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Our Lady of Revelation – Our Lady of America

For your prayerful discernment:

Our Lady of Lourdes 1858 Apparitions – confirms Immaculate Conception Dogma
– Feast day: Feb 11
– Holy See approval: July 3, 1876 during the pontificate of Pope Pius IX

Our Lady of Revelation 1947 Apparitions – confirms Assumption Dogma
-Feast Aug 15
– doctrine was dogmatically defined by Pope Pius XII on November 1, 1950 in the Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus by exercising Papal Infallibility

Does Our Lady of America 1956 Apparitions confirm or invite a Dogma? – The Divine Indwelling
– or is She leading the Church and the world to the Divine Will writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, which may confirm Mediatrix/ Co-Redmptrix / Advocate – 5th Dogma which awaits Church proclamation?

V17 – 5.1.25 – Jesus to Luisa: “There is My Celestial Mama, Who was given the Unique Mission of Mother of a Son-God, and the Office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For Her Mission of Divine Maternity, She was Enriched with so much Grace, that all that belongs to the other creatures, both Celestial and terrestrial, united all together, will never be able to Equal Her. But this was not enough to draw the Word into Her Maternal Womb; She Embraced all creatures, She Loved, Repaired, Adored the Supreme Majesty for all, in such a Way as to Accomplish, Herself alone, all that the human generations Owed God. So, in Her Virginal Heart She had an Inexhaustible Vein toward God and toward all creatures. When the Divinity found in this Virgin the Requital of the Love of all, It felt Enraptured, and Formed in Her Its Conception. And as She Conceived Me, She took on the Office of Co-Redemptrix, and She took part in, and Embraced together with Me, all the Pains, the Satisfactions, the Reparations, the Maternal Love toward all. So, in the Heart of My Mother there was a Fiber of Maternal Love toward each creature. This is why, when I was on the Cross, in Truth and with Justice I Declared Her the Mother of all.”

V20 – 1.30.27 – “I, Jesus, Came upon earth to Expiate, to Redeem, to Save man; and in order to do this I had to receive the Pains of creatures, and take them upon Myself as if they were my own. My Divine Mama, who was to be Co-Redemptrix, was not to be dissimilar from Me; rather, the five drops of blood which She gave Me from Her Most Pure Heart in order to form My Little Humanity, came out of Her Crucified Heart. For Us the Pains were Offices which We came to Fulfill, therefore they were all voluntary Pains, not impositions of a fragile nature.”

Hours of the Passion – Twenty-third Hour: From 3 to 4 PM – “I unite everything to the harrowing Pains of our Dear Mama, Mary, who, for the Pain of seeing Your Heart being ripped open, falls into a Swoon of Sorrow and Love; and like a Dove, She flies in It to take the First Place—to be the First Repairer, the Queen of Your very Heart, the Mediatrix between You and the creatures.”

V33 – 3.11.34 – “Now, you must know that the soul in Grace is the Temple of God; but when the soul Lives in Our Will, God makes Himself Temple of the soul, and – oh! the great difference between the creature, Temple of God and God, Temple of the soul! The first is a temple exposed to dangers, to enemies, subject to passions; many times Our Supreme Being finds Himself in these temples as in the temples of stone, unattended, not loved as He should; and the little lamp of her continuous love, which she should keep in homage to her God Who Dwells within her, without the pure oil is extinguished; and if – heavens forbid – she falls into grave sin, Our temple collapses and is occupied by thieves, Our enemies and hers, who profane it and make havoc of it. The second Temple – that is, God, Temple of the soul – is not exposed to dangers, the enemies cannot get close, passions lose life. In this Divine Temple of Ours, the soul is like the little Host that holds her Jesus consecrated within It, and with the perennial Love that she draws, receives and feeds on, she forms the little lamp, alive, always burning, without ever becoming extinguished. This, Our Temple, occupies Its Royal Place, Its Fulfilled Will, and It is Our Glory and Our Triumph. And the little Host – what does she do inside this Temple of Ours? She Prays, she Loves, she Lives of Divine Will, she Substitutes for My Humanity on earth, she takes My place of Pains, she calls the whole Army of Our Works to form Our Cortege. Creation, Redemption – she holds them as her own and she Commands over them, and now she places them around Us like an Army in Act of Prayer, of Adoration, now like an Army in act of Loving Us and Glorifying Us. But she is always at the head of them, doing whatever she wants Our Works to do; and she always concludes with her refrain, so very Pleasing to Us: ‘Your Will be Known and Loved, and may It Reign and Dominate in the entire world.’ So, all the yearnings, the longings, the interests, the cares, the prayers, of this little Host that Lives in Our Divine Temple, are for Our Fiat to embrace all, put all the evils of creatures aside, and with Its Omnipotent Breath form Its place in the hearts of all, so as to make Itself Life of each creature.
Can anyone ever perform an Office more Beautiful, more Holy, more Important, more Useful to Heaven and to the earth, than this little Host who Lives in Our Temple?”

V22 – 6.29.27 – “Everything I have Manifested to you, Luisa, about My Will was Also Told to the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, because She would do nothing but Make It Rise Continuously in order to Draw Its Manifestations, to Know Them, Love Them and Possess Them as More than Her Own Life.”


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