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We Want to Use Another Woman

“In Order to Fulfill this Decree We Want to Use Another Woman – and that is You, Luisa”

(V15 – 7.11.23)

From the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


Isaias 1:27

“Sion shall be redeemed in judgment, and they shall bring her back in justice.”

2 Peter 3:13

“But we look for new heavens and a new earth according to his promises, in which justice dwelleth.”

MT 25:1-13

“Then shall the kingdom of heaven be like to ten virgins, who taking their lamps went out to meet the bridegroom and the bride. And five of them were foolish, and five wise. But the five foolish, having taken their lamps, did not take oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with the lamps. And the bridegroom tarrying, they all slumbered and slept.

And at midnight there was a cry made: Behold the bridegroom cometh, go ye forth to meet him. Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said to the wise: Give us of your oil, for our lamps are gone out. The wise answered, saying: Lest perhaps there be not enough for us and for you, go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. Now whilst they went to buy, the bridegroom came: and they that were ready, went in with him to the marriage, and the door was shut. But at last come also the other virgins, saying: Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answering said: Amen I say to you, I know you not. Watch ye therefore, because you know not the day nor the hour.”


V13 – 12.5.21 – One who does not accept the gifts of God is ungrateful. The gift of the Divine Will was given to Luisa from the time of the renewal of mystical marriage before the Holy Trinity, thirty-two years before.

“Daughter of my Will, why do you not want to recognize the gifts that your Jesus wants to give you? This is highest ingratitude. …‘My Love, you are right, but what concerns me the most is that You always want to Speak about me.’ And He: “It is right, it is necessary that I Speak about you. Would it be nice if a bridegroom who is about to marry his bride, were forced to deal with others but not with her; while it is necessary that they confide their secrets to each other, that one know what the other has, that their parents provide this couple with a dowry, and that they become used to each other’s ways in advance?”

And I added: ‘Tell me, my Life, who is my Family? What is my dowry and Yours?’ And smiling, He continued: “Your Family is the Trinity. Don’t you remember that in the first years of bed I took you to Heaven and we Celebrated our Union before the Most Holy Trinity? It Endowed you with Such Gifts that you yourself have not yet known; and as I Speak to you about My Will, about Its Effects and Value, I make you discover the Gifts with which, from that time, you were Endowed. I do not speak to you about My Dowry, because what is Mine is yours. And then, after a few days, We, the Three Divine Persons, Descended from Heaven, took Possession of your heart, and Formed Our Perpetual Residence in it. We took the reins of your intelligence, of your heart, and of all of yourself; and everything you did was an Outpouring of our Creative Will over you, and the Confirmation that your will was Animated by an Eternal Will.”

Rev 12:1-18 – And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars: And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered. And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads, and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems: And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered; that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with an iron rod: and her son was taken up to God, and to his throne.

A woman: The church of God. It may also, by allusion, be applied to our blessed Lady. The church is clothed with the sun, that is, with Christ: she hath the moon, that is, the changeable things of the world, under her feet: and the twelve stars with which she is crowned, are the twelve apostles: she is in labour and pain, whilst she brings forth her children, and Christ in them, in the midst of afflictions and persecutions.

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared by God, that there they should feed her a thousand two hundred sixty days. And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels: And they prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world; and he was cast unto the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: because the accuser of our brethren is cast forth, who accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of the testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you that dwell therein. Woe to the earth, and to the sea, because the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time. And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman, who brought forth the man child: And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert unto her place, where she is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. And the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman, water as it were a river; that he might cause her to be carried away by the river. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river, which the dragon cast out of his mouth. And the dragon was angry against the woman: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. And he stood upon the sand of the sea.


V3 – 7.27.00 – “My daughter, what do you want Me to do? Tell Me – I will Do what you want.” At such an unexpected proposal, I did not know what to say; I felt such confusion over the fact that Blessed Jesus would have to Do what I wanted – while it is I who Must do what He Wants – that I remained mute. So, seeing that I was not saying anything, He Escaped like a flash, and I, running after that Light, found myself outside of myself. But I did not find Him, so I wandered around the earth, the heavens, the stars, calling Him now with my voice, now with my singing, thinking to myself that on hearing my voice and my singing Blessed Jesus would be wounded and I would find Him with certainty.

Now, while wandering around, I saw the cruel torment that continues in the war of China – churches knocked down, Images of Our Lord thrown to the ground… And this is nothing yet. That which frightened me the most was to see that if now this is done by barbarians, by secular, later it will be done by false religious who, removing their masks and letting themselves be known for who they are, uniting with the open enemies of the Church, will launch such an attack as to be incredible to the human mind. Oh, how many more cruel torments! It seems that they have sworn among themselves to end it with the Church. But the Lord will take Revenge over them by Destroying them; so, blood on one side, and blood on the other. Then I found myself inside a Garden which seemed to be the Church, and inside of it there was a crowd of people in the appearance of dragons, of vipers and of other raging beasts, which devastated that Garden, and then went outside, forming the ruin of the peoples. Now, while I was seeing this, I found my Beloved Lord in my arms, and I said: ‘Finally You have let Yourself be found. Are You really my Dear Jesus?’ And He: “Yes, yes, I AM your Jesus.” And I wanted to tell Him to spare so many people, but He, not paying attention to me in this, All Afflicted, added: “My daughter, I AM quite tired; let us go into your bed to rest if you want Me to Remain with you.” And I, fearing that He might leave, kept silent, allowing Him to fall asleep. Then, after a little while, He Reentered into my interior, leaving me reassured, yes, but highly afflicted.

 V14 – 3.10.22 – “…It happens to one who does My Will, and I Act with her, just as I did with My Celestial Mama: I Constituted Her Queen of All, and I Commanded All to Recognize Her and Honor Her as their Queen; and I Commanded Her to Crush with Her Foot the head of the infernal dragon. So I do with those who Live In My Will: Everything is under their Dominion, and there is no Good which does not come from them.”

 V13 – 6.12.21 – “My beloved daughter, Birth from My Will, I do not want you sky studded with stars; I would like it – I would find My Work, but it would not Satisfy Me because I would not find Myself. Nor do I want you sun, though I would find Delight in it – I would find the shadow of My Light and Heat but, not finding Myself, I would pass over you. Nor do I want you flowery earth with flowers, plants and fruits, although it might Please Me, since I would find the breath of My Fragrances, traces of My Sweetness, the Mastery of My Creative Hand. In sum, I would find My Works – but not My Life. Therefore, I would pass over everything, I would continue to Wander without stopping – to find what? My Life. And where will I find My Life? In the soul who Lives in My Will. This is why I do not want you sky, sun or flowery earth, but Center of My Will; there where I find My Life, I shall stop and Dwell Forever. Only then will I be Content; I will Rest not in My Work, as in Creation, but in My Own Life. Know that your life must be the Fiat. My Fiat delivered you to the Light, and like a noble queen carrying the Fiat Creator in your womb, you Must walk through the Field of Life upon the Wings of that Same Fiat, Sowing Everywhere the Seed of My Will, in Order to Form many other Centers of My Life upon earth, and then come back into My Own Fiat in Heaven. Be faithful to Me, and My Will will be your Life, the Hand which Leads you, the Feet to Walk, the Mouth to Speak – in sum, It will make up for you in Everything.”

V15 – 12.8.22 – “Here, then, is the Reason why We Constituted Her Queen of All; because when We Operate, We do it with Reason, Wisdom and Justice: She never gave life to Her human will, but Our Will was Always Intact in Her. How could We say to another creature: ‘You are Queen of the heavens, of the sun, of the stars, etc.’ if instead of having Our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her human will? All of the elements, the heavens, the sun, the earth, would have withdrawn from the regime and dominion of this creature. All would have cried out in their mute language: ‘We do not want her, we are Superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from Your Eternal Volition – as You Created us, so we Are’. So would the sun have cried out with its light, the stars with their glittering, the sea with its waves, and everything else. On the contrary, as soon as they all felt the Dominion of this Excelling Virgin who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know Her own will, but only That of God, not only did they make Feast, but they felt Honored to have their Queen, and they ran Around Her to Form Her Cortege and to pay Obsequies to Her – the moon, by placing itself as Footstool at Her Feet; the stars as Crown, the sun as Diadem, the Angels as Servants, and men as though in waiting. Everyone – everyone paid Her Honor and Rendered their Obsequies to Her. There is no Honor and Glory which cannot be given to Our Will – whether Acting within Us, in Its Own Center, or Dwelling in the creature. (…) Oh, Prodigy of My Divine Will! – to You Everything is Due, through You Everything is Accomplished, and there is no Greater Prodigy than My Will Dwelling in the creature.”

V24 – 7.19.28 – “Before Us, there is no greater sacrifice than a human will that, while having life, does not exercise it in order to give free Life to My Fiat. This, however, to great profit for the soul, because she gives a will that is human, and receives a Divine One; she gives a will that is finite and limited, and receives one that is Infinite and without limit.” Now, while Jesus was saying this, I thought to myself: “The first one was certainly the Queen of Heaven, who made the Heroic Sacrifice of not giving life to Her will. And the other two wills—who can they be?” And Jesus added: “My daughter, and what about Me—do you want to put Me aside? Don’t you know that I had a human will that had not even one breath of Life, Surrendering the Place to My Divine Will in Everything? So, I had it to keep it Sacrificed, so that the Divine Will might Extend the Whole Expanse of Its Kingdom in My human will. And have you forgotten that you keep your human will sacrificed so that it may never have life, and that My Divine Will keeps it as footstool at Its Feet, so that I may Extend My Kingdom over it? “Now, you Must Know that in-between the will of the Celestial Mother and yours there is My human will, which is First and Sustains both, that they might be Constant in the Sacrifice of never giving life to the human volition, so that the Kingdom of My Divine Will might Extend Over these three wills to have the Triple Glory of Our Power, Wisdom and Love, and the Triple Reparation of the three powers of man, which—all three of them—concurred in withdrawing from the Great Good of Our Divine Will. “And if the Sovereign Queen of Heaven was Engraced byVirtue of the Merits of the Future Redeemer, you were Engraced by Virtue of the Redeemer Already Come; and since millennia are like one single point for Me, from that time I Thought about Everything, and I Sustained the three wills over which My Eternal Will was to Triumph. This is why I Always Say to you: Be Attentive, and know that you have two wills Sustaining yours—that of the Celestial Mama and that of your Jesus, to Fortify the weakness of your will, so that it may endure remaining Sacrificed for a Cause So Holy, and for the Triumph of the Kingdom of My Fiat.”




V6 – 4.14.04 – After this, I saw many foreign people around my bed – priests, gentlemen, women, and it seemed that they were going to come to visit me. Several of them were saying to the confessor: “Give us an account of this soul, of everything that the Lord has Manifested to her and the Graces He has given her, because the Lord Manifested to us since 1882 that He would choose a victim; and the sign to recognize this victim would be that the Lord would keep her always in this state like a young woman, just as she was when He Chose her, without aging or changing in her very nature.” Now, while they were saying this, I don’t know how, I saw myself just as I was when I became bedridden, without having changed a bit for having been in this state of sufferings for so many years.

V6 – 6.6.04 – Continuing in my usual state, He made Himself Seen for a little from within my interior – first Himself Alone, and then all Three Divine Persons, but They were all in profound Silence. I continued my usual interior work in Their Presence, and it seemed that the Son would Unite with me and I would do nothing but follow Him. But everything was silence, and in this silence I would do nothing but identify myself with God, and my whole interior, my affections, heartbeats, desires, breaths, would become profound adorations to the Supreme Majesty. Then, after spending some time in this state, it seemed that all Three of Them were Speaking, though one single Voice was Formed, and They said to me: “Our beloved daughter, courage, fidelity and greatest attention in following what the Divinity Operates in you, because everything you do, it is not you who does it, for you do nothing other than give the Divinity your soul as residence. It happens to you as to a poor woman who had a little hovel, and the king asks for it as his residence, and she gives it to him and does everything the king wants. So, since the king resides in that little hovel, it contains riches, nobility, glory and all goods. But to whom do they belong? To the king; and if the king wants to leave, what remains to the poor one? She is left always with her poverty.”

V11 – 6.29.14 – After some people with authority read what is written on March 17 (that is, whoever does the Will of God takes part in the actions ‘Ad Intra’ of the Divine Persons etc.), they said that it wasn’t like that, and that the creature does not enter into this. I remained concerned though calm and convinced that Jesus would have made the Truth Known. Then, being in my usual state, I saw before my mind an interminable Sea, and many objects inside this Sea. Some of them were small, others were bigger; some floated on the surface of the sea, remaining only wet; others went down to the bottom, remaining soaked with water inside and out; some others sank down so much as to be lost inside the sea…. Now, while I was seeing this, my always Adorable Jesus came and told me: “My beloved daughter, did you see? The Sea symbolizes My Immensity and the objects, with different sizes, the souls who Live in My Will. The different ways to be (some on the surface, some down, some lost within Me) vary according to how they live in my Will: some in an imperfect way; some in a more perfect way; others reach the extent of being completely dissolved in My Volition. Now, my daughter, My ‘Ad Intra’ about which I spoke to you is exactly this: sometimes I keep you together with Me, with My Humanity, and you take part in the Pains, Works and Joys of My Humanity; some other times, pulling you Inside of Me, I dissolve you Inside My Divinity. How many times did I not make you swim in Me, keeping you so much Within Me that you could not see anything other than Me, inside and outside of you? Now, as I kept you Within Me, you took part in the Enjoyments, in the Love and in all the rest, always according to your little capacity. So, although Our Works ‘Ad Intra’ are Eternal, the creatures can still enjoy the effects of those Works in their lives, according to their love.

Now, what is the wonder if I said that when the will of the soul is One with Mine, and as I place her Inside of Me, rendering her Inseparable from Me (always as long as she doesn’t move from My Will), she takes part in the Works ‘Ad Intra’? Furthermore, from the way it has been explained, if they wanted to know the Truth, they could have known very well the meaning of My ‘Ad Intra’, because the Truth is Light to the mind, and with Light things can be seen as they are. But if they don’t want to know the Truth, the mind remains blinded and things cannot be seen as they are; so they raise doubts and difficulties, remaining more blind than before. Moreover, My Being is always in One Act – It has no beginning and no end. I AM Old and New; Our Works ‘Ad Intra’ were, are and will always be in action. Therefore, through the Intimate Union with Our Will, the soul is already Within Us. She admires, contemplates, loves and enjoys; she takes part in Our Love, in Our Delights and in everything else. So, why would it be inappropriate for Me to say that the soul who does My Will takes part in the actions ‘Ad Intra’?”

While Jesus was saying this, a simile came to my mind. A man marries a woman. The two have children, and they are so rich, virtuous and good as to delight whoever could live with them. Now, someone, touched by the goodness of this couple, wants to live together with them. Doesn’t this person come to take part in their riches and in their happiness? Won’t he feel their virtues being infused into himself, as he lives together with them? If this can be done humanly – how much more with our Adorable Jesus.

V15 – 4.14.23 – I was thinking about all that my always Lovable Jesus keeps Manifesting to me about His Most Holy Will, and many doubts and difficulties arouse within my mind, which I don’t believe it is necessary to say here. Then, moving in my interior and clasping me tightly to His Heart, He told me: “Beloved daughter of My Will, you Must Know that when I want to do great Works – Works in which the whole human family is to take part, always if it wants, My usual Way is to Centralize all the Goods and all the Graces which this Work Contains in one single creature, so that all others may draw as much as they want of that Good, as though from a fount. When I do individual Works, I give limited things, but when I do Works which must serve the Good of All, I give things without limit.

I did this in the Work of Redemption. In order to be able to Elevate a creature to Conceiving a Man and God, I had to Centralize all possible imaginable Goods in Her. I had to Elevate Her so High as to place in Her the Seed of the very Paternal Fecundity. So, just as My Celestial Father, Virgin, Generated Me within His Womb with the Virginal Seed of His Eternal Fecundity, without the work of a woman, and from the same Seed the Holy Spirit Proceeded – in the same Way, with this Eternal Seed of the Paternal Fecundity, wholly Virginal, My Celestial Mama Conceived Me in Her Virginal Womb, without the work of a man. The Sacrosanct Trinity had to give of Its own to this Divine Virgin so that She might Conceive Me, the Son of God. My Holy Mama could never have Conceived Me without having a Seed. Now, since She belonged to the human race, this Seed of Eternal Fecundity gave Her the Virtue of Conceiving Me as Man; and because the Seed was Divine, at the same time She Conceived Me as God. And just as the Holy Spirit Proceeded at the same time as the Father Generated Me, in the same Way, as I was Generated in the Womb of My Mama, the generation of souls Proceeded at the same time. So, everything that Ab æterno [from Eternity] Occurred to the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven, was Repeated in the Womb of My Dear Mama. The Work was Immense and Incalculable to created mind. I had to Centralize all Goods, and even Myself, so that all might find whatever they wanted. This is why, since the Work of Redemption was to be so Great as to overwhelm all generations, I wanted for many centuries the prayers, the sighs, the tears, the penances of so many patriarchs and prophets, and of the whole people of the Old Testament. And I did this in Order to dispose them to receive a good so great, and to move Me to Centralize in this Celestial Creature all the Goods which everyone was to enjoy. Now, what moved this people to pray, to sigh, etc.? The Promise of the future Messiah. This promise was like the seed of so many supplications and tears; had there not been this Promise, no one would have given it a thought, no one would have hoped for Salvation.

Now, My daughter, let’s come to My Will. Do you think it is a Sanctity like the other sanctities? A Good, a Grace, almost like the others which I have given for many centuries to the other Saints and to the whole Church? No, no! This is about a New Era – about a Good which must serve all generations; but it is necessary that I first Centralize all this Good in one creature alone, just as I did in Redemption by Centralizing Everything in My Mama. Take a look at how things Proceed in a parallel Way: in Order to make Redemption Come and to dispose souls for It, I made the Promise of the future Messiah, so that, by hoping for Him to Come, they would not only dispose themselves, but find, they too, their own Salvation in the future Redeemer. Now, in Order to dispose souls to Live in My Will, to let them partake in the Goods It Contains, and to make man Return to the Path of his Origin, just as he was Created by Me, I Myself wanted to pray as the First, making My Voice Resound from one end of the earth to another, and even up high in Heaven, saying: ‘Our Father, Who Art in Heaven’. I did not say ‘My Father’, but I called Him Father of the whole human family, so as to Engage Him in that which I was going to add: ‘May all Hallow your Name, so that Your Kingdom may Come, and Your Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven’. This was the Purpose of Creation, and I asked the Father that it be Fulfilled. As I Prayed, the Father Surrendered to My Supplications, and I Formed the Seed of a Good so Great; and so that this Seed might be known, I Taught My Prayer to the Apostles, and they transmitted it to the whole Church, so that, just as the people of the future Redeemer found Salvation in Him and disposed itself to receive the Promised Messiah, in the same Way, with this Seed Formed by Me, the Church might pray and repeat My very Prayer many times, and might dispose Herself to receive the good of recognizing and loving My Celestial Father as their Father, in such a way as to deserve to be Loved as children and receive the Great Good that My Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven.

In this Seed and in this Hope that My Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven, the very Saints have formed their sanctity, and the martyrs have shed their blood. There is no good which does not derive from this Seed. So, the whole Church prays; and just as the tears, the penances, the prayers to obtain the Messiah were directed toward that Excelling Virgin Whom I was to dispose in Order to Centralize such a Great Good in Her, so that they might receive their Savior, even though they did not know Whom She would be – in the same Way, now, when the Church recites the ‘Our Father’, it is precisely for you that She prays, so that I may Centralize in you all the Good that My Will Contains, the ‘Way’ – the ‘How’ the Divine Will may have Life on earth as It does in Heaven. And even though you are not known, by echoing My Prayer, ‘Thy Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven’, the Church prays Me, presses Me to Centralize all this Good in a Second Virgin, so that, like a Second Savior, she may Save unsafe humanity; and making use of My Inseparable Love and Mercy, I may Answer My Own Prayer, United to that of the whole Church, making man come back to his Origin, to the Purpose for which I Created him – that My Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven. This is precisely the Living in My Will; and everything I keep Manifesting to you pushes you to this, Confirms you in this. This is the Great Foundation I keep Forming in your soul; and in Order to do this, I keep Centralizing in you all the Graces, past, present and future, which I have Given to all generations. Even more, I Double them, I Multiply them, because since My Will is the Greatest, the Holiest, the Noblest Thing, which has no beginning and no end, in Order to Place It in one creature, it is Right and Decorous that I Centralize in her all possible Goods, Innumerable Graces, Divine Purity and Nobility, so that this Will of Mine may have the same Cortege It has in Heaven. It is the same Will that Operated in Redemption, and wanted to make Use of a Virgin. What Portents and Prodigies of Graces did It not Work in Her? My Will is Great, It Contains all Goods, and in Operating, It Acts with Magnanimity; and if it is about doing Works and doing Good for all humanity, then It puts all of Its Goods at Stake. Now It wants to make Use of another Virgin in Order to Centralize Its Will in her, and to begin to make Known that Its Will Must Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven. And if in Redemption It wanted to Come to Save lost man, to Satisfy for his sins – which man had no power to do – and to give him Refuge and many other Goods which Redemption Contains, now, wanting to Display even More Love than in Redemption Itself by making My Will Be Done on earth as It is in Heaven, My Will Comes to give man his State of Origin, his Nobility, the Purpose for which he was Created. It Comes to Open the Current between Itself and the human will, in such a Way that, Absorbed by this Divine Will, being Dominated by It, the human will will give It Life within itself, and My Will will Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.”

V15 – 7.11.23– I was praying and abandoning all of myself in the arms of my most sweet Jesus, but with a thought in my mind which was saying: ‘Only for you this martyrdom of having to bother others, of being a burden to your ministers, as I cannot do without letting them meddle in my business – the things that pass between me and Jesus. The others are free – they enter a state of suffering, and they free themselves by themselves. Yet, how many times I prayed Him to free me, but in vain.’

Now, while I was thinking of this and other things, blessed Jesus Came, All Goodness and Love, and placing Himself near me, told me: “My daughter, the Greater the Work I want to do, the more necessary it is that the creature I choose be unique and singular. The work of Redemption was the Greatest, and I Chose only one creature, Endowing Her with All Gifts, never Conceded to anyone, so that this creature might Contain so much Grace as to be able to become My Mother, and so that I might Deposit in Her all the Goods of Redemption. And in Order to keep My Own Gifts Safe, from the moment She was Conceived until She Conceived Me, I kept Her hidden in the Light of the Most Holy Trinity, which was Her Custodian and had the Office of Directing Her in Everything. Then, when I was Conceived in Her Virginal Womb, being the True Priest and the Head and the First of All priests, I Myself took on the Charge of Keeping Her and Directing Her in Everything, even in the Motion of Her Heartbeat. And when I Died, I Entrusted Her to another priest – Saint John. A Soul so Privileged, Who Contained All Graces, Unique in the Divine Mind, Unique in History – I did not want to leave Her without the Assistance of a representative of Mine up to Her last Breath. Have I perhaps done this with other souls? No, because they did not contain so much Good, so many Gifts and Graces, and therefore so much Custody and Assistance was not necessary.

Now, My daughter, you too are Unique in My Mind, and will also be Unique in History. There will not be, either before or after you, another creature for whom I will dispose, as though forced by necessity, the Assistance of My ministers. Having Chosen you in Order to Deposit in you the Sanctity, the Goods, the Effects and the Attitude of My Supreme Will, it was Appropriate, Just and Decorous for the Very Sanctity that My Will Contains, that one of My ministers should Assist you, and be the first depository of the Goods which My Will Contains, so as to let them pass from his lap into the whole body of the Church. What great attention is required of you, and of them!: of you, in receiving from Me, like a Second Mother to Me, the Great Gift of My Will, and in knowing all Its Qualities; of them, in receiving them from you, so that the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’ may be Fulfilled in My Church. Ah! you do not know how much I had to Give you to Dispose your capacity, so that I might Deposit My Will in you. I Removed from you any seed of corruption; I Purified your soul, your very nature, in such a way that neither do you feel anything for them, nor do they for you, because, since the seed is missing, it is as if fire were missing to firewood. And even though I did not Exempt you from original sin, as I did with My Dear Mother, by Removing from you the seed of corruption I Worked another Prodigy of Grace, never Conceded to anyone else, because it was not Decorous for My Will, Trice Holy, to Descend into and take Possession of a soul which would be shaded, even slightly, by the slightest corrupted breath. My Will would not have Adapted Itself to taking Possession of her, to Communicating Its Attitude to her, had It seen any seed of corruption in her, just as I, Word of the Father, would not have Adapted Myself to being Conceived in the Womb of the Celestial Mama, had I not Exempted Her from original sin. And then, how many Graces have I not Given you? You think it is nothing, and therefore you give it no thought; and instead of thanking Me, you occupy yourself with thinking about what I have Disposed for you, and about those I have Placed around you – while I Want that you only follow My Will.

You Must Know that this Fulfillment of My Will is So Great as to be Numbered among the Greatest Works which the Divinity has Operated. And I Want It to be Known, so that in knowing Its Greatness and the Immense Goods It Contains, they may love It, esteem It and desire It. Three Times did the Supreme Divinity Decide to Operate ‘Ad Extra’. The First was in Creation, and it was without the intervention of the creature, since none of them had yet come out to the Light of the Day. The Second was in Redemption, and with it Intervened a Woman, the Holiest, the Most Beautiful – My Celestial Mama. She was the Channel and the Instrument I Used in Order to Fulfill the Work of Redemption. The Third is the Fulfillment of My Will to be Done on earth as It is in Heaven – that is, for the creature to Live and Operate with the Sanctity and the Power of Our Will; a Work Inseparable from Creation and Redemption, just as the Sacrosanct Trinity is Inseparable. Nor can We Say that the Work of Creation has been Completed by Us, if Our Will, as We Decreed, does not Act in the creature and Live with that Freedom, Sanctity and Power with which It Operates and Lives in Us. Even more, this is the Most Beautiful Point, the Highest, the Brightest, and the Seal of the Fulfillment of the Work of Creation and Redemption. These are Divine Decrees, and they Must have Full Completion. And in Order to Fulfill this Decree We Want to Use another Woman – and that is you. The woman was the incitement, the cause for which man fell into his misfortunes, and We Want to Use the Woman to put things in Order, to let man out of his misfortunes and give back to him Decorum, Honor, Our True Likeness – just as he was Created by Us. Therefore, Be Attentive, and do not take things lightly. This is not about just anything – this is about Divine Decrees, and about giving Us the Field to let Us Accomplish the Work of Creation and Redemption. Therefore, just as We Entrusted Our Mama to St. John, that She might Deposit in him, and from him to the Church, the Treasures, the Graces and All of My Teachings which I had Deposited in Her during the Course of My Life, when She was Entrusted to Me and I Acted as Priest to Her – as I Deposited in Her, as in a Sanctuary, All the Laws, the Precepts and the Doctrines which the Church was to Possess; and She, Faithful as She was, and Jealous of even One Word of Mine, Deposited them in My faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost, and therefore My Mama has Primacy over the Whole Church – so I did with you: since the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ must Serve the Whole Church, I Entrusted you to a minister of Mine, that you may Deposit in him Everything I Manifest to you about My Will – the Goods Contained in It, how the creature Must Enter into It, and how the Paternal Goodness Wants to Open another Era of Grace, Placing His Goods, which He Possesses in Heaven, in Common with the creature, and Giving Back to her the lost Happiness. Therefore, Be Attentive, and Be Faithful to Me.”

 V16 – 8.13.23 – “…Now, you Must Know that a simple creature broke the relations which existed between the Divine Will and the creature, and this split destroyed the Plans which God had in the Creation of man. Now, a simple creature, the Virgin Queen of All – although Endowed with many Graces and Privileges, but still a mere creature – was given the Office to Bind again, to be Tested by, and to Place Herself in Relation with the Will of Her Creator, in Order to Repair the first split of the first creature. A woman, the first one; a woman, the second one. She was the One who, Binding her will to Ours, gave back to Us the Honor, the Decorum, the Subjection, and the Rights of Creation. Was it not one creature alone who received the beginning of evil and formed the seed of the ruin of all generations? In the same way, this Celestial Creature Alone, Received the Beginning of Good; by putting herself in Relation with the Will of Her Creator, She Formed the Seed of the Eternal FIAT, which then became a Tree. And the Eternal Word felt Drowned to Rest in the Shade of His Eternal Will, and He was Conceived, Forming His Humanity in that Virginal Womb, in which His Supreme Will Reigned as a Ruling King.

Do you see, then, how All Goods Come from My Supreme Will, and all evils enter the field when the creature withdraws from the Divine Will? Had I not found a Creature who had My Will as Life, and who placed Herself in Relation with Me, with those Bonds of Creation Wanted by Me, I would not have Wanted, nor would have I been able to Descend from Heaven to take on human flesh in Order to Save man. Therefore, My Mama, was the Beginning, the Origin, the Seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven. Since one creature had destroyed it, it was just that One Creature would Rebuild it. And since My Humanity never Separated from My Divinity, upon this Seed of My Own Will which I Found in My Divine Mother, I Formed the Great Plan of the human will in the Divine Will. With My human will United to the Divine, there was not one human act which I did not Place in Relation with the Supreme Will. With the Divine Will I was Aware of All the acts of All generations; with the human will I Repaired and Bound them to the Eternal Will. There was not one Act which Escaped Me, and which was not Ordered by Me in the Most Pure Light of the Supreme Will.

I could say that Redemption Cost Me little; My External Life, the Pains of My Passion, My Examples, My Word, would have been sufficient – I would have Done it quickly. But in Order to Form the Great Plan of the human will in the Divine, to Bind All the Relations and Links which had been broken by it, I had to Place All My Interior, All My Hidden Life, All My Intimate Pains, which are far more Numerous and more Intense than My External Pains, and which are not yet known… It is enough to say that I Impetrated not only Forgiveness, Remission of sins, Refuge, Salvation and Defense in the great dangers of the life of man, as I did during My Passion, but the New Rising of All his interior. I had to make the Sun of the Eternal Will Rise, which, Binding with Enrapturing Power the whole interior of man, even his most intimate fibers, was to Lead him to the Womb of My Celestial Father, as though Reborn in His Eternal Will.

Oh, how much easier it was for Me to Impetrate his Salvation than to Reorder his interior in My Supreme Volition! Had I not Done this, Redemption would not have been Complete, nor a Work Worthy of a God. I would have neither Fixed nor Ordered All the parties of man, nor would I have Restored in him that Sanctity which was lost by withdrawing from the Divine Will and by breaking the relations with It. The Plan is already Accomplished, but in Order to make It Known, first it was necessary for man to know that with My Life and Passion he could obtain forgiveness and Salvation, in Order to Dispose him to know how I had Impetrated for him the Greatest and Most Important thing – the New Rising of his will in Mine, to give him back his Nobility and the Relations with My Will which had been broken – and with it, his Original State.

Now, My daughter, if My Eternal Wisdom Disposed that a Celestial Creature, the Holiest of All, would Prepare the Seed of My Holy Will, in which I Formed the Plan of the New Rising of man in My Supreme Will, Now, through another creature, by letting her Enter the Eternal Regions of My Will, and Binding her Will to Mine, Uniting her to All My Acts, I Make All of her interior Rise Again in the Eternal Sun of My Will, and I Open the Field of this Plan to the generations, so that, whoever wants it, can Enter into It to put herself in Relation with her Creator. And if, until now, the creatures have enjoyed the goods of Redemption, Now they will move on to enjoy the Fruits of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven, as well as the lost Happiness, the Dignity and Nobility, the Peace all Celestial, which by doing his will, man had made disappear from the face of the earth. Greater Grace I could not Give him, because by Placing him Again in Relation with My Will, I Give Back to him All the Goods with which I Endowed him in Creating him. Therefore, Be Attentive, since this is about Opening a Large Field of Goods for All your brothers.”

V17 – 9.6.24 – As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, and to my surprise, I found a woman, lying in the middle of a street – all full of wounds and with her limbs all dislocated; not one bone was in its place. The woman, though in such a sorry state as to seem to be the true portrait pain, was beautiful, noble, majestic; but at the same time she moved one to pity, in seeing her abandoned by all, exposed to anyone who wanted to harm her. So, moved to compassion, I looked around to see if there was anyone who would help me to lift her from the ground and bring her to a safe place. And – oh, marvel – at my side there was a young man who seemed to be Jesus; so, together, we lifted her from the ground, but at every movement she suffered harrowing pains, due to the dislocation of her bones. So, little by little, we carried her into a palace, upon a bed, and together with Jesus, who seemed to love this woman so much as to Wanting to Give His Life in Order to Save her and Restore her health, we took the dislocated members in our hands to put them in place. At the Touch of Jesus, the bones took their place, and that woman was Transformed into a Beautiful and Graceful Child. I was surprised by this, and Jesus said to me: “My daughter, this woman is the Image of My Church. She is Always Noble, Full of Majesty and Holy, because Her Origin is from the Son of the Celestial Father; but in what Sorrowful State did the members incorporated into Her reduce Her! Unhappy to live as Saints as She does, they brought Her into the middle of the street, exposing Her to cold, to mockery, to blows; and Her very children, like dislocated members, living in the middle of the street, have given themselves to all sorts of vices. The love of interest, which is predominant in them, makes them blind, and they commit the ugliest evils, living near Her to wound Her and to say to Her, continuously: ‘Be crucified, be crucified!’

In what a Sorrowful State My Church is! Those ministers who should defend Her, are Her most cruel executioners. But in Order for Her to be Reborn, it is necessary to destroy these members, and to incorporate innocent members, with no self-interest; so that through these, living like Her, She may Return to be a Beautiful and Graceful Child, as I Constituted Her – without malice, more than a simple Child – in Order to grow Strong and Holy. Here is the necessity that the enemies move battle: in this way the infected members will be purged. You – pray and suffer, that everything may be for My Glory.”

V19 – 6.15.26 – “My daughter, the Triumph of My Will is Connected with Creation and with Redemption – it can be called One Single Triumph. Since a woman was the cause of the ruin of man, it was a Virgin Woman that, after four thousand years, letting My Humanity, United to the Eternal Word, be Born of Her, Provided the Remedy for the ruin of fallen man. Now that the Remedy for man is Formed, is My Will alone to be left without Its Full Completion, while It has Its Prime Act both in Creation and in Redemption? This is why, after two thousand years more, We have Chosen another Virgin as the Triumph and Fulfillment of Our Will. Forming Its Kingdom in your soul and making Itself Known, with Its Knowledge, My Will has Given you Its Hand to Raise you to Living in the Unity of Its Light, so that you may form your life in It and the Divine Will may Form Its Life in you. And having Formed Its Dominion in you, It Forms the Connection through which to Communicate Its Dominion to the other creatures; and just as, in Descending into the Womb of the Immaculate Virgin, the Word did not remain in it for Her alone, but I Formed the Connection of Communication for creatures, and I Gave Myself to All and as a Remedy for All – the Same will happen with you: by having Formed Its Kingdom in you, My Supreme Volition Forms the Communications to make Itself Known to creatures. Everything I have Told you about It, the Knowledges I have Given you, the ‘Way’ and the ‘How’ of the Living in My Will, My making Known to you how It Wants – how It Yearns for man to Return into Its Arms and Enter once Again into his Origin of the Eternal Will from which he came – are All Ways of Communication, Bonds of Love, Transmission of Light, a Breeze to make them breathe the Air of My Will and therefore Disinfect the air of the human will, and a Mighty Wind to Conquer and Uproot the most rebellious wills. Each Knowledge I have Given you about My Will Contains a Creative Power; and Everything is in letting these Knowledges out, because the Power they Contain will Know how to Breach Its Way into the hearts, to Submit them to its Dominion. Did the Same perhaps not happen in Redemption? As long as I Remained with My Mama in the Hidden Life of Nazareth, Everything was Silent around Me, although this Hiddenness of Mine, Together with the Celestial Queen, Served in an Admirable Way to Form the Substance of Redemption and so that I might Announce Myself as being Already Present in their midst. But when did Its Fruits Communicate Themselves in the midst of the peoples? When I went Out in public, made Myself Known, and Spoke to them with the Power of My Creative Word. And as All that I did and said Spread and keeps Spreading still now in the midst of the peoples, then did the Fruits of Redemption have their Effects, and still do. Indeed, My daughter, if no one had known that I had Come upon earth, Redemption would have been something dead and without Effects for creatures. So, Knowledge gave Life to Its Fruits.

The Same will be for My Will: Knowledge will give Life to the Fruits of My Will. This is why I Wanted to Renew what I did in Redemption, Choosing another Virgin, Remaining Hidden with her for forty years and more, Segregating her from everyone as if in a New Nazareth, to be Free with her to tell the Whole Story, the Prodigies and the Goods Contained in It, so as to be able to Form the Life of My Will in you. And just as I Chose Saint Joseph to be Together with Me and My Mama, as our Cooperator, Tutor and Vigilant Sentry for Me and for the Sovereign Queen, in the Same Way, I have Placed near you the vigilant assistance of My ministers, as cooperators, tutors and depositories of the Knowledges, Goods and Prodigies Contained in My Will. And since My Will Wants to Establish Its Kingdom in the midst of peoples, through you I Want to Deposit this Celestial Doctrine in My ministers as My New Apostles, so that First I may Form with them the Link of Connection with My Will, and then they may transmit it into the midst of peoples. If it were not so, or were not to be so, I would not have Insisted so much on Having you write, nor would I have Permitted the daily coming of the priest, but I would have left All My Work between Me and you. Therefore, Be Attentive and leave Me Free to do what I Want in you.”

Now, who can say how confused I remained at this Speaking of Jesus? I remained mute, and from the depth of my heart I repeated: ‘Fiat, Fiat, Fiat…’

V26 – 7.27.29 – “See, then, how the Redemption and the Kingdom of My Fiat Started Together! Even more, I could say that the Kingdom of My Fiat Started Before, to then Continue Together, both One and the Other. And just as, because a man and a woman withdrew from My Divine Will, began the kingdom of sin and of all the miseries of the human family, in the same way, because a Woman let My Fiat Reign, and by Virtue of It was made Queen of Heaven and earth, United with the Eternal Word made Man, Redemption Began, not excluding even the Kingdom of My Divine Will. Even more, Everything that was Done by Me and by the Height of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, is nothing but Materials and Buildings that Prepare Its Kingdom.

“My Gospel can be called vowels, consonants that, acting as Trumpeters, Called the attention of the peoples to await some more important lessons that were to bring them a Good Greater than Redemption Itself. My very Pains, My Death and My Resurrection, Confirmation of Redemption, are Preparation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will. They were Lessons more Sublime, and made everyone stand at attention, awaiting yet higher Lessons. And this I have already Done, after so many centuries—that are the many Manifestations I have Made to you about My Divine Will, and what I have Made Known to you More: how It Wants to Come to Reign in the midst of creatures, to Give Back to them the Right of Its Kingdom that they had lost, to Lavish upon them All the Goods and All the Happinesses It Possesses.

“So, as you see, the Materials are already Prepared, the Buildings Exist—the Knowledges about My Will that, More than Sun, Must Illuminate Its Kingdom and have Vaster Buildings be Raised from the Material Formed by Me. So, nothing else is needed but the peoples that Must Populate this Kingdom of My Fiat; and the peoples will Form and will Enter as the Knowledges about It are Published. ”

See then: two creatures that go down from the Divine Will and give the field of action to the human will form the ruin of the human generations; two other creatures—the Queen of Heaven Who Lives in My Divine Fiat by Grace, and My Humanity who Lives in It by Nature—Form the Salvation and the Restoration, and Give Back the Kingdom of My Divine Will. And just as it cannot be doubted that Redemption has Come, since One is Connected with the Other, with certainty will then the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat Arise; it may be a matter of time at the most.”

On hearing this, I said: “My Love, how can this Kingdom of Your Will Come? One can see no change; it seems that the world does not stop in its vertiginous race of evil.” And Jesus continued, saying: “What do you know of what I Must Do, and of how I Can Overwhelm Everything so that the Kingdom of My Divine Will may have Its Life in the midst of creatures? If Everything is Decided, why do you doubt about it?”

V27 – 12.22.29 – My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, and my Tender Jesus, making Himself Seen as a Tiny Little Baby, either in my heart or in the Womb of the Celestial Mama, but so very Tiny, with an Enrapturing Beauty, All Love, with His Face wet with Tears—and He Cries because He Wants to be Loved—Sighing, tells me: “Ah! ah! why Am I not Loved? I Want to Renew in souls All the Love I had in Incarnating Myself, but I find no one to whom to give It. In Incarnating Myself I Found My Queen Mama who Gave Me the Field to Pour Out My Love and to Receive in Her Maternal Heart All the Love that creatures rejected from Me. Ah! She was the Depository of My Rejected Love, the Sweet Company of My Pains, Her Ardent Love that dried My Tears.

“The greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, but two or three at least are needed, as depositories and nourishment of the work itself. Without nourishment works cannot have life—there is the danger that they might die at birth. This is So True that, in Creation, there were the Three of Us, Divine Persons, in Creating It; and then We Made man as the Depository of Our Work. Not Content, because Works alone do not bring Happiness, We Gave him the Company of the woman.

“In the Incarnation, the Three Divine Persons were Concurring, and in My Company—or rather, They were Inseparable from Me, with the Addition of the Celestial Queen; and She Herself was the Divine Depository of All the Goods of the Incarnation. See, then, how the Company of the creature is necessary to Me in Order to Form My Works—a creature who would place herself at My Disposal in Order to Receive the Great Good I Want to Give her. So, do you want to be My Second Mama? Do you want to Receive the Great Good of the Renewing of My Incarnation, as the Endowment of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat? In this Way I will have Two Mamas—the First, Who let Me Form the Kingdom of Redemption; the Second, who will let Me Form the Kingdom of My Divine Will.” And placing His Tiny Little Hands on my face, Caressing me, He told me: ‘My Mama! My Mama! Maternal Love Surpasses All Loves; so, you will Love Me with Insuperable Love of Mother.’”

After this, He kept Silent, Wanting to be rocked in my arms; and then He added: “My daughter, Now, you Must Know the Excess of My Love—where it Led Me. In Descending from Heaven to earth it Med Me into a most Narrow and Dark Prison, that was the Womb of My Mama. But My Love was not Content; within this Very Prison it Formed for Me another Jail, that was My Humanity, that Jailed My Divinity. The First Prison lasted nine months for Me; the Second Prison of My Humanity lasted for Me as many as thirty-three years. But My Love did not stop; toward the end of the Prison of My Humanity it Formed for Me the Prison of the Eucharist, the Littlest of Prisons—a Little Host in which it Imprisoned Me, humanity and Divinity; and I would have Content Myself with Being there as though dead, letting not one Breath, not a Movement, nor a Heartbeat be heard—and not for a few years, but until the Consummation of Centuries.

“So, I went from Prison to Prison—they are Inseparable from Me; therefore I can be Called the Divine Inmate, the Celestial Prisoner. In the First Two Prisons, in the Intensity of My Love I Matured the Kingdom of Redemption; in the Third Prison of the Eucharist I AM Maturing the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat. And this is why I Called you to the prison of your bed, so that, Together, Both of us prisoners, in our Solitude, Bonding Together, we may make the Good of the Kingdom of My Will Mature.

“If a Mama was Necessary to Me for Redemption, so also do I Need a Mama for the Kingdom of My Fiat, and My Demanding Love Wanted this Mother as Imprisoned, so as to keep her at My Disposal. Therefore, I will be your Prisoner, not only in the Little Host, but also in your heart; and you will be My dear prisoner, all intent on listening to Me and on breaking the Loneliness of My Long Imprisonment. And even though We are Prisoners, We will be Happy, because We will Mature the Kingdom of the Divine Will to Give It to creatures.”

V29 – 5.19.31 – I was continuing my acts in the Divine Volition, and uniting myself to the Acts that It did in Creation, in Order to give It the Homage, the Love, the Adoration for each thing Created for Love of creatures. My poor mind brought itself into Eden, in the act of the fall of man, as the infernal serpent, with his cunning and lie, induced Eve to withdraw from the Will of her Creator; and Eve, with her enticing manners, induced Adam to fall into the same sin.

Now, while I was thinking about this, my Beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter, My Love was not extinguished because of the fall of man, but became more Ignited; and even though My Justice justly punished him and condemned him, My Love, Kissing My Justice, without delay Promised the Future Redeemer, and said to the deceitful serpent, with the Empire of My Power: ‘You have made use of a woman to snatch man from My Divine Will, and I, by means of another Woman, Who will have in Her Power the Power of My Fiat, will Knock down your pride, and with Her Immaculate Foot, She will Crush your head.’ These words burned the infernal serpent more than hell itself, and he stored so much rage in his heart, that he could no longer stay still—he would do nothing but go round and round the earth, to discover She who was to Crush his head—not in order to let it be crushed, but so as to be able, with his infernal arts, with his diabolical tricks, to make fall She Who was to Defeat him, Debilitate him, and Bind him in the dark abysses. So, for four thousand years he kept always wandering; and when he would see women who were more virtuous and good, he would arm his battle, he would tempt them in every way, and only then would he leave them, when he would be assured, by means of some weakness or defects, that they were not She through whom he was to be Defeated. And he would continue his wandering.

“Then came, indeed, the Celestial Creature Who Crushed his head, and the enemy felt such Power in Her, that Knocked him down, and he did not have the strength to go near Her. This consumed him with rage, and he employed all his infernal weapons to fight Her. But—no! He would try to go near Her, he would feel himself being worn down, his legs being broken, and would be forced to draw back; and from afar he would spy on Her Admirable Virtues, Her Power and Sanctity. And I, in Order to Confound him and make him doubtful, would let him see the Celestial Sovereign, Her human things, like taking food, crying, sleeping and other things; and he would persuade himself that it was not She, because, being So Powerful and Holy, She was not to be subject to the natural needs of life. But then he would go back to doubts, and wanted to return to assault—but in vain. My Will is Power that Debilitates all evils and all the infernal powers; It is Light that makes Itself Known by all, and wherever It Reigns, It makes Its Power felt, that not even the very demons can get themselves to deny. Therefore, the Queen of Heaven was, and is, the Terror of all hell.

“Now the infernal serpent feels over his head My Immediate Word Spoken to him in Eden—My Irrevocable Condemnation that a Woman would Crush his head. Therefore he knows that, by his head being crushed, his kingdom on earth will be overturned, he will lose his prestige, and all the evil he did in Eden by means of a woman will be made up for by another Woman. And even though the Queen of Heaven Debilitated him, Crushed his head, and I Myself Bound him to the Cross, therefore he is no longer free to do what he wants, however, those who by disgrace draw near him, he slaughters. More so, since he sees that the human will is not subdued by the Divine, and Its Kingdom is not Formed yet; he fears that another Woman might get to finish burning his temples, so that the Divine Condemnation, over his head Crushed by the Foot of the Immaculate Queen, may have its Fulfillment. In fact, he knows that, when I Speak, My Word has the Communicative Virtue to other creatures. Therefore, as he was assured that She Whom he feared was the Most Holy Virgin, and being unable to fight Her any more, he resumed his round. He is all eye and as though on the lookout to see whether another Woman might have the Task from God to make the Divine Will Known in Order to make It Reign; and having seen you write so much about My Fiat, at the mere doubt that this might be it, he roused the whole of hell against you. This is the cause of everything you have suffered, as he made use of wicked men, having them make up calumnies and things that do not exist. Then, in seeing you cry so much, they were persuaded that you are not one who can cause them the ruin that they so much fear for their diabolical kingdom.

“This is what regards the Queen of Heaven, on the part of the infernal serpent; now I want to tell you what regards the part of creatures toward Her. “My daughter, the Celestial Creature was poor, Her natural qualities were apparently common, nothing extraordinary appeared on the outside. She takes a poor artisan as Her spouse, who earns his daily bread with his humble work. Suppose that it had become known before, to the great ones of the world, to the doctors and the priests, that She was the Mother of the Word—that She was the One Who was the Mother of the Future Messiah; they would have waged a fierce war against Her—no one would have believed Her. They would have said: ‘Is it possible that there have not been, and that there aren’t women in Israel, such that this poor one was to be the Mother of the Eternal Word? There has been a Judith, an Esther, and many others.’ So, no one would have believed Her, and they would have placed countless doubts and difficulties. If they placed doubts on My Divine Person, not believing that I was the Longed-For Messiah; and many reach the point of still not believing that I Descended upon earth, in spite of the fact that I made many Miracles, such as to Induce the most incredulous to believe Me—ah! when hardness, obstinacy, enter into hearts, they render themselves incapable of receiving any good; the Truths, the very Miracles, are for them as though dead and without Life—well then, much more so for the Celestial Mama, as nothing miraculous appeared in Her Exterior.

“Now, My daughter, listen to Me; the most serious doubts, the gravest difficulties that they found in your writings are precisely these: that I told you that I was Calling you to Live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, Giving you the Special and Unique Mission to make It Known, so that, as I Myself said in the ‘Our Father,’ and the Holy Church says still now, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’—that is, Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven. It does not say in the ‘Our Father’ that this Kingdom is on earth, but it says: ‘Come;’ and I would not have Composed a prayer if I were not to Obtain Its Effects. Therefore, in Order to Reach this, was I not to Elect another Woman, whom the infernal serpent so much fears; and as he, by means of the first woman, ruined mankind for Me, I, to Confound him, make Use of another Woman to make up for the ruin he caused, and make the Good that he tried to destroy, Arise for All?

“Here, then, the Necessity of the Preparations, of the Graces, of My Visits and Communications. This sounded bad to those who have read; therefore doubts and difficulties—that it cannot be possible that among so many other great Saints, no one has Lived in the Kingdom of My Will. So, it is She alone that is Preferred to All; and when they have read that I was Placing you near the Sovereign Queen, so that, She having Lived in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, you might Imitate Her, wanting to make of you a Copy that Resembles Her; and I Placed you in Her Hands, that She might Guide you, Assist you, Protect you, so that you might Imitate Her in Everything—this seemed so absurd to them; and sinisterly misinterpreting the sense, they spoke as if I had told you that you were as though another Queen. How much nonsense—I did not say that you are like the Celestial Queen, but that I want you Similar to Her, just as I have said to many other souls dear to Me that I Wanted them similar to Me; but with this they would not become God like Me. And then, since the Celestial Lady is the True Queen of the Kingdom of My Will, it is Her Task to Help and Teach the fortunate creatures who want to Enter, to Live in It. By this, they show as if I did not have the Power to Elect whom I Want, and when I Want. But, after all, time will say everything, and just as they cannot deny that the Virgin of Nazareth is My Mama, so will they not be able to deny that I have Elected you for the Sole Purpose of making My Will Known, and that, through you, I will Obtain that the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ may have Its Fulfillment. It is certain that creatures are an instrument in My Hands, and I do not look at who it is, but I look at whether My Divine Will has Decided to Operate by Means of this instrument. And this is enough for Me to Fulfill My Highest Designs; and of the doubts and difficulties of creatures I make Use, in due time, to confound them and humiliate them. But I do not stop, and I Move Forward in the Work that I Want to do by means of the creature. Therefore, you too—follow Me and do not draw back. Besides, it shows from their way of thinking that they have calculated only your person, but have not calculated what My Divine Will Can Do, and what It Knows How to Do, and when It Decides to Operate in one creature in Order to Fulfill Its Greatest Designs in the midst of the human generations, It lets no one dictate to It the law—neither who it must be, nor the time, nor the way, nor the place—but It Acts in an Absolute Way. Nor does it pay heed to certain limited minds, who are unable to elevate themselves in the Divine and Supernatural Order, or to bow their forehead to the Incomprehensible Works of their Creator; and while they want to reason with their own human reason, they lose the Divine Reason, and remain confounded and incredulous.”




V17 – 5.1.25 – I was thinking about the many things that my Beloved Jesus told me on His Most Holy Will, and some doubts came back to me – that, who knows, it might really not be necessary to say everything, or, that some things were not necessary. But Jesus, Wanting to Lovingly Resolve my doubts and make me know the Mission He Entrusts to the one who is to make His Divine Will Known – having Chosen for this the misery that I am, to my great stupefaction and confusion – continuing His Holy Instructions on this matter, told me: “My daughter, every mission is to be connected to the office of executing it, and therefore it must be carried out omitting nothing of that which belongs to it. In fact, every mission which is destined for the good of others, has its own particular gifts, graces, riches and qualities, which are useful for its execution.

My Humanity Received from My Divinity the Mission of the Salvation of souls and the Office of Redeemer – that is, to Redeem them from the slavery of sin and from Eternal death. In Order to Carry out this Office, I was Given their souls, their pains, their satisfactions. Therefore, I Enclosed within Myself Everything from Everyone; and if My Humanity had neglected to Enclose in Itself just one soul, one Satisfaction, the Office of Redeemer would not have been Complete – I would not have Enclosed in Myself All the Graces, the Goods and the Light which it was necessary to Give to each soul. And even though not all of the souls are Saved, this says nothing. On My Part, I had to Enclose the Goods of All, so that I might have Necessary and Superabundant Graces for All, in order to be able to Save All. This was convenient to Me for the Decorum and the Just Honor of My Office as Redeemer.

Look at the sun above your horizon: it contains so much light as to be able to give light to all; and even though not all might want to enjoy its light, by its unique office as sun, it possesses even the light that creatures might refuse. This was convenient to the Sun, because it was created by God as the unique sphere which was to warm and embrace the earth with its light. Each created being has its own office to carry out, and that office is unique – linked to that being, to that creature. In order to execute it well, it is necessary that the one who is to carry out the office entrusted to her, contain so much of that good – good which she must give to others according to the mission for which she was created – that as much of it as she gives, it is never exhausted, not even by one atom. This was even more convenient to Me, Who was to Be the New Sun of the souls, and Who was to Give Light to All and Embrace All with My Light, to Bring them All to the Supreme Majesty, Offering to this Divine Majesty an Act from Myself which would contain All Acts, and to make the Superabundant Light of My Divinity Descend upon All in Order to Rescue them.

In addition to Me, there is My Celestial Mama, who Received the Unique Mission as the Mother of a God Son, and the Office of Co-Redemptrix of mankind. For Her Mission of Divine Maternity, She was Enriched with So Much Grace, that All other creatures combined, both Celestial and terrestrial, would never be able to equal Her. But this was not enough to Draw the Word into Her Maternal Womb; it was Necessary that the Mother put in Action All this Abyss of Graces and Gifts, by Embracing All creatures, Loving them, Repairing and Adoring the Supreme Majesty for All; in such a way as to Accomplish Herself, All that the human generations Owed to God. Therefore, in Her Virginal Heart She had an Inexhaustible Vein for God and for All creatures. When the Divinity Found in this Virgin Compensation for the Love of All, It felt Enraptured, and Formed in Her Its Conception – that is, the Incarnation of the Word. And as She Conceived Me, She took on the Office of Co- Redemptrix, and Shared and Embraced Together with Me, All the Pains, the Substitutions, the Reparations, the Maternal Love, for All. In the Heart of My Mother there was a Fiber of Maternal Love for each creature. This is why, in Truth and with Justice, when I was on the Cross, I Declared Her Mother of All. She ran Together with Me in the Love, in the Sufferings – in Everything; She never left Me alone. If the Eternal One had not Placed So Much Grace in Her as to be able to Receive, Alone, the Love of All – He would never have Moved from Heaven to Come Down upon earth and Redeem mankind. Here is the Necessity, the Convenience – that She had to Embrace and Surpass Everything, as Befitting the Mission of the Mother of the Word. When an Office is Unique, as a consequence, Nothing Must Escape the one who has it as Mission. He Must have Everything under his eyes, so as to be able to Offer the Good he Possesses; he Must be like a True Sun that can give Light to All. So were I, and My Celestial Mama.

Now, your Mission of making Known the Eternal Will is Braided with Mine and with that of My Dear Mother. And since it has to Serve for the Good of All, it was Necessary to Centralize the Eternal Sun of My Will into one creature; so that, as a Unique Mission, this Sun might Let Its Rays Blaze from her, and all might take the Good of Its Light. This Implies that, for the Decorum and Honor of My Will, I had to Pour into you, as Bearers and Preparations, Such Graces, Light, Love and Knowledge of It, as to Befit the Residence of the Sun of My Will. Even more, you Must Know that, just as My Humanity, in Its Office of Redeemer, Conceived All souls, the Same was to Happen in you, in your Mission and Office to make My Will Known and Reign: as you continue to do your Acts in My Will for All, All creatures Remain Conceived in your will; and as you keep Repeating your Acts in Mine, you Form many Sips of Life of Divine Will, in Order to be Able to Nourish All the creatures which are as though Conceived in yours, by Virtue of My Will. Do you not feel how, in My Will, you Embrace All, from the first to the last creature which is to exist upon earth; and for All, you would want to Satisfy, Love, Please this Supreme Will, Binding It to All, Removing All obstacles that prevent Its Dominion in the creatures – making It Known to All; and even with sufferings, you expose yourself to Satisfy for All, this Supreme Will, which So Much Loves to be Known and to Reign in the midst of creatures?

To you, Firstborn Daughter of My Divine Will, it is given to make Known the Qualities, the Value, the Good It Contains, and Its Eternal Sorrow of Living Unknown – Hidden, in the midst of the human generations; even more, despised and offended by the evil ones, and placed by the good ones at the level of the other virtues, as if It were a little light which is lit by men – as virtues are in Comparison with My Will – and not the Eternal Sun that My Will is.

The Mission of My Will is the Greatest that can Exist: there is no Good which does not Descend from It; there is no Glory which does not Come from It. Everything is Centered in It: Our Interior Works and those which We have Delivered; the Creation of the Angels, of the World, of men; All Virtues, All Merits, All Predestinations, All Goods, All the Glory of the Chosen ones, All the Mysteries of the Infinite Love, which are still unknown to man; and the past, the present, the future – All in one Act and in Act, and in one Single Point. Therefore, Be Attentive, and do not want to waste time with doubts or uncertainties. Everything I told you for this Mission was Necessary – not for you, but for the Honor, the Glory, the Knowledge and the Sanctity of My Will and of Its Dominion in the creatures. And since My Will is One, one was to be the creature to whom I Had to Entrust It, and through whom It would Make Its Rays Blaze, to Do Good to All.”

V25 – 1.13.29 – “Now, My daughter, the Kingdom of Redemption and the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat hold hands, and since It is also a Universal Good, such that, if they want it so, All can enter into It, it is necessary that many know the news about It, and that It be Conceived in the minds, in the words, in the works and hearts of many, so that, through prayers, desires, and a holier life, they may dispose themselves to receive the Kingdom of My Divine Will into their midst. If the news is not divulged, My Manifestations will not Act as Trumpeters, nor will the Knowledges about My Divine Fiat fly from mouth to mouth, Forming the Conception of It in the minds, prayers, sighs and desires of creatures. My Divine Volition will not make Its Triumphant Entrance, of Coming to Reign upon earth.

“How Necessary it is that the Knowledges about My Fiat be Known; not only this, but that it be made Known that My Divine Will already Wants to Come to Reign on earth as It does in Heaven into the midst of creatures. And it is to the priests, as to New Prophets, through the word as well as through writing and through works, that the task is given of acting as trumpeters in Order to make Known what regards My Divine Fiat; nor would their crime be lesser than that of the Prophets, had these hidden My Redemption, if they do not occupy themselves as much as they can with what regards My Divine Will. They themselves would be the cause of a Good So Great being neither Known nor Received by creatures; and to suffocate the Kingdom of My Divine Will, to keep suspended a Good So Great, such that there is no other similar to it—is this perhaps not a crime? Therefore, I recommend to you: on your part, do not omit anything, and pray for those who Must occupy themselves with making Known a Good So Great.”

Then He added with a more tender and afflicted tone: “My daughter, this was the Purpose for which I Permitted the necessity of the coming of the priest—that you might deposit in them, as a Sacred Deposit, All the Truths that I have Spoken to you about My Divine Fiat, and that they Be Attentive and the faithful executors of what I Want—that is, that they make the Kingdom of My Divine Will Known. Be certain that I would not have Permitted their coming if not for the Purpose of Fulfilling My Great Designs over the Destiny of the human family.

“And just as in the Kingdom of Redemption I left My Queen Mama in the midst of the Apostles, so that, together with Her, Helped and Guided by Her, they might give start to the Kingdom of Redemption—because the Sovereign Queen of Heaven knew more than all of the Apostles, She was the Most Interested; it can be said that She kept It Formed within Her Maternal Heart, therefore She could very well Instruct the Apostles in the doubts, in the Way, in the circumstances; She was the True Sun in their midst, and one Word of Hers was enough for My Apostles to feel strong, illuminated and fortified—in the Same Way, for the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, having Placed in you the Deposit of It, I Keep you in the exile still, so that the priests might draw from you, as from a New Mother, what can serve as Light, as Guidance, as Help, to give Start to making Known the Kingdom of My Divine Will. And as I see their little interest—if you knew how much I suffer…. Therefore, pray, pray.”




V13 – 1.24.21 – “…So will the Third FIAT be. It will Germinate within you; the ear of grain will be Formed; only the priest will have knowledge of It. Then, a few souls – and then, It will Spread. It will Spread, and will Follow the Same Path as Creation and Redemption. The more crushed you feel, the more the ear of the Third FIAT Grows and is Fecundated in you. Therefore, Be Attentive and Faithful.”

V20 – 12.27.26 – “Now, My daughter, Firstborn of My Will, listen to something beautiful about My Supreme Fiat. With the soul who Lives in It and allows It to Reign in Order to let It Form Its Kingdom, My Will, Bilocating Itself, Transfers Its Perfect Balance into her. So, the soul feels Balanced in Love, in Goodness, in Mercy, in Fortitude, Power and Justice. And since Creation is extremely Vast, in which My Volition Exercises Its Distinct Act of Balance in each thing, as the soul possesses this Balance, My Will Elevates her and Expands her so much, as to make her find in all of her Acts the Balance of both one and the other, Unifying them, and Rendering them Inseparable.

“So, the creature finds herself in the sun, to do the Balanced Acts that My Will does in it; she finds herself in the sea, in the heavens, in the little flower that blooms, to give off its fragrance together with it; in the little bird that sings, to cheer the whole Creation with the Balance of Joy. She finds herself in the fury of the wind, of the water, of the storms, for the Balance of Justice. In sum, My Will cannot Be without this creature; they are Inseparable, and they Live Life Together. And do you think it is trivial that the soul can say: ‘I am stretched within the heavens, to preserve them for the good of my brothers. I am present in the sun, to germinate, to fecundate, to give light, and to prepare the food for all mankind,’ and so with all the rest? Who can ever say: ‘I Love my God as He Loves Himself, and I Love Everyone, and I do all the Good that my Creator Does to the whole human family’? Only one who Receives this Balance of the Divine Fiat and allows It to Reign within herself.”

V30 – 5.15.32 – “So do We do. More than father We Yearn to Give the Great Gift of Our Will to Our children, but We Want that they know what they are receiving. The Knowledges about It Mature Our children and make them capable of receiving such a Good. The So Many Manifestations that I have Made will Be the True Eyes of the soul in Order to be able to look at and comprehend what Our Paternal Goodness, for so many centuries, Wants to Give to creatures. Even more, because the Knowledges that I have Manifested about My Divine Will, as they become Known by creatures, will Cast in them the Seed to make Germinate the love of children toward their Celestial Father. They will feel Our Paternity. And if He Wants that they do His Will, it is because He Loves them and Wants to Love them as children in Order to Participate in His Divine Goods.

“Therefore, Our Knowledges about the Divine Fiat will make them accustomed to Living as children. And then will cease every marvel that Our Supreme Being Gives to Its children the Great Gift of Our Will. It is a Right of children to Receive the Properties of the Father, and it is a Duty of the Father to give His Goods to the children. One who wants to live as a stranger does not merit the possessions of the Father. Even more, because Our Paternity Craves, Yearns for, and Burns with the Desire of Want to Give this Gift, so that One Be the Will of His children. Then will Our Paternal Love Rest, when We see the Work that Came Forth from Our Creative Hands in the Womb of Our Volition, in Our House, and Our Kingdom Populated by Our dear children.”

V32 – 5.14.33 – “My little daughter of My Volition, you Must Know that when I Manifest a Good, a Truth, it is the Most Certain Sign that I Want to Give that Good or the Gift of One of My Truths, as Property of the creature. If this could not be, I would deceive her, I would mislead her, I would make her lose time with a thousand useless desires, without the Possession of the Good that I have made Known to her. I do not know how to deceive anyone, nor do useless things.

“Rather, first I Decide to Give that Good, and then I Manifest the Nature of that Good. And while I Manifest It, already I Place the Seed in the depth of the soul so that she starts to feel the Beginning of the New Life of the Good that I have made Known to her. And the Succession of My Manifestations that I made Known to her Serves to make the Seed Germinate, to Bedew it, and to Water it in Order to Form the Complete Life of the Gift that I Want to Give her. And the Sign that the soul has accepted and welcomed the New Life of the Gift that I Want to Give her, is that I Continue to Manifest the Different Qualities, the Beautiful Prerogatives, the Immense Value that My Gift Possesses. And after I AM Certain that she already possesses the Whole Complete Life of the Gift that I Want to Give her, then I let her Know My Aims, the Labor that I have Done in her, and the Gift that she already possesses.

“My Wisdom is Infinite, My Industries of Love are Innumerable. First I Do the Deeds, and then the Words, that Serve to Teach the creature how to receive, conserve, and make use of the Good that I have Given her and made Known to her. To give a good without making it known is as if one would want to give food to the dead, and I have never had anything to do with the dead, but with the living. To make It Known and to not give It would be a joke, nor would it be a way of Our Divine Nature. Therefore if I have Manifested to you So Many Truths about My Divine Will, it is because I Want to Give you the Gift of Its Operating Life in you. If this could not be, I would never have told you so much. My Speaking alone is Messenger and Bearer and Depositary of the Great Gift of My Divine Will, not only to you, but to the whole entire world. Therefore Be Attentive so that My Seed is Reduced to dust in you, even to Changing into your nature, and then you will feel with deeds the Good of My Will Reigning of in your soul.

“Indeed, did I not do so with My Celestial Mother? First I Formed Her, I Prepared Her, I Endowed Her. I Prepared the Place, Extended My Heaven in the Depth of Her Soul, I made Her Know So Many Things, and as She Knew them, so it was Made a Gift. I could say, Mother and Son, We first did the Deeds. When nothing lacked to My Sanctity, to My Divine Decency, to the New Heaven that Came to Inhabit the earth, then I Manifested the Secret to Her, that I had already Elected Her for My Mother. And as I Manifested the Secret, so She felt Herself Mother of Her Creator.

“See, therefore, the necessity of Manifesting what I Want to make of the creature, so that God and the creature Want the Same Thing, because My Own Incarnation did not happen before, but in the Act itself of when She Knew that I already Wanted Her for My Mother, and She Accepted to Be it. Therefore Great Attention is needed when I make Known a Good that I Want to make of the creature. She does not know My Aims, where they End; I do not make Everything Known at the Beginning, but I go little by little, Manifesting and Operating in Order to reach the Point where I Want. And if she is not Attentive, and does not follow Me, she can be left halfway on the Way, and I will have the Sorrow of not being able to Give My Gifts, and of not being able to Complete My Designs.”

V12 – 1.25.19 – “…I Dwell in you as though within My Humanity; and just as I Enclosed the Entire World in My Humanity, I Enclose it in you. Didn’t you see that while I was walking, now I bumped, and now I stumbled? Those were the sins, the evil souls that I Encountered. What pain for My Heart! It is from within you that I Decide the Destiny of the World. It is your humanity that Shelters Me, just as Mine Sheltered My Divinity…”

V21 – April 8, 1927 – “My daughter, the greatest figures of the Old Testament, while being images that veiled the future Messiah, enclosed also the gifts, the image, and symbolized all the gifts that the children of the Supreme Fiat would possess. When he was created, Adam was the true and perfect image of the children of My Kingdom. Abraham was symbol of the privileges and the heroism of the children of My Will. And calling Abraham to a promised land flowing with milk and honey, making him the owner of that land, a land so fecund as to be enviable and aspired to by all other nations everything was symbol of what I would do with the children of My Will.

“Jacob was another symbol of them; in fact, as the twelve tribes of Israel would descend from him, from their midst the future Redeemer was to be born, who was to bind again the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to My children. Joseph was symbol of the dominion that the children of My Will would have; and just as he did not let many peoples—and also his ungrateful brothers—perish of starvation, so will the children of the Divine Fiat have dominion and be the ones who will not let the peoples perish that will ask for the bread of My Will from them. Moses was the image of the power; Samson, symbol of the strength of the children of My Will; David symbolized the reigning of them. All the prophets symbolized the grace, the communications, the intimacies with God that, more than they did, the children of My Divine Fiat would possess.

“See, all these were but symbols—images of them; what will happen when the lives of these symbols will come out? After all these came the Celestial Lady, the Sovereign Empress, the Immaculate, the Spotless—My Mother. She was not symbol or image, but the Reality—the True Life, the First Privileged Daughter of My Will; and in the Queen of Heaven I Looked at the generation of the children of My Kingdom. She was the First Incomparable Creature, Who Possessed, Intact, the Life of the Supreme Volition, and therefore She Deserved to Conceive the Eternal Word, and to Mature within Her Maternal Heart the generation of the children of the Eternal Fiat. Then came My Very Life, in which the Kingdom was Established that these fortunate children were to possess.

“From all this you can comprehend how the Primary Purpose of Everything that God did from the Beginning of the Creation of the world, and that He Does and will Do, is to Form the Kingdom of His Will in the midst of creatures. These are All Our Aims—this is Our Will; and to these children will all Our Goods, Our Perogatives, Our Likeness, be Given. And if I Call you to follow All the Acts that My Will has Done, both in the Creation of the universe and in the generation of the creatures, not excluding either those that It Did in My Celestial Mother, or those that It Did in My Very Life, it is to Centralize all of Its Acts in you, to Give them to you as Gift, so as to be able to Release from you, All Together, the Goods that a Divine Will can Possess, in Order to Form the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat with Decorum, Honor and Glory. Therefore, Be Attentive in following My Will.”




V35 – March 12, 1938 – “My daughter, the Life of one who Lives in Our Will is Formed within Our Divine Being—she is conceived, born, and Reborn continuously. Just as Our Divine Being is Always in the Act of Generating, in the Same Way she is always in the Act of being Born Again; and as she is Born Again, she is Reborn to New Love, New Sanctity and New Beauty. As she is Reborn, she grows and takes always from Ourselves. These New Births are her greatest fortune—and Ours as well, because We feel that not only does the creature Live in Us, but she is also Born Again and she grows in Our Life, being Renewed in Our Very Act, which is Always New. And as she is Reborn, We Delight in Looking at her because she acquires a New Beauty—More Beautiful, More Attractive than the One before. But, does she, perhaps, remain there? Ah, no. More Beauties will Invest her, without Ever Ceasing—so many as to Enrapture Our Gaze, Preventing Us from moving it, to Enjoy in her Our Endless Beauties. And We Love Our Beauties, from which We Incessantly Invest her. As We look at this creature under the rain of Our Various Beauties, Our Love does not remain behind; It makes her be Born Again every instant in Our Love, which is always New. Therefore, she Loves Us always with New Love, a Love that always grows and never stops.

“Who can tell you what this creature’s life is like, Formed within Ourselves? It is Our Paradise that We Form within her. By being Born Again in Us, she gives Us always New Joys, and New Surprises of Happiness, because as she is Reborn, she is Born Again in Our Power, Wisdom, Goodness and Sanctity. Recognizing Our Life in her, We Love her as We Love Ourselves.

“Now, as she is Born Again within Us many times, We give her Virtue to be able to receive Our Sowing, so that We can Sow in her as many of Our Divine Lives as We Want. And here It is—Our Will, Coming into the picture. With Its Fiat, My Will Speaks and Creates; It Speaks and Sows Divine Lives, making them Grow with Its Breath, Feeding them with Its Love, Giving them with Its Light the Colors of All Its Various Beauties. And since this is Life Reborn in Us many times, and Grown within Us, We have Infused in her All the Attributes Necessary to be able to receive the Sowing of Our Divine Lives. These Lives are the Most Precious. They Possess the Creative Virtue—they have Our Same Value. We can say: ‘We Ourselves Formed many of Our Lives and Sowed them within the creature. Comparing these Lives to the sun, its light remains like shadow before Them. The expanse of Heaven is small compared to Them.’

“Would you like to know what the Use of these Lives of Ours will be, that have been Formed with So Much Love in the creature? They will Serve to Populate the earth, and to Generate the Life of Our Will in the human family. They are Our Lives, My daughter. Our Life never dies—It is Eternal, with Us. Therefore, They are All in Waiting to take Possession of the creatures, in Order to Form One Single Life with them. And this is also the Cause—Our Great Divine Reason for which We have been Speaking for So Long about Our Divine Will. Each Word We Say is One of Our Lives that We Deliver—it is a Birth that We Give to the Light. Every Word that We Pronounce on Our Fiat is a Life that We Expose, that puts Itself in Communication with the creatures. Every Knowledge that We Manifest Carries Our Kiss, so that the creature may form Our Life at every breath. And since Life has motion, warmth, heartbeat and breath, she Must also feel, by Necessity, this Life of Ours within herself. This Life will have the Virtue of Transforming the life of this fortunate creature into Itself.

Therefore, My daughter, Be Attentive. Do not allow even One Word on Our Fiat to escape you, because they are Lives—Lives that We Live inside other creatures. The Value of One Single Word on Our Fiat is So Great that the whole of Creation…O, how behind it remains. The Creation is Our Work, while One Word on Our Fiat is Life, and the Life always costs more than all the Works.

“Further, Our Love for this creature who receives the Sowing of Our Divine Lives is So Great that, as We Speak to her about Our Will, Our Eternal Love Pours over her, unleashing Itself and feeling Loved in return. The weight of human ingratitude—of not being Loved—remains empty, because We find one who Loves Us with Our Love; this has the Virtue of making up for All the Love that All the creatures should give Us—of burning All their evils, and of filling and shortening the greatest distances. Our Love finds in her Our refreshments, Our revenges; so We Love her Infinitely. But We are not satisfied in Loving her by Ourselves. We make her Loved by the Celestial Queen, as a more than tender daughter; by the Angels and the Saints, as their Inseparable sister; We make her Loved by Heaven, the sun, the wind—by Everyone. They feel in her the Strength, the Virtue of Our Love; they feel Fortunate to Love her, because she is the Bearer of Joys for All. And Our Love and the Content We feel are Such that We call her ‘Our Consoler, Our Fiat whom We Keep on earth, Our Depository.’ All is Ours within her.”

V36 – 5.6.38 – After this, my mind got lost in the Ocean of the Fiat, which Made me aware of Everything, and All seemed to belong to me as well as to God. Then my Beloved Jesus, almost Suffocated in His Flames of Love, added: “My blessed daughter, one who Lives in My Will has always been Inseparable from her Creator. She was with Us from All Eternity. Our Divine Will Brought her to Our Laps to Love, Court and Enjoy her, and since then, We have felt her love palpitating in Us, calling for the Work of Our Creative Hands, to Make of her One of Our Best Images. O! how much We Delighted in finding in Our Will someone in whom We could Express Our Creativity. Now, you Must Know that since these souls that Live, and will Live, in Our Fiat are Inseparable from Us, they were Coming Down with Me when I, the Eternal Word, Came Down from Heaven to earth in the Excess of My Love. They were Guided by the Heavenly Queen; they formed My People, My Loyal Army, My Living Royal Palace, in which I was True King of these children of My Divine Will.

“I would never have Come Down from Heaven without the Court of My People; without a Reign in which I could Dominate with My Laws of Love. All the centuries are just like a point for us, in which Everything is Ours, in Action. Therefore, when I Came Down from Heaven as Dominator and King of My children, I felt Courted and Loved—as only We can Do—and My Love was Such that My children were All conceived together with Me. I just couldn’t be without them; I couldn’t have Tolerated not Finding My Loving children. So they Grew with Me in the Womb of My Queen Mother; they were Born Together with Me, Cried with Me, did Everything I did. They Walked, Worked, Prayed and Suffered Together with Me, and I can Say that they were with Me even on My Cross, to Die and Rise Again to New Life for human generations.

“Therefore, the Kingdom of Our Will is Already Established. We know its numbers, we Know them All by name. We already feel them Palpitating in Ardent Love. O, how Much We Love them and Yearn for the time to Deliver them into the Daylight of Our Will on earth. Then the children of My Volition will have in their power My Conception, My Birth, My steps, Pains and Tears; they will be able to be Conceived and Born Again as many times as they want; they will feel My Steps and Pains in theirs. Since in My Will, My Birth and Life are Repeated every Instant, they can take Them for themselves, give Them to others, or do whatever they want. I know that they would never do what I do not want. These children of Ours, Born Again, Formed and Fed by Our Will, will be the True Glory of Our Creation; they will Crown Our Creative Work, placing the Seal of their Love in every Created Thing for the One Who Did All for them and Loved them So Much.”

V36 – 12.25.38 – “Now, My daughter, let Me Tell you another Surprise. One who Lives in My Will is Inseparable from me; she is Born Again each time Together with Me. Therefore, I AM never alone. I Make her be Born Again with Me to Divine Life—to New Love, to New Sanctity and to New Beauty. She is Reborn in the Knowledge of her Creator—Reborn in each one of her acts. More than this, in every act she does, she calls Me to be Born Again, forming a New Paradise for her Jesus; and I make her be Born Again with Me, to make her Happy. One of My Greatest Joys is to Make those who Live Together with Me Happy. Therefore, Be Attentive to Live in My Will if you want to make Me Happy—if you want Me to find in your acts My Paradise on earth; and I will Take Care to Make you enjoy the Sea of My Joy and Happiness. We will make each other Happy.”




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