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Our Lady of Fatima Prayers for the six Apparitions

107th Anniversary of the 6 Apparitions

of Our Lady of Fatima

 “And thy own soul a sword shall pierce, that, out of many hearts, thoughts may be revealed.” – Luke 2:35

A brief Reading for each of the Anniversary dates – May 13, June 13, July 13, August 19, September 13 and October 13 – Scroll down the document (below the Command Prayer) to each date.

Join the little children of the Most Holy Divine Will as we Pray the Command Prayer as Vow of Victim for the Kingdom to be Established on earth as it is in Heaven:

Command Prayer

Abba Father,

In the Name of Jesus, our Savior and Spouse,

in the Unity and Love of the Holy Spirit, our Sanctifier,

Under the Mantle of Mary, our Mother and Queen

with all the Holy Angels and Saints,

through the Intercession of

the little daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta,

we pray:

O Most Holy Trinity, Fused in Jesus, Mary and Luisa,

we Now make this Vow as a Victim soul with Luisa.

Let the Love of Jesus, His Sighs and also His Tears for Desire that His Will Reign in us as Life

be Accomplished, that He Himself Mold us, Strengthen us, Purify us, Prepare us,

and Do all that we do, Together with us.

Let us Feel all the Good of the Divine Will Operating in us and Lay Its Acts in us,

so that His little children become the Residence of the Divine Will,

Giving You the Freedom to Dominate and Do whatever You Want.


Jesus, Our Savior and Our King, Make us Ascend in the Divine Will.

May Your Throne be in our hearts,

that we may Love You with Your Divine Love.

As the First children of the Divine Will, may we begin to Live

in the Kingdom of Your Divine Will on earth.

Give us the Grace to lay down our human will

and Live in the Divine Will

in order to call everyone to Live in this Kingdom So Holy.

Let the Beauty, the Enchantment, the Peace of the Divine Fiat be given to everyone.

May this Fulfill the Missions of Jesus, Mary and Luisa,

whereby we Enter into the Image and Likeness of the New Adam and the New Eve,

Possessing the Divine Inheritance of Jesus and Mary

by being Linked with the Third Eve, the little daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta.


May this be for the Glory and Honor of God,

and for the Good of all souls, Past, Present and Future.

We Echo this Vow as a Victim soul, as on Ascension Thursday,

Where You Jesus, take our human will to Heaven and in Exchange

You Give us Your Divine Will,

so that the Kingdom of God

be Established on earth as It is in Heaven.

Please take our humble prayer

and make it Your Command!

May All be Accomplished and

Completed in the Most Holy Divine Will!


Fiat!  Amen!

Our Lady of Fatima Anniversary Novena


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