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July 3, 1963 Luisa’s Body Moved – The Heavenly Response

July 3, 1963
the Body of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
was Transferred to the Church of Santa Maria Greca

On July 3, 1963 the mortal remains of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, were definitively laid to rest in the Church of Santa Maria Greca in Corato.

The Last Words of Luisa Piccarreta, her Spiritual Testimony:
March 4, 1947
“Now I die with greater contentment, because the Divine Will has consoled me
more than usual with Its Presence in these last few moments of my life.
“Now I see a long, beautiful and spacious road, all Illuminated by an infinite number of Resplendent Suns – Oh, yes, I recognize them! They are all my acts done in the Divine Will!
“This is the road that I must now take; it is the road that the Divine Will has prepared for me. It’s the road of my victory: it’s the way of my glory,
which will unite me with the Immense Happiness of the Divine Will.
“It’s my road; it’s the road that I have prepared for you.
It’s the road that I will keep reserved for all the souls
who will ever want to Live in the Divine Will.”


August 19, 2018 Michele Colonna, president of the Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta LCDW in Corato, Italy has given the good news that the Vatican has just given permission to move the body of Luisa from the side of Santa Maria Greca Church where she has been since July 3,1963 to the front of the Church at the side Altar of the Holy Spirit. This is a great sign that the Vatican recognizes her heroic sanctity.

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***the following is for your prayerful discernment***

JULY 3, 1963
The Heavenly Response

On March 22, 1997, in an interview by John Loeffler ( with Fr. Dr. Malachi Martin (former Jesuit and close associate with Pope John XXIII, author, historian, translator of the dead sea scrolls, a secretary inside the Conclave that elected Paul VI, and many other credentials) the following was discussed.

Early March, 1997, Most Reverend Immanuel Melingo, formerly Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, who now working in the Vatican as a special delegate to the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of immigrants and itinerants, made an announcement at the Fatima Conference last fall in Rome (1996) to the effect that there is formal satanic activity going on in the Vatican; not the whole Vatican, but a cadre of hierarchy dedicated to satanic worship formalized.

There was a dedication ceremony to lucifer by Cardinals and other ranking dignitaries that took place in the Vatican on June 29, 1963 (Saturday). They conducted a ceremony called “the enthronement of the fallen angel lucifer” effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel. Fr. Malachi Martin affirms that this really did happen.

Fr. Martin, referring to The Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and all Christian, organized religion, “…something has broken down…” however adds, “…Our Lord Jesus will Communicate His Spirit to us and make us into one Church…He will give us the Grace, if we believe…” These comments were made during the 1997 interview, asserting that this could take place within two decades. He further stated that the Roman Catholic Church “will be transmuted, because at the present moment it is in apostasy. Our Lord will bring about the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, which will be underground.”

Book of Heaven V1 – “…What sad times! It really seemed that the satanic reign was reigning, and instead of placing their trust in God, they were placing it in the devil.”

V2 – 4.16.99 – “What to tell you then, O My daughter, about certain priests of these times? It can be said that they operate almost satanically, reaching the point of making themselves idols of souls. Ah! yes – it is by My sons that My Heart is Pierced the Most, because if others offend Me more, they offend the members of My Body; but My own offend Me in My Most Sensitive and Tender Parts, deep into My Inmost Heart.”

V2 – 8.1.99 – “O! man, I made you so that you would be My Living Temple; and you, instead, have made of yourself the dwelling of the devil.”

As for the dedication ceremony to lucifer by Cardinals and other ranking dignitaries that took place in the Vatican on June 29, 1963 (Saturday), the following is:

The Heavenly Response
3 ½ days later:

July 3, 1963 the body of Luisa was transferred and brought inside her Parish Church of Santa Maria Greca, where she is humbly waiting for her glorification. – An Introduction to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta as found in the biographical notes from the work of Padre Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, OFM, “Luisa Piccarreta, Collection of Memories of the Servant of God”

V29 – 5.19.31 – “My daughter, My Love was not extinguished because of the fall of man, but became More Ignited; and even though My Justice Justly punished him and condemned him, My Love, Kissing My Justice, without delay Promised the future Redeemer, and said to the deceitful serpent, with the Empire of My Power: ‘You have made use of a woman to snatch man from My Divine Will, and I, by means of another woman (Mary), Who will have in Her Power the Power of My Fiat, will Knock Down your pride, and with Her Immaculate Foot, She will Crush your head.’… Now the infernal serpent feels over his head My Immediate Word Spoken to him in Eden—My Irrevocable Condemnation that a Woman would Crush his head. Therefore he knows that, by his head being crushed, his kingdom on earth will be overturned, he will lose his prestige, and all the evil he did in Eden by means of a woman will be made up for by another Woman. And even though the Queen of Heaven Debilitated him, Crushed his head, and I Myself Bound him to the Cross, therefore he is no longer free to do what he wants, however, those who by disgrace draw near him, he slaughters. More so, since he sees that the human will is not subdued by the Divine, and Its Kingdom is not Formed yet; he fears that another Woman might get to finish burning his temples, so that the Divine Condemnation, over his head Crushed by the Foot of the Immaculate Queen, may have its Fulfillment. In fact, he knows that, when I Speak, My Word has the Communicative Virtue to other creatures. Therefore, as he was assured that She Whom he feared was the Most Holy Virgin, and being unable to fight Her any more, he resumed his round. He is all eye and as though on the lookout to see whether another Woman might have the Task from God to make the Divine Will Known in Order to make It Reign; and having seen you (Luisa) write so much about My Fiat, at the mere doubt that this might be it, he roused the whole of hell against you. This is the cause of everything you have suffered…

V15 – 4.28.23 – …Now, while He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn outside of myself, and I found an ugly monster under my feet, which was biting itself out of rage. And Jesus, being near me, added: “Just as My Virgin Mother Crushed the head of the infernal serpent, so do I want another virgin, (Luisa) who Must be the first possessor of the Supreme Will, to press that infernal head again, so as to crush it and debilitate it, in such a way as to confine it into hell, that she may have full dominion over it, and it may not dare to approach those who must Live in My Will. Therefore, place your foot on its head, and crush it.” Made brave, I did it, and it would bite itself more, and so as not to feel my touch, it shut itself up in the darkest abysses. Then Jesus resumed His Speaking: “My daughter, do you think that the Living in My Will is nothing? No, no – on the contrary, it is the All, it is the Fulfillment of All sanctities, it is the Absolute Dominion of oneself, of one’s passions, and of one’s capital enemies; it is the Complete Triumph of the Creator over the creature. So, if she adheres, and I come to having her Live in My Will, and she does not want to know her own ever again, I have nothing left to Want from the creature, and she has nothing left to give Me. All My Yearnings are Fulfilled, My Designs Realized – there is nothing left but to Delight in each other.”

V19 – 6.20.26 – “My daughter, so, My Ideal and yours are One, and therefore One is our Purpose. Brava, brava, the little daughter of My Will! And since your ideal and Mine are One, you too have sustained the battle of long years to conquer the Kingdom of My Will. You had to endure pains, privations, and have been even a prisoner in your little room, bound to your little bed, to conquer that Kingdom so much Wanted and Longed for by Me and by you. It Cost much to both of us, and now we are both Triumphant and Conquerors. So, you too are the little queen in the Kingdom of My Will, and even though little, you are always queen because you are the daughter of the Great King – of Our Celestial Father. Therefore, as Conqueror of a Kingdom so Great, Take Possession of all Creation, of all Redemption and of all Heaven – Everything is yours, because your Rights of Possession Extend wherever My Will Reigns as Whole and Permanent. All are Waiting for you to Give you the Honors that Befit your Victory.”

CCC 410 – After his fall, man was not abandoned by God. On the contrary, God Calls him and in a Mysterious Way Heralds the Coming Victory over evil and his Restoration from his fall. This passage in Genesis is called the Protoevangelium (“First Gospel”): the First Announcement of the Messiah and Redeemer, of a battle between the serpent and the Woman, and of the Final Victory of a descendant of Hers. 

“Lord God, Destroyer of wars from the Beginning, Lift up Your Arm against the nations who devise evil plans against Your servants. And may Your Right Hand be Glorified among us. Crush their power with Your Power; let their strength fail before Your Wrath.” – Roman Breviary pg 1172

V10 – 1.15.11 – “Ah! My daughter, interest is the poison of the priest, and has infiltrated so much into them as to poison their hearts, their blood, and even the marrow of their bones. O! how well did the devil weave it, having found in them a will disposed to be woven. My Grace has used all of Its Art in order to form the Weaving of Love and to give them the Counterpoison to interest; but not finding their will disposed, it has Woven little or nothing of the Divine. So, the devil, unable to prevent these Houses of Reunion for priests completely, with a great loss for him, contents himself at least with maintaining the web he has woven with the poison of interest…And I: “Ah! my Sweet Jesus, instead of telling these things to me, go to the leaders, to the bishops; and they who have authority can manage to content You on this point. But I, poor one – what can I do? Nothing but Compassionate You, Love You and Repair You.”
And Jesus: “My daughter – to the leaders, to the bishops? The poison of interest has invaded everyone, and since almost all of them are taken by this pestilential fever, they lack the courage to correct and to check those who depend on them. And then, I AM not understood by those who are not stripped of everything and of everyone. My Voice resounds very badly to their hearing; even more, it seems an absurdity to them – something that is not appropriate for the human condition. If I Speak with you, we understand each other well enough, and if nothing else, I find a vent for My Sorrow, and you (Luisa) will Love Me more, because you know that I AM Embittered.”

V12 – 11.16.18 – Continuing in my usual state, my Sweet Jesus came for just a little, and it seemed that He was feeling a strong pain in His Heart; and asking me for help, He told me: “My daughter, what chains of crimes in these days – what a satanic triumph. The prosperity of one who is evil is the worst sign – and these are shoves by which Faith departs from their nations; they remain as though trapped inside a dark prison. Instead, humiliations to one who is evil are like many fissures through which Light enters, such that, making him come back to his senses, they bring Faith to him and to the nations themselves. So, humiliation will do more good to them than any victories or conquests. What critical and painful points they will go through! Hell and the wicked are consumed with rage to begin their plots and wicked deeds. Poor children of Mine – poor Church of Mine.”

V12 – 10.14.18 – “My daughter, the greatest Chastisement is the triumph of the evil. More purges are needed, and through their triumph the evil will purge My Church. Then I will Crush them and Scatter them, like dust in the wind. Therefore, do not be troubled at the triumphs that you hear, but cry with Me over their sad lot.”

V12 – 1.25.19 – “…I Dwell in you as though within My Humanity; and just as I Enclosed the Entire World in My Humanity, I Enclose it in you (Luisa). Didn’t you see that while I was walking, now I bumped, and now I stumbled? Those were the sins, the evil souls that I Encountered. What pain for My Heart! It is from within you that I Decide the Destiny of the World. It is your humanity that Shelters Me, just as Mine Sheltered My Divinity…”

V16 – 5.9.24 – “…And then, remember how many things I have told you about My Will; so, the evils, the destructions, will serve to Fulfill what I have told you – that My Will come to Reign upon earth. But It wants to find the earth purified, and in order to purify it, destructions are needed. Therefore, patience, My daughter, and never go out of My Will, because everything that takes place within you (Luisa) will Serve for the Work: that My Will may have Its Dominion to Come as though in Triumph to Reign in the midst of men.”

V27 – 12.22.29 – “If a Mama was Necessary to Me for Redemption (Mary), so also do I Need a mama for the Kingdom of My Fiat (Luisa), and My Demanding Love Wanted this mother as Imprisoned, so as to keep her at My Disposal. Therefore, I will be your Prisoner, not only in the Little Host, but also in your heart; and you will be My dear prisoner, all intent on listening to Me and on breaking the Loneliness of My Long Imprisonment. And even though We are Prisoners, We will be Happy, because We will Mature the Kingdom of the Divine Will to Give It to creatures.”

V21 – 5.26.27 – “Therefore, My daughter, do not lose heart. You do not know how much I Love you, and how Many Treasures I have Placed in you; nor can I leave you – I Must Guard All the Gifts I have Placed in you. You Must Know that each one of My Words is a Divine Gift – and how many of Them have I Spoken to you? And when I Give, I never take the Gift back; and to be sure that My Gifts are Safe, I Remain as Guardian of My Gifts and of the soul who Possesses them. Therefore, let Me do, and let My Will Reign Freely in you.”



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