonry favors those forms of exegesis which give it a rationalistic and natural interpretation, by means of the application of the various literary genres, in such a way that it becomes torn to pieces in all its parts. In the end, it arrives at denying the historical reality of miracles and the resurrection and places in doubt the very divinity of Jesus and His salvific mission.

            After having destroyed the historical Christ, the beast with two horns like a lamb seeks to destroy the mystical Christ, which is the Church. The Church instituted by Christ is one, and one alone: it is the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, founded on Peter. As is Jesus, so too is the Church founded by Him which forms the Mystical Body, truth, life and way…

            …Ecclesiastical Masonry seeks to destroy this reality through false ecumenism, which leads to the acceptance of all Christian Churches, asserting that each one of them has become part of the truth. It develops the plan of founding a universal ecumenical church, formed by the fusion of all the Christian confessions, among which, the Catholic Church.

            …In the Eucharist, Jesus Christ is truly present with His Glorified Body and Divinity. And so ecclesiastical Masonry, in many and subtle ways, seeks to attack the ecclesial devotion towards the sacrament of the Eucharist. It gives value only to the meal aspect, tends to minimize its sacrificial value seeks to deny the real and personal presence of Jesus in the consecrated Host. In this way there are gradually suppressed all the external signs which are indicative of faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, such as genuflections, hours of public adoration and the holy custom of surrounding the tabernacle with lights and flowers.

            The Church is the way because it leads to the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit, long the way of perfect unity…

            Beloved children, I have urged you to consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate heart and to enter into this, my motherly refuge, above all in order to be preserved and defended against this terrible snare. In this way, through the act of consecration of my Movement, I have urged you to renounce every aspiration of building up a career.

            Thus you will be able to remove yourselves from the strongest and most dangerous snare, made use of by Masonry in order to associate in its secret sects so many of my beloved children. I bring you to a great love for Jesus-Truth, making you coura­geous witnesses of the faith; to Jesus-Life, leading you to great holiness; to Jesus-Way, asking you in life to be the gospel alone, lived out and proclaimed to the letter.

            Then I lead you to the greatest love for the Church.

            I bring you to love the Church-truth, making of you strong proclaimers of all the truths of the Catholic faith, as you set yourselves in opposition, with strength and courage, to all errors.

            I make you ministers of the Church-life, helping you to be faithful and holy priests. Be always available to the needs of souls, lend yourselves, with general abnegation, to the ministry of Reconciliation, and the burning flames of love and of zeal for Jesus present in the Eucharist. In your churches may you once again hold frequent hours of public adoration and reparation to the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar.

            …Thus to the dark force of which ecclesiastical Masonry is today exercising to destroy Christ and his Church… and that his Church may be more and more loved, defended and sanctified. In this there shines forth above all the victory of the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and my Immaculate Heart attains its most luminous triumph.”

            The above needs to be read several times to understand how profound the concepts are that the Blessed Mother is saying above — better than anyone else can say.

Only a portion of the total message was provided, and when read in its totality, it is even more powerful.

 Our Lady will Destroy Masonry

            She diagnoses the problem, and gives an immediate solution to turn around the negative cycle we see around us. So goes the Church, so goes the world. If the priests were fulfilling their role and vocation as asked by God, and virtue of being a victim priest, the culture would heal. But, she is making it very clear many in the hierarchy are complicit with plans to destroy the Church from within, by opposing the Gospel. Some clergy compromise by seeking a career, rather than being a victim soul, another Christ.

There is encouraging news, and as we wait in joyful hope for things to change, we are told to continue seeking the truth no matter the chaos around us. To the MMP, Our Lady said,

“Since by their consecra­tion they have allowed themselves to be possessed by me, I will manifest myself in them, and through them I will act to strike at the heart of my enemy and to crush his head with my heel.” (25f)

It is through the cohort of believers heaven will bring victory as scripture promises, but we must first be the agents of change. When was the last time you spent an hour before the Eucharist in Adoration?

And most encouraging of all, do not walk the streets with slumped shoul­ders and neck at a 45 degree angle in spiritual defeat. The Blessed Mother gives very encouraging words that we win in the end. She says to the MMP, #29,

“At the very moment when Satan will be enthroned as lord of the world and will think himself now the sure victor, I myself will snatch the prey from his hands. In a trice (means quickly) he will find himself empty handed, and in the end the victory will be exclusively my Son’s and mine. This will be the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.”          


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