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Sister Assunta into Eternity

From the Association Luisa Piccarreta – December 29, 2023:

“Sister Assunta Marigliano is now in heavenly bliss”

On the 40th anniversary of Luisa’s death, March 4, 1987, the Pious Luisa Piccarreta P.F.D.V. Association was canonically erected in Corato, co-founded by Padre Bernardino Bucci, OFM and Sister Assunta Marigliano. Sister was later appointed president. Padre Bucci spent many years as Spiritual Advisor of the Association.

On December 29, Sister Assunta Marigliano serenely pronounced her last and conscious “Fiat” to the call of the Father.

The funeral will take place on December 30th in the Church of S. Maria Greca at 4.00 pm.  The burial will take place on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at the Corato cemetery and will be preceded by the Holy Mass at 8.30 am in the Regina di All Saints Chaplaincy.

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