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New and Divine Holiness for Pentecost

New and Divine Holiness

The Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Second Pentecost,

The Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus,

and How these Interchange with Luisa in the Book of Heaven


“But when he comes, the Spirit of Truth, He will Guide you to All Truth. He shall not speak on His Own, but He shall Speak what He Hears, and shall Declare to you the things that are coming.”  (Jn 16:13)

 Pope St. John Paul II addressed to the Rogationist a “New and Divine Holiness.” Saint Annibale Maria di Francia insisted tirelessly on persevering union with God and on union among his brothers: unity, in fact, “is a symbol of the coming of Christ (Jn 13:35; 17:21) and is a source of great apostolic power” …to bring about that “new and divine” holiness with which the Holy Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at the dawn of the Third Millennium, in order to “make Christ the heart of the world”…we must also pray unceasingly to the Lord of the harvest, that he shall send workers to his Church in order to meet the needs of the New Evangelization” …May every spiritual child of St. Annibale deepen his knowledge of the gift he has received and enliven it, becoming an increasingly worthy laborer of the Gospel and a shepherd after the Heart of Christ. (Vatican, 16 May 1997. IOANNES PAULUS PP. II )

 St. Thomas Aquinas: “The Second Pentecost is the completion of the desire of our Creator: “Let Us make man to Our Image and Likeness” (Gn 1:26). “Thou shall send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and Thou shall Renew the face of the earth” (Ps 103:30). Jesus Christ promised that He would give us another Paraclete to abide with us forever (Jn 14:16-18). The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Light, of Strength, and of Love, Who comes with His sevenfold gifts enlightening our minds, strengthening our human wills, and inflaming our hearts with the love of Almighty God, Holy Trinity, teaching us all truth, showing us the things that are to come. It is through Holy Eucharist, we are brought into full Unity with God, in spirit, soul, and body, abiding in the Holy Trinity, in the mystery of faith, in the gift of the Second Pentecost (Jn 17:21). The Holy Ghost is co-equal and co-eternal in the Holy Trinity. He continues to protect us with the outpouring of grace, filling our hearts and enkindling in us the fire of His divine love, enlightening, guiding, strengthening, and consoling us, and bringing all who will believe and trust in Him, into the fullness of Eucharistic oneness and unity in our Lord Christ Jesus, as He destroys sinful worldly man with the spirit of His mouth in this the Second Pentecost…The promise of a global spiritual renewal after a period of general apostasy is a universal theme in Catholic prophecy. Christianity is in a state of such steep decline in the Western world that Pope John Paul II called for a “New Evangelization” to bring back the countless lost sheep led astray.”

 “And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.  And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (Matt 24:12-14)


V24 – 8.23.28 – “The Truths about My Fiat are the New Gospel of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, in which they shall find the norms, the Sun, the Teachings on how to ennoble themselves, elevate themselves to their Origin, and take the State given to them by God at the beginning of Creation. They shall find the Gospel that, taking them by the hand, shall Lead them into True Happiness, into Constant Peace. The only law shall be My Will that, with Its Brush of Love, dipped in the vivid colors of Its light, shall give back to man the Likeness of his Creator.”

V25 – 2.22.29 – “Courage, My daughter, there is just about a little left for the Writings on My Divine Fiat. My very Silence says that I AM about to Complete the Great Manifestations of the Gospel of the Kingdom of My Divine Will. So I did in the Kingdom of Redemption: during the last days of My Life, I did not add anything else; on the contrary, I hid Myself; and if I said anything it was a repetition, in order to confirm what I had already said, because what I had said was sufficient so that all might receive the goods of being Redeemed—it was up to them to take advantage of it. So it will be for the Kingdom of My Divine Will: once I have said Everything, in Such a Way that nothing may be lacking in order to be able to receive the good of knowing It, and to be able to possess all of Its Goods, then I will have no more interest in keeping you on earth—it will be up to them to take advantage of it.”

V36 – 6.20.38 – “I will be their Vigil Custodian (Luisa’s Writings), they cost Me too much. They cost Me My Will that enters these Writings as Primary Life. I could call them ‘Testament of Love’ which My Will does for the creatures. It donates Itself and calls them in Its Heritage, but with such supplicant, attractive, Loving modes that only the hearts of stone won’t be moved to compassion and won’t feel the need to receive such a Great Good. Therefore these Writings are Full of Divine Lives that cannot be destroyed…It would take too much to touch what I made you write on My Will. I can call this a New Living and Speaking Creation: it will be the Last Display of My Love to the human generation.”

V12 – 4.8.18 – “My tiny atom was swimming in the Eternal Volition. And since this Eternal Volition is one single Act that contains, altogether, all the acts, past, present and future – since I Luisa was in the Eternal Volition, I took part in that single Act which contains all acts, as much as it is possible for creature. I took part also in the acts which do not exist, and which must yet exist, until the end of the centuries, and until God shall be God. And for these acts too I loved Him, I thanked Him, I blessed Him, etc. There was no act which escaped me. I took the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and I made it mine, just as their Will was mine; and I gave it to Them as if it were my own. How happy I was to be able to give Them their own Love as though my own! And how They Found Their Full Contentment and Complete Outpouring in Receiving Their Own Love from me, as if It were mine! But who can say everything? I lack the words.”

 V35 – 12.14.37 – “…As the creature begins to form her Acts in It (Divine Will), calling It to her as her own Life, she starts her Day, forming a most shining Dawn in the depth of her soul. This Dawn gathers Its Power, Renewing in the creature the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son, the Virtue and Love of the Holy Spirit. So she starts her Day together with the Most Holy Trinity, which Descends in the most tiny Acts and hiding places of the creature in order to Live Together with her, and to do whatever she does… This Dawn is the First Rest of God within the room of the soul—it is the beginning of the Eternal Day in which the Life of the Supreme Being starts Together with the creature.”

Through Jesus and Mary, One with Luisa, we recognize ourselves as being “God’s chosen people – the remnant; where fidelity and obedience to God’s law is their main focus. This group is the modern day version of the Tribe of Issachar and they know the signs of the times because they hear God’s voice and obey it — and with that come wisdom and guidance.” (

With the above chapters from the ‘Book of Heaven’ as well as the numerous references in the following prayers for Pentecost, let us pray in the Holy Divine Will for this Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Second Pentecost, the Second Coming of Our Beloved Spouse Jesus in the Divine Will, One with Luisa. May Our Lord find His Complete Outpouring in us, forming the Dawn, the First Rest of God within the room of our souls, giving to God the Glory as if from All souls Living in the Holy Divine Will.

V17 – May 17, 1925 – “…Furthermore, while We – the Three Divine Persons – remain always united in working, if Creation is related to the Father, and Redemption to the Son – the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” was attributed to the Holy Spirit. And it is exactly in the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” that the Divine Spirit shall display His Work.

 V9 – Nov. 1, 1920 – “My daughter, the supreme unity is when the soul reaches such tightness of union with my Will as to consume any shadow of her own will, in such a way that it is no longer possible to discern which one is my Will and which one is hers. Then my Will becomes the life of this soul, in such a way that whatever thing It may dispose over her as well as over others, she is content with everything. Anything seems to be suitable for her; death, life, cross, poverty, etc. – she looks at all of these as her own things, which serve to maintain her life. She reaches such an extent, that not even chastisements frighten her any more, but she is content with the Divine Will in everything, so much so, that it seems to her that if I want something, she wants it too; and if she wants it, the Lord does it. I do what she wants, and she does what I want.

 V23 – Oct. 16, 1927 – “My daughter, My Will possesses the Unity, and one who lives in It lives in this Unity. And do you know what Unity means?  It means one—a one that can embrace everything and everyone, and can give everything, because it encloses everything.  My Divine Will possesses the unity of love and of all loves united together; It possesses the unity of sanctity and encloses all sanctities; It possesses the unity of beauty and encloses within Itself everything beautiful that is possible and imaginable.  In sum, It encloses the unity of light, of power, of goodness, of wisdom.

True and perfect Unity, while being one, must possess everything, and this everything must be all of an equal strength, all immense and infinite, eternal, without beginning and without end. Therefore, one who lives in it lives within the immense and gigantic waves it possesses, in such a way that the soul feels the empire of the one strength of light, of sanctity, of love, etc.  So, in this one strength, everything is light for her, everything changes into sanctity, into love, into power, and all things bring her the knowledge of the wisdom of this Unity.  Therefore, to live in it is the greatest miracle and the perfect carrying out of the Divine Life in the creature.  The word unity means everything, and the soul takes everything by living in it.”

V23 – Dec. 30, 1927 – “My daughter, in the soul there are two characters: the human and the Divine.  The Divine descends from the Unity, and in order to receive the Divine character, the soul must live in the Unity of My Will.  In this Unity, as she forms her acts, they rise in the Unity of her Creator—in that single Act of God that is such that, while one Act alone is formed in God Himself, the light of this single Act descends down below, invests everyone and everything, and embracing everything, gives to each one the act that is needed by multiplying to infinity the multiplicity of all possible and imaginable acts.  Therefore, as the creature does her acts in this Unity, they acquire the Divine characters—that while It is one single Act, they enclose all acts together.  Oh! how beautiful it is to do everything with one single Act.  Only God has this virtue so powerful, that with one single Act He does everything, embraces everything, gives the operating to everything.”

V23 – Feb. 20, 1928 – “My daughter, you have not comprehended well what unity means. Unity means centralization and origin of all the acts of creatures, past, present and future.  So, before sinning, when he possessed Our Unity, Adam enclosed within his thoughts the unity of all the thoughts of creatures, the unity of all words, works and steps.  Therefore, I would find in him, in My Unity, the origin, the continuation and the end of all the acts of the human generations.

“In My Unity, he enclosed everyone and possessed everything. So, My daughter, as you rise to that same Unity that he left, you take his place; and placing yourself in the origin of everyone and of everything, you enclose within yourself the very acts of Adam, with the whole retinue of all the acts of creatures.  To live in My Will means:  ‘I am the origin of all, from me descends everything, just as everything descends from the Divine Fiat.  So, I am the thought, the word, the work and the step of all; I take everything, and everything I bring to My Creator.’

“It is understood that Adam was supposed to possess and enclose everyone, had he not withdrawn from Our Will and had he always lived in Our Unity; and if it were so, the human generations would all have lived in Our Will. So, one would have been the Will, one the Unity, one the echo of all, placing everything in common, so that each one would have enclosed everything within himself.”

V23 – Mar. 3, 1928 – “My daughter, one who possesses the Unity of My Volition is free to act and to do as much good as she wants, because she has the source of good within herself, she has it at her disposal, she feels within herself the continuous touches of her Creator, the waves of His paternal Love, and would feel too ungrateful if she did not form her waves. More so, since she feels her own little sea flow within her soul, from the immense Sea of He who created her.”

V24 – Apr. 6, 1928 – “Now, this is symbol of the soul who wants to live in the Unity of Our Will. She rises into the sphere of the Sun of the Eternal Fiat, that contains so much light that no one can escape it, and possesses all the seeds of the lives of creatures.  Its light goes about investing and molding everyone, and prays that each one may receive the life, the beauty, the sanctity wanted by their Creator.  And the soul, from that sphere, becomes of all and gives herself to all; and she repeats Our Act, which is one, but that one act has the virtue of doing everything and of giving itself to all, as if each one had it at one’s disposal and it were one’s own.

“In fact, in Us unity is nature, and in the soul it can be grace; and We feel bilocated in the creature who lives in Our Unity, and—oh! how We delight in seeing the littleness of the creature ascending, descending, expanding within Our Unity to be the repeater of her Creator.”

 V33 – July 15, 1934 – “Therefore Living in My Will is the Prodigy of prodigies, it is the Unity of everything, it is to possess everything, to receive and give everything. And since I want to always give to the creature, I ardently yearn for her in My Fiat in order to give her what I want and to fulfill My Desires.”

 V33 – July 8, 1935 – This was the Greatest Honor that My Fiat gave to Her: the Inseparability with Her Son, the Unity with His Works.  And the Virgin was the Greatest Glory that gave witness to Me, so much so that I deposited the Completed Works, and She received the deposit in Her Maternal Heart, jealous of guarding even the Breath.  This Unity of Will and of Work ignited such Love between Both, that it was enough to set the whole entire world on fire, and to consume it in Pure Love.”

 V35 – Aug. 15, 1937 – “Further, you must know that Living in Our Will is Unity, to the extent that, if the creature loves, God is always at the Head of her Love. So, His Love and her love are One Single Love.  If the creature thinks, God is at the Head of her thoughts; if she speaks, God is the Source of her words; if she works, God is the Prime Actor Operating in her works; if she walks, God leads her steps.  To Live in My Will is nothing other than the life of the creature in God, and the Life of God within her.

“It is impossible for Us to leave Our Love, Our Power and Our Acts apart from the soul who Lives in Our Will. If the Will is One, all the rest comes by itself:  Unity of Love, Unity of Works, Unity of everything.  This is why Living in Our Divine Fiat is the Prodigy of the greatest prodigies—a Prodigy never before seen and never before heard.  We wanted to do this Prodigy that only a God could perform in the creature, because We just could no longer contain Our Exuberant Love.  But the creature, ungrateful, did not accept.  However, We haven’t changed Our Will.  Although Our Love has been hindered and repressed, making Us fidgety, We will use such Excesses of Love, such Industries and Stratagems that We will obtain the Intent that Our Will be one with the creature.”

 V18 – Nov. 22, 1925 – “…So, my Will is holy, is pure, is light, and It wants to make the soul equal to Itself in holiness, purity and light; and if the task of the soul is to live in my Will, the task of Mine is to give my likeness to the human will in a perfect way.  And this is why I want you always in It – so that It may not only keep you in Its company, but It may make you grow in Its likeness.  And this is why I feed you the food of Its knowledges – to make you grow in a divine manner and with Its perfect likeness.  And it is for this reason that my Will wants you always with Itself, wherever It operates – that It may give you the act of Its operating, the value which the operating of a Divine Will contains; and you may receive it.”

V19 – Mar. 19, 1926 :  “My daughter, my Mama was conceived without original sin so that She might be able to impetrate the longed for Redeemer, because it was right and decorous that not even the seed of guilt would ever have existence in the one who was to be my Mother.  She was to be the noblest, the holiest of all creatures – but of a divine nobility and of a holiness all similar to Her Creator, that He might find in Her so much grace and capacity as to be able to conceive the Holy of Holies – the Eternal Word.

V23 – Nov. 13, 1927 – “This is the reigning of My Will—to render Itself inseparable from the children of Its Kingdom, to give them everything It possesses to the point of overflowing, so as to have children happy and holy of Its very happiness and holiness.”

V23 – Nov. 27, 1927 – “Oh! how beautiful, holy and pure is the fecundity of the seed of My Divine Volition. It is light, and generates light; it is holy, and generates holiness; it is strong, and generates strength;…”

V28 – Nov. 30, 1930 – “After this, I continued to follow everything that, admirable and sublime, the Divine Fiat has done in Creation; and I said to myself: “I want to enter into the sun in order to find the Divine Will operating in its light, so as to give to It all the beauty, the purity, the holiness, the power, that a human will operating in its light can contain.

V33 – Jul. 20, 1934 – “…See, therefore, everything and everyone have beginning and are born together with My Will, Innocent and Holy and Worthy of He who has created them. But who is the one who conserves this Innocence and Holiness?  One who is always at her place in My Will.  She alone is the Triumphant One in the space of the universe.  She is the Standard-Bearer, and she gathers together the whole army of Creation in order to bring them to God, with speaking voice and with full Knowledge, the Glory, the Honor, and the Tribute of everything and everyone.

 V6 – Jul. 29, 1904 – I could also see wars, like that between Russia and Japan, the thousands of soldiers who were dying and will die, and that by justice, also natural, the victory will be of Japan; and I saw that other European nations are plotting machinations of war even against nations of Europe. But who can say all that I could see of God and in God?  So, to end it, I stop here.

 V12 – Oct. 16, 1918 – “…The nations will form a sort of tower of Babel; they will reach the point of being unable to understand one another; the peoples will revolt among themselves; they will no longer want kings. All will be humiliated, and peace will come only from Me. And if you hear them say ‘peace’, that will not be true, but apparent. Once I have purged everything, I will place my finger in a surprising way, and I will give the true Peace. Then, all those who are humiliated will return to Me. Germany will be Catholic; I have great designs upon for her. England, Russia, and all the places where blood has been shed, will rise again to Faith, and will be incorporated into my Church. There will be great triumph and union among peoples. Therefore, pray – and it takes patience, because this will not be so soon, but it will take time.”

V34 – Jun. 18, 1937 – “…You must know that Our Creation in man is not finished, because it was interrupted by the withdrawal that he made from Our Volition. Not Reigning in him, We could not entrust Ourselves to him, and therefore the continuation of Our Creative Work remained as suspended.  So with anxiety We await that he returns into the arms of Our Fiat, so that he let It Reign, and then We will repeat the continuation of the Creation, and O! how many Beautiful Things We will do.

“We will give Surprising Gifts. Our Wisdom will put forth all Its Divine Art, and O! how many Beautiful Images that resemble Us will Its Divine Light put forth, all Beautiful, but distinct from one another in Sanctity, in Power, in Beauty, in Love, in Gifts.  Our Love will not be hindered anymore; finding Our Volition it will be able to do and give what it wants, therefore it will display so much in giving in order to recover the losses of Its repressed Love.  And since We will be Free in giving, We will call them ‘Our Times’; We will make Ourselves known for who We are, how much We Love them, and how they should Love Us.  We will give them Our Love at their disposition, so that We could Love each other with one single Love.  In fact, one who will Live in Our Volition will be Our Triumph, Our Victory, Our Divine Army, the continuation of Our Creation and its Completion.

Before this Second Pentecost begins, we see today that the mystery of iniquity is rampant in a world revolted from truth.

The worldly man is the man of sin (2Th 2:3,4).

The governments have revolted against the people (Apoc 6:2).

The rulers of money have revolted against the poor (Apoc 6:6).

The people have revolted against society (1T 4:1,2).

The churches have revolted against God (2T 3:5).

The wicked one, the man of sin, has arrived, doing the works of Satan in all power, signs, lying wonders, and in all seduction of iniquity, in every sector of society, seeking the destruction of truth.

 Jesus Christ promised that He would give us another Paraclete to abide with us forever (Jn 14:16-18). The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Light, of Strength, and of Love, Who comes with His sevenfold gifts enlightening our minds, strengthening our wills, and inflaming our hearts with the love of Almighty God, Holy Trinity, teaching us all truth, showing us the things that are to come. It is through Holy Eucharist, we are brought into full unity with God, in spirit, soul, and body, abiding in the Holy Trinity, in the mystery of faith, in the gift of the Second Pentecost (Jn 17:21).


V36 – Aug. 12, 1938 – “…So, Creation is not finished, but still continues in the souls who Live in Our Will, and if the Order, Beauty and Power of Our Works can be seen in the Creation, then the Love, Order and Beauty of Our Creative Virtue will be seen in the creature, repeating Our Divine Lives each time the creature gives Us her acts to le Us Work. The creature is Life.  It operates differently than Creation. Therefore We feel an Irresistible Love to form Our Lives within her.  O! how We fling Ourselves—how Happy We are—how Our Love finds Its Rest and Our Will Its Completion, which is forming Our Life in her!

Jesus said: “I tell you the truth: it is expedient to you that I go. For if I go not, the Paraclete will not come to you: but if I go, I will send Him to you. And when He is come, He will convince the world of sin and of justice and of judgment…But when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will teach you all truth, for He shall not speak of Himself: but what things so ever He shall hear, He shall speak, and the things that are to come, He shall show you. He shall glorify Me: because He shall receive of Mine and shall show it to you. All things whatsoever the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He shall receive of Me and show it to you” (Jn 16:1-15).

Article 8 I BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT (CCC) – 687 “No one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.”7 Now God’s Spirit, Who reveals God, makes known to us Christ, His Word, His Living Utterance, but the Spirit does not speak of Himself. The Spirit Who “has spoken through the prophets” makes us hear the Father’s Word, but we do not hear the Spirit Himself. We know him only in the movement by which He reveals the Word to us and disposes us to welcome Him in Faith. The Spirit of Truth Who “unveils” Christ to us “will not speak on His Own.”8 Such properly Divine self-effacement explains why “the world cannot receive [Him], because it neither sees Him nor knows Him,” while those who believe in Christ know the Spirit because He dwells with them.9

V31 – Oct. 16, 1932 – “…Ah! not doing My Will seems to be something trivial, yet it is the greatest of crimes, which cries out for revenge on the poor creatures before the Divine Majesty. Especially when My Will is Known – that It wants a Work to be done, that It wants a Sacrifice – not doing It is like wanting to contest the Truth, and this is sin against the Holy Spirit, and it cries out for revenge before God.”

V31 – Jan. 29, 1933 – I was thinking about the many Truths that my adorable Jesus had manifested to me about the Divine Will, and O! how many thoughts crowded in my mind of surprises, of joys, of emotions, about these Truths. It seemed to me that they descended from Heaven all ordered so as to fill the earth, and their Work was to form the way in themselves, in order to let us re-enter into these Truths, then they would wall themselves around creatures, in order to not let them leave.

And my Celestial Jesus, visiting my little soul, told me: “My little daughter of My Volition, You Must Know that every Truth that I have manifested about My Divine Will, was nothing other than one more approach towards creatures.  Our Supreme Being, as It spoke, so It took one more step toward them, It placed one more Divine Particle at their disposition, and cast New Bonds of Union and of Love.  Our Word is always Our Birth, it is Our Word that We placed on the way from Heaven in order to seek Our yearned for creature, and Our Sacrosanct Trinity, drawn by the Power of the Word—because He was inseparable from Us—made Us take Our next steps, and, step by step, We arrive at where Our Word reaches.

“Now You Must Know that when We decide to manifest a Truth by means of Our Word, since it is a part of Ourselves that We are putting forth, Our Supreme Being takes an unusual Aspect, a New Joy invests Us, a Strength communicative of New Beatitudes comes forth from Us.  The whole of Heaven, in seeing Our unusual Aspect, already senses that We were about to put forth one Word of Ours of Truth, because the first to celebrate the Truths that We put forth were the Three Divine Persons, and then the whole of Heaven together with Us.  They are Gifts of the Great King, who knows how to move everything, invest everything; and Our Word has the Creative, Vivifying, Transforming Virtue, and at times it knocks down, it crushes, it smashes everything to pieces, and over the ruins makes arise the Life of Our Word, and it forms there the most Beautiful things, a New Creation, Works of Magnificence as to amaze Heaven and earth.

“What can one Fiat of Ours not do? It can do everything, and what will the chains of so many of Our Fiats not do!  Our Fiat transformed into Word of Truth possesses the Invincible Virtue, Unreachable Power, Immovable Firmness of the Good that It wants to form in the Power of My Speaking Fiat.  You do not understand the Great Gift and the Great Good that one single Word of Mine about Divine Truth encloses; but you will understand it with time, when you will see the Deeds, the Works, that My Truths have produced, because My Truths not only have the Power of drawing Our Supreme Being near, of letting Us take the steps—and many times it also makes Us race in order to come near the creatures—but they give Graces to them of letting them take steps, and making them race to meet He who already was Coming to meet them, and to give them the Great Good that Our Fiat pronounced.

“So, Our Truths act Powerfully when they come forth from Our Diving Being, because if they go forth they want to give the Life and the Good that they possess, and at the same time they want to dispose creatures to draw near to the Font from which they came, in order to Transform them into the Good of the same Truth. If a New Truth comes forth from Us, it is everything.  At the most, times, centuries, can pass, but this says nothing, because they are armed not only with Power, but with Invincible and Divine Patience, and they don’t become tired in waiting, they are tireless, they are inflexible; first they must give what Good they have, the Life that they possess, and then, Triumphant and Victorious, they send back to Heaven the fruits that they have Conquered.

“Therefore, My daughter, be attentive in to listening to My Truths. First you must think about where they come from, Who hands them to you, the Good that they want to make you, the steps of both sides to draw near each other.  Do not want to put them in doubt because you do not see in the world the Effects, the Good, the Life that My Truths possess.  Time will do and will say everything, for now do your part, for the rest, let your Jesus think about it.

“Beyond this, You Must Know that first We form the support, the place, the soul where Our Truths must descend, and then We decide to send them forth from inside Our Paternal Bosom, because Our Supreme Being, in sending the Truths forth from Us—that change into Works for creatures—in sending them forth, We do not let them remain in the air and idle, no, Our Wisdom never does useless things.  If We put them forth, they must be Bearers of the Good that they contain.  Here is the reason for the necessity of the support for where Our Goodness can send them in order to immediately begin their Work of participation and of Transformation of the Good that they possess—perhaps only to begin with one soul alone, but then to diffuse so much as to form the armies of creatures of the Good that Our Truths possess.  And when they have formed these noble armies, Our Truths carry them to Us, onto the lap of Our Celestial Fatherland.  They are Conquerors who populate Heaven; they act as messengers, they run over the earth, they cast the seed, they work it, they gather it, and, Triumphant for placing it in safety, they bring it into the Celestial Regions.  They are Untiring, nor do they ever stop if they have not obtained their intent.  Therefore, be attentive and do not transgress in anything of what your Jesus has taught you.”


The Holy Ghost is co-equal and co-eternal in the Holy Trinity. He continues to protect us with the outpouring of grace, filling our hearts and enkindling in us the fire of His divine love, enlightening, guiding, strengthening, and consoling us, and bringing all who will believe and trust in Him, into the fullness of Eucharistic oneness and unity in our Lord Christ Jesus, as He destroys sinful worldly man with the spirit of His mouth in this the Second Pentecost.

In the Second Pentecost, through the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity abides in the new man, Eucharistic man. This gift is the True and Everlasting Godhead, living in the New Creation, the new man – Eucharistic man, who through Holy Eucharist is elevated into the Godhead as is told: “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead corporeally, and you are filled in Him” (Col 2:6-10). It is in the power of the Holy Ghost in the Second Pentecost that the man of sin is revealed, and is destroyed with the brightness of the coming of Priest of God, in Eucharistic man.


V11 – Mar. 15, 1912 – “…It seems that the souls who live in my Will do nothing, while they actually do everything, because being in my Will these souls act Divinely, in a hidden and surprising way. They are light which illuminates, wind which purifies, fire which burns, miracles which cause miracles. Those who do miracles are channels; but in these souls resides the power. Therefore, they are the foot of the missionary, the tongue of the preachers, the strength of the weak, the patience of the sick, the regime (of the superiors), the obedience of the subjects, the tolerance of the slandered, the firmness in the dangers, the heroism in the heroes, the courage in the martyrs, the sanctity in the saints, and so on with all the rest. Being in my Will, they concur with all the good that can be both in Heaven and on earth.

This is why I can surely say that they are my true Hosts – but living Hosts, not dead ones. The accidents that form the host are not full of life, neither do they influence my Life; but the soul who lives in my Divine Will is full of life and, doing my Will, she influences and concurs with all that I do. This is why these consecrated Hosts of my Will are more dear to Me than the very sacramental Hosts, and if I have reason to exist in the sacramental Hosts, it is to form the sacramental Hosts of my Will.”

V12 – Nov. 27, 1917 – “…This is why I want to make the Sanctity of living in my Will. In It, I will no longer need Priests to be consecrated, nor churches, tabernacles or hosts. These souls will be everything altogether: Priests, churches, tabernacles and hosts. My Love will be more free. Anytime I want to consecrate Myself, I will be able to do it – in every moment, during the day, at night, in any place where they might be. Oh, how my Love will have Its complete outpouring!”

V12 – Mar. 27, 1918 – “…since I AM present in each Sacrifice, the soul who lives with Me and in my Will remains sacrificed together with Me – not in one Mass, but in all the Masses. And since she lives in my Will, she remains consecrated with Me in all the Hosts.

V12 – Jan. 1, 1920 – If there are one thousand Hosts, there are one thousand Jesus’s, and I communicate my whole self to a thousand; if there are one hundred Hosts, there are one hundred Jesus’s, and I can give Myself only to a hundred. In the same way, the soul encloses Me within each act done in my Will, and I remain sealed inside the will of the soul. Therefore, these acts done in my Will are eternal Communions, the species not subject to being consumed as in the Sacramental Hosts. As those species are consumed, my Sacramental Life ends; on the other hand, in the Hosts of my Will there is no flour, or any other matter – the food, the substance of these Hosts of my Will, is my eternal Will Itself, united with the will of the soul, which is eternal with Me; and therefore these two wills are not subject to being consumed. So, what is the wonder, if the whole of my Person will be seen as multiplied for as many acts as she has done in my Will? More so, since I remained sealed in her and she, as many times, in Me. Therefore, the soul too will remain multiplied in Me for as many acts as she has done in my Will. These are the prodigies of my Will – and this is enough to cast any doubt away from you.”


We who wish to enter into the Second Pentecost, must leave all worldliness behind us. Having done this, we will have the high praises of God in our mouth, and two-edged swords in our hands, to execute vengeance upon the nations, chastisements among the people, to bind the kings with fetters, and the nobles with manacles of iron, to execute upon them the judgment that is written, this glory is to all the saints of Christ Jesus (Ps149:6-9).

In the power of the Holy Ghost, in the Second Pentecost, Eucharistic man convinces the world

 of sin and of justice and of judgment.

Of sin: because they believed not in Jesus.

Of justice: because Jesus has ascended to God the Father.

Of judgment: because the prince of this world is already judged,

and Eucharistic man binds that strong man (Jn 16:7-11),

and casts him into hell for all eternity (Apoc 20:9,10).

It is in this great gift of Holy Eucharist, that we are filled unto all the fullness of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and are given the power to be made the sons of God (Jn 1:12).

We, the sons of God, come to God the Father in Eucharistic unity in Jesus, and thank Him that through the gift of the power of the Holy Ghost in this the Second Pentecost, we His new creation, Eucharistic man, Christ Jesus, destroy the forces of evil, as we rejoice in Jesus Eucharist, Blessed Sacrament, Son of God, our Lord, Who lives and reigns with God the Father and the Holy Ghost, Eternal Triune God, for the eternity which never ends.


V11 – Jun. 12, 1913 – “…Now, since the only thing left to you is the opportunity of uniting and identifying yourself with Me, you take everything from Me. Unable to do any good by yourself, with Me you become good at everything, because desiring and wanting good produce strength in the soul which makes her grow, and which settles her in the Divine Life. Then, by uniting and identifying herself with Me, she unites with my mind, producing many lives of holy thoughts in the minds of the creatures; as she unites with my eyes, she produces many lives of holy glances in the creatures. In the same way, if she unites with my mouth, she shall give life to the words; if she unites to my Heart, my desires, my hands, my steps, she shall give a life for every heartbeat – life to desires, to actions, to steps… But holy lives, since I contain within me Creative Power, and therefore the soul, together with Me, creates and does whatever I do.

Now, this union with Me – part to part, mind to mind, heart to heart, etc. – produces in you, in the highest degree, the Life of My Will and of my Love. The Father is formed in this Will, and the Holy Spirit in this Love; while the Son is formed by the operation, the words, the works, the thoughts, and by all the rest that can come from this Will and from this Love – here is the Trinity in the souls. In this way, if We need to operate, it is indifferent whether We operate within the Trinity in Heaven, or within the Trinity of the souls on earth.

This is why I keep taking everything else away from you, although they may be good and holy things: to give you the best and the holiest – Myself; and to make of you another Myself, as much as this is possible for the creature.

 V34 – Jul. 25, 1937 – I felt myself transported into the Celestial Fatherland, in the middle of three circles of Light. At the head of them there was the Queen of Heaven at one point, and Our Lord at another, with an Enchanting Beauty, and Indescribable Love.  In the midst of Them there was a multitude of souls, completely Transformed in the Light in which they Lived and grew, but guarded, directed, and nourished by Jesus and by the Celestial Mother.  How many Beautiful surprises were seen, these souls possessed the Likeness and the Life of their Creator.

And my sweet Jesus and His Mother told me: “These circles of Light that you see are symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, and the souls are those who shall form the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  This Kingdom shall be formed in the bosom of the Divinity; the Rulers of this Kingdom shall be the Mother and Son, who shall guard It with Jealousy.  See, therefore, the certainty of this Kingdom; It is already formed, because in God things are as already done.  Therefore pray that what is in Heaven is realized on earth.”


Second Pentecost:

The promise of a global spiritual renewal after a period of general apostasy is a universal theme in Catholic prophecy.  As St. Paul states in his Second Letter to the Thessalonians: “Let no one deceive you in any way.  For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction …”.  Jesus himself foretold that there would be a falling away from the faith in the approach to the end-time:

And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another.  And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.  And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. (Matt. 24:10-14)


Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, at that time Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican:

“It shall become small and will have to start pretty much all over again. It shall no longer have use of the structures it built in its years of prosperity. The reduction in the number of faithful shall lead to it losing an important part of its social privileges.” It shall start off with small groups and movements and a minority that shall make faith central to experience again. “It shall be a more spiritual Church, and shall not claim a political mandate flirting with the Right one minute and the Left the next. It shall be poor and shall become the Church of the destitute.”

The process outlined by Ratzinger was a “long” one “but when all the suffering is past, a great power shall emerge from a more spiritual and simple Church,” at which point humans shall realise that they live in a world of “indescribable solitude” and having lost sight of God “they shall perceive the horror of their poverty.”


V12 – Jan. 29, 1919 – “My beloved daughter, I want to let you know the order of my Providence. Every two thousand years I have renewed the world. In the first two thousand years I renewed it with the Deluge; in the second two thousand I renewed it with my coming upon earth when I manifested my Humanity, from which, as if from many fissures, my Divinity shone forth. The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of my Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed my Divinity. Now we are around the third two thousand years, and there will be a third renewal. This is the reason for the general confusion: it is nothing other than the preparation of the third renewal. If in the second renewal I manifested what my Humanity did and suffered, and very little of what my Divinity was operating, now, in this third renewal, after the earth will be purged and a great part of the current generation destroyed, I will be even more generous with creatures, and I will accomplish the renewal by manifesting what my Divinity did within my Humanity; how my Divine Will acted with my human will; how everything remained linked within Me; how I did and redid everything, and how even each thought of each creature was redone by Me, and sealed with my Divine Volition.


The Great Apostasy spoken of in Scripture undoubtedly refers to our times.  Christianity is in a state of such steep decline in the Western world that Pope John Paul II called for a “New Evangelization” to bring back the countless lost sheep led astray by the temptations of deism, agnosticism and atheism, and their bedfellows moral relativism, egoism and hedonism.


V23 – Jan. 18, 1928 – “Now, what I manifest on My Divine Will, and that you write, can be called ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.’ In nothing does It oppose either Sacred Scriptures or the Gospel that I announced while being on earth; on the contrary, It can be called the support of one and of the other.  And this is why I allow and I call Priests to come—to read the Gospel, all of Heaven, of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, so as to say, as I said to the Apostles:  ‘Preach It throughout the whole world.’  In fact, in My works I make use of the Priesthood; and just as I had the Priesthood before My coming in order to prepare the people, and the Priesthood of My Church in order to confirm My coming and everything I did and said, so shall I have the Priesthood of the Kingdom of My Will.

“Here is the utility of the many things I have manifested to you, the many surprising truths, the promises of the so many goods that I must give to the children of the Fiat Voluntas Tua: they shall be the Gospel, the basis, the inexhaustible fount from which all will draw the Celestial life, the terrestrial happiness and the restoration of their Creation.  Oh! how happy they will feel—those who, with yearning, will drink in large gulps from these founts of My knowledges; because they contain the virtue of bringing the life of Heaven, and of banishing any unhappiness.”


Yet the beyond the plight of the Great Apostasy there is the promise of hope.  The Book of Malachi foretells that towards the end of the world, God would send his servant Elijah to “turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction”. (Mal 4:6).  Just as the ancient prophet Elijah restored the faith of the Israelites after a period of mass apostasy during the 9th century BC, so too would this future “Elijah” restore the faith from a state of apostasy at the time of the end.  The Book of Revelation tells us that this future Elijah would not act alone his task of restoring the faith – he would be accompanied by a fellow prophet, just as Elijah was accompanied by Elisha.  This additional restorer figure is styled symbolically after Enoch and Moses, and together, the Apocalypse tells us that these Two Witnesses will inaugurate the Second Pentecost.  As Jesus foretold, after this Great Apostasy, where the “love of many would grow cold”, the Gospel would be preached to all nations:


Luisa and the Holy Father

V4 – Jan. 5, 1901 – “My daughter, how much men offend Me – but the time shall come when I shall chastise them in such a way that many little worms shall come out, which shall produce clouds of mosquitoes that shall render them greatly oppressed. Then, afterwards, the Pope shall come out.” And I: ‘And why shall the Pope come out?’ And He: “He shall come out to console the peoples, because, oppressed, tired, crushed, betrayed by so many lies, they themselves shall look for the harbor of truth, and all humiliated, they shall ask the Holy Father to come into their midst to free them from so many evils and place them in the harbor of safety.” And I: ‘Lord, shall this perhaps happen after the wars You have spoken about the other times?’ And He: “Yes.” And I: ‘How I wish I could come before these things happen.’ And He: “And where would I go to stay then?”

 V4 – Sept. 4, 1902 – “…be attentive, think only of remaining united with Me, and I shall think of the rest.” Now, while He was saying this, I saw the Church and the Pope, and part of It was leaning on my shoulders; and I also saw the confessor who pressed Jesus not to take me for now. And the blessed Lord said: “Evils are most grave, and sins are about to reach such a point as no longer to deserve victim souls – that is, the ones who sustain and protect the world before Me. If this point touches Justice, indeed I shall take her with Me.” So I understood that things are conditional.”

V4 – Dec. 8, 1902 – I saw a priest clothed in white together with Our Lord; it seemed to me that he was the Pope, and the confessor was with him. They were praying Him to make me suffer so as to prevent the formation of this law of divorce, but Jesus would not pay attention to them. So, the confessor, heedless of the fact that he was not being given audience, with extraordinary impetus, to the point that it seemed it was not him, took Jesus Christ in his arms and, by force, cast Him inside of me, saying: “You shall remain crucified within her, crucifying her, but this law of divorce we do not want.” Jesus remained as though bound inside of me, crucified by such command, and I felt, bitterly, the pains of the cross. Then He said: “Daughter, it is the Church that wants it, and her authority, united to the power of prayer, binds Me.”


And because lawlessness shall be increased, the love of many shall grow cold. But the one who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end shall come. (Matt 24:12-14)  Gospel of Divine Will


V20 – Oct. 22, 1926 – “My daughter, what do you think a greater miracle was when I came upon earth: My Word, the Gospel I announced, or the fact that I gave life to the dead, sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, etc.?  Ah! My daughter, My Word, My Gospel, was a greater miracle; more so, since the very miracles came out of My Word.  The foundation, the substance of all miracles came out of My creative Word.  The Sacraments, Creation itself, a permanent miracle, had life from My Word; and My very Church has My Word, My Gospel, as regime and foundation.

“So, My Word, My Gospel, was a miracle greater than the miracles themselves, that, if they had life, it was because of My miraculous Word. Therefore, be sure that the Word of your Jesus is the greatest miracle.  My Word is like mighty wind that runs, pounds on the hearing, enters into the hearts, warms, purifies, illuminates, makes my Round and my Round from nation to nation; it covers the whole world, it wanders throughout all centuries.  Who could ever give death and bury one Word of Mine?  No one.  And if sometimes it seems that My Word is silent and is as though hidden, it never loses its life.  When least expected, it comes out and goes Round everywhere.  Centuries shall pass in which everything—men and things—shall be overwhelmed and disappear, but My Word shall never pass away, because it contains life—the miraculous power of He who issued it.

“Therefore, I confirm that each word and manifestation I make to you about My Eternal Fiat is the greatest miracle, that shall serve the Kingdom of My Will. And this is why I push you so much, and I care so much that not a Word of Mine be not manifested and written by you—because I see a miracle of Mine coming back to Me, that shall bring so much good to the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”


In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

By the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

One with Luisa, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will,

I enter Into the Holy Divine Will.

Come Divine Will, Come beat in my every heartbeat, Come breathe in my every breath,

in the Name of everyone and everything, past, present and future;

In, With, Through and for Jesus, Mary and Luisa;

In, with and for All;

that All may be for the Glory of God and the Good of All souls,

Giving to God as if All lived In the Most Holy Divine Will;

United with Creation, Redemption and Sanctification,

Praying as One,

in that One Eternal Act,

For the Kingdom to Come Reign on earth!

Jesus Speaks to Luisa and to her children:

“…enter into My Will, and you shall find, ready, whatever you want

…Nothing is missing in My Will. Not only this

– but you shall find things in a Divine and Infinite Way.” (V24-3.27.18)

“…nothing shall you lack on the part of your Jesus; more so, since this is My Desire from of old, Wanted, Yearned-for and Longed-for, for as long as six thousand years: wanting to see Our Image Reproduced in the creature, Our Sanctity Impressed, Our Divine Will Operating, Our Works Enclosed in her, and Our Fiat Fulfilled.” (V20-11.14.26)

“If you only want it, all is done.” (V35-10.12.37)

Abba Father,

In the Name of Jesus,

in the Unity, Power and Love of the Holy Spirit, on this Solemnity of Pentecost,

Under the Mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with All the Angels and Saints,

through the Intercession of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta,

on behalf of all souls, past, present and future,

we make this prayer In the Holy Divine Will, One with Luisa,

to fulfill All the Requests of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother and Queen,

that They Receive the Requital from the Holy Church and All Their children.

Please Accept this Solemn Act of Reparation and Consecration

of Russia, the United States and All Nations,

and we beg You, Come Holy Spirit!

May the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Eucharistic Reign

of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Established.

We are sorrowful for all evils that mankind has done;

we wish to anoint Your Wounds and make reparation, that You, Lord, Arise within us,

as we lay down our lives with Luisa to be Bound to the Love of the Divine Will, (V2 – 10.28.99)

that the Holy Spirit may Blow His Divine Breath in us Continuously, (V6 – 9.2.04)

in Union with the Holy Trinity, (V11 – 6.12.13)

to Love You with Your Love, (V12 – 4.8.18)

to become Living Hosts, (V12 – 5.28.20)

for the Mission of the Divine Will, (V17 – 5.4.25)

to requite the Holy Spirit with His Love, (V18 – 11.5.25)

to know and receive all the Relations and Bonds of Sanctity,

and receive all the Bilocations of the Acts of Luisa, (V22 – 6.12.27)

as anointed children of the Divine Will, never doing our human will, (V24 – 4.1.28)

to receive the Blessing of All, (V25 – 11.10.28)

to thank Our Lady, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will,

and to thank God for Giving Mary to us, (V30-12.8.31)

to be little Hosts who Live in the Temple of God, (V33 – 3.11.34)

to possess All, to Glorify You, and Love You for everyone and everything. (V35-8.23.37)

May You Find Everything in us, Find Your Mama Mary,

Your Father, the Holy Spirit and Your Divine Love in us, (V35 – 4.10.38)

to say to You, ‘Glory and Love to Our Creator,’ (V36-7.6.38)

at any Cost, we give our lives to Live in the Fiat! (V36-7.18.38).

Please take our humble prayer and make it Your Command,

and may this be the Beginning of the Coming of the Kingdom upon earth,

and the Fulfillment of Your Divine Will.

Please take this humble appeal, that of fusing in the Order of Grace

in everything the Sanctifier has Done and Shall Do for those who are to be sanctified.

May the Spouse and Temple of the Holy Spirit, Mary Most Holy

Make the Holy Spirit Descend into all souls through little Luisa,

the Reflection of the Holy Spirit,

to burn away all that is of human will,

and by His Refreshing Breath Rule and Confirm all souls in the Divine Will,

so that the Holy Spirit may Receive the Requital of Love

in each Baptism, Restoring innocence;

in each Confirmation, rendering souls invincible;

in each Sacrament of Penance, where Jesus’ Blood Gives Back lost Grace;

in all the Tabernacles and each Sacramental Host, which form, grow and develop

the Life of God in all, where each can say ‘I am another Christ’;

in each Ordination, constituting man to a supreme height, repeater of Jesus’ Life,

administer of the Sacraments, revealer of God’s Secrets, of the Gospel,

of the Most Sacred Science, peacemaker between Heaven and earth,

and bearer of Jesus to souls, placing all other Sacraments in safety;

in each Sacrament of Marriage, sacred bond and symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity;

and in each Sacrament of Extreme Unction, the final clothing of the soul.

We pray that the Divine Will Reign in all souls with Absolute Dominion,

Lord just as You Anointed David, Anoint us all with Your Holy Oil,

With the Oil of Gladness above our fellows,

so that the Spirit of the Lord shall be upon us, because the Lord has anointed us.

Anoint us Father, as You Anointed Jesus with the Spiritual Oil

of the Holy Spirit that we may be Sanctified by the Holy

and Life-Giving Spirit through the Divinity of Christ.

Anoint us with an invincible Strength, in such a way

that nothing else shall be able to enter the so very High Fences of Your Kingdom.

Restore and Heal us with Your Breath, the Breath of the Holy Spirit which,

Breathing Continuously into us, shall keep us always ignited and consumed for Love of Him.

Truly Loving with this Love, may the Holy Spirit put His Flames on the way toward us,

and Bind us with the Relations of His Sanctity.

One with Luisa in the Mission of Your Divine Will,

Braid us with the Bond of Inseparability with Jesus, Mary and Luisa,

and make us Your Living Hosts.

Heal our human wills by giving them again

the Life of Your Divine Will, and as though by magic,

all the evils of the human nature shall have Life no more.

In this way we shall be like skin to the body of Your Church,

and like circulation of Life for all the members,

who shall give the proper growth to the members which have not grown;

who shall Heal the wounded members, and who shall Restore the Freshness,

the Beauty, the Splendor of the Whole Mystical Body by our continuous Living in Your Will.

We pray You to fulfill all our petitions – save Your anointed

and hear us from Your Holy Heaven, that all may be accomplished

and completed in Your Most Holy Divine Will.



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