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Prayer for the 2020 Elections

Today, October 13th, Great Anniversary of OUR LADY OF FATIMA 1917 – Miracle of the sun; OUR LADY OF AKITA 1973– continuation of Fatima messages and 101 times Weeping; POPE LEO XIII 1884 remarkable vision, then he composes the St. Michael prayer and promulgated it worldwide OUR LADY OF AMERICA 1956 Appeared again to Sister Mary Ephrem. Sister writes: “Today the Holy Virgin Appeared to me as I was working in my room. Our Lady was So Beautiful and She was again Smiling in Her Heavenly Way. She was dressed in the same manner as when I first saw her (Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of our land) except that the Immaculate Heart did not appear, and instead of the lily, Our Lady held with both hands, a small replica of the finished Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. She then began to speak. Her Presence overwhelmed me with its Holiness. I was compelled to stop my work. It was impossible to go on. I knelt down then and wrote Our Lady’s Words as She Desired: “This is My Shrine, My daughter. I am Very Pleased with it. Tell My children I Thank them. Let them finish it quickly and make it a place of pilgrimage. It will be a place of Wonders. I Promise this. I will Bless all those who, either by their prayers, labor, or material aid, help to erect this Shrine.” This is the Shrine of which Our Lady made Her 1956 Request of Her loyal Sons, the Bishops of the United States, to process Her statue in and permanently honor Her there, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC, Promising more Miracles than Lourdes and Fatima combined.

Let us pray in the Most Holy Divine Will this Command prayer for the upcoming elections:


Abba Father,

In the Name of Jesus,

In the Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit,

Under the Mantle of Mary, Our Lady of America,

With all the Holy Angels and Saints,

Through the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta,


Most Holy Trinity, we have faith and believe firmly in Our Lady of America’s Love for us and for all. 

We have confidence that She will Respond Far Beyond all expectations.  

One with Luisa, we bring Her children of the United States  

and all nations to Her Feet in the Holy Divine Will. 

May Your Abundant Grace Flow and Fill the hearts and minds of Your people  

to vote according to Your Most Holy Divine Will in this Presidential election and all elected positions.


Heavenly Father, we see our poor country being struck by the Divine Scourge. (V14-5.19.22)

Lost souls are consumed with rage, making attempts to remove  

Your President Donald Trump and others with him, 

who intend to do Your Will in helping our country and all nations.  (V4–8.1.00)

Echoing the Commands of Luisa, we say,

‘Lord, You give too much liberty to infernal men. Bind them, and have compassion on them,  

and at the same time, Defend those who belong to You.’ (V4-1.5.03)


O Jesus, Prince of Peace, Form Your President and all Your legitimate children to possess Divine Peace.

May everything Your President and all Your children think, say and do, be Light.

Let the enemy feel struck by this Light, wounded and dazzled, and be forced to flee. (V13–12.18.21)

One with Luisa, who Suffered Immensely, in order to give Light to the nations,

we snatch Mercy for unfortunate humanity! (V16-9.2.23)


Holy Spirit, by Your Grace, through the efforts of Your President and his administration,  

may You Purge everything, Place Your Finger in a Surprising Way, and Give True Peace. 

May this bring about Great Triumph and the union of peoples. (V12-10.16.18)

Find in us, the little children of Luisa, the Waves of the Sea of Your Will,

so that the enemy cannot get close to us or those for whom we pray. (V16–4.23.24)


May the Queen of Heaven, Our Lady of America, Who is the Terror of all hell,

together with little Luisa, “the one Who can Cause the ruin of the diabolical kingdom” (V29–5.19.31)

Enclose Your Commands of the little children of the Divine Will,  

that this may torment the enemy by Means of Your Most Holy Divine Will.

With the re-election of Your President and the Blessed outcome of all positions,  

let all nations say, ‘Here is the Finger of God.’ (V30–4.9.32)

May all be accomplished for the Triumph of the Divine Will! (V36 – 10.2.38)


Please take our humble prayer and make it Your Command,

That all be Accomplished and Completed

In Your Most Holy Divine Will.






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