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December Reminders

Month of the Divine Infancy

12/1 – 1st Sunday of Advent – New Liturgical Year

– Roman Breviary V1 begins

– Advent/Christmas Round begins this evening:

V20 – 1.1.27 – “I was going around throughout the whole Creation in order to bring the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the sea, in sum, everything, to the Feet of Little Baby Jesus together  with me, to ask Him, all together, that this Kingdom of His Will may Come soon upon earth.”

12/7 – Vigil of the Immaculate Conception

12/8 – 2nd Sunday of Advent – THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (Traditional)

– Patroness of the USA

– Rosa Mystica Hour of Grace – 12:00pm prayers:


12/10 – Our Lady of Loreto – Renew Consecration of homes to Our Lady of Loreto

12/11 – Our Lady, Queen of the Angels

12/12 – Our Lady of Guadalupe – Patroness of the Americas

12/16 – Christmas Novena begins:

V25 – 12.16.28– I was doing my meditation, and since today it was the beginning of the Novena of Baby Jesus, I was thinking about the nine excesses of His Incarnation, which Jesus had narrated to me with so much tenderness, and which are written in the first volume…“why do you want to oppose the reading of the nine excesses? Ah! You do not know how much Life, how much Love and Grace they contain. You Must Know that My Word is Creation, and in narrating to you the Nine Excesses of My Love in the Incarnation, I not only Renewed My Love which I had in Incarnating Myself, but I Created New Love in order to invest the creatures and conquer them to give themselves to Me. These Nine Excesses of My Love, Manifested with So Much Love of Tenderness and Simplicity, Formed the Prelude of the many Lessons I was to give you about My Divine Fiat, in order to form Its Kingdom…”

12/18 – Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

12/24 – Christmas Eve – Sts. Adam and Eve (Historical)

12/25 – The Nativity of Our Lord – Christmas Day – Holy Day of Obligation (New and Traditional)

V4 – 12.25.00 – Then the Queen said to me: “Come, come and take your Beloved, and you too, enjoy Him – pour out your love with Him.” As She was saying this, I drew near Mama, and She gave Him to me, into my arms. Who can say my contentment, the kisses, the squeezes, the tendernesses?…“My beloved, I was Conceived United to Suffering, I was Born to Suffering, and I Died in Suffering. And with the three nails with which they Crucified Me, I Nailed the three powers – intellect, memory and will – of those souls who yearn to love Me, keeping them all Drawn to Myself, because sin had rendered them infirm and dispersed from their Creator, without any restraint.”

12/28 – The Holy Innocents

12/29 – The Holy Family – Jesus, Mary and Joseph (New)

V34 – 5.31.36 – “And My return to Nazareth – how well it symbolizes My Divine Will. I Lived in It hidden, Its Reigning was in Full Vigor within the Holy Family; I was the Word, the Divine Will in Person, Veiled by My Humanity; and that same Divine Will that Reigned in Me Diffused to all, Embraced all, It was Motion and Life of each one; I felt within Me the motion and life of each one, as My Fiat was the Actor. What Pain, what Sorrow – not to be recognized, nor receive a ‘thank You’, an ‘I love You’, an act of gratitude, either from the entire world, or even from the very Nazareth, where not only My Will, but also My Holy Humanity Lived in their midst, never ceasing to give Light to whomever could see Me and approach Me, in order to make Myself Known; while in My Sorrow I remained always the Hidden God.”

12/31 – New Year’s Eve – Te Deum prayer:

Letters of Luisa #6 – “I return to you the wishes for the new year.  But my wishes are always the same – that in all things you may always do the Divine Will.  It will be your breath, your heartbeat, your refuge.  In It you will find True Peace, and you will give it to others; more so, since by doing the Divine Will, a Sweet Blood will Descend into your veins, which will put to flight all troubles of soul and body.”







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