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Medicinal Plants

Gifts of Our Lord and Our Lady – booklet of medicinal plants for health purposes.

Messages and information Given to Luz de María de Bonilla, a Catholic mystic, stigmatist, wife, mother, Third Order Augustinian, and prophet from Costa Rica, currently residing in Argentina. The following is a portion of the Imprimatur on her publications:

I DECLARE that I have not found any doctrinal error that attempts against the faith, morality and good habits, for which I grant these publications the IMPRIMATUR. Together with my blessing, I express my best wishes for the “Words of Heaven” contained here to resonate in every creature of good will. I ask the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, to intercede for us so that the will of God be fulfilled

“. . . on Earth as it is in heaven (Mt, 6:10).”


Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara, SDB

Head Bishop of Estelí, Nicaragua


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