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Healings in the Divine Will

Healings in the Divine Will

From the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


Ps 50: 8-15 – “For behold thou hast loved truth: the uncertain and hidden things of thy wisdom thou hast made manifest to me. Thou shalt sprinkle me with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed: thou shalt wash me, and I shall be made whiter than snow. To my hearing thou shalt give joy and gladness: and the bones that have been humbled shall rejoice. Turn away thy face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. Create a clean heart in me, O God: and renew a right spirit within my bowels. Cast me not away from thy face; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and strengthen me with a perfect spirit. I will teach the unjust thy ways: and the wicked shall be converted to thee.”


Moses – had his wife Zipporah and sister Miriam, plus Aaron as priest /  His Staff was instrument for God’s Miracles to set His people free from slavery, as they  literally crossed the Red Sea, and to crush the enemy with the waves of the Red Sea, giving His chosen ones freedom to worship God in the desert   /  Moses fasted 40 days and nights to be worthy to receive the law of God  / Moses wrote the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and manifested the Ten Commandments given by God on Mt. Sanai

Jesus – had His Mother Mary and Magdalene, plus John as priest  / His Cross was instrument for God’s Miracle of Salvation of His children, giving freedom from original sin and eternal death, symbolically crossing the Red Sea of His Most Precious Blood  /  Jesus fasted 40 days and nights in the desert before His public Ministry  /  40 days after Jesus’ Death on Mt. Calvary He Ascended into Heaven, having manifested the Priesthood, the Sacraments and Himself in the Eucharist, after which the Apostles wrote the Gospels and other parts of the New Testament

Holy Father – has Mary Mother and Queen and Luisa The Saint of the Church, plus Houses of the Resurrection of the Faith as priests   /    Rosary of Our Lady and Oil of Luisa as instrument of God’s Miracle of Healing and Sanctification of those children who Must Live In the Divine Will, freedom from slavery to the human will, crossing the Red Sea of the Fire of the Holy Spirit in the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary   /   Luisa spent nearly 40 years writing the Book of Heaven (from 1899 to 1938) and 40 days after Luisa’s death, Our Lady descended from Heaven promising to reveal the Secrets of the Book of Revelation written by John the Evangelist and Gospel Writer.


Heb 4:14 – “Having therefore a great high priest that hath passed into the heavens, Jesus the Son of God: let us hold fast our confession.”


V13 – 11.19.21 – “I was keeping company with my Jesus who was Agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemani, and as much as I could, I compassionated Him, I pressed Him tightly to my heart, trying to wipe His mortal sweats. And my Sorrowful Jesus, with faint and expiring voice, told me: “My daughter, My Agony in the garden was hard and painful, maybe more painful than that of the Cross. In fact, if that was the fulfillment and the triumph over all, here in the garden it was the beginning, and sufferings are felt more at the beginning than when they are ended. But in this agony the most harrowing pain was when all sins came before Me, one by one. My Humanity comprehended all their enormity, and each crime carried the mark, ‘Death to a God’, armed with sword to kill Me! Before the Divinity, sin appeared to Me as so very horrifying and more horrible than death itself. Just in comprehending what sin means, I felt I was dying – and I did really die. I cried out to the Father, but He was Inexorable. Not even one was there to help Me, so as not to let Me die. I cried out to all creatures to have pity on Me – but in vain. So, My Humanity languished, and I was about to receive the last blow of death.

But do you know who prevented the execution and sustained My Humanity from dying? The first was My inseparable Mama. In hearing Me ask for help, She flew to My side and sustained Me; and I leaned My right arm on Her. Almost dying, I looked at Her, and I found in Her the immensity of My Will intact, without ever a break between My Will and hers. My Will is Life, and since the Will of the Father was Immovable and death was coming to Me from creatures, another Creature, who enclosed the Life of My Will, gave Me Life. And here is My Mama who, in the portent of My Will, conceived Me and gave Me birth in time, now giving Me Life for the second time to let Me accomplish the work of Redemption.

Then I looked to My left, and I found the Little Daughter of My Will. I found you as the first, followed by the other daughters of My Will. Since I wanted My Mama with Me as the first link of Mercy, through which  we were to open the doors to all creatures, I wanted to lean My right arm on Her. And I wanted you as the first  link of Justice, to prevent It from unloading Itself upon all creatures as they deserve; therefore I wanted to lean  My left arm on you, so that you might sustain It together with Me.

With these two supports I felt life come back to Me, and as if I had not suffered anything, with firm step,

I went to meet My enemies. In all the pains that I suffered during My Passion, many of which were capable of  giving Me death, these two supports never left Me. And when they saw Me nearly dying, with My own Will  which they contained, they sustained Me, as though giving Me many sips of life. Oh, prodigies of My Will!  Who can ever count them and calculate their value? This is why I love so much one who lives in My Will: I  recognize My Portrait in her, My Noble Features; I feel My Own Breath, My Voice; and if I did not love her I  would defraud Myself. I would be like a father without offspring, without the noble cortege of his court, and  without the crown of his children. And if I did not have the offspring, the court and the crown, how could I call  Myself a King? My Kingdom is formed by those who live in My Will, and from this Kingdom, I choose the  Mother, the Queen, the children, the ministers, the army, the people. I AM everything for them, and they are all  for Me.”

 V15 – 4.28.23 – “…I felt myself being drawn outside of myself, and I found an ugly monster under my feet, which was biting itself out of rage. And Jesus, Being near me, added: “Just as My Virgin Mother Crushed the head of the infernal serpent, so do I want another virgin, which Must Be the First Possessor of the Supreme Will, to Press again that infernal head so as to Crush it and Debilitate it, in Such a Way as to Confine it into hell, that she may have Full Dominion over it, and it may not dare to approach those who Must Live In My Will. Therefore, Place your foot on its head, and Crush it.” Made Brave, I did it, and it would bite itself more, and so as not to feel my Touch, it shut itself up in the darkest abysses.”


Blessed Rosary of Our Lady and blessed oil of Luisa work together as instrument of God’s Miracle of Perfect Healing and Sanctification for those children who Must Live In the Divine Will.


Blessed Rosary of Our Lady

V25 – 10.7.28 – “But, look at how My birth was more neglected, more poor—I had not even one priest near Me, but only poor shepherds. On the other hand, at the beginning of My Volition, there is not only a group of nuns and little girls from out of town, and a people rushing up to celebrate the opening, but there is an archbishop and priests representing My Church. This is symbol and announcement to all, that the Kingdom of My Divine Volition will be formed with more magnificence, with greater pomp and splendor than the very Kingdom of My Redemption; and everyone, kings and princes, bishops and priests and peoples, will know the Kingdom of My Fiat and will Possess It. Therefore, you too, celebrate this day in which My Sighs and Sacrifices, and yours, to make My Divine Will Known see the First Dawn and hope for the Sun of My Divine Fiat to soon Rise.” Then, the evening came of this day consecrated to the Queen of the Rosary, Queen of Victories and of Triumphs. And this is another Beautiful Sign that, just as the Sovereign Lady Conquered Her Creator, and Bejeweling Him with Her Chains of Love, She Drew Him from Heaven to earth, to make Him Form the Kingdom of Redemption, so will the sweet and powerful beads of Her Rosary make Her Victorious and Triumphant again before the Divinity, Conquering the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, to make It Come into the midst of creatures.”

Blessed Oil of Luisa

V3 – 4.23.00 – “I moved on to His body and I visited all His wounds; I dried up the blood, I kissed them, but I had nothing with which to salve them so as to mitigate the spasm, when I saw that oil was coming out from me. I took it and I salved the wounds of Jesus, but with some concern, as I did not understand what the meaning was of that oil coming out from me.

But blessed Jesus made me understand that resignation to the Divine Will is oil which, while salving and mitigating our pains, salves and mitigates the spasm of the wounds of Jesus at the same time.”


With the Instrument of Our Lady’s Blessed Rosary and Blessed Oil of Luisa, Pray in the Name of Jesus, Under the Mantle of Mary and through the Intercession of Luisa, invoking the Holy Spirit to Come and Heal those who Must Live In the Divine Will, whereby Healing All souls, past, present and future, Hastening the Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven. ‘God Wants it, I want it. If He does not Want it, neither do I want it.’  Fiat!


V11 – 5.21.13 – “…I love these Lives So Much that I Give Everything for Love of them. These souls are First before Me; and if I Bless them, All the others are Blessed through them. They are the First to Be Benefited and Loved, and through them, others too are Benefited and Loved.”

 V13 – 1.11.22 – “Now, the souls who Live, or will Live in My Will shall be for the Body of My Church like skin to the body. The body has internal skin and external skin, and because in the skin there is the blood circulation which gives life to the whole body, it is by virtue of this circulation that the members reach the proper stature. If it wasn’t for the skin and for the blood circulation, the human body would be horrible to the sight, and its members would not grow to the due proportion.

Now, see how these souls who Live in My Will are necessary to Me. Since I have destined them to be like skin to the body of My Church, and like circulation of life for all the members, they will be the ones who will give the proper growth to the members which have not grown; who will heal the wounded members, and who will restore the freshness, the beauty, the splendor of the whole Mystical Body by their continuous living in My Will, rendering it fully similar to My Head, which will sit in full majesty upon all those members. This is why the end of days cannot come if I do not have these souls who Live as though dissolved in My Will – they interest Me more than anything. What impression would this Mystical Body make in the Celestial Jerusalem without them? And if this is what interests Me more than anything, it must interest you also more than anything, if you love Me. From now on, I will give to your acts done in My Will the virtue of circulation of Life for the whole Mystical Body of the Church. Just like the blood circulation in the human body, your acts, extended within the immensity of My Will, will extend over all and will cover these members like skin, giving them proper growth. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

 V19 – 8.14.26 – “My manifestations about It will be like the balm which will heal the wounds produced by the human will.  Those who will have the good of Knowing Them will feel a new Life of Light, of Grace, of Strength flow within them, to Fulfill My Will in everything.  Not only this, but in comprehending the great evil of their own will, they will abhor it and will shake themselves from the yoke, so very hard, of the human will, to place themselves under the Gentle Dominion of Mine.” 

 V20 – 12.27.26 – “Therefore, there is no remedy that is more effective, more appropriate, more healing, and that blocks the fury of these winds within the soul, than the Power of the Light of My Will, and the Eclipse formed by it. Wherever this Power, this Eclipse formed by Divine Light, is Present, these winds are Prevented from blowing, and the creature Lives under the Vital Influence of a Divine Will, in such a way that the Seal of the Fiat can be seen in all of her acts, both small and great.  So, her motto is:  ‘God Wants it, I want it.  If He does not Want it, neither do I want it.’

 V24 – 4.1.28 – “If Adam had passed the test, all human generations would have been confirmed in his State of Happiness and of Royalty. In the Same Way, I Myself, loving these children of My Divine Will with a Love all Special, wanted to go through the test for all of them in My Humanity, reserving for them the one test of never letting them do their will, but only and always My Will, so as to Reconfirm for them all the Goods needed in order to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  With this, I closed all exit doors for them; I Anointed them with an Invincible Strength, in Such a Way that nothing else will be able to enter the So Very High Fences of My Kingdom.”

V24 – 7.7.28 – “So, if the human will is healed by giving it again the Life of My Divine Will, as though by magic, all the evils of the human nature will have life no more.”

V29 – 9.29.31 – “My daughter, the Living in My Will is a Gift that We Give to the creature—Great Gift that Surpasses in Value, in Sanctity, in Beauty and in Happiness all other gifts, in an Infinite and Unreachable Way. When We Give this Gift So Great, We do nothing other than Open the Doors to make her the Possessor of Our Divine Possessions—the Place in which passions, dangers, have no more life; nor can any enemy harm her or do her evil.  This Gift Confirms the creature in Good, in Love, in the Very Life of her Creator; and the Creator remains Confirmed in the creature; therefore, the Inseparability Takes Place between one and the other.  With this Gift the creature will feel her lot changed:  from poor to rich, from ill to perfectly healed, from unhappy, she will feel that All things Change for her into Happiness.”

V34 – 7.25.37 – “One Act in My Volition can be a Universal Air that Penetrating everywhere and in everyone, by night and by day, can make Itself Breathed in Order to Infuse Its Life, Its Sanctity, and Removing the unhealthy air of the human volition, Substitutes there the Healthy Air of My Fiat in a Way as to remain Sweetened, Embalmed, Vivified, Healed, by this Divine Air.”

V35 – 12.21.37 – “What does it take to Restore this man? We will return again to Breathe on him with Stronger and Growing Love.  We will Breathe in the depth of his soul; We will Blow more Strongly into the center of his rebellious will—but so Strongly as to Shake the evils by which he is trapped.  His passions will remain floored and terrified before the Power of Our Breath.  They will feel Burning by Our Divine Fire.  The human will, will feel the Palpitating Life of its Creator, and it will hide Him—like a Veil, so that man will return to be the Bearer of his Creator.  O, how Happy he will feel!  We will Restore him and Heal him with Our Breath.  We will be like a most tender mother who has a crippled child, and by breathing, whispering and blowing, she pours herself on her child; only then she will stop blowing on him—when she will have healed him and made him beautiful, like she wanted him to be.  The Power of Our Breath will not leave him.  We will stop Breathing on him only when We see him Coming Back into Our Paternal Arms.  We want him Beautiful, like Us.  Only then will We feel that Our child has recognized Our Paternal Goodness, and how much We Love him.”

V35 – 12.28.37 – “And My Sweet Jesus, with a Love that only He can Have, Runs Now to one, Now to another, Holding them Close, Pressing them to His Heart, Touching them with His Creative Hands to Heal them, Telling them, Slowly and Quietly—to their hearts: “My child, I Love you.  Receive My Love and give Me yours, and I will Heal you—through Love.”


Command Prayer

Abba Father, In the Name of Jesus, in the Unity, Power and Love of the Holy Spirit,

Under the Mantle of Mary, with All the Angels and Saints,

Through the Intercession of The Little Daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta,

please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command,

that Your Divine Will Bilocate in the little children of the Little Daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta;

that each be Perfectly Healed, and become One with the Living Victim of Reparation and Propitiation before Divine Justice, Luisa, She who when Obedience Commands, gives her FIAT.

please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command,

that Luisa’s children be One with her who is First Link of Justice,

to Prevent It from Unloading Itself upon all creatures.

Please take my humble prayer and make it Your Command,

That One with Luisa, we may be the souls Destined to be like skin to the Body of Your Church,

Giving Proper Growth to the members, Healing the wounded members,

Restoring the Freshness, the Beauty,

the Splendor of the Whole Mystical Body by Living in Your Will,

Rendering the Church Fully Similar to Your Head,

that You may Sit in Full Majesty upon All those members.

This shall be the Beginning of the Coming of the Kingdom upon earth,

and of the Final Fulfillment of Your Divine Will.

Let all Be Accomplished and Completed in Your Most Holy Divine Will.

Fiat! Amen!



 Our Lady taught Luisa Six Steps of How to Live in the Divine Will:


Heavenly Father, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Under the Mantle of Mary, one with Luisa:

I sacrifice my human will in honor of God;

I empty myself of my human will to constitute the Divine Will as Principle of Life of my soul;

I decide with a firm resolution to no longer give life to my human will;

I give to You, my God, my human will as proof, giving my “Fiat!” and my acceptance of Your Test;

I make the sacrifice of living without my human will, and bind it to the foot of the Divine Throne of God, for my entire life, without ever giving life to my human will;

In order that my soul may take possession of all the Divine Qualities as much as possible and imaginable for a creature.

I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

(From The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will   May 6, 1930)


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