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Letters of Luisa – #65 to Federico Abresch

From the Letters of Luisa – #65

To Federico Abresch

In Voluntate Dei!

My dearest son in the Divine Will,

Forgive my delay. I let you know that I am always in the Divine Volition, in which I want – and so does Jesus – to find all my children, near and far – that is, the ones who want to live in the Holy Will.  May Heaven save us from a misfortune so great – of going out of It.

Dearest son, you must know that this is a task which God gave us in Creation. The origin of our existence was formed in the center of the Supreme Fiat.  God created our human will as His divine room, as a secret office, in which He was to live together with us, and have His pulpit in order to teach us the celestial doctrine of His Will.  Therefore, no law can impose us not to live in It; neither the Holy Church, as much as we bow and adore Her dispositions, nor God Himself can say to us:  “I do not want you to live in My Will”, because He Himself, with highest Wisdom, gave us the right by Creation.  By living in It, we must be the dwelling of God, the bearers of our Creator; the ones in whom, in order to pour out His delirium of love, He was to become the narrator of His Divine Being within the secret room of our human will.  And therefore He wants us to know how much He loves us, and that He wants us to live in His Will with that same love with which children and Father live…

Oh, how embittered He becomes if we do not live with Him; if He does not hold us tightly on His paternal knees; if He does not give us, continuously, His gifts, His life, His sanctity. He does not like dissimilarities – He wants us similar to Him.  And in order to do this, listen to His device:  He gives love in everything we do, and wants us to give Him our will as a gift in order to give us His own.  In this exchange, He makes the Life of the Divine Will grow within us, in such a way that, as we give our will, His Will grows, and every time we give ours, He delights in working His Divine marvel in us.

Therefore, dearest one in the Divine Will, let us be attentive, let us remain in our place; let us not bother about the thunders and the storms, although they have embittered me down to the marrow of my bones. I hope that they will change into a serene Heaven and into thunders of light and of love for the entire world, and for the triumph of a Kingdom so holy… We can say that we are burning on the stake of the sufferings on which they put us, but I hope that this stake will serve to burn the prison of my body; so I will be able to take flight for Heaven, in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

I thank very much for the hospitality you offered me; in exchange, I pray to Jesus that He would give you His perennial hospitality in the Divine Fiat. Pray for me, for I need it very much.  Leaving you enclosed in the Holy Volition, united with good Amelia and my little Piuccio, I say,

most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, November 30, 1938

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