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One With Luisa


From the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


John 17: 11-26 – “And now I am not in the world, and these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep them in thy name whom thou has given me; that they may be one, as we also are. While I was with them, I kept them in thy name. Those whom thou gave me have I kept; and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition, that the scripture may be fulfilled. And now I come to thee; and these things I speak in the world, that they may have my joy filled in themselves. I have given them thy word, and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world; as I also am not of the world. I pray not that thou should take them out of the world, but that thou should keep them from evil. They are not of the world, as I also am not of the world. Sanctify them in truth. Thy word is truth. As thou hast sent me into the world, I also have sent them into the world. And for them do I sanctify myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth. And not for them only do I pray, but for them also who through their word shall believe in me; That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thou hast given me, I have given to them; that they may be one, as we also are one: I in them, and thou in me; that they may be made perfect in one: and the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast also loved me. Father, I will that where I AM, they also whom thou hast given me may be with me; that they may see my glory which thou hast given me, because thou hast loved me before the creation of the world. Just Father, the world hath not known thee; but I have known thee: and these have known that thou hast sent me. And I have made known thy name to them, and will make it known; that the love wherewith thou hast loved me, may be in them, and I in them.”


There are many different understandings out there. Living in the Divine Will is living in another sphere, though on earth, in the sense that all is present, now, and the infinite number of Divine Lives given to God are for His Glory, and Satisfy, through the Divine Truths, through Repairing and Redoing, for the so many misunderstandings and even losses. All must be done with, in, through and for Jesus, Mary and Their Little Newborn Luisa.

“In the Name of Jesus, Under the Mantle of Mary, Through the Intercession of Luisa, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, One with Luisa, I enter into the Most Holy Divine Will…”

This must be our prayer, if we wish to be Luisa’s children and receive the Gift of Living IN the Holy Divine Will. This must be our continuous intention, in our nothingness, One with our little mama Luisa, as her newborn, if we wish to enter the Sphere of Eternity and Fulfill the Will of God according to the Divine Plan.

With this Great Gift, bilocate, be with Luisa, in her bed, fused in her womb. Let Jesus and Mary take you wherever Luisa goes, led by her, guided by the Book of Heaven, obedient to Holy Mother Church, directed by the teachings of the spiritual director, then enter with full confidence Luisa’s Acts. Together with her, enter the Sphere of Eternity; traverse the Heavens, the earth, the first moments of Creation, the moments of the good people of the Old Testament, the Acts and the Lives of Jesus and Mary; be present one with Luisa. Open the spiritual eyes, love with Divine Love, adore with Divine Adorations, only possible with Luisa.

V11 – 4.2.13“One who Lives In My Will vividly Represents the Period of My Life upon earth: on the outside I Appeared just as a man, but at the same time I was also the Beloved Son of My Dear Father. In the Same Way, the soul who does My Will has, externally, the skin of humanity; while internally there is My Person, Inseparable from the Most Holy Trinity both in Love and in Divine Will – just like Me. So, the Divinity says: ‘This is another daughter that We Keep on earth. For Love of her, We Sustain the earth, because she does everything in Our Place.’”

Be One with Jesus and Mary, by means of the Gift of the Divine Will given to the Redemptrix of the Divine Will and Mother of the children of the Fiat, the One who Ascends and Descends and never leaves her little children behind (V21-3.19.27); go to the aid of All souls giving what Jesus and Mary gave her, that is, Jesus’ Insignia, His Blood, His Wounds, His Merits, His Divine Will to All.

V12-12.6.19 – “My Love, In Your Divine Will I find All generations; and in the Name of the Whole Human Family, I Adore You, I Kiss You, I Repair You for All. I give Your Wounds and Your Blood to All, so that All may find their Salvation. And if the lost souls can no longer benefit from Your Most Holy Blood, nor love You, I take It in their place, in Order to do what they should have done. I do not want Your Love to remain defrauded in anything on the part of creatures. I want to Compensate, Repair You, Love You for All, from the first to the last man….”

Be One with Luisa before the Divine Majesty disarming Divine Justice:

V1“Oh! Holy Spouse, Hold Back the Scourges which your Justice Keeps Prepared. If the multiplicity of the iniquities of men is great, there is the Immense Sea of Your Blood in which You can Bury them; and so Your Justice shall be Satisfied.  If You have nowhere to go to Delight Yourself, Come into me – I give You all my heart, that You may somehow Rest and Delight with it.”

V21-4.18.27 – “…as you (Luisa) do your first Acts In My Will, the other creatures receive the Right to Enter into It and to repeat your Acts, in Order to receive the Same Effects.”

Without fusing with Luisa, becoming one with Her, these prayers, entering into the Eternal Sphere, putting into practice the Truths in the Book of Heaven, doing Divine Acts, is presumptuousness and not an actuality. We must understand the Order of Grace, essential to the fulfillment the Divine Plan.


1 Corinthians 12:3 – “And no man can say the Lord Jesus, but by the Holy Ghost.”

V16-12.29.23 – ‘My Love, my Jesus, You have Created Everything for me, and Gave It to me as a Gift; therefore Everything is mine, and I give It to You to Love You.”

V17-5.17.25 – “I come to requite You in Love for Everything that the Sanctifier Does for those who are to be Sanctified. I come to enter Into the Order of Grace, so as to be able to give You the Glory and the Requital of Love as if all had made themselves Saints, and to Repair You for All the oppositions and lack of Correspondence to Grace.”

 V28-3.9.30 – “My Love, my ‘I Love You’ Runs within Yours. See, Oh Jesus, how Much You have Loved us.  Yet, there is Another Thing left to Be Done, You have Not Done Everything – what is left for You to Give us is the Great Gift of Your Divine Fiat as Life in the midst of creatures, that It may Reign and Form Its people.  Hurry, Oh Jesus, what are You Waiting for?  Your Very Works, Your Pains, Demand the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is In Heaven.”

We must disappear, confess our nothingness, and know that, One with Jesus, Mary and Luisa, God is All, in All and For All. If we can attribute nothing to ourselves, why can we not forget ourselves? If we are to recognize Our Lord in others, how is it we cannot first and foremost do this within ourselves? If we are inspired of anything, our response must be, with the Sign of the Cross, “Fiat! Only with mama Luisa!” Then we shall see what the Lord makes of the situation. If we are truly nothing, one with Luisa, we can do nothing apart, nothing on our own, for only rebellion goes off on its own. A true child loves and unites continuously!


V29-10.12.31“Oh! Power of the Supreme Fiat, prostrate in the Immensity of Your Light, I Adore You Profoundly, and my little nothing, Loving You, Dissolves Within You.”

Gn 3:21 – “And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife, garments of skins, and clothed them.”

Mt 9:17 – “People do not put new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise the skins burst, the wine spills out, and the skins are ruined. Rather, they pour new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved.”

V13 – 1.11.22 – “Now, see how these souls who Live In My Will are Necessary to Me. Since I have Destined them to be like skin to the Body of My Church, and like Circulation of Life for All the members, they shall be the ones who shall give the Proper Growth to the members which have not grown; who shall Heal the wounded members, and who shall Restore the Freshness, the Beauty, the Splendor of the Whole Mystical Body by their Continuous Living In My Will, Rendering it Fully Similar to My Head, which shall sit in Full Majesty Upon All those members. This is why the End of days cannot Come if I do not have these souls who Live as though Dissolved In My Will – they Interest Me More than Anything. What Impression would this Mystical Body make in the Celestial Jerusalem without them? And if this is what Interests Me More than Anything, it Must Interest you also More than Anything, if you Love Me. From Now On, I shall Give to your Acts Done In my Will the Virtue of Circulation of Life for the Whole Mystical Body of the Church. Just like the blood circulation in the human body, your Acts, Extended within the Immensity of My Will, shall Extend over All and shall Cover these members like skin, Giving them Proper Growth. Therefore, Be Attentive and Faithful.”

V13-1.20.22“Listen, my daughter, I want you to leave everything aside. Your Mission is Immense, and More than words, it is Acts that I Expect from you. I want you to be in Continuous Act In My Will; I Want the strolling of your thoughts In My Will, which, Strolling over All human intelligences, may Lay the Mantle of My Will over All created minds; and Rising up to the Throne of the Eternal One, may Offer All human thoughts Sealed with the Honor and the Glory of My Divine Will. Then, Lay the Mantle of My Will over All human gazes, over All words, as though placing your eyes and your words in a Stroll over All of their gazes and words; and Sealing them with My Will, Rise before the Supreme Majesty Once Again, and Offer the Homage as if All had used the sight and the speech According to My Will. In the same way, if you work, if you breathe, if your heart beats, may your Strolling be Continuous. Your path is Extremely Long – it is All Eternity that you Must Cover. If you knew how much you lose with one stop of yours; and how you deprive Me, not of a human honor, but of a Divine Honor!”

Ecclesiasticus 15:1-6 – “He that fears God, shall do good: and he that possess Justice, shall lay hold on her, And she shall meet him as an honorable mother, and shall receive him as a wife married of a virgin. With the bread of life and understanding, she shall feed him, and give him the water of wholesome wisdom to drink: and she shall be made strong in him, and he shall not be moved: And she shall hold him fast, and he shall not be confounded: and she shall exalt him among his neighbors. And in the midst of the church she shall open his mouth, and shall fill him with the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, and shall clothe him with a Robe of Glory. She shall heap upon him a Treasure of Joy and Gladness, and shall cause him to Inherit an everlasting name.”

Therefore, let us be attentive in calling the Divine Will in every act, asking for the Grace to be faithful and attentive, to read the Book of Heaven, to echo Luisa’s prayers, to see things from a Divine Perspective, and pray intentionally:


By the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

One with Luisa, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will,

I enter Into the Holy Divine Will.

Come Divine Will, Come beat in my every heartbeat, Come breathe in every breath,

in the Name of everyone and everything, past, present and future;

In, With,Through and For Jesus, Mary and Luisa;

In, with and for All;

that All may be for the Glory of God and the Good of All souls,

Giving to God as if All lived In the Most Holy Divine Will;

United with Creation, Redemption and Sanctification,

Praying as One,

in that One Eternal Act,

For the Kingdom to Come Reign on earth!



Below are additional readings from the Book of Heaven reflecting on the “Sphere of Eternity”, that Sphere we are entering into, one with Luisa, by fusing and calling the Divine Will in all acts.


The Command Prayer

Abba Father,

In the Name of Jesus,

In the Unity, Power and Love of the Holy Spirit,

Under the Mantle of Mary,

With all the Angels and Saints,

Through the Intercession of The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Luisa Piccarreta,

Please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command,

that Your Divine Will Bilocate in the little children of

the Little Daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta;

that each be a living Tabernacle,

One with the living victim of Reparation and Propitiation before Divine Justice, Luisa,

She who when obedience commands, gives her FIAT.

Please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command,

that Luisa, descend again upon earth, bringing the Power and the Prodigies of the Divine Will

on earth, that her little children be shaken, open their eyes,

and know what it means to Live In the Divine Will.

Please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command,

that You, Who look at the whole world,

at all creatures through Luisa, Fulfill Your Great Designs,

that Luisa’s children Live In the Likeness to their Creator.

This shall be the beginning of the Coming of the Kingdom upon earth,

and of the Final Fulfillment of Your Divine Will.

Let all be Accomplished and Completed in Your Most Holy Divine Will.

Fiat! Amen!


According to IL Veggente (The Seer), it is said “Enter the Holy Sheepfold”, which declares that Mary is the Portal of Christ, the way into the Sheepfold, as Mother and guide of the Catholic Church. Christ is the Doorway and the Good Shepherd. Christ is in time for Mary. Mary is eternity for Christ the Eternal Word, the way, the truth and the life.

We can now say LUISA is the PORTAL of Jesus and Mary, the PORTAL of the Divine Will, the PORTAL of the Sphere of Eternity. We must be ONE with her to participate in the Divine Life. Without being ONE with Luisa, without forgetting ourselves and relying on her for everything, continuously, we remain in the miserable, sinful, human, and possibly diabolical, spheres.

Mt 21: 42-43“Jesus said to them, Did you never read in the Scriptures: The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; by the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes? Therefore, I say to you, the Kingdom of God shall be taken away from you and given to a people that shall produce its fruit.”

V3 – 3.25.1900 – “…Who can say what I understood about this Light and the Beneficial Effects that Abound in souls who keep this Sun as if It were their own? It seemed to me that, by Possessing this Light, the soul dispels darkness, just as the material sun, by rising over our horizon, dispels the darkness of the night. If the soul is cold, this Divine Light Warms her; if she is naked of virtues, It Fecundates her; if she is inundated by the pestilent disease of lukewarmness, with Its heat It Absorbs that bad humor. In a word, so as not to be too long, this Divine Sun, Introducing her Into the Center of Its Sphere, Covers the soul with All Its Rays and Reaches the Point of Transforming the soul Into Its Very Light.”

V6 – 9.9.1904 – “My daughter, as soon as the soul goes out of the Depths of Peace, she goes out of the Divine Sphere and finds herself either in the diabolical or in the human sphere…”

V6 – 1.16.06 – “My daughter, One who Lives In the Sphere of My Will Resides in the Abode of All Riches, and one who lives outside of this Sphere of My Will resides in the abode of all miseries…”

V12 – 4.8.18 – “I found myself in Jesus. My tiny atom was swimming in the Eternal Volition. And since this Eternal Volition is One Single Act that Contains, Altogether, All the Acts, past, present and future – since I was in the Eternal Volition, I took part in that Single Act which contains All Acts, as much as it is possible for creature. I took part also in the Acts which do not exist, and which must yet exist, until the end of the centuries, and until God shall be God. And for these Acts too I loved Him, I thanked Him, I blessed Him, etc. There was no Act which escaped me. I took the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I made It mine, just as Their Will was mine; and I gave it to Them as if It were my own. How happy I was to be able to give Them Their Own Love as though my own! And how They found their Full Contentment and Complete Outpouring in receiving their Own Love from me, as if It were mine! But who can say everything? I lack the words.

Now, Blessed Jesus told me: “Have you seen what Living In My Will is? It is to disappear and to Enter the Sphere of Eternity; it is to Penetrate Into the Omnipotence of the Eternal One – Into the Uncreated Mind, and take part in Everything and in Each Divine Act, as much as it is possible for a creature. It is to make use, even while on earth, of All the Divine Qualities; it is to hate evil in a Divine Way. It is extending oneself to Everyone without exhaustion, because the Will which Animates this creature is Divine. It is the Sanctity which is Not Yet Known, which I shall Make Known, and which shall Place the Last Ornament, the Most Beautiful and the Brightest among All other sanctities. It shall be the Crown and the Fulfillment of All the other sanctities.

Now, to Live United with Me is not to disappear – two beings appear together; but one who does not disappear cannot enter into the Sphere of Eternity to take part in All the Divine Acts. Ponder well, and you shall see the Great Difference.”

V12 – 5.15.20 – “I want that in you also the Crucifixion be Complete and Extended to All. This is the reason for the Continuous Call Into My Will, for pushing you to bring the whole human family before the Supreme Majesty, and to emit, in the Name of All, the Acts which they do not do. Oblivion of yourself and lack of self-reflections are nothing other than the Nails Put by My Will. My Will does not know how to do small or incomplete things. Placing Itself around the soul like a Crown, It wants her within Itself; and spreading her within the Whole Sphere of Its Eternal Volition, It Puts the Seal of Its Completion upon her. My Will Empties the interior of the creature of All that is human, and Places in her All that is Divine. And in Order to be more sure, It keeps on Sealing all of her interior with as many Nails for as many human acts as can have life in the creature, Substituting them with as Many Divine Acts. In this Way, It Forms the True Crucifixion in her – not for a time, but for her entire life.”

 V13 – 1.7.21 – “My beloved daughter, after the great sorrow which creatures are giving Me in these sad times, to the extent of making Me Cry – and because this is the Crying of a God, it Resounds in Heaven and on earth – a Smile shall Take Over, which shall Fill Heaven and earth with gladness. This Smile shall Arise on My Lips when I see the First Fruits – the children of My Will – Living not in the human sphere, but In the Divine Sphere. I shall see them all Marked with the Eternal, Immense, Infinite Will; I shall See that Eternal Point which has Life Only in Heaven, Flow upon earth and Mold the souls with Its Infinite Principles, with Divine Acting, with the Multiplication of Acts within One Single Act. And just as Creation Came Out from the FIAT, in the FIAT It shall Be Fulfilled. Only the children of My Volition shall Accomplish Everything In the FIAT; and In My FIAT, which shall have Life in them, I shall Receive Complete Love, Glory, Reparation, Thanksgiving and Praise, for everything and for everyone. My daughter, things return there where they come from: Everything Came Out from the FIAT, and in the FIAT Everything shall Return to Me. They shall be few, but in the FIAT they shall give Me Everything.”

V13 – 12.15.21 – “My daughter, Reorder yourself in Me. And do you know how you can Reorder yourself in Me? By Fusing All of yourself In My Will. Even the breath, the heartbeat and the air you breathe Must Be nothing but Fusion In My Will. So does Order Enter between Creator and creature, and she Returns to the Origin from which she came. All things are in Order, have their Place of Honor and are Perfect, when they do not move from the Origin from which they came. Once they move from the Origin, all is disorder, dishonor, imperfection. Only the Acts done In My Will give themselves back to the Origin in which the soul was Created, and take Life within the Sphere of Eternity, bringing to their Creator the Divine Homages and the Glory of Their Own Will. All other acts remain down below, waiting for the last hour of life, each to undergo its own Judgment and the pain it deserves, because there is no act done outside of My Will, even good, which can be called Pure. The mere lacking aim at My Will is to throw mud over the most beautiful works; and then, the mere moving from one’s Origin deserves a Penalty. Creation was Delivered on the Wings of My Volition, and on those same Wings I would want it to Return to Me – but I Wait in vain. This is why everything is disorder and confusion. Therefore, Come Into My Will to give Me, in the Name of All, Reparation for such great disorder.”

V13 – 1.20.22 – “So I AM; and if that lord goes around one city, I go around the whole world, and maybe All generations; and wherever I find the littlest, the poorest one, I take her and place her in the Eternal Sphere of My Volition, saying to her: ‘Work Together with Me In My Will. What is Mine is yours. If you have something from your own – lay it down, because in the Sanctity and in the Immense Riches of My Will, it is nothing but miserable rags’.

Wanting to have one’s own merits is of servants, of slaves – not of children. What Belongs to the Father, belongs to his children. Besides, what are all the merits that you could acquire compared to One Single Act of My Will? All merits have their own little value, weight and measure; but who could ever measure One Single Act of My Will? No one – no one. And then, what are your merits compared to Mine? In My Will you shall find them All, and I make of you the owner. Aren’t you happy?

Listen, My daughter, I want you to leave everything aside. Your Mission is Immense, and more than words, it is Acts that I Expect from you. I want you to be in Continuous Act In My Will; I want the Strolling of your thoughts In My Will, which, strolling over all human intelligences, may Lay the Mantle of My Will over All created minds; and Rising up to the Throne of the Eternal One, may offer All human thoughts Sealed with the Honor and the Glory of My Divine Will. Then, Lay the Mantle of My Will over All human gazes, over All words, as though placing your eyes and your words in a Stroll over All of their gazes and words; and Sealing them with My Will, Rise before the Supreme Majesty Once Again, and Offer the Homage as if All had used the sight and the speech According to My Will. In the Same Way, if you work, if you breathe, if your heart beats, may your Strolling be Continuous. Your Path is Extremely Long – it is All Eternity that you Must Cover. If you knew how much you lose with one stop of yours; and how you deprive Me, not of a human honor, but of a Divine Honor! These are the Merits which you should fear of losing – not your rags and your miseries. Therefore, more Attention in doing your Runs In My Will.”

V14 – 8.6.22 – “Now, my daughter, this is why I have Called you in a Special Way into this Balance of My Will – so that, as you live In It, you may come to Balance All the work of deranged humanity. By Living In My Will, you shall Balance yourself, you shall Be In Order and In Perfect Harmony with Us and with All things Created by Us. So, since you Harmonize Everything, We shall Feel you Flowing in the Sphere of Our Will, giving Us the Order and the Harmony of All the intelligences, words, works and steps of All. We shall Constitute your Acts In Our Will as the Rulers of All the others, and We shall be Repaid of the chaos of unfortunate humanity. Each Act of yours shall be the Seal of the Order which We shall Receive in the Name of All the others. You have Much to Do In Our Will; you shall be like a Queen, and shall Bring Us All Conquests and All Harmonies. Our Will shall Provide you with All that is necessary so that you may Make Up for All, and Fill the Void of Balance of the human will, which received so much harm in withdrawing from the Balance of Our Will.”

V14 – 10.27.22 – “Now, after I have Made Known the Goods of Redemption and how I want everyone to be Saved, Giving to All the Means which are needed, I Move On to Make Known that there is Another Generation in Me, which I Must Deliver: My children who shall Live In the Divine Will; and that In My Own Heart I Keep All the Graces Ready – All My Interior Acts Done In the Sphere of Eternal Will for them – Waiting for the kiss of their acts, for their union, in Order to Give them the Inheritance of the Supreme Will. Just as I Received It, I want to Give It to them, so that I may Deliver the Second Generation of the Children of Light. If My Humanity did not Give this Inheritance which It Possessed – that is, the Divine Will, the Sole and Only thing I Loved and which Gave Me All that is Good – My Descent upon earth would have been incomplete, nor could I say that I have Given Everything; on the contrary, I would have Reserved for Me the Greatest Thing, the Most Noble and Divine Part. See then, how necessary it is that My Will be Known in All of Its Relations, Prodigies, Effects and Value, what I did in this Will For the creatures, and what they Must do. This Knowledge shall be a Powerful Magnet in Order to Attract the creatures and make them Receive the Inheritance of My Will, and so as to Make the Generation of the Children of Light Enter the Field – the Children of My Will. Be Attentive, My daughter; you shall be My Spokesperson – the Trumpet, to Call them and Gather this Generation, so Favored and Longed for by Me.”

 V17 – 9.11.24 – “My daughter, remember that I asked of you a “Yes” in My Will, and you pronounced it with all love. That “Yes” still Exists and holds its Prime Place In My Unending Will. Everything you do, think and say, is Bound to that “Yes”, which nothing can escape, and My Will Enjoys and makes Feast in seeing a human will of creature Live In My Will; and I keep Filling her with New Graces, making of all of your acts Divine Acts. This is the Greatest Portent which Exists between Heaven and earth. It is the Object Most Dear to Me; and if that “Yes” were to be snatched from Me – may this Never Be! – I would feel like being Torn from Myself and I would Cry Bitterly.

Observe: as you made that little opposition, your “Yes” Trembled with Fright. At that Trembling, the Foundations of Heaven were Shaken – Trembling. All the Saints and the Angels and All the Sphere of Eternity looked with Horror and with Sorrow, feeling an Act of Divine Will being Ripped from them, because, since My Will Enwraps everyone and everything, they felt the Acts done by you as One Thing with themselves; and so All felt that Painful Tearing. I could say that All took the Attitude of Profound Sorrow.”

Frightened by the words of Jesus, I said: ‘My Love, what are You saying? Is this possible – all this Trouble? Your Words make me die of pains. O please, Forgive me! Have Mercy on me, who am so bad, and Confirm my “Yes” by Binding me More Tightly to Your Will. Even more, make me die, rather than letting me go out of Your Will.’

And Jesus, again: “My daughter, calm down. As soon as you placed yourself Again In My Will, All things Regained Calm and took the Attitude of a New Feast. May your “Yes” Continue its Rapid Rounds within the Immensity of My Will. Ah, daughter, neither you nor those who direct you have known what it means to Live In My Will; this is why you do not appreciate it, and keep it as a thing of no importance – and this is a Pain for Me. On the contrary, this is the Thing which Interests Me the Most, and which should, more than anything else, Interest All! But, alas, they pay attention to other things – things which are less pleasing or Indifferent to Me, rather than to that which Glorifies Me the Most, and which gives them, also on this earth, Immense and Eternal Goods, Rendering them Owners of the Goods which My Will Possesses. See, My Will is One, and Embraces All Eternity. Now, by Living In My Will and by making It her own, the soul comes to Take Part in All the Joys and Goods that My Will Contains, and she Becomes the Owner of them. And even though while being on earth she does not feel all those Joys and Goods, by keeping them in Deposit Within her human will by Virtue of My Will done on earth, when she dies and finds herself Up There in Heaven, she shall feel All those Joys and Goods which My Will Delivered in Heaven while she was living on earth. Nothing will be taken away from her; on the contrary, it shall be Multiplied. In fact, if the Saints Enjoy My Will In Heaven because they Live In It, it is always Enjoying that they Live In Glory; while the soul who Lives In My Will on earth, Lives Suffering, and it is not appropriate for her to have that Joy and those Goods which are Reserved for her In Heaven, with Greater Abundance, because of the Works she has done and her Living In My Divine Will. So, how many Immense Riches does One who Live In My Will on earth not take In Heaven? I can say that All Eternity Wanders Around her to Enrich her and to make her Happy. She is deprived of nothing of All that the Divine Will Contains; she is Its Daughter – Its Very Will, and It Loves her So Much that All Its Joys are Placed in Common with her.

Therefore, Be Attentive, My daughter, and do not want to oppose My Designs, which I Made Upon you.”

V17 – 1.4.25 – Having completed my whole day, I was thinking to myself: ‘What else is left for me to do?’ And in my interior, I heard: “You have to do the most important thing – your Last Act of Fusing yourself in the Divine Will.” So, according to my usual way, I started to Fuse all my poor being in the Supreme Will; and as I was doing so, it seemed to me that the Heavens were Opening, and I went to meet the Whole Celestial Court, and all of Heaven Came Toward me. And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, Fusing yourself In My Will is the Most Solemn Act, the Greatest One, the Most Important of all your life. To Fuse yourself In My Will is to Enter the Sphere of Eternity, Embrace It, Kiss It, and Receive the Deposit of the Goods which the Eternal Will Contains. Even more, as the soul Fuses herself in the Supreme Volition, All go to meet her, in Order to Communicate to her All the Goods and the Glory they have. The Angels, the Saints, the Very Divinity – they All Communicate, Knowing that they Communicate in that Same Will in Which Everything is Safe. Even more, in Receiving these Goods, the soul Multiplies them through her Acts in the Divine Will, and gives back Double Glory and Honor to the Whole of Heaven. Therefore, by Fusing yourself in My Will, you put Heaven and earth in Motion. It is a New Feast for the Whole Heaven.

And since to Fuse oneself In My Will is to Love and to Give, for each one and for All, without excluding anyone – in My Goodness, so as not to be won over in Love by the creature, I Place in her – In My Will – the Goods of All, and All the Possible Goods I Contain within Me. Nor can there be a lack of space in which to Place All the Goods, because My Will is Immense, and is Capable of Receiving Everything. If you knew what you Do and what Happens when you Fuse yourself In My Will, you would eagerly yearn to Do it Continuously.”

V20 – 12.22.26 – “The Sphere, the Single Point, is you (Luisa); the Rays Centered in it are My Knowledges that shall give Fecundity to the Generation of the children of the Kingdom of My Will. This is why I always Repeat to you, ‘Be Attentive’—so that not One of My Knowledges may be lost. You would cause a Ray to be lost from within your Sphere, and you cannot even comprehend All the Good it Contains, because each Ray Contains its Own Specialty of Good, that it Must Do to the children of My Will.”

V23 – 2.2.28 – “In such condition is the creature who does not possess the Unity of My Will. She does not rise into Its Extremely High Sphere to become Sun, nor does My Divine Sun Descend to Form her life; but, in wanting to do good, she moves around Its Light, and My Will Communicates the Effects to make the good that she wants to germinate, because My Fiat does not deny Itself to anyone;”

V23 – 3.11.28 – “My Humanity Possessed within Itself the Sphere of the Divine Sun, Its Source that Always Arises without ever Decreasing; and the Sovereign Queen Drew from Me the Light that gave Her Life and the Glory of Queen of Light, because one who possesses a good can be called queen of that good.” (…) “I AM on Guard so that your human will may have no life, and so that Mine may Be Free. In sum, I AM Acting as with a Second Mother of Mine, Recalling All the Acts Done Together with the Virgin, in Order to Deposit Them in you. Therefore, Be Attentive to Follow My Will in Everything.”

V24 – 4.6.28 – “Now, this is Symbol of the soul who wants to Live In the Unity of Our Will. She Rises Into the Sphere of the Sun of the Eternal Fiat, that Contains So Much Light that no one can escape it, and Possesses All the Seeds of the Lives of creatures. Its Light goes about Investing and Molding Everyone, and Prays that each one may receive the Life, the Beauty, the Sanctity wanted by their Creator. And the soul, from that Sphere, Becomes of All and Gives herself to All; and she Repeats Our Act, which is One, but that One Act has the Virtue of Doing Everything and of Giving itself to All, as if each one had it at one’s disposal and it were one’s own.

“In fact, in Us Unity is Nature, and in the soul it can Be Grace; and We Feel Bilocated in the creature who Lives In Our Unity, and—oh! how We Delight in seeing the littleness of the creature Ascending, Descending, Expanding within Our Unity to Be the Repeater of her Creator.”

V24 – 8.26.28 – “And just as the Orderly Race of All the Spheres Forms the Most Beautiful and Harmonious Melody, the soul who Runs with Them Forms her Note of Harmony that, Echoing in the Celestial Fatherland, Draws the Attention of All the Blessed, and they say: ‘How Beautiful is the Sound that is Heard In the Spheres because the Little Daughter of the Divine Fiat is Going Around Within Them. It is One More Note and One Distinct Sound that We Hear; and the Divine Volition Brings It to us Even Into Our Celestial Regions.’ Therefore, it is not you who Run; it is My Will that Runs, and you Run Together with It.”

V29 – 3.16.31 – “Keep looking, My daughter; under these heavens, but as though detached from them, between Heaven and earth appears the sun, a sphere placed for the benefit of the earth; its light descends down below and rises up high, as though wanting to embrace Heaven and earth. Therefore it can be said that its light, touching the heavens, lives of Heaven—Symbol of those souls Chosen by God to Make Graces Descend from Heaven, and Make them Descend upon earth in Order to Call it Back to Live In the Divine Will. And the First is My Celestial Mama, Unique as the Sun that Extends Its Wings of Light; and this Light Rises Up High, Descends down below, to Reunite God and man, to Reconcile him and Lead him, by Means of Its Light, to his Creator. The stars seem to live on their own, united with the Divine Heaven, while the Sun Lives of God, but Gives itself to All, and its Mission is to Do Good to All. Such is the Sovereign Queen. But this Sun shall not be alone; many other Little Suns shall Rise, that shall Draw Light from this Great Sun, and these shall be those few who shall have the Mission of Making My Divine Will Known. Then, the low level of the earth, the sea, the plants, the flowers, the trees, the mountains, the flowery forests, symbolize the Saints, the good souls, and all those who enter into the Harbor of Salvation.”

V32 – 4.29.33 – “My blessed daughter, you Must Know that So Much is Our Love and Ardent Desire to have the creature Together with Us, that no sooner is she Created than We Assign her the Royal Place in Our Divine Will, Such that each creature has her Place of Honor in Our Divine Royal Palace. Therefore her Beginning, her First Act of Life, as much in Eternity as in time, is In Our Fiat. She was not yet in the world, and We Loved her. And Cherishing her, not only did We Give her the Place, but We Placed Our Love, Our Sanctity, Our Power, Light and Beauty as her Cortege. She is the Noble Princess who Descends from the Heights of the Heavens in Order to Pass Through the exile. But Our Volition does not leave her, It Descends Together with her, It Presses Itself Around her, It Passes Through the exile Together with her, in Every Act that she Does, Pain, or Joy, or Encounter, It Places Its Prime Divine Act there so that she Maintains her Nobility and her State of Princess. And when It has Filled her with All Goods, So Much that she has No More Room for where to Place other Goods, she Rises Again to Heaven, Into the Heights of the Spheres, and as Triumpher she is Pointed Out to All the Celestial Court. This is what My Divine Will Wants to Do and Knows how to Do for the creature.”

V32 – 6.29.33 – “On the other hand, one who does not Live In Our Divine Will, in the human littleness there are so many elements extraneous from Us: will, desires, affections, thoughts, that are Not Ours, and one can say that she Must Adapt herself to Us by Removing what is Not Ours, otherwise she shall not be able to comprehend Our Will, much less be able to Ascend and Enter Into Its Celestial Spheres, and therefore she shall remain empty of God, full of miseries in the constraints of the human life. How many lives shall find themselves without the growth of Divine Life because they have not done My Will, nor are they occupied with comprehending what it means to Live of It and the Great Good that they can receive. Therefore they shall be as so many rather ignorant ones, and illiterate of their Creator.”

V35 – 12.6.37 – “Therefore, We Keep her Company In the Celestial Spheres, in the shining sun, in the blowing of the wind, in the air that All breathe, in the murmuring of the sea—everywhere and in every place she Follows Us, she Defends Us and Returns Love to Us. She cannot Live without Us—without Loving Us, and We Cannot Be without her, So—Jealous, We Hold her Tightly to Our Divine Womb.”

“Then He added: “The Company of the creature is So Dear to Us that We Form with her Our Recreation; We Make the Most Important Decisions for Our Glory and for the Good of the human generations; We Accomplish Our Designs while Being In her Company. Our Love Rises to New Life, and Keeps Making Up New Devices of Love and New Surprises in Order to Chain the creature to Our Love—Always and More. If it wasn’t for her Company, with whom could We Pour Ourselves Out? Over whom could We Form Our Designs? Where could We Place Our Ever Rising Love? Without the Company of the creature, Our Goods would be Depressed, without being able to Give Life to what We Want to Do for Love of the creatures. See then, how Necessary her Company is to Our Love, to Our Works—to the Fulfillment of Our Will.”


Royal Garment of the Divine Will

Gn 3:7-8 – “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made loincloths for themselves. When they heard the sound of the LORD God walking about in the garden at the breezy time of the day, the man and his wife hid themselves from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.”

Gn 37:3-4, 28 – “Israel loved Joseph best of all his sons, for he was the child of his old age; and he had made him a long tunic…When his brothers saw that their father loved him best of all his sons, they hated him so much that they would not even greet him…So when Joseph came up to them, they stripped him of the long tunic he had on; then they took him and threw him into the cistern, which was empty and dry…They sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver.”

V20 – 12.12.26 – I was doing my usual acts in the Supreme Fiat, and my Adored Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, in My Passion there is a lament of Mine that came out with Immense Sorrow from the depth of My Tormented Heart:  ‘They divided My garments and drew lots for My tunic.’  How painful it was for Me to see My garments being divided among My very executioners, and My tunic being gambled away.  It was the only object I possessed, given to Me, with So Much Love, by My Sorrowful Mama; and now, they not only stripped Me of it, but they made of it a game.

“But do you know who pierced Me the most? In those garments, Adam became present to Me, clothed with the garment of innocence and covered with the indivisible tunic of My Supreme Will.  In creating him, the Uncreated Wisdom Acted as more than a most loving mother; more than with a tunic, It Clothed him with the Unending Light of My Will—a Garment that is not subject to being either disarranged, or divided, or consumed; a Garment that was to serve man in Order to Preserve the Image of his Creator and the Gifts received from Him, and that was to render him Admirable and Holy in all his things.  Not only this, but It covered him with the Overgarment of Innocence.  And Adam, in Eden, with his passions divided the Garments of Innocence, and he gambled away the Tunic of My Will—a Garment that is Incomparable and of Radiant Light.

“What Adam did in Eden was repeated under My eyes on Mount Calvary. In seeing My garments being divided and My tunic gambled away—symbol of the Royal Garment given to man, My Sorrow was so Intense that I made of it a Lament.  It became Present to Me when creatures, in doing their own human will, make a game of Mine, and the so many times in which they divide the garment of innocence with their passions.  All goods are enclosed in man by Virtue of this Royal Garment of the Divine Will; once this is gambled away, he remains uncovered, he loses All Goods, because he lacks the Garment that kept them enclosed within himself.  So, among the many evils that creatures do by doing their own human will, they add the irreparable evil of gambling away the Royal Garment of My Will—a Garment that cannot be substituted with any other garment.”

After this, my sweet Jesus showed me Himself placing my little soul inside a Sun, and with His Holy Hands He held me still within that Light, which was Such that, as it Covered me completely, inside and out, I could not see, nor was I able to see anything but Light.

And my Adored Good added: “My daughter, in creating man, the Divinity Placed him inside the Sun of the Divine Will, and all creatures In him.  This Sun served as Garment not only for his soul, but Its Rays were Such as to Cover also his body, in such a way as to Serve as More than a Garment for him, Rendering him so Adorned and Beautiful that neither kings nor emperors have ever appeared so Adorned as Adam Appeared, with this Garment of Most Refulgent Light.

“Those who say that, before sinning, Adam went naked are wrong. False, false.  If all things created by Us are all adorned and clothed, he who was Our Jewel, the Purpose for which all things were Created—was he not to have the Most Beautiful Garment and the Most Beautiful Ornament of All?  So, to him Befitted the Beautiful Garment of the Light of the Sun of Our Will; and since he Possessed this Garment of Light, he had no need of material garments in order to cover himself.  As he withdrew from the Divine Fiat, so did Light withdraw from his soul and from his body; he lost his Beautiful Garment, and in seeing himself no longer Surrounded with Light, he felt naked.  Feeling ashamed in seeing that he was the only one to be naked in the midst of all created things, he felt the need to cover himself, and he made use of superfluous things, created things, to cover his nakedness.

“This is so true, that after My Highest Sorrow of seeing My Garments divided and My Tunic gambled away, as My Humanity Rose Again I took no other garments, but I Clothed Myself with the Most Refulgent Garment of the Sun of My Supreme Will. That was the Same Garment as the One that Adam Possessed when he was Created, because in Order to Open Heaven, My Humanity was to Wear the Garment of the Light of the Sun of My Supreme Will—a Royal Garment; and as it gave Me the Insignia of King and Dominion into My Hands, I Opened Heaven to all the redeemed ones; and Presenting Myself before My Celestial Father, I Offered Him the Garments of His Will, Whole and Beautiful, with which My Humanity was Covered, so as to make Him Recognize all the redeemed ones as Our children.

“So, while It is Life, at the same time My Will is the True Garment of the Creation of the creature, and therefore It holds All Rights over her. But how much do they not do to escape from within this Light?  Therefore, Be Still in this Sun of the Eternal Fiat, and I shall help you to maintain yourself in this Light.”

On hearing this, I said to Him: “My Jesus and My All, how is this?  If Adam in the State of Innocence had no need of garments because the Light of Your Will was more than Garment, the Sovereign Queen, however, Possessed Your Will as Whole, and You Yourself were Your Will Itself; yet, neither the Celestial Mama nor Yourself Wore the Garments of Light, and Both of You made use of material garments to cover Yourselves.  How is this?”

And Jesus continued, saying: “My daughter, Both My Mama and I came to set Fraternal Bonds with creatures; We came to Raise decayed humanity, and therefore to take up the miseries and humiliations into which it had fallen, in Order to Expiate for them at the cost of Our Lives.  Had they seen Us Clothed with Light, who would have dared to approach Us and to deal with Us?  And in the course of My Passion, who would have dared to touch Me?  The Light of the Sun of My Will would have Blinded them and crushed them to the ground.

“Therefore, I had to make a Greater Miracle, Hiding this Light within the Veil of My Humanity, and Appearing as one of them, because It Represented, not Adam Innocent, but Adam fallen, and so I was to Subject Myself to all of his evils, taking them upon Myself as if they were My Own, in Order to Expiate for them before Divine Justice. But when I Rose Again from death, Representing Adam Innocent, the New Adam, I Ceased the Miracle of Keeping the Garments of the Refulgent Sun of My Will Hidden within the Veil of My Humanity, and I Remained Clothed with Most Pure Light; and with this Royal and Dazzling Garment I made My Entrance into My Fatherland, Leaving the Doors Open that had remained closed up to that Point, so as to let all of those who had followed Me Enter.

“Therefore, by not doing Our Will, there is no good that one does not lose, and there is no evil that one does not acquire.”

 V36 – 4.20.1938 – “My daughter, the one who wants to find Me—who wants to Receive All Our Goods and My Very Mother, Must Enter Our Will and Remain There. Our Will is not only Our Life, but It Forms Around Us—with Its Immensity—Our House, in which It Keeps All Our Acts, Words and Being, always in Action. Our Things Never get out of Our Divine Will; the one who wants It can Only Live Together with It, and then she Possesses Everything—Nothing Is Denied. If We Give Our Things to one who is Not Living in Our Divine Will, she shall neither Appreciate them, nor Love them; she won’t Feel the Right to Make them her own, and when things are Not Possessed, Love Does Not Arise—it dies.”


Forty days after Jesus died, He Ascended into Heaven.

Forty days after Luisa died, Our Lady descended from Heaven to Tre Fontane, Rome, Italy.

His (Bruno Cornacchiola’s) extraordinary experience at Tre Fontane, on April 12, 1947 led to a lightning conversion to Catholicism. Now, APRIL 12, 2017 is the last day of Lent, eve of the Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. May we pray, one with Luisa, in the Holy Divine Will for a “lightning conversion” for all mankind, and ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO MUST LIVE IN THE DIVINE WILL. We ask that the Holy Spirit fulfill His desire on Divine Mercy Sunday April 23, the original day Luisa was born, giving to the Heavenly Father all the Glory He deserves from all mankind as if All mankind lived IN the Most Holy Divine Will, Restoring All to God, Full Circle, as He Originally Planned.



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