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Meditations for the Holy Rosary


Meditations for the Holy Rosary

From the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

The Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation (Humility)

Our Celestial Mother: “Your Mama felt ignited with love, and echoing the love of my Creator, I wanted to form one single sea of love, so that the Word might descend upon earth within it. My prayers were incessant, and while I was praying in my little room, an angel came, sent from Heaven as messenger of the great King. He came before me, and bowing, he hailed me: “Hail, O Mary, our Queen; the Divine Fiat has filled you with grace. He has already pronounced His Fiat, for He wants to descend; He is just behind my shoulders, but He wants your Fiat to form the fulfillment of His Fiat.”

At such a great announcement, so much desired by me – although I had never thought I was to be the chosen one – I was stupefied and I hesitated one instant. But the angel of the Lord told me: “Do not fear, our Queen, for you have found grace before God. You have conquered your Creator; therefore, to complete the victory – pronounce your Fiat.”

I pronounced my Fiat, and – oh, marvel! The two Fiats fused together and the Divine Word descended into Me. My Fiat, receiving the same value as the Divine Fiat, from the seed of my humanity, formed the tiny little humanity which was to enclose the Word, and so the great prodigy of the Incarnation was accomplished.” (From “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”; Day 19

2. The Visitation (Charity)

 Our Celestial Mother: “…So I departed from Nazareth, accompanied by Saint Joseph, facing a long journey, and crossing mountains to go visit Elisabeth in Judea, who, in her advanced age, had miraculously become a mother.

 I went to her, not to make a simple visit, but because I burned with the desire to bring her Jesus. The fullness of grace, love and light which I felt in me, pushed me to bring, to multiply – to increase a hundredfold the life of my Son in creatures.

Yes, my child, the love of Mother which I had for all men, and for you in particular, was so great that I felt the extreme need to give my dear Jesus to everyone, that all might possess Him and love Him. The right of Mother, given to me by the Fiat, enriched me with such power as to multiply Jesus as many times as there are creatures who want to receive Him. This was the greatest miracle I could perform: to have Jesus ready to give to whomever desired Him. How happy I felt!

How I wish that you too, my child, in approaching and visiting people, would always be the bearer of Jesus, capable of making Him known, and yearning to make Him loved.”

“Dearest child, the Divine Will does great and unheard-of things wherever It reigns. If I worked many prodigies, it was because It had Its royal place in me. If you let the Divine Will reign in your soul, you too will become the bearer of Jesus to the creatures – you too will feel the irresistible need to give Him to all!” (From “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”; Meditation 1, Appendix)

3. The Birth of Jesus (Love of God)

 Luisa: “As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself; after wandering around, I found myself in a cave, and I saw the Queen Mama giving birth to Little Baby Jesus. What a wonderful prodigy! It seemed that both Mother and Son were transformed into most pure light. But in that light one could see very clearly the human nature of Jesus containing the Divinity within Itself, and serving as a veil to cover the Divinity; in such a way that, in tearing the veil of human nature, He was God, while covered by that veil, He was man. Here is the prodigy of prodigies: God and Man, Man and God! Without leaving the Father and the Holy Spirit – because true love never separates – He comes to live in our midst, taking on human flesh. Now, it seemed to me that Mother and Son, in that most happy instant, remained as though spiritualized, and without the slightest difficulty Jesus came out of the Maternal womb, while both of them overflowed with excess of Love. In other words: those Most Pure bodies were transformed into light, and without the slightest impediment, Light Jesus came out of the Light of the Mother, while both One and the Other remained whole and intact, returning, then, to their natural state.

 Who can tell of the beauty of the Little Baby, who, in the moment of His birth, transfused, also externally, the rays of the Divinity?” (From Vol. 4; December 25, 1900)

 4.  The Presentation and Consecration of Jesus in the Temple (Obedience)

 Our Celestial Mother: “Forty days from the birth of little King Jesus are about to sound – when the Divine Fiat calls us to the temple in order to fulfill the law of the Presentation of my Son. So, we went to the temple. It was the first time that we went out together with my sweet baby. A vein of sorrow opened in my heart: I was going to offer Him as victim for the salvation of all! We entered the temple, and first we adored the Divine Majesty; then we called the priest, and placing Him in his arms, I made the offering of the celestial baby to the eternal Father – offering Him in sacrifice for the salvation of all. The priest was Simeon, and as I placed Him in his arms, he recognized that He was the Divine Word and exulted with immense joy; and after the offering, assuming the attitude of prophet, he prophesied all my sorrows… Oh, how the Supreme Fiat sounded over my maternal heart – thoroughly, with vibrating sound, the cruel tragedy of all the pains of my little Son! But that which pierced me the most were the words that the holy prophet said to me: “This dear baby will be the salvation and ruin of many, and will be the target of contradictions.”

If the Divine Will had not sustained me, I would have died instantly of pure pain. But It gave me life, and used it to form in me the Kingdom of sorrows, within the Kingdom of Its Will. Therefore, in addition to the right of Mother which I had over all, I acquired the right of Mother and Queen of all Sorrows. Ah, yes, with my sorrows, I acquired the little coin to pay the debts of my children, and even those of the ungrateful children…

“Now, listen to your Mama: in your sufferings, in the painful encounters which are not lacking for you, never lose heart; but with heroic love let the Divine Will assume Its royal place in your pains, so that It may convert them into little coins of infinite value, with which you will be able to pay the debts of your brothers – to ransom them from the slavery of the human will, and make them enter again, as free children, into the Kingdom of the Divine Will.” (From “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”; Day 23)

5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple (Joy)

Our Celestial Mother: “…After three days of most bitter sighs, tears, anxieties and fears, we entered the temple. I was all eyes and looked everywhere, when, finally, overcome with jubilation, I saw my Son in the midst of the doctors of the law! He was speaking with such wisdom and majesty as to make those who were listening remain enraptured and amazed. Only in seeing Him, I felt life come back to me, and soon I understood the secret reason of His being lost.

And now, a little word to you, dearest child. In this mystery, my Son wanted to give to me and to you, a sublime teaching. Could you perhaps assume that He was ignoring what I was suffering?

On the contrary, my tears, my searching, and my cruel and intense sorrow, resounded in His heart. Yet, during those hours, so painful, He sacrificed to the Divine Will, His own Mama, the one whom He loves so much, in order to show me how I too, one day, was to sacrifice His own Life to the Divine Will.

In this unspeakable pain, I did not forget you, my beloved one. Thinking that it would serve as an example for you, I kept it at your disposal, so that you too, at the appropriate time, might have the strength to sacrifice everything to the Divine Will. As Jesus finished speaking, we approached Him reverently, and addressed Him with a sweet reproach: “Son, why have you done this to us?” And He, with divine dignity, answered us: “Why did you look for me? Did you not know that I came to the world to glorify my Father?” Having comprehended the high meaning of His answer, and adored in it the Divine Will, we returned to Nazareth.

Child of my maternal heart, listen. When I lost my Jesus, the pain I felt was so very intense; yet, a second one added to this – that of losing you. In fact, in foreseeing that you would have gone far from the Divine Will, I felt at one time deprived of the Son and of the daughter, and so my maternity suffered a double blow.

My child, when you are in the act of doing your own will rather than that of God, think that by abandoning the Divine Fiat, you are about to lose Jesus and me, and fall into the kingdom of miseries and vices.

Keep then, the promise you made me – to remain indissolubly united to me – and I will grant you the grace of never again letting you be dominated by your will, but only by the Divine.” (From “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”; Meditation 5, Appendix)

 The Luminous Mysteries

1. The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan (open to the Holy Spirit)

 [Jesus says:] “My daughter, the baptism at birth is by water, therefore it has the virtue of purifying, but not of removing tendencies and passions. On the other hand, the baptism of victim is baptism by fire, therefore it has not only the virtue of purifying, but of consuming any passion and  evil tendency.  Even more, I Myself baptize the soul, bit by bit: My thought baptizes the thought of the soul; My heartbeat baptizes her heartbeat; My desire her desire, and so on.  However, this baptism is carried out between Myself and the soul, according to whether she gives herself to Me without ever taking back what she has given Me….”  (March 13, 1912 Volume 11)

“…While my mind was immersed in the Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus, visiting my little soul, with inexpressible goodness told me: “My blessed daughter of My Will, how many wonders My Will can make in the creature, as long as she gives It the first place and all the freedom to operate.  My Will takes the will, the word, the act that the creature wants to do, It makes it part of Itself, It covers it with Its creative virtue, pronounces Its Fiat over it, and forms as many lives for as many existing creatures.  See, you were asking in My Will for the baptism of all newborn babies that will come out to the light of the day, and then, for Its Life to reign in them.  My Will did not hesitate one instant; immediately It pronounced Its Fiat and formed as many Lives of Itself for as many newborn babies coming out to the light-baptizing them, as you wanted, with Its first light, and then giving Its Life to each one of them.  And if these newborn babies, either for lack correspondence or for lack of knowledge, will not possess Our Life, this Life still remains for Us, and We will have many Divine Lives which love Us, glorify Us, bless Us, as We love within Ourselves.  These Divine Lives are Our greatest glory, but they do not put aside the creature who gave Our Divine Fiat the occasion to form so many of Our Lives for as many newborn babies as were coming out to the light; on the contrary, they keep her hidden within themselves to let her love as they love, and let her do what they do.  Nor do they put the newborn babies aside; on the contrary, they are all eyes over them, they watch them, they defend them so as to be able to reign in their souls….”(April 12, 1938 Volume 36)

 2. The Self-Manifestation of Jesus at the Wedding of Cana (To Jesus through Mary)

 [Our Celestial Mother says:] “My dearest child, My Heart is swollen with love, and I felt the need to tell you the reason why, together with My Son, I wanted to be present at this wedding of Cana.  Do you think it was because of a simple ceremony?  No, child, there are profound mysteries.  Pay attention to Me, and I will tell you new things: how My love of Mother was displayed in an incredible manner, and how the love of My Son gave true signs of paternity and royalty for the creatures.

 “Now listen to Me.  My Son had come back from the desert, and was preparing Himself for His public life; but first He wanted to be present at this wedding, and therefore He allowed Himself to be invited.  We went there, not to celebrate, but to work great things for the human generations. My Son took the place of Father and King in the families, and I took the place of Mother and Queen.  With Our presence We renewed the sanctity, the beauty, the order of the marriage formed by God in the Garden of Eden – that of Adam and Eve – married by the Supreme Being in order to populate the earth, and to multiply and increase the future generations.  Marriage is the substance from which arises the life of the generations; it can be called the trunk from which the earth is populated.  The priests, the religious, are the branches; but if it were not for the trunk, not even the branches would have life. Therefore, through sin, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam and Eve caused the family to lose its sanctity, beauty and order.  And I, your Mama, the new innocent Eve, together with My Son, went to reorder that which God did in Eden; I constituted Myself Queen of families, and impetrated the grace that the Divine Fiat might reign in them, that I might have families which would belong to Me, holding the place of Queen in their midst.

 “But this is not all, My child.  Our love was burning, and We wanted to make known to them how much We loved them, and to give them the most sublime of lessons.  And here is how: at the height of the lunch, wine lacked, and My Heart of mother felt consumed with love, wanting to give help.  Knowing that My Son can do anything, with supplicating accents, but certain that He would listen to Me, I say to Him: ‘My Son, the spouses have no more wine.’  And He answers Me: ‘My hour to do miracles has not yet come.’  And knowing that He certainly would not deny what His Mama asked of Him, I said to those who were serving the table: ‘Do what My Son tells you, and you will have what you want; even more, you will receive in addition, and in superabundance.’

 “My child, in these few words I gave a lesson, the most useful, necessary and sublime for the creature.  I spoke with the heart of a mother and I said: My children, do you want to be holy?  Do the Will of My Son.  Do not move from what He tells you, and you will have His likeness, His sanctity in your power.  Do you want all evils to cease?  Do whatever My Son tells you.  Do you want any grace, even difficult?  Do whatever He tells you and wants.  Do you also want the necessary things of natural life?  Do whatever My Son tells you.  Because in His words, in everything He tells you and wants, He encloses such power that, as He speaks, His word contains what you ask for, and makes the graces you desire arise within your souls.  How many see themselves as full of passions, weak, afflicted, unfortunate and miserable; yet, they pray and pray, but because they do not do what My Son asks, they obtain nothing; Heaven seems to be closed for them.  This is a sorrow for your Mama, because I see that while they pray, they move away from the source in which all goods reside – the Will of My Son.

 “Now, those who were serving did precisely what My Son said to them – that is: “Fill the jars with water and bring them to the table.”  My dear Jesus blessed that water and it turned into delicious wine.  Oh, a thousand times blessed, the one who does what He says and wants!  With this, My Son gave Me the greatest honor, He constituted Me Queen of miracles; this is why He wanted My union and My prayer in doing His first miracle.  He loved Me too much-so much that He wanted to give Me first place as Queen in miracles also.  And with facts, not with words, He said: ‘If you want graces and miracles, come to My Mother; I will never deny anything  She wants.’

 “In addition to this, My child, with My presence at this wedding, I looked at the future centuries.  I saw the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth; I looked at families, and I pleaded for them to symbolize the love of the Sacrosanct Trinity, so that Its Kingdom might be in full force.  With My rights of Mother and Queen, I took to heart Its regime; and since I possessed the source of it, I placed at the creatures’ disposal all the graces, the helps and the sanctity which are needed to live in a Kingdom so holy.  So I keep repeating: ‘Do whatever My Son tells you.’

 “My child, listen to Me: look for nothing else, if you want to have everything in your power, and give Me the contentment of being able to make of you My true child, and child of the Divine Will.  Then will I take on the commitment of forming the marriage between you and the Fiat; and acting as your true Mother, I will bind the marriage by giving you the very life of My Son as dowry, and My maternity and all My virtues as gift”.  (“The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” – Appendix 6)

 3. Jesus’ Proclamation of the Kingdom of God (True Repentance and Trust in God)

 [Jesus says:] “…You must know that, in coming upon earth, I came to manifest My Celestial doctrine, to make known My Humanity, My Fatherland, and the order which the creature had to maintain in order to reach Heaven — in a word, the Gospel.  But I said almost nothing or very little about My Will.  I almost passed over It, only making them understand that the thing which I cared the most about was the Will of My Father.  I said almost nothing about Its qualities, about Its height and greatness, and about the great goods which the creature receives by living in My Volition, because the creature was too much of an infant in Celestial things, and would have understood nothing.  I just taught her to pray: ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua, sicut in coelo et in terra’, so that she might dispose herself to know this Will of Mine in order to love It, to do It, and therefore receive the gifts It contains.  Now, that which I was to do at that time — the teachings about My Will which I was to give to all — I have given to you.  So, making them known is nothing but making up for what I Myself was to do while on earth as the fulfillment of My Coming.  Don’t you want Me, then, to fulfill the purpose of My coming upon earth?  Therefore, let Me do; I will watch over everything and dispose everything-and you, follow Me and be at peace.”  (June 2, 1921 Volume 13)

 “…The importance of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is immense, and I love It so much, that I am doing more than a new Creation and Redemption. In fact, in Creation My omnipotent Fiat was pronounced only six times in order to dispose It to come out fully ordered. In Redemption I spoke, but since I did not speak about the Kingdom of My Will which contains infinite knowledges and immense goods, I did not have a very extensive subject with many words to say, because everything I taught was of limited nature, and a few words were enough to make it known.  But in order to make My Will known, it takes much, My daughter.  Its history is extremely long-it encloses an eternity with no beginning and no end; therefore, as much as I speak, I have always something to say.  This is why I am saying – oh, how much more!  Being more important than anything, It contains more knowledges, more light, more greatness, more prodigies; therefore, more words are necessary. More so, since the more I make known, the more I expand the boundaries of My Kingdom to be given to the children who will possess It.  Therefore, everything I manifest about My Will is a new creation which I make in My Kingdom, to be enjoyed and possessed by those who will have the good of knowing It. And so, great attention is required on your part in manifesting them.”  (September 17, 1926 Volume 20)

4. Jesus’ Transfiguration (Desiring Holiness)

 [Jesus says:] “…It is My usual way to do minor things first, as preparation for greater ones-these, being the crowning of the minor things…. I maintained this order also in Redemption.  My birth was without glamour, rather, it was neglected; My childhood was without splendor of great things before men; My life in Nazareth was so hidden that I lived as if ignored by all; I adapted Myself to do the smallest and most common things of human life.  During My public life there were a few great things, but still-who knew My Divinity? Nobody, not even all of the Apostles. I passed through the crowds like any other man, so much so, that anyone could approach Me, talk to Me, and as happened, even despise Me.”  And I, interrupting Jesus’ speaking, said: “Jesus, my Love, how happy those times were, and even happier those people who, just by wanting it, could come close to You, talk to You, and be with You!”  And Jesus: “Ah!  My daughter, only My Will brings true happiness.  It alone encloses all goods within the soul, and making Itself crown around the soul, constitutes her queen of true happiness.  Only these souls will be the queens of My throne, because they are a birth from My Will….”  (April 15, 1919 Volume 12)

 “…My love wants to pour itself out; it wants to make known the excesses which My Divinity operated in My Humanity for the creatures-excesses which greatly surpass the excesses that My Humanity operated externally.  This is also why I often speak to you about living in My Will, which I have not manifested to anyone until now.  At the most, they have known the shadow of My Will, the grace and the sweetness of doing It.  But to penetrate inside of It, to embrace immensity, to be multiplied with Me and-even while being on earth-penetrate everywhere, both into Heaven and into the hearts, laying down the human ways and acting in divine ways-this is not yet known; so much so that not to a few will this appear strange, and those who do not keep their minds opened to the light of the Truth will not understand a thing.  But little by little I will make My way, manifesting now one truth, now another, about this living in My Will, so that they will end up understanding.

Now, the first link which connected the true living in My Will was My Humanity.  My Humanity, identified with My Divinity, swam in the Eternal Volition, and kept tracing all the acts of creatures in order to make them Its own, to give to the Father a divine glory on the part of creatures, and to bring the value, the love, the kiss of the Eternal Volition to all the acts of creatures.  In this sphere of the Eternal Volition, I could see all the acts of creatures-those which could be done and were not done, and also the good acts done badly-and I did those which had not been done, and redid those done badly.  Now, these acts which were not done, except by Me alone, are all suspended in My Will, and I await the creatures to come to live in My Volition, and repeat in My Will that which I did.  This is why I chose you as the second link of connection with My Humanity, a link which becomes one with mine, as you live in My Volition and repeat My own acts. Otherwise, on this side My love would remain without its outpouring, without glory from the creatures for all that My Divinity operated within My Humanity, and without the perfect purpose of Creation, which must be enclosed and perfected in My Will.  It would be as if I had shed all My Blood and suffered so much, and nobody had known it.  Who would have loved Me?  Which heart would have been shaken?  No one; and therefore in no one would I have had My fruits-the glory of Redemption.”

 Interrupting Jesus’ speaking, I said: “My Love, if there is so much good in this living in the Divine Will, why did You not manifest it before?”  And He: “My daughter, first I had to make known what My Humanity did and suffered externally, to be able to dispose souls to knowing what My Divinity did inside. The creature is incapable of understanding My work all together; therefore I keep manifesting Myself little by little.  Then, from your link of connection with Me, the links of other souls will be connected, and I will have a cohort of souls who, living in My Volition, will redo all the acts of the creatures.  I will receive the glory of the many suspended acts done only by Me, also from the creatures-and these, from all classes: virgins, priests, lay people, according to their office.  They will no longer operate humanly; but rather, as they penetrate into My Will, their acts will multiply for all in a way which is fully divine.  I will receive from creatures the divine glory of many Sacraments administered and received in a human way, of others which have been profaned, of others sullied with interest, and of many good works in which I remain more dishonored than honored.  I yearn so much for this time; and you, pray and yearn for it together with Me, and do not move your link of connection with Mine, but start-as the first one.”  (January 29, 1919 Volume 12)

 5. Jesus’ Institution of the Holy Eucharist (Love of Jesus in the  Most Blessed Sacrament)

I was feeling all absorbed in the Most Holy Will of God, and blessed Jesus made present to me, as though in act, all the acts of His Life on earth. And since I had received Him sacramentally in my poor heart, He let me see, as though in act in His Most Holy Will, the moment in which my sweet Jesus, in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament, communicated Himself.  How many wonders, how many prodigies, how many excesses of love in this act of communicating Himself.  My mind wandered amid so many divine prodigies, and my always lovable Jesus told me: “Beloved daughter of My Supreme Volition, My Will contains everything, It preserves all of the divine works as though in act, and It lets nothing escape It; and to one who lives in It, It wants to make known all the goods It contains. Therefore, I want to make known to you the reason for which I wanted to receive Myself when I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament.

The prodigy was great and incomprehensible to the human mind.  For the creature to receive a Man and God, to enclose the infinite in a finite being, and to give to this infinite Being divine honors, decorum and a dwelling worthy of Him – this mystery was so abstruse and incomprehensible, that the Apostles themselves, while they easily believed in the Incarnation and in  many other mysteries, remained troubled before this one, and their intellects were reluctant to believe.  And it took My repeated saying for them to surrender. So, what to do?  I, who instituted it, was to take care of everything, since, when the creature would receive Me, the Divinity was not to lack honors, divine decorum and a dwelling worthy of God.  Therefore, My daughter, as I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, My Eternal Will, united to My human will, made present to Me all the hosts which were to receive the sacramental consecration until the end of centuries. And I looked at them, one by one; I consumed them, and I saw My Sacramental Life palpitating in each host, yearning to give Itself to creatures.  In the name of the whole human family, My Humanity took on the commitment for all, and provided a dwelling within Itself to each host; and My Divinity, which was inseparable from Me, surrounded each sacramental host with divine honors, praises and blessings, to give worthy decorum to My Majesty.  So, each sacramental host was deposited in Me, and contains the dwelling of My Humanity and the cortege of the honors of My Divinity; otherwise, how could I descend into the creature?  And it was only because of this that I tolerated sacrileges, coldness, irreverences, ingratitudes, since, in receiving Myself, I secured My own decorum, the honors and the dwelling which befitted My very Person. Had I not received Myself, I could not have descended into creatures, and they would have lacked the way, the door, the means to receive Me.

This is My usual way in all My works: I do them once in order to give life to all the other times in which they are repeated, uniting them to the first act as if they were one single act.  So, the power, the immensity, the all-seeingness of My Will made Me embrace all centuries; It made present to Me the communicants and all sacramental hosts; and I received Myself as many times, so that, through Myself, I might pass into each creature.  Who has ever thought of so much love of mine?  That in order to descend into the hearts of creatures, I was to receive Myself so as to secure the divine rights and be able to give them, not only Myself, but the very acts I did in receiving Myself, to dispose them and almost to give them the right to receive Me?”

I remained surprised, and as if I wanted to doubt, and Jesus added: “Why do you doubt?  Is this not perhaps to operate as God?  And this one single act of forming as many acts for as many as want to enjoy it, while it remains one single act-was it not the same for the act of the Incarnation, of My Life and of My Passion?  I incarnated Myself only once, one was My Life, one My Passion; yet, this Incarnation, Life and Passion is for all and for each one, as if it were for one alone. So, they are still as though in act, and for each one, as if I were now incarnating Myself and now suffering My Passion.  If it were not so, I would not be operating as God, but as creature, who, not containing a divine power, cannot let herself be possessed by all, or give herself to all.

 Now, My daughter, I want to tell you of another excess of My love. One who does My Will and lives in It, comes to embrace the works of My Humanity, because I greatly yearn that the creature become similar to Me.  And since My Will and hers are one, My Will takes pleasure in her, and, amusing Itself, It places all the good I contain into the creature, and I form in her the deposit of the very sacramental hosts.  My Will, which she contains, lends her and surrounds her with divine decorum, homages and honors; and I entrust everything to her, because I am certain to keep My works in a safe place, since My Will becomes actor, spectator and custodian of all My goods, of My works and of My very Life.”  (June 18, 1923 Volume 15)

 O my sweet Love, in this hour You transubstantiated Yourself into bread and wine.  Please, O Jesus, let all that I say and do be a continuous consecration of Yourself in me and in souls.  Sweet Life of mine, when You come into me, let my every heartbeat, desire, affection, thought and word feel the power of the sacramental consecration, so that, being consecrated, all my little being may become as many hosts in order to give You to souls.  O Jesus, sweet Love of mine, may I be your little host in order to enclose all of Yourself in me, like a living Host.  (“The Hours of the Passion” – 4thHour, from Reflections and Practices)

 The Sorrowful Mysteries

 1. The Agony in the Garden (True Repentance)

I was thinking about the Passion of my always lovable Jesus, especially of what He suffered in the Garden. I found myself all immersed in Jesus, and He told me: “My daughter, my first Passion was of Love, because the first step with which man, in sinning, gives himself to evil is the lack of Love; so, since Love is missing, he falls into sin. In order to be repaid through Me for the lack of love of the creatures, Love made Me suffer more than anyone; It almost crushed Me, more than if I were under a press. It gave Me as many deaths for as many creatures receiving life.

The second step that occurs in sin is defrauding God of His Glory. So, in order to be repaid for the Glory taken away by the creatures, the Father made Me suffer the Passion of sin, such that each sin gave Me a special Passion. Although there was one Passion, I suffered for sin as many Passions as there would be sins committed until the end of the world. So, the Glory of the Father was restored.

The third effect produced by sin is the weakness in man. Therefore, I wanted to suffer the Passion from the hands of the Jews – my third Passion – to restore in man his lost strength.

Therefore, with the Passion of Love, Love was restored and placed at the right level; with the Passion of sin, the Glory of the Father was restored and placed at Its level; with the Passion of the Jews, the strength of the creatures was placed at its level and restored. I suffered all this in the Garden, and the pain was so much, so many the deaths – the atrocious spasms inflicted upon Me that I really would have died if the Will of the Father for my death had arrived.” (From Vol. 11; January 22, 1913)

 2. The Scourging at the Pillar (Purity)

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Passion of Our Lord; and while I was doing this, He came and told me: “My daughter, one who meditates continuously on my Passion and feels sorrow for it and compassion for Me, pleases Me so much that I feel somehow comforted for all that I suffered in the course of my Passion; and by always meditating on it, the soul arrives at preparing a continuous food. In this food there are many different spices and flavors, which form different effects. Therefore, if in the course of my Passion they gave me ropes and chains to tie Me, the soul releases Me and gives Me freedom. They despised Me, spat on Me, and dishonored Me; she appreciates Me, cleans Me of the spit, and honors Me. They stripped Me and scourged Me; she heals Me and clothes Me. They crowned Me with thorns, mocking me as King, embittered my mouth with bile, and crucified Me; while the soul, meditating on all my pains, crowns Me with glory and honors Me as her King, fills my mouth with sweetness, giving Me the most delicious food, which is the memory of my own works; and unnailing Me from the Cross, she makes me rise again in her heart. And every time she does so, I give her a new Life of Grace as recompense. She is my food, and I become her continuous food. So, the thing that pleases Me the most is meditating continuously on my Passion.” (From Vol. 7; November 9, 1906)

 3. The Crowning with Thorns (Moral Courage)

 Jesus: “My daughter, the pains which I suffered were incomprehensible to created mind. Much more painfully than by those thorns, my mind was pierced by all the evil thoughts of creatures, in such a way that none of these thoughts could escape Me – I felt them all inside Me. Not only did I feel the pricks of the thorns, but also the disgust of the sins which those thorns represented.” So, I looked at my lovable Jesus and I could see His Most Holy head being surrounded by spokes of thorns which came through from behind. All the thoughts of the creatures were in Jesus; they went from Jesus to them, and from them into Jesus, remaining almost linked together – the evil thoughts of the creatures with the most holy thoughts of Jesus… Oh, how Jesus suffered! Then He added: “My daughter, only the souls who live in my Will can give Me true reparations and soothe Me from thorns so sharp. In fact, since they live in my Will, and since my Will is everywhere, they find themselves in Me and in everyone; they descend into the creatures and rise up to Me; they bring Me all the reparations; they soothe Me. And in the sick minds they turn darkness into light.” (From Vol. 11; April 24, 1915)

4. The Carrying of the Cross (Patience)

Jesus: “Adored Cross, finally I embrace you. You were the longing of my Heart, the martyrdom of my love. But you, O Cross, have delayed until now, while my steps were always toward you. Holy Cross, you were the goal of my desires, the purpose of my existence down here. In you I concentrate my whole being, in you I place all my children, and you will be their life, their light, defense, custody and strength. You will assist them in everything, and will bring them gloriously to Me in Heaven. Oh Cross, Pulpit of Wisdom, you alone will teach true sanctity; you alone will form the heroes, the athletes, the martyrs, the Saints. Beautiful Cross, you are my Throne, and since I have to leave the earth, you will remain in my place. To you I give all souls as dowry – keep them, save them; I entrust them to you!” (From “The Hours of the Passion”; 18th Hour)

 “Please, O Cross, receive Me soon into your arms, I am impatient of waiting! Holy Cross, upon you I shall come to give completion to all. Hurry, O Cross, fulfill the burning desire that consumes Me, to give life to souls. Delay no more; I anxiously yearn to lay Myself upon you in order to open the Heavens to all my children.

 Oh Cross, it is true that you are my martyrdom, but in a little while you will also be my victory and my most complete triumph; and through you I will give abundant inheritances, victories, triumphs and crowns to my children.” (From “The Hours of the Passion”; 19th Hour)

 5. The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus on the Cross (Final Perseverance)

Jesus: “Holy Father, here I am, loaded down with all the sins of the world. There is not one sin which does not pour upon Me; therefore, no longer unload the scourges of your divine Justice upon man, but upon Me, your Son. O Father, allow Me to bind all souls to this Cross, and to plead forgiveness for them with the voices of my Blood and of my wounds. O Father, do You not see how I have reduced Myself? By this Cross, by virtue of these pains, concede true conversion, peace, forgiveness and sanctity to all. Arrest your fury against poor humanity, against my children. They are blind, and know not what they are doing. Look well at Me, how I have reduced Myself because of them; if you are not moved to compassion for them, may You at least be softened by this Face of mine, dirtied with spit, covered with Blood, bruised and swollen by the so many slaps and blows received. Have pity, my Father! I was the most beautiful of all, and now I am all disfigured, to the point that I no longer recognize Myself. I have become the abject of all; and so, at any cost, I want to save the poor creature!”

“My Father, look at Me, from head to foot; there is not one part of Me which is left whole, I do not know where else to let them open more wounds and to procure more sufferings. If You do not appease Yourself at this sight of love and suffering, who will ever be able to appease You? O creatures, if you do not surrender to so much Love, what hope remains for you to convert? These wounds and Blood of Mine will be voices that constantly call from Heaven to earth, graces of repentance, forgiveness and compassion for you!” (From “The Hours of the Passion”; 19th Hour)

 The Glorious Mysteries


1. The Resurrection (Faith)

Jesus: “My daughter, in my Resurrection, the right was given to creatures to rise again in me to new life. It was the confirmation, the seal of my whole life, my works and my words. If I came on earth it was to give to each and every one my Resurrection, as their own – to give them life and make them rise again in my own Resurrection.

But do you want to know where is the real resurrection of the creature? Not in the end of her days, but while she is still living on earth. One who lives in my Will rises again to light and says: ‘my night is over.’ She rises again in the love of her Creator, so that there is no more cold or snow for her, but the smile of the Heavenly Spring; she rises again to sanctity, which puts to rushed flight all weaknesses, miseries and passions; she rises again to all that is Heaven, and if she looks at the earth, Heaven and Sun, she does it to find the works of her Creator – to take the opportunity to narrate to Him His glory and His long love story. Therefore, one who lives in my Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the sepulcher, ‘He is risen. He is not here any more.’ One who lives in my Will can also say, ‘my will is not with me any longer – it is risen again in the Fiat.’ And if the circumstances of life, opportunities and sufferings surround the creature, as if they were looking for her will, she can answer: ‘my will is risen again, it is not in my power anymore. I possess, in exchange, the Divine Will, and I want to cover with Its light all things around me – circumstances and sufferings, to make them like many divine conquests.’ The soul who lives in our Will finds life in the acts of her Jesus, and as always, in this Life, she finds our operating, conquering, triumphant Will. She gives Us so much glory that Heaven cannot contain it. Therefore, live always in our Will – never leave It, if you want to be our triumph and our glory.” (From Vol. 36; April 20, 1938)

2. The Ascension (Hope)

Jesus: “Daughter of my Will, as your Jesus said, in descending from Heaven to earth: ‘I leave and I stay’; when He ascended into Heaven He said: ‘I stay and I leave.’ My word repeats upon descending as Sacrament in the creatures: ‘I leave and I remain in the Tabernacles.’ In the same way, the creature who lives in my Will can repeat my word in all her acts. As soon as she begins her act, her Jesus is formed in that act. My Life has the virtue of multiplying Itself to infinity as many times as I want. Therefore, in all truth, she can say: ‘I leave and I stay. I leave for Heaven to beatify It, to reach my home and to make known to everyone my dear Jesus, Whom I enclosed in my act so that all may enjoy Him and love Him. I stay on earth, as my life, support and defense for all my brothers and sisters.’ How beautiful one act in my Will!” (From Vol. 35; January 24, 1935)

3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Zeal)

Our Celestial Mother: “…Then the time came for the descent of the Holy Spirit, promised by my Son in the cenacle. What a transformation, my child! As they were invested, they acquired new science, invincible strength, ardent love. A new life flowed within them, which rendered them brave and courageous, in such a way that they scattered throughout the whole world to make Redemption known, and to give their lives for their Master. I remained with beloved John, and was forced to leave Jerusalem, as the storm of persecution began. My dearest child, you must know that I still continue my Magisterium in the Church. There is nothing which does not descend from me. I can say that I pour myself out for love of my children, and that I nourish them with my maternal milk. Now, during these times, I want to display an even more special love by making known how my whole life was formed in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. So I call you onto my knees, into my maternal arms, so that, forming your ship, you may be sure to live in the sea of the Divine Will. Greater grace I could not give you. I beg you, make your Mama content! Come to live in this Kingdom so holy! And when you see that your will wants to have an act of life, come and take refuge in the safe boat of my arms, saying to me: “My Mama, my will wants to betray me, and I deliver it to you, that you may put the Divine Will in its place.” Oh, how happy I will be, in being able to say: “My child is all mine, because she lives from Divine Will.” And I will make the Holy Spirit descend into your soul, that He may burn away from you all that is human; and by His refreshing breath, He may rule over you and confirm you in the Divine Will. (From “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”; Day 30)

 4. The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven (Grace of a  Happy Death)

Jesus: “My daughter, the true name of this Feast [of the Assumption] should be ‘Feast of the Divine Will’. It was the human will that closed Heaven, broke the bonds with its Creator, made miseries and suffering enter the field, and put an end to the feast that the creature was to enjoy in Heaven. Now, this Creature, Queen of all, by doing the Will of the Eternal One, always and in everything – even more, it can be said that Her life was Divine Will alone – opened the Heavens, bound Herself to the Eternal One, and restored in Heaven the feasts with the creature. Every act She did in the Supreme Will, was a feast that She started in Heaven; it was Suns that She formed to adorn this feast; it was melodies that She sent to delight the Celestial Jerusalem. Therefore, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will operating and fulfilled in my Celestial Mama. It operated such prodigies in Her as to astonish Heaven and earth, chain the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and enrapture the Word, even from Her womb. The very Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves: “From where comes so much glory, so much honor, such greatness and prodigies never seen before – in this excelling Creature? Yet, she is coming from the exile!” Astonished, they recognized the Will of their Creator as life operating in Her; and, trembling, they said: “Holy, Holy, Holy! Honor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord! And glory to Mary, trice Holy, She who let this Supreme Will operate!” (From Vol. 18; August 15, 1925)

5. The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother, as Queen of  Heaven and Earth and Queen of the Divine Will (The Gift of Living in the Divine Will)

 Our Celestial Mother: “…As I gave my last breath of pure love in the endlessness of the Divine Will, my Son received me in His arms and took me to Heaven, in the midst of the angelic choirs which praised me as their Queen. I can say that Heaven emptied Itself to come toward me. All celebrated, and in looking at me, remained enraptured and said in chorus: “Who is She, who comes from the exile, all cleaving to her Lord? All beautiful, all holy, with the scepter of Queen? Her greatness is such that the heavens have lowered themselves to receive Her. No other creature has entered the celestial regions so adorned and so striking – so powerful as to hold supremacy over all.”

Now, my child, do you want to know who She is – for Whom the whole of Heaven sings and remains enraptured? It is I – She who never did her own will. The Divine Will abounded so much with me as to extend more beautiful heaven, more refulgent suns, seas of beauty, of love, of sanctity, with which I could give light to all, love and sanctity to all, and enclose everything and everyone within my heaven. It was the work of the Divine Will operating in me to accomplish such a great prodigy; I was the only creature entering Heaven, to have formed Its Kingdom in my soul.” (From “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”; Day 31)

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