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Feast of the Holy Trinity

Feast of the Holy Trinity In the Divine Will


From the Writings of
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
The Little Daughter of the Divine Will


Book of Heaven _ Volume 1

While my soul was exciting itself with ardent yearnings for receiving the grace that Jesus Himself wanted to give me, Jesus came back and transported me outside of myself, up to Paradise.  And there, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and of all the Celestial Court, He renewed the marriage.  Jesus put out the ring adorned with three precious stones, white, red and green, and He gave it to the Father, who blessed it and gave it back to the Son again.  The Holy Spirit took my right hand and Jesus placed the ring on my ring finger.  Then I was admitted to the kiss of all the Three Divine Persons, and each of Them blessed me.

Who can tell my confusion when I found myself before the Most Holy Trinity?  I will just say that as soon as I found myself in Their presence, I fell flat to the ground, and I would have remained there if it wasn’t for Jesus, who encouraged me to go into Their presence, so much was the light, the sanctity of God.  I am only saying this; the other things I will leave out, because I remember them confusedly.

After this, I remember that a few days passed and I received Communion.  I lost consciousness, and I saw, present before me, the Most Holy Trinity whom I had seen in Heaven.  I immediately prostrated myself at Their presence, I adored Them, I confessed my nothingness.  I remember that I felt so plunged within myself that I did not dare to utter a single word, when a voice came from Their midst and said:  “Do not fear, pluck up courage, We have come to confirm you as Our own, and to take possession of your heart.”  While this voice was saying this, I saw that the Most Holy Trinity descended into my heart and took possession of it – and there They formed Their dwelling.  Who can tell the change that occurred in me?  I felt divinized; it was no longer I who lived, but They were living in me.  It seemed to me that my body was like a residence, and that the living God was residing in it, because I could feel, sensibly, Their real presence in my interior.  I could hear Their voice clearly, coming from within my interior and resounding at the ears of my body.  It happened precisely as when there are people speaking inside a room, and their voices can be heard, clearly and distinctly, also outside.

From that moment on, I no longer had the need to go in search of Him somewhere else in order to find Him, but I could find Him there – inside my heart.

Book of Heaven -Volume 1

And there, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and of all the Celestial Court, He renewed the marriage.  Jesus put out the ring adorned with three precious stones, white, red and green, and He gave it to the Father, who blessed it and gave it back to the Son again.  The Holy Spirit took my right hand and Jesus placed the ring on my ring finger.  Then I was admitted to the kiss of all the Three Divine Persons, and each of Them blessed me.

Book of Heaven -Volume 1

Other times, in this hiding of Jesus and my going around in search for Him, when He would make Himself felt inside of me and then come out from within me, I would find not Jesus alone, but all Three Divine Persons – now in the form of three children, gracious and immensely beautiful, now with one single body and three distinct heads, but resembling each other, all three of them attractive. Who can tell my contentment?  Especially when I would see the three children, whom I would hold, all three of them, in my arms.  I would kiss now one, now another, and receive their kisses; now one would lean on my shoulder, another on the other shoulder, and another would remain in front of me.  And while delighting in them, I would go about looking at them and, to my amazement, from three I would find one.  Another amazement for me when I would be with these three children, was that each one would weigh as much as the three of them together.  I would feel as much love for one of these children, as for all three of them together; each one of them attracted me in the same way.

February 28 A.D. 1899

How she sees the Divinity of Jesus –   The sun is fire, but it is also light and heat.  Here is the Most Holy Trinity veiled in the sun:  the fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit.  However, the sun is one, and just as one cannot separate fire from light and heat, so one is the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who in reality cannot be separated from one another.  And just as fire produces light and heat at the same time, in such a way that fire cannot be conceived without light and heat; in the same way, the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa, but all Three of the Them have the same eternal beginning.

Volume 2 – February 28, 1899

How she sees the Divinity of Jesus.

After the confessor told me to explain to him how I sometimes see the Divinity of Our Lord, I answered that it was impossible for me to be able to tell him anything.  But, at night, blessed Jesus appeared to me and almost reproached me because of this refusal of mine, and then He flashed through me with two most luminous rays.  With the first one I understood in my intellect, that Faith is God and God is Faith.  I tried to say a few things about Faith; now I will try to say how I see God – and this was the second ray.

While I am outside of myself, and I find myself in the height of the heavens, I seem to see God within a light.  He Himself seems to be light, and within this light there is beauty, strength, wisdom, immensity, height, depth – endless and boundless.  Even in the air we breathe is God present, and we breathe Him; so, each one can make Him his own life, as indeed He is.  Nothing escapes Him, and nothing can escape Him.  This light seems to be all voice, though it does not speak; and all operating, though it always rests.  It is present everywhere, though it occupies no space; and while it is present everywhere, it also has its own center.  Oh, God, how incomprehensible You are!  I see You, I feel You, You are my life, You restrict Yourself within me, but You remain always immense and lose nothing of Yourself.  Yet, I feel I am stammering, and it seems I can say nothing.

In order to explain myself better, according to our human language, I will say that I see a shadow of God in the whole creation, because in the whole creation – someplace He has cast the shadow of His beauty, someplace His fragrances, someplace His light, as in the sun, in which I see a special shadow of God.  I see Him as though concealed within this sphere, as the king of all other spheres.  What is the sun?  It nothing but a globe of fire.  One is the globe, but its rays are many; from this we can easily understand how the globe is God, and the rays are the immense attributes of God.

Second.  The sun is fire, but it is also light and heat.  Here is the Most Holy Trinity veiled in the sun:  the fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit.  However, the sun is one, and just as one cannot separate fire from light and heat, so one is the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who in reality cannot be separated from one another.  And just as fire produces light and heat at the same time, in such a way that fire cannot be conceived without light and heat; in the same way, the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa, but all Three of the Them have the same eternal beginning.

Volume 3 – November 26, 1899

Delight of the Holy Trinity because of the sufferings of Luisa.

As I was very much in suffering, my lovable Jesus came and placed His arm behind my neck in the act of sustaining me.  Now, being close to Him, I began to do my usual adorations to all of His holy members, beginning with His most sacred head.  In the act in which I was doing this, He said to me:  “My beloved, I thirst, let me quench my thirst in your love, for I cannot contain Myself any more.”  And assuming the appearance of a baby, He threw Himself into my arms and began to suckle.  He seemed to take immense pleasure, He was all refreshed, and His thirst quenched.  After this, almost wanting to joke with me, with a lance He held in His hand He pierced my heart through, side to side.  I felt a most bitter pain, but – oh! how happy I was to suffer, especially because it was the very hands of my sole and only Good that gave me suffering; and I incited Him to give me greater torment, so great was the pleasure and the sweetness I felt.  And blessed Jesus, to make me more content, tore my heart out, taking it in His hands, and with that same lance He opened it into two halves and found a cross, shining and pure white.  He took it in His hands with great delight, and He told me:  “This cross was produced by the love and the purity with which you suffer; I am so delighted with the way you suffer, that I am not alone, but I call the Father and the Holy Spirit to delight with Me.”

In one instant, I went about looking and I saw Three Persons who, surrounding me, delighted in looking at this cross.  However, lamenting to Them, I said:  ‘Great God, too little is my suffering, I am not content with the cross alone, but I also want the thorns and the nails; and if I do not deserve this, because I am unworthy and a sinner, certainly You can give me the dispositions in order to deserve it.’  And Jesus, sending me a ray of intellectual light, made me understand that He wanted me to make the confession of my sins.  I felt almost floored before the Three Divine Persons, but the Humanity of Our Lord inspired me with confidence; so, turning to Him I recited the Confiteor, and then I began to make the confession of my sins.  Now, while I was all immersed in my misery, a voice came out from Their midst, saying:  “We forgive you, and you – sin no more.”  I was expecting to receive the absolution from Our Lord, but all of a sudden He disappeared.  After a little while He came back crucified, and shared with me the pains of the cross.

Volume 3 – May 9, 1900

Luisa sees the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity in the form of three Suns.

After I had gone through days not only of privation, but also of disturbance, this morning, as I was yet more disturbed about my miserable state, adorable Jesus, on coming, told me:  “By being restless, you have disturbed my sweet rest.  Ah, yes, you do not let Me rest any more!”  Who can say how mortified I was left in hearing that I had deprived Jesus Christ of rest?  In spite of this, I calmed down for a few hours, but then I found myself more restless than before, to the point that I myself do not where I will end up this time.

After those few words spoken by Jesus, I found myself outside of myself, and in looking into the vault of the heavens, I saw three Suns:  one seemed to set in the east, another in the west, and the third in the south.  The splendor of the rays that they sent forth was so great that they united with one another, in such a way as to become one.  I seemed to see the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, and man, formed with the three powers in Its image.  I also understood that for one who stayed in that light, his will would be transformed in the Father, his intellect in the Son, his memory in the Holy Spirit.  How many things I understood!  But I am unable to manifest them.

Volume 4 – December 3, 1900

The nature of the Most Holy Trinity is formed of most pure, most simple, communicative Love.

This morning, as I was outside of myself, I found myself with Baby Jesus in my arms; and while I delighted in looking at Him, I don’t know how, from the same Baby a second came out, and after a few instants, a third Baby, both of Them similar to the first, though distinct among Themselves.  Stupefied in looking at this, I said:  “Oh, how one can touch with hand the sacrosanct mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, that while You are One, You are also Three.’  It seemed to me that all Three of Them spoke to me, but as the word came out, it became one single voice:  “Our nature is formed of most pure, most simple, communicative Love, and the nature of true Love has this of its own:  it produces from itself images fully similar to itself in power, in goodness, in beauty and in everything it contains; and only to give more sublime prominence to Our Omnipotence it places the mark of distinction, in such a way that, melting in love, this nature of Ours – which is simple, with no matter at all which might prevent Our union – forms Three [Persons]; and returning to melt, it forms One.  It is so true that the nature of true Love has this prerogative of producing images fully similar to itself, or of assuming the image of the beloved, that the Second Person, in redeeming mankind, assumed the nature and the image of man, and communicated the Divinity to man.”

While They were saying this, I could distinguish my beloved Jesus very well, recognizing the image of the human nature in Him, and only because of Him I had the confidence to remain in Their presence; otherwise, who would have dared?  Ah, yes! It seemed to me that the humanity assumed by Jesus had opened commerce for the creature, so as to let her ascend up to the throne of the Divinity to be admitted to converse with Them, and to obtain deeds of graces.  Oh, what happy moments I enjoyed!  How many things I understood; but in order to describe something, I would have to describe it when my soul is with my dear Jesus, as she seems to be set free from the body.  But as I find myself imprisoned again, the darkness of the imprisonment, the distance of my mystical Sun, the pain of not seeing Him, render me incapable of describing it, and make me live dying.  Yet, I am forced to live, fastened, imprisoned in this miserable body.  Ah, Lord, have compassion for a miserable sinner who lives infirm and imprisoned!  Break soon the wall of this prison, that I may fly to You and come back no more.

Volume 4 – December 27, 1901

Jesus, the administer of the Most Holy Trinity to creatures. 

It is needless to talk about my poor state – about how I have reduced myself; it would be wanting to embitter and deepen the wounds of my soul.  Therefore I let everything pass in silence, making an offering to the Lord.

This morning, while I was crying over the loss of my adorable Jesus, the confessor came and gave me the obedience to pray the Lord to deign to come.  It seems He came, and since the confessor had placed the intention of the crucifixion, He shared with me the pains of the cross, and while doing this, He said to the confessor:  “I was the administer of the Most Holy Trinity – that is, I administered to people the power, the wisdom and the charity of the Divine Persons.  You, being my representative, must do nothing but continue my same work with souls; and if you do not interest yourself, you come to break the work which I started, and I feel defrauded in the execution of my designs, and I am forced to withdraw the power, the wisdom and the charity which I would have administered to you had you carried out the work I entrusted to you.”

Volume 4 – January 26, 1902 The Queen Mama is enriched with the three prerogatives of the Most Holy Trinity.

This morning, while I was in my usual state, I saw an endless light before me, and I comprehended that in that light dwelled the Most Holy Trinity.  I also saw the Queen Mama before that light; She was all absorbed in the Most Holy Trinity, and She absorbed all Three Divine Persons within Herself, in such a way as to be enriched with the three prerogatives of the Sacrosanct Trinity – which are Power, Wisdom and Charity.  And just as God loves mankind as part of Himself, and as a particle that came out of Him, and He ardently desires that this part of Himself return into Himself, so does the Queen Mama, by participating in this, love mankind with passionate love.

Now, while comprehending this, I saw the confessor, and I prayed the Most Holy Virgin to intercede with the Most Holy Trinity for him.  She bowed, taking my prayer to the Throne of God, and I saw that from the Divine Throne a flow of light came out, which covered the confessor completely, and I found myself inside myself.

Volume 4 – January 13, 1903 Luisa sees the Most Holy Trinity. 

As I was in my usual state, I seemed to see the Most Holy Trinity.  They were looking at One Another, and in those gazes Their beauty was so great that They would remain ecstatic at the mere gazing upon One Another.  In this state They overflowed with love, and were as though stirred by that love, to then become more intensely ecstatic.  So, all of Their good and delight was comprised within Themselves, and the whole of Their eternal life, beatitude and exercise, was enclosed in this word alone:  ‘Love’.  And the whole beatitude of the Saints was formed by this perfect operating of the Most Holy Trinity.  While I was seeing this, the Son assumed the form of the Crucified, and coming out from Their midst, He came to me, sharing with me the pains of the crucifixion.  And while remaining with Me, He brought Himself once again into Their midst, and offered His sufferings and mine, satisfying for the love that all creatures owed Them.  Who can say Their delight, and how satisfied They were by the offering of the Son!  It seemed that, since in creating the creatures nothing had come out of Their interior but contained flames of love; so much so, that in order to give vent to this love They began to create many other images of Themselves – only when They receive what They have given, are They then satisfied – that is, love They gave, love They want.  So, the most awful affront is to not love Them.  Yet, Oh God, three times holy, who is there that loves You?

Volume 11 – June 12, 1913 The effects of fusing oneself in Jesus:  taking part in His work.  This produces the life of the Divine Will and the life of the Divine Love in the soul; therefore the Most Holy Trinity is formed in her.

While I was praying, I was uniting my mind to the mind of Jesus, my eyes to those of Jesus, and so forth with everything else, with the intention of doing what Jesus did with His mind, with His eyes, with His mouth, with His Heart, and so forth.  And as it seemed that the mind of Jesus, His eyes, etc. were spreading themselves for the good of all, it also seemed that I too was spreading myself for the good of all, uniting and identifying myself with Jesus.

Now, I thought to myself:  ‘What kind of meditation is this?  What prayer?  Ah, I am no longer good at anything!  I am not even able to reflect on something!’  While I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus told me:  “My daughter, what? Are you afflicting yourself with this?  Instead of troubling yourself you should be happy, because when you were meditating at other times, and many beautiful reflections arose within your mind, you did nothing other than take part in Me, in my qualities and in my virtues.  Now, since the only thing left to you is the opportunity of uniting and identifying yourself with Me, you take everything from Me.  Unable to do any good by yourself, with Me you become good at everything, because desiring and wanting good produce strength in the soul which makes her grow, and which settles her in the Divine Life.  Then, by uniting and identifying herself with Me, she unites with my mind, producing many lives of holy thoughts in the minds of the creatures; as she unites with my eyes, she produces many lives of holy glances in the creatures.  In the same way, if she unites with my mouth, she will give life to the words; if she unites to my Heart, my desires, my hands, my steps, she will give a life for every heartbeat – life to desires, to actions, to steps…  But holy lives, since I contain within me Creative Power, and therefore the soul, together with Me, creates and does whatever I do.

Now, this union with Me – part to part, mind to mind, heart to heart, etc. – produces in you, in the highest degree, the Life of my Will and of my Love.  The Father is formed in this Will, and the Holy Spirit in this Love; while the Son is formed by the operation, the words, the works, the thoughts, and by all the rest that can come from this Will and from this Love – here is the Trinity in the souls.  In this way, if We need to operate, it is indifferent whether We operate within the Trinity in Heaven, or within the Trinity of the souls on earth.

This is why I keep taking everything else away from you, although they may be good and holy things:  to give you the best and the holiest – Myself; and to make of you another Myself, as much as this is possible for the creature.  I believe you won’t lament any more, will you?”  And I:  ‘Ah, Jesus, Jesus!  I feel, rather, that I have become awful bad; and the worst is that I am unable to find this badness of mine, so that, at least, I would do anything I can to cast it away.’  And Jesus:  “Stop, stop.  Do not go too deeply into the thought of yourself.  Think of Me, and I will take care of your badness too.  Have you understood?”

Volume 11 –  March 19, 1914 The soul who diffuses herself in the Divine Will forms the delight of the Most Holy Trinity.

It seems that blessed Jesus wants to speak about His Most Holy Will.  I was diffusing myself throughout all His interior – in His thoughts, desires, affections, in His Will, in His Love, in everything, when Jesus told me with infinite sweetness:  “Oh, if you knew the contentment that one who does my Will gives Me!  Your heart would break with joy.  See, as you were diffusing yourself in my thoughts, desires, etc., you were forming the delight of my thoughts, while my desires, fusing in yours, were playing together with them.  Your affections, united to your will and to your love, running and flying into my affections, into my Will and into my Love, were kissing one another; and pouring like a rapid rivulet into the immense sea of the Eternal One, they were playing with the Divine Persons – now with the Father, now with Me, and now with the Holy Spirit.

Then, wanting to give no time to One Another, We play with her – all Three together, making of her Our own jewel.  This jewel – our delight – is so dear to Us that We keep it with jealousy ‘ad intra’, in the intimate part of our Will; and when the creatures embitter Us and offend Us, in order to be cheered, We take our jewel, and We amuse Ourselves together.”

Volume 12 – January 24, 1921

The third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption.  These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth.

I was feeling annihilated in thinking about this blessed FIAT, but my lovable Jesus wanted to increase my confusion.  It seems that He wants to make fun of me, proposing to me astonishing and almost incredible things, taking pleasure in seeing me confused and more annihilated.  And what is worse, is that I am forced by obedience to write them, to my greater torment.  So, while I was praying, my sweet Jesus leaned His head against Mine, sustaining His forehead with His hand; and a light coming from His forehead told me:  “My daughter, the first FIAT was pronounced in Creation with no intervention of creature.  The second FIAT was pronounced in Redemption; I wanted the intervention of the creature, and I chose my Mama for the completion of the second FIAT.  Now, for the fulfillment of both, I want to pronounce the third FIAT, and I want to pronounce It through you; I have chosen you for the fulfillment of the third FIAT.  This third FIAT will bring to completion the glory and the honor of the FIAT of Creation, and will be confirmation and development of the fruits of the FIAT of Redemption.  These three FIATs will conceal the Most Holy Trinity on earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven.  These three FIATs will be inseparable – each one will be life of the other.  They will be one and triune, but distinct among themselves.  My Love wants it, my Glory demands it:  having unleashed the first two FIATs from the womb of my Creative Power, It wants to unleash the third FIAT, because my Love can no longer contain It – and this, in order to complete the work which came from Me; otherwise, the works of Creation and of Redemption would be incomplete.”

On hearing this, I was not only confused, but stunned, and I said to myself:  ‘Is all this possible?  There are so many.  And if it is true that He has chosen me, it seems to me that this is one of the usual follies of Jesus.  And then, what could I do or say from within a bed, half crippled and inept as I am?  Could I ever face the multiplicity and infinity of the FIAT of Creation and of Redemption?  Since my FIAT is similar to the other two FIATs, I must run together with them, multiply myself with them, do the good which they do, braid myself with them… Jesus, think of what You are doing!  I am not for this much.’  But who can tell all the nonsense that I was saying?

Now, my sweet Jesus came back and told me:  “My daughter, calm yourself – I choose whomever I please.  However, know that I begin all of my works between Myself and one creature; and then they are spread.  In fact, who was the first spectator of the FIAT of my Creation?  Adam, and then Eve.  It surely wasn’t a multitude of people.  Only after years and years did crowds and multitudes of people become spectators of It.  In the second FIAT my Mama was the only spectator; not even Saint Joseph knew anything, and my Mama found herself more than in your condition:  the greatness of the Creative Power of my work which She felt within Herself was such that, confused, She did not feel the strength to mention it to anyone.  And if, then, Saint Joseph knew it, it was because I manifested it to him.  So, this FIAT germinated like a seed within Her virginal womb; the ear of grain was formed in order to multiply It, and then It came to the light of day.  But who were the spectators?  Very few.  In the room of Nazareth my dear Mama and Saint Joseph were the only spectators.  Then, when my Most Holy Humanity grew up, I went out and I made Myself known – but not to all.  Afterwards, It spread more, and It will still spread.

So will the third FIAT be.  It will germinate within you; the ear of grain will be formed; only the priest will have knowledge of It.  Then, a few souls – and then, It will spread.  It will spread, and will follow the same path as Creation and Redemption.  The more crushed you feel, the more the ear of the third FIAT grows and is fecundated in you.  Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

Volume 13 – December  5, 1921

One who does not accept the gifts of God is ungrateful. The gift of the Divine Will was given to Luisa from the time of the renewal of the mystical marriage before the Holy Trinity, thirty-two years before.  Doubts and difficulties.  Jesus answers them in advance. 

After I wrote that which is said above, I felt all concerned and, more than ever, annihilated.  And as I began to pray, my always lovable Jesus came, and clasping me tightly to His Heart, told me:  “Daughter of my Will, why do you not want to recognize the gifts that your Jesus wants to give you?  This is highest ingratitude.  Imagine a king, surrounded by his faithful ministers, and a poor boy, barefooted and ragged, who, taken by love of seeing the king, goes up to the royal palace, and making himself smaller than he is, looks at the king from behind the ministers, and then lowers himself for fear of being discovered.  The king notices this, and while the boy is huddled behind the ministers, he calls him and takes him aside.  The little one trembles, he blushes, he fears to be punished, but the king presses him to his heart and says to him:  ‘Do not fear, I took you aside to tell you that I want to raise you above all.  I want you to surpass all the gifts that I have given to my ministers, nor do I want you to leave my royal palace ever again.’  If the boy is good, he will accept the proposal of the king with love; he will tell everyone of how good the king is.  He will say it to the ministers, calling everyone to thank the king.  If, though, he is ungrateful, he will refuse to accept, saying:  ‘What do you want from me?  I am a little one – poor, ragged and barefooted.  These gifts are not for me.’  And he will keep in his heart the secret of his ingratitude.  Is this not a horrendous ingratitude?  And what will happen to that boy?  So you are:  because you see yourself unworthy, you would rather get rid of my gifts.”

And I:  ‘My Love, you are right, but what concerns me the most is that You always want to speak about me.’  And He:  “It is right, it is necessary that I speak about you.  Would it be nice if a bridegroom who is about to marry his bride, were forced to deal with others but not with her; while it is necessary that they confide their secrets to each other, that one know what the other has, that their parents provide this couple with a dowry, and that they become used to each other’s ways in advance?”

And I added:  ‘Tell me, my Life, and who is my family?  What is my dowry and Yours?’  And smiling, He continued:  “Your family is the Trinity.  Don’t you remember that in the first years of bed I took you to Heaven and we celebrated our union before the Most Holy Trinity?  And the Trinity endowed you with such gifts that you yourself have not yet known them; and as I speak to you about my Will, about Its effects and value, I make you discover the gifts with which, from that time, you were endowed.  I do not speak to you about my dowry, because what is mine is yours.  And then, after a few days, We, the Three Divine Persons, descended from Heaven, took possession of your heart, and formed Our perpetual dwelling in it.  We took the reins of your intelligence, of your heart, and of all of you; and everything you did was an outpouring of Our Creative Will over you, and the confirmation that your will was animated by an Eternal Will.

The work is already done.  There is nothing left but to make it known, so that, not only you, but also others may take part in these great goods.  And this I am doing by calling now one minister, now another, and even ministers from places afar, to make known to them these great truths.  Therefore, this thing is mine – not yours; so, let Me do.  Even more, you must know that every time you manifest one additional value of my Will, I feel so much contentment that I love you with multiplied love.”

And I, blushing about my difficulties, said:  ‘My highest and only Good, see how I have become more bad.  Before I used to have no doubts about what You told me; now – no; how many doubts, how many difficulties.  I myself don’t know where I go fishing for them.’  And Jesus:  “Do not worry about this either.  Many times I Myself cause these difficulties in order to answer not only you, confirming to you the truths that I tell you, but to answer all those who, in reading these truths, may find doubts and difficulties.  I answer them in advance, so that they may find light, and all of their difficulties may be dissolved.  Criticism will not be lacking; therefore, everything is necessary.”

Volume 13 – January 14, 1922 The Most Holy Trinity, inaccessible Light that gives life to all.

I found myself outside of myself, and I saw the Heavens opened, and a Light, inaccessible to any creature.  Rays descended from within this Light, which invested all creatures – celestial, terrestrial and purging.  Some rays were so dazzling that, though remaining invested, enraptured and delighted, one would not know how to describe anything of what they contained.  Other rays were less dazzling, and one could describe the beauty, the happiness and the truths which they contained.  However, the power of the Light was such that I myself didn’t know whether my little mind would ever be capable of going back into myself again.  If my Jesus had not stirred me with His words, no human force could have pulled me back from that Light, to call me back to life.  But alas! I am still unworthy of my dear Celestial Fatherland.  My unworthiness forces me to wander in exile, but – oh! how hard this is for me!

Then Jesus told me:  “My daughter, let us go back together into your bed.  What you see is the Most Holy Trinity, as though holding all creatures in the palm of Its hand; and as It gives life, preserves, purges and delights from Its mere breath, there is no creature which does not hang upon It.  Its Light is inaccessible to created mind.  If anyone wanted to enter, it would happen to him as to a person who wanted to enter into a great fire:  not having sufficient heat and power to face this fire, he would be consumed by the fire.  Therefore, being extinguished, he would never be able to say either how much or what kind of heat that fire contained.  The rays are the divine virtues.  Some virtues are less adaptable to created mind; this is why the created mind is delighted by them, it can see them, but is unable to describe anything.  The other virtues, which are more adaptable to the human mind, can be described, but like a stutterer would do, because no one can speak about them in a way which is right and worthy.  The virtues which are more adaptable to the human mind are Love, Mercy, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Science.  Therefore, together with Me, let us send our homages to the Most Holy Trinity in the name of all, to thank It, praise It and bless It for so much goodness toward all creatures.”

Then, after I prayed together with Jesus, I returned into myself.

Volume 14 – April 8, 1922 The Most Holy Trinity concurring in the creation of man.  Sorrow of Jesus in seeing the will, the intelligence and the memory of man deformed. 

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the sorrow that my sweet Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemani, when all of our sins presented themselves before His Sanctity.  And Jesus, all afflicted, told me in my interior:  “My daughter, my sorrow was great and incomprehensible to created mind, especially when I saw the human intelligence deformed – the beautiful image of Myself which I reproduced in it, no longer beautiful, but ugly and horrid.

I endowed man with will, intellect and memory.  In the first shone my Celestial Father who, as primary act communicated His power, His sanctity and His height, through which He elevated the human will, investing it with His own sanctity, power and nobility, leaving all currents between Himself and the human will open, so that it might be enriched more and more with the treasures of my Divinity.  Between the human will and the Divine there was neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine’, but everything was in common, with mutual accord.  Man was Our image – Our own thing; so, he veiled Us.  Our Life was to be his; therefore, as primary act He constituted his will free and independent, just as the Will of my Celestial Father was, as primary act.  But how much has this will disfigured itself!  Free as it was, it rendered itself the slave of most vile passions.  Ah! it is the will that is the beginning of all the evils of man – it can no longer be recognized.  How it decayed from its nobility – it is disgusting to look at.

Now, as second act, I, Son of God, concurred by endowing man with intellect, communicating to him my wisdom and the knowledge of all things, so that by knowing them, he might enjoy them and delight in what is good.  But, alas, what a bilge of vices is the intelligence of the creature!  He has used knowledge to deny his Creator.

Then, as third act, the Holy Spirit concurred by endowing him with memory, so that in remembering so many benefits, he might be in continuous currents of love, in continuous relations.  Love was to crown him, embrace him and permeate all of his life.  But how saddened the Eternal Love remains!  This memory remembers pleasures, riches, and remembers even to sin, while the Sacrosanct Trinity is cast out of the gifts which It gave to Its creature.

My sorrow was indescribable at seeing the deformity of the three powers of man.  We had formed Our royal palace in him, and he had cast Us out.”

Volume 14 – April 13, 1922 Triple affirmation of wanting to live in the Divine Will.  The soul who lives in the Divine Will lives in the womb of the Most Holy Trinity.

I was continuing my usual prayers, and my lovable Jesus, surprising me from behind my shoulders, called me by name, telling me:  “Luisa, daughter of my Will, do you want to live always in my Will?”

And I:  ‘Yes, O Jesus.’

And He:  “But is it really true that you want to live in my Will?”

And I:  ‘It is really true, my Love, nor would I adapt myself to live of another will.’

And Jesus, again:  “But do you say it firmly?”

Now, seeing myself confused, almost fearing, I added:  “My Life, Jesus, You make me fear with these questions.  Explain Yourself better.  I say it firmly, but always helped by You, and in the strength of your Will, which involves me completely, in such a way that I could not do without living in your Volition.”  And He, heaving a sigh of relief, repeated:  “How happy I am with your triple affirmation!  Do not fear, these are nothing but reassurances, reaffirmations and confirmations, so as to impress in you the triple seal of the Will of the Three Divine Persons.  You must know that one who lives in my Will must rise high – but so high as to live in the womb of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Your life and Ours must be one; therefore it is necessary, it is decorous that you know where you are, and with whom you are; that you conform to whatever We do, and that, not by force, but willingly, with love and with full knowledge, you live in Our womb.

Now, do you know what Our Divine Life is?  We amuse Ourselves very much in issuing from Us new images of Ourselves.  We are in continuous act of forming Our images, so much so, that Heaven and earth are filled with Our images – their shadows flow everywhere.  The sun is Our image, and Its light is the shadow of Ours, which covers all the earth.  The heavens are Our image, which extend everywhere and carry the shadow of Our own immensity.  Man is Our image, who carries Our power, wisdom and love within himself.  So, We do nothing other than continuously produce Our images, which resemble Us.  Now, one who must live in Our Will, living in Our womb, must form many other copies of Ourselves together with Us; she must be with Us in Our work; she must let copies and shadows of Us come out of herself, filling the whole earth and Heaven.

Now, in creating the first man, We formed him with Our hands, and breathing over him, We gave him life.  Once We made the first, all the others take origin from the first, and are copies of the first.  Our power, flowing through all generations, reproduces copies of him.  Now, since We constitute you firstborn daughter of Our Will, it is necessary that you live with Us in order to form the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will, so that, as she lives in Us, she may receive Our attitude, and may learn with Our power to operate according to Our way.  Once We have made of you the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will, more copies will come.

The road of Our Will is extremely long – it embraces Eternity.  And while it seems that one has navigated the road, much remains to do and to receive from Us in order to learn Our ways, and to form the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will.  This is the greatest work We must do; therefore We must give you much, and it is necessary to dispose you much so that you may receive.  This is the reason for my repeated questions:  it is to dispose you, to enlarge you and to elevate you in order to accomplish my designs.  I care so much about it, that I would leave everything aside to reach my purpose.  Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

Volume 16 – May 13, 1924 True adoration consists in the complete accord of the union of the Will of God with the soul.  The true and perfect model of adoration is the Most Holy Trinity.  One flight of the soul in the Divine Will is enough for Jesus to fill all her involuntary voids of love. 

I was doing my usual prayers, and while abandoning all of myself in the arms of the Supreme Will, in It I intended to do my adorations of the Divine Majesty.  And my Jesus, moving in my interior, took my poor soul in His arms, and raising it between Heaven and earth, adored with me the Supreme Being; and then He said to me:  “My daughter, true and perfect adoration is in the complete accord of the union of the Will of God with the soul.  The more the soul makes her will one with that of her Creator, the more complete and perfect her adoration is.  And if the human will is not one with the Divine – even more, if it is far away from God – it cannot be called adoration, but shadow, or colorless shade, which leaves not even a trace.  And if the human will is not disposed to receive the kiss of the union of the Supreme Will, instead of adoration, it can be insult and scorn.  The first act of adoration is to recognize the Will of her Creator in order to do it; if this is not there, she adores with words, but in fact she insults and offends.  And if you want to know the true and perfect model of adoration, come with Me into the midst of the Three Divine Persons.”

I don’t know how, Jesus clasped me more tightly and raised me higher, into the midst of an unending light.  I felt myself being annihilated, but my annihilation was overtaken by a Divine Life, which unleashed from Itself many different shades of beauty, of sanctity, of light, of goodness, of peace, of love, etc.; in such a way that my nothingness was transformed by those divine shades, to the point of no longer being recognized and of enamoring the very One who had so much embellished me.  And my sweet Jesus resumed His speaking:  “See, my daughter, the primary act of the Divine Persons is the perfect accord of Our Will.  Our Will is so unified that Will of One cannot be distinguished from That of the Other; so much so, that even though Our Persons are distinct – We are Three – Our Will is One, and this One Will produces a continuous act of perfect adoration among the Divine Persons – One adores the Other.  This accord of Will produces equality of sanctity, of light, of goodness, of beauty, of power, of love, and establishes in Us the true reign of order and of peace, giving Us immense joys and happinesses, and infinite beatitudes.  So, the accord of the human will with the Divine is the first link of connection between Creator and creature; and from it, the divine virtues descend into her as within a channel, producing in her true adoration and perfect love for her Creator.  And rising from within that same channel of connection, she receives the different shades of the divine qualities; and every time the soul rises in order to dive into this eternal Will, she is embellished by, and acquires, as many more varieties of divine beauty.

This is why I say that the soul who does my Will is my amusement and my contentment.  And in order to amuse Myself, I keep the brush of my Will in my hands, and as she dives into my Will, I touch her up and I amuse Myself by impressing on her, with a brush stroke of mine, one more shade of my beauty, of my love, of my sanctity, and of all my qualities.  So, for Me, being in her and being in Heaven are the same – I find the same adoration of the Divine Persons, my Will, my love.  And since there is always something that can be given to the creature, I act now as a skillful painter, and I portray my image in her; now as a teacher, and I teach her the highest and most sublime doctrines; now as a passionate lover, giving and wanting love.  In sum, I use and perform all my arts to amuse Myself with her.  And when my love, offended by creatures, finds no place in which to take refuge, in which to find escape from those who chase Me to give Me death or force Me to set off to the vault of the Heavens – I take refuge in the soul who contains my Will within herself, and there I find my power that defends Me, my love that loves Me, my peace that gives Me rest; I find everything I want.  Therefore, my Will connects everything together – Heaven and earth, and all goods – and It makes them one; and from this alone derive all possible and imaginable goods.  So, I can say that the soul who does my Will is the all for Me, and that I am the all for her.”

Then, my lovable Jesus withdrew into the depth of my heart, and He disappeared from me.  I remained comforted, yes, strengthened, but prey to the sorrow of having been left without Him, and of having told Him not even a word about my hard state.  Ah! yes, when one is with Jesus, the soul flatters herself that she will possess Him forever, and she feels need for nothing; all troubles disappear and, with Jesus, all goods enter the field.  But as He withdraws, the troubles come back and the pain of His privation sharpens its edge even more, which, ripping her poor heart open without pity, renders her pain ever new and more intense.  In the meantime, my Jesus appeared again, and told Me that He had His Heart all wounded, as by a thousand punctures; and He said to me:  “My daughter, it is you who made these wounds to my Heart.  As you were calling Me, you were wounding Me; as you would remember that you were without Me, you would repeat the wounds; and as you would suffer because of my privation, you would add yet more wounds.”  On hearing this, I said:  ‘My Love, if You knew how my heart bleeds because of You, and how wounded and embittered I feel it because of your privation, to the point that I can take no more….  So, I feel it more wounded than You do.’  And Jesus:  “Let us see, then, who has more wounds – whether you or I.”  So, Jesus visited the interior of my soul, and then He made the comparison between Himself and me, to see who had more wounds – whether I or Jesus.  To my surprise, I saw that Jesus had more wounds than I did, although I had quite a few.  And Jesus continued:  “Have you seen how I am more wounded than you are?  However, know that there are various voids of love because of my privation; but do not fear, for I will take on the commitment to filling them, because I know that you cannot do what you do when you are together with Me.  So, since it is not your will to form these voids of love, your Jesus will take care of filling them.  One flight I make you do in my Will will be enough to put us in accord in love, in such a way that, overflowing outside, this love will flow for the good of our brothers.  Therefore, let Me do, and trust Me.”

Volume 17 – May 4, 1925 The mission of the Divine Will will veil the Most Holy Trinity upon earth, and will make man return to his origin.

After writing what is written above, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Jesus, fusing all of myself in His Most Holy Will; and my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His most holy face close to mine, all tenderness, told me:  “My daughter, did you write everything on the mission of my Will?”  And I:  ‘Yes, yes, I wrote everything.’  And He, again:  “And what if I told you that you have not written everything?  Rather, you have left out the most essential thing.  So, continue writing, and add:  ‘The mission of my Will will veil the Most Holy Trinity upon earth.  Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, inseparable from One Another but distinct among Themselves, forming the whole beatitude of Heaven; in the same way, on earth there will be three persons who, because of their missions, will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  the Virgin, with Her Maternity which veils the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, which enclosed the Divinity, and the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, manifested my celestial wisdom – adding the bond of rendering Myself inseparable from my Mama; and you, for the mission of my Will, as the Holy Spirit will make display of His love, manifesting to you the secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much good this Supreme Will contains, to love It and to let It reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to form Its Life in them – adding the bond of inseparability between you, the Mother and the Eternal Word.

These three missions are distinct and inseparable.  The first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work, and with unheard-of pains, for the third mission of my Will, to then fuse themselves all in It without leaving their office, so as to find rest, because my Will alone is celestial rest.  These missions will not be repeated, because the exuberance of grace, of light, of knowledge is such and so great that all human generations can be filled with them; even more, they will not be able to contain all the good which they contain.  These missions are symbolized by the sun; in fact, in creating it, I filled it with so much light and heat, that all human generations have superabundant light.  Nor did I consider that, since at the beginning of creation there were only Adam and Eve who would enjoy it, I could place the necessary light for them only, to then increase new light as the generations would grow.  No, no – I made it full of light, just as it is now, and will be.  For the decorum and the honor of Our power, wisdom and love, Our works are always done with the fullness of all the good which they contain; nor are they subject to increasing or decreasing.  So I did with the sun:  I centralized in it all the light which was to serve up to the last man.  But how many goods does the sun not do for the earth?  What glory, in its mute light, does it not give to its Creator?  I can say that because of the immense goods it does to the earth, in its mute language the sun glorifies Me and makes Me known more than all other things together; and this, because it is full in its light, and stable in its course.  When I looked at the sun which, with so much light, only Adam and Eve were enjoying, I also looked at all the living; and in seeing that that light was to serve all, my paternal goodness exulted with joy, and I remained glorified in my works.  So I did with my Mama:  I filled Her with so much grace, that She can give graces to all without ever exhausting even one of them.  So I did with my Humanity:  there is no good which It does not possess; It enclosed everything, and the very Divinity, to give It to whomever wants of It.  So I did with you:  I enclosed in you my Will, and, with It, I enclosed Myself.  I enclosed in you Its knowledges, Its secrets, Its light.  I filled your soul up to the brim; so much so, that what you write is nothing other than the outpouring of what you contain of my Will.  And even though it now serves you alone, and a few glimmers of light serve a few others, I am content because, being light, more than second sun, it will make its way by itself, in order to illuminate the human generations and to bring about the fulfillment of Our works:  that Our Will be known and loved, and that It reign as life in the creatures.  This was the purpose of Creation – this, its beginning, and this will be the means and the end.

Therefore, be attentive, because this is about placing in safety that Eternal Will which, with so much love, wants to dwell in the creatures.  But It wants to be known, It does not want to be like a stranger, but wants to give Its goods and become Life of each one.  However, It wants Its rights, Its place of honor; It wants the human will to be put aside – the only enemy for Itself and for man.  The mission of my Will was the purpose of the creation of man.  My Divinity did not depart from Heaven – from Its throne, while my Will not only departed, but descended into all created things and formed Its Life in them.  But while all things recognized Me, and I dwell in them with majesty and decorum, man alone drove Me away.  But I want to conquer him and win him, and therefore my mission is not ended.  So I called you, entrusting to you my own mission, that you may place the one who drove Me away on the lap of my Will, and everything may return to Me in my Will.  Therefore, do not be surprised at the many great and marvelous things I may tell you for the sake of this mission, or at the many graces I may give you; because this is not about making a Saint, or saving the generations.  This is about placing a Divine Will in safety, that all may return to the beginning, to the origin from which all came, and that the purpose of my Will may have its fulfillment.’”

Volume 26 – April 12, 1929 The Creation, act of profound adoration of the Divine Trinity.

I was all abandoned in the Divine Fiat; Its light eclipsed my littleness and transported me up there, even into the womb of the Eternal One, where nothing but Light, Sanctity, Beauty could be seen, which infused in me profound adoration, such that I felt my little existence changed into one single act of adoration for that God who so much loved me and loves me.  Then, while my mind was wandering within the light of the Divine Volition, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, the Sanctity of Our Divine Being, the one Power of Our Will with which We are invested – in such a way that, even though We are distinct as Persons, yet Our Will which operates in Us, which dominates, which rules, is always one – Our equal, reciprocal and incessant Love, produce[1] in Us the most profound adoration among the Divine Persons.  So, everything that comes out of Us is but acts of profound adoration of all Our Divine Being.

Therefore, when Our Divine Fiat wanted to issue the whole Creation into the field with Its creating, operating and vivifying Power, as Our Fiat was being pronounced, We kept issuing from within Ourselves acts of profound adoration.  So, the heavens are nothing other than an act of profound adoration of the immensity of Our Divine Being, and therefore everywhere one can see heavens, both at night and at daytime.  The immensity of Our Being released from Our womb the immensity of Our adoration, and extended the starry heavens over the universe, to call all those who would inhabit the earth in Our one Will, so as to unify them within the immensity of Our adoration, in such a way that, by virtue of Our Fiat, man was to extend himself within the immensity of his Creator, to form his heaven of profound adoration for the One who had created him.  The sun is an act of adoration of Our endless light, and the ardor of its adoration is such and so great, that it is not content with letting itself be seen up high, under the vault of the heavens, but from the center of its sphere it lowers its rays down to the level of the earth.  Molding and touching everything with its hands of light, it invests everything and everyone with its adoration of light, and it calls plants, flowers, trees, birds and creatures to form one single adoration in the Will of the One who created them.  The sea, the air, the wind and all created things, are nothing other than acts of profound adoration of Our Divine Being, which, some from afar, some from nearby, call the creature into the unity of Our Fiat, to repeat the profound acts of Our adoration; and as she makes what is Ours her own, she can give Us the sun, the wind, the sea, the flowery earth, as profound adorations which Our one Will knows how to, and can produce in the creature.  What can Our Fiat not do?  With Its one strength It can do anything, It unites everything, It keeps everything in act, and It unites Heaven and earth, Creator and creature, making them one.”

Having said this, He withdrew into the depth of His light, and He kept silent; and I remained there, continuing my round in the Creation, to follow that profound adoration of my Creator in all created things.  Oh! how one could feel the fragrance of the divine adoration in each created thing.  One could touch with one’s own hand Their adored breath; one could feel in the wind the penetrating, ruling adoration of Our Creator, which, investing the whole earth, now with light blowing, now with mighty waves, now with caressing breaths, invests us so much and calls us to the adoration of its Creator which the wind possesses.  Who can tell of the strength of the wind?  In a few minutes, it goes around the entire world, and now with empire, now with moans, now with feeble voice, and now screaming, it invests us and calls us to unite ourselves to that divine adoration which it gives to its Creator.  Then, continuing my round, I could see the sea.  In those crystal clear waters, in that continuous murmuring, in its gigantic waves, Jesus was saying that that sea was nothing other than an act of profound adoration of the divine purity, adoration of Their love which murmurs continuously, and, in the waves, adoration of the divine strength which moves everything and everyone like light straw.  Oh! if the Divine Fiat were reigning in the creatures, It would let everyone read, in each created thing, the distinct adoration of Our Creator which each thing possesses; and as It would unify us with all Creation, one would be the adoration, one the love, one the glory for the Supreme Being.  Oh! Divine Will, come to reign, and make it so that the Will of all be one….

Volume 26 – May 16, 1929 How the knowledges about the Divine Will are the army; the acts done in It, the weapons; Its Light, the Royal Palace; the Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Divine ardor for establishing Its Kingdom.  Divine need; Its silence; the sorrow of Its secrets.

Continuing in my usual abandonment in the Divine Fiat, I was feeling concerned about the privations of my sweet Jesus.  Oh! how my poor soul moaned under the infinite weight of a sorrow which makes all created things say:  “Where is your Jesus – the One who so much loved you?  Ah! you feel that He sustains everything, you touch His beauty which He has strewn over all Creation, you see His immensity which you cannot reach.  What you see are nothing other than the marks of His steps which, in passing by, He impressed upon all things created by Him; but He is not here.  And you – run, search for Him, and we will accompany you, moaning together with you, to make you find the One whom you want.”  And I feel like everyone speaks to me about Jesus with sorrowful notes, and as they echo in my poor heart, it is tortured by a sorrow which I myself cannot express.  And the impression was such – as if I wanted to go out of my usual state.

But, meanwhile, my lovable and good Jesus surprised me, and throwing His arms around my neck, told me:  “My daughter, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?  Calm yourself, calm yourself.  How can this be? Do you perhaps want to go out from within the army of my Divine Will?  Look, what an orderly, formidable and large army, such that, as it lines up within your soul, it will not be easy for you to get out.  But do you know what this army is?  All the knowledges about my Divine Will.  In fact, having formed Its Royal Palace in you, It could not, nor was it decorous for It to remain without Its army.  This army We have issued from Our divine womb in order for them[2] to form the cortege, to defend and to all stand at attention, so as to make known to all who Our Fiat is – their Divine King – and how It wants to descend with Its whole celestial army into the midst of the peoples in order to fight the human will; but not with weapons that kill, because in Heaven there aren’t these deadly weapons, but with weapons of light, which fight in order to form the Life of my Will in the creatures.  Now, you must know that the weapons of this army are the acts done in my Divine Will.  Look how beautiful it is!  The Royal Palace is the Light of my Fiat!  The King that dominates is my Will!  The Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity; the army, the knowledges about It; the weapons, your acts done in It.  In fact, as you would have the good of knowing one of the knowledges about It, and would operate by virtue of It, you would form, in my Fiat, the weapons in the hands of each knowledge, so as to give the life of it to other creatures.

But this is not all yet.  Each knowledge possesses a different weapon, one different from the other.  So, each knowledge I have given you about my Divine Will possesses a special and distinct weapon:  one possesses the weapon of Light in order to illuminate, warm and fecundate the seed of my Fiat; another possesses the weapon of the conquering Power that dominates and rules; another, the weapon of the Beauty that enraptures and conquers; another, the weapon of the Wisdom that orders and disposes; another, the weapon of the Love that burns, transforms and consumes; another, the weapon of the Strength that knocks down, makes one die and rise again in my Divine Volition.  In sum, each knowledge of mine is a divine soldier which, manifesting itself to your soul, has let the weapon of each of the offices they possess be placed by you into its hands.  Look at what order they have, how attentive they are to their office, and to handling the weapon which each of them possesses in order to dispose and form the people of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat.  This army and these weapons possess the prodigious virtue of the infinite, which is such that they diffuse everywhere; and wherever there is a light, even small, in the creatures, they fight with weapons of Light against the darkness of the human will, to eclipse it and give it the Life of my Fiat; and wherever there is a seed of power or of strength, there runs the divine little soldier with its weapon of Power and of Strength, to fight the human power and strength, and make the Power and Strength of my Divine Will rise again.  For all human acts this army has the opposite weapon with which to fight them, so as to make the act of my Divine Will rise again over the human act.

Therefore, my daughter, it is necessary that you remain in my Divine Will in order to form sufficient weapons with your acts done in It, for the great army of Its knowledges.  If you knew how this army anxiously awaits the weapons of your acts into their hands, in order to wage war on and destroy the poor kingdom of the human will, and to build Our Kingdom of Light, of Sanctity and of happiness!  More so, since I am within you, in the great Royal Palace of my Divine Will, in the midst of my army, with the continuous council of the Ministry of the Divine Persons, as the reproducer of Our works; because We are the operating Being, and wherever We are present We want to operate always, without ever ceasing.  Therefore, it is a necessity that you remain always in Our Fiat, to unite yourself to Us in Our continuous operating, and to give Us the field to always operate within you.  In fact, the sign of the divine operating is precisely this:  to operate always – always, without ever ceasing.”

After this, He kept silent.  Then, with a more tender emphasis, He added:  “My daughter, if you knew the ardor of my love that I feel, because I want to establish the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth, so as to realize the only purpose for which man was created.  In fact, in everything that has been done by the Divine Persons, from the time when the world was created, and in what We will do, Our principle will always be that one, nor will We ever cease it:  that man return into the inheritance of the Kingdom of Our Fiat, which he rejected from Us.  This is so true, that in my very Incarnation, when I descended from Heaven to earth, the first purpose was the Kingdom of my Divine Will; it is into Its Kingdom – that is, in my Immaculate Mother who possessed It  – that I directed my first steps; my first dwelling was within Her most pure womb, in which my Fiat held Its absolute dominion and Its Kingdom, whole and beautiful.  And in this Kingdom of my Will which my Celestial Mama possessed, I began and I formed my life down here – made of pains, of tears and of expiations.  I knew that I was to be the Jesus neglected, unloved, nor sought for, but I wanted to come because I could see through the centuries how my coming upon earth was to serve to form the Kingdom of my Divine Will and, by necessity, I was to redeem them first in order to obtain my first purpose.  And so, even from that time, I descended from Heaven in order to come to find, to search for and to clasp to my breast the children of my Kingdom, who would search for Me, love Me, recognize Me, to the point of being unable to be without Me.  Therefore, in what I did and suffered, I put a mark and I said:  ‘Here I shall wait for the children of my Will; I shall embrace them, we shall love one another with one single love, with one single Will.’  And for love of them, my pains, my tears, my steps, my works, changed for Me into refreshment, into joy for my Heart drowned with love.

My daughter, don’t you yourself feel how you cannot be without Me?  And when, in the world, they will read these papers, they will remain astounded in hearing of the long chain of my graces, my daily comings – and for such a long time, which I have done with no one else; my long conversations which I have had with you, the many teachings I have given you, and everything that was to serve the Kingdom of my Divine Will.  I felt the irresistible need to resume and redo with you all the conversations, to give you the graces and the teachings which I would have given to Adam innocent, had he not rejected the precious inheritance of my Fiat.  But he broke my speaking and reduced Me to silence; and after six thousand years of silence I felt the extreme need to resume my speaking with the creature.  Oh! how painful it was to contain so many secrets within my Heart, which I was to confide to her[3]; and it was for her alone that these secrets were kept – not for others; and if you knew how much it cost Me to remain silent for such a long time!  My Heart was suffocated and, delirious, It repeated dolefully:  ‘Alas! I created man to have someone with whom to speak; but he was to possess my Divine Will in order to understand Me; and because he has rejected It from Me, he has rendered Me the God taciturn.  What sorrow I feel!’  What suffocated love, which made Me faint – and I raved!

Therefore, unable to endure any longer, I wanted to break my long silence with you – I snapped it; and from here the necessity of the ardor of my speaking – for so long, and so often, and repeatedly.  And as I pour Myself out with you in speaking, I feel as if I were just now giving start to Creation; and this is why, in these papers, I am making you write the true reason for Creation, what my Will is, Its infinite value, how one is to live in It, Its Kingdom, and how It wants to reign to render everyone holy and happy.  All will remain surprised in reading these papers, and will feel the need for my Fiat to live in their midst.  The Divinity feels an irresistible necessity to complete the work of Creation, and It will be completed by the reigning of Our Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  What would a creature do, after she has made a work with unheard-of sacrifices and for a long time – a work which costs her her life, a work of incalculable value, and which only lacked one point, one shade, one color – if she cannot complete the work that costs her so much?  And as beautiful as her work is, as precious and of incalculable value as it is, such that it would form her fortune, her glory and her complete happiness, she cannot present it to the public, nor can she say that it is a complete work, because one point is missing.  For this person life would change into sorrow, and she would feel the weight of her work – beautiful, yes, but incomplete.  And therefore she feels unhappy, and instead of glory, she feels humiliation; and how many sacrifices would she not make?  She would lay down her life in order to place that point, so as to make her work complete.

Such is the state We are in; nothing is lacking to Our work of Creation – heavens, suns, works and magnificence of every kind; but one point is missing – yet a point which disfigures a work so beautiful.  This point is the most important; it is the most beautiful shade, it is the most vivid color that is missing in the Creation:  everyone and everything lives in my Fiat, but one point of It – that is, the human family – is outside of It, outside of my Kingdom, and it lives unhappy.  What sorrow!  There is room for everyone in my Volition, and yet, there are some who live outside.  Oh! how they disfigure It and render It incomplete.  And what would We not do to see It complete?  Any sacrifice, my daughter; We are willing to do anything.  I have already laid down my Life in the Redemption to place this point in the creative work.  And when they come to know what Will of God means, the great good It can do, and how the only thing that most interests Us is to place the rights of Our Divine Fiat in safety and to make It reign, so as to see everyone happy in Our Will, of Our own happiness – they will no longer be surprised in reading, in these papers, the great things I have told you and I have done in your soul.  On the contrary, they will say:  ‘For a Will so holy, which has done everything, it was right that there be such a display of graces and so many sublime teachings in the one in whom It was to make the first deposit of Its Kingdom, so as to make us comprehend It, love It and long for It.’  Therefore, be attentive, because this is about giving a Divine Will Its rights, so as to render the work of Creation complete.”

Volume 35 – October 19, 1937

How the Divine Will forms the Most Holy Trinity in the creature who lives in It.  The wonders of Its acts.  How true love begins from oneself.  The Divine Will fecundates and sows Divine Life within the souls.

The Divine Volition keeps investing me.  I feel Its motion within me speaking as It moves, but with such an eloquence that, if It didn’t perform a miracle to make Itself understood, I would not be able to repeat what It says.  Even more, It adapts Itself to my capacity, because when It speaks -Its word being a creative word – It wants to create the good contained in Its word; and if I were unable to understand, I couldn’t make that good my own, or even less, give it to others, as property of the Supreme FIAT.  So I felt concerned thinking:  How is it that Its motion is word?  And my sweet Jesus, visiting my poor soul, all love told me:  “Blessed daughter of the Divine Volition, know that where my Will reigns with Its creative Power, Its Motion and Its Word, It speaks in the works, in the steps, in the mind, in the breathing…. Wanting to establish Its Kingdom, my Will speaks in order to create Its Divine Life in each one of the acts of the creature.  Therefore, it takes the greatest attention to sense where It wants to begin Its teachings.

By the power of Its word, Its Will invests the human act – the breathing, the heartbeat, the thinking and the human word; and forms within it, Its Divine Work – the Breathing, the Heartbeat, the Thinking and the Divine Word.  These acts rise up to Heaven and present themselves before the Most Holy Trinity.  Our Divinity looks at them, and what do We find?  We find Ourselves, our Life and even the Most Holy Trinity reproduced in these acts.  We look at the prodigy of our Will which overwhelmed the creature with Its Power, making of her the repetition of our own Life.  Oh, how happy, how enraptured We remain, because We find in her the Sanctity that resembles Us, our Love that loves Us, the Intelligence that understands Us, our Power and Goodness which move Us to love mankind through the bonds of our sweetness.  We recognize ourselves in her, finding the Work of Creation as We want It to be.

A single one of these acts contains such wonders that they just can’t find enough room in which to place themselves,  such is their greatness.  Only in our immensity can they find the place in which to stay, remaining fused with our acts.  What will Our glory and the glory of the creature not be, since her acts, by virtue of our FIAT, have their place within the acts of her Creator?  Oh, if all knew what it means to live in the Divine Will, to let It reign, they would compete with each other to be invested by It and become repeaters of Divine Life.”

Beloved Jesus kept silent.  I remained immersed in the sea of the Divine Volition, saying, as if stupefied:  My God, what a great extent can be reached by one who lives in your Will…!  And a crowd of thoughts, like many voices, were saying and saying… but I am unable to repeat them.  Maybe I will be able to repeat them when I will be in the Heavenly Fatherland and possess the same language as up there.  So, feeling concerned, my Highest Good Jesus continued:  “My daughter, don’t be surprised.  Everything is possible to my Will.  True Love, when It is perfect, begins from oneself.  The true model is the Most Holy Trinity.  My Celestial Father loved Himself, and in His Love He generated His Son; so He loved Himself in His Son.  I, His Son, loved Myself in the Father, and from this Love the Holy Spirit proceeded.  By this loving of Himself, the Heavenly Father generated one single Love, one single Power, Sanctity, and so forth.  He tied the inseparable union of the Three Divine Persons.

When We created the Creation We loved Ourselves.  We loved Ourselves in laying Heaven and in creating the sun; it was the Love for Ourselves that moved Us to create many beautiful things worthy of Us and inseparable from Us.  When We created man the Love of Ourselves became more intense, and as We loved Ourselves in him our Love reproduced our Life and image in the depth of his soul.  One can give nothing other than what he possesses.  So, since our Love was perfect, as We loved Ourselves, We could not separate Ourselves from what was coming from within Us.

Now, our Will, in wanting the creature to live in It in order to form Its Kingdom, loves Itself, and loving Itself, wants to give what It possesses.  Our Will is happy only when It forms the repetition of our Life, and when It operates in the acts of the creature.  Then, triumphant and victorious, and with highest glory and honor for Us, It brings them into our divine womb, so that We may recognize our own Life in the acts of the creature who lives in our Will.  This is the meaning of loving Itself in all that It wants to do and produce:  giving Itself in order to form another being similar to Itself (God).

Our Will is the fecundator and the sower of our Life.  Where It finds souls disposed It loves Itself, fecundating them with Its Love – sowing in them Its divine acts, which, united together, form the great prodigy of the Divine Life in the creature.  Therefore, abandon yourself completely in my Will.  Let It make of you whatever It wants, and we’ll be happy – you and Us.”


Volume 35 – December 21, 1937

How the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth has been decreed in the Consistory of the Adorable Trinity.  The new Breath of God by which the creature will be restored.

My poor mind was occupied by the great wonders and prodigies which the Divine Volition can do when It reigns in the creature.  And I was thinking to myself:  ‘ What a happy destiny to live in It!  There cannot be a greater fortune, either in Heaven or on earth.  But how can It ever come to reign on earth if evils and sins abound so much as to be horrifying?  Only a Divine Power, with one of Its greatest prodigies, could do it; otherwise the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be in Heaven, but not on earth…’

As I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus – my sweet Life – visiting my poor soul, with unspeakable goodness told me:  “My good daughter, it has been decreed in the Consistory of the Most Holy Trinity that my Divine Will will have Its Kingdom on earth.  As many prodigies as this will take, so many We will do.  We will not hold back anything in order to have what We want.  But in operating We always use the most simple, though powerful ways, to overwhelm Heaven and earth, and all the creatures in the Act We want.

You must know that in the Creation it took nothing other than our omnipotent breath to infuse life into man.  But how many prodigies in that breath!  We created the soul, providing it with the three powers – true image of our Adorable Trinity.  With the soul, he had the heartbeat, the breathing, the circulation of the blood, the motion, the warmth, the speech, the sight…. What did it take to make all these prodigies in man?  The simplest of our acts, armed with our Power – our breath –  and the running of our Love which, unable to contain It any longer, ran…, ran toward him, even to the point of making of him the greatest prodigy of the entire Work of Creation.  Now, my daughter, since man did not live in our Divine Will, his three powers have been obscured, and our adorable Image remained deformed in him, in such a way that he has lost the first heartbeat of God’s Love within his heartbeat, and the divine breathing within his human breathing.  Or better, he hasn’t really lost it – he just does not feel it.  He doesn’t feel the circulation of the Divine Life; the motion of good; the heat of the Supreme Love; the word of God in his own; the sight to be able to look at his Creator…. All has remained obscured, weakened – maybe even deformed.

What does it take to restore this man?  We will return again to breathe on him with stronger and growing love.  We will breathe in the depth of his soul; we will blow more strongly into the center of his rebellious will – but so strongly as to shake the evils by which he is trapped.  His passions will remain floored and terrified before the Power of our breath.  They will feel burning by our divine fire.  The human will, will feel the palpitating Life of its Creator, and it will hide Him – like a veil, so that man will return to be the Bearer of his Creator.  Oh, how happy he will feel!  We will restore him and heal him with our breath.  We will be like a most tender mother who has a crippled child, and by breathing, whispering and blowing, she pours herself on her child; only then she will stop blowing on him – when she will have healed him and made him beautiful, like she wanted him to be.  The power of Our breath will not leave him.  We will stop breathing on him only when We see him coming back into our paternal arms.  We want him beautiful, like Us.  Only then will we feel that our child has recognized our paternal goodness, and how much we love him.

See then, what it takes to make our Will come and reign upon earth:  the power of our omnipotent breath.  With It We will renew our Life within him.  All the truths I manifested to you – the great prodigies of living in my Will – will be the most beautiful and the greatest properties which I will give to him as a gift.  This too is a certain sign that Its Reign will come upon earth, because if I speak – first, I make facts; and then I speak.  My word is the confirmation of this gift – of the prodigies I want to do.  Why would I expose my divine properties, and make them known, if Its Kingdom didn’t have to come upon earth?”


Now I will continue on the same topic of the date December 18, about how our acts done in the Divine Will turn into Life.

I was thinking to myself:  ‘In the divine order, what will become of the many good works which did not come out from the Divine Volition, and so cannot be Life, the seed of Its Life being missing?’

My sweet Jesus, always kind, said:  “My daughter, it’s no surprise that each act of the creature – even a little I love you done in my Will and possessing by nature Its creative Life – is matured in the center of Its Divine Life, and naturally re-acquires Life.  All that is done in my Will is regenerated in our eternal Love, and acquires the long generation of many Divine Lives, which are exclusively Ours.  Now, good works not done in our Will can be like many beautiful ornaments within our Creative Works; some may be more beautiful than others – but never Life.  Even in the order of Creation there are lives and there are ornaments.  Flowers are not Lives, but they still form a beautiful ornament to the earth – though not a permanent one.  Fruits are not Lives, but they serve to feed man, and to make him taste many various sweetnesses – though they are not durable, and man can’t always taste them anytime he wants.  If fruits and flowers were Lives, man could enjoy them anytime he wanted.  The Sun, the sky, the stars, the wind and the sea are not Lives but, being our works, how much good do they not do?  They serve as the most beautiful and primary residence for man…. What are their houses compared to the great residence We made of all the Universe?  There is a blue vault dotted with gold, which never fades; there is a Sun which is never extinguished; there is air which, being breathed, gives life; there is a wind which purifies and refreshes… and many more things.

It was necessary for our Love to make a mix of works and lives, because they had to serve to delight man, and they had to serve for decorum, decency and residence of the one We created with so much love.  So, since We had made more than sufficient works, he was to enjoy our works and to live in our Divine Will, in order to form many Lives of Love and Glory for the One Who loved him so much.  But the difference between works and life is great.  Life does not perish, while works are subject to many changes; and if they are not right and holy, instead of forming our ornament, they form our dishonor and their own confusion – maybe even their condemnation.”

Volume 36 – October 26, 1938

The effects of disturbance.  The little ill one in the Divine Will.  One who lives in the Divine Will forms the support for her Creator, so the Holy Trinity secures Its interests.

My poor being feels the extreme need to live in the Divine Will.  The bitterness and the pains that invade me are such that I feel as if they wanted to tear out the divine Fiat from inside of me.  I feel, more than ever, the desire to live in It.  But with all the efforts I make to live abandoned in Its arms, I still can’t do without feeling embittered, stunned, disturbed by the many troubles and hard pains that surround me, so much that I can’t take it anymore.  My Jesus, Celestial Mother, help me.  Can’t you see that I am about to succumb?  If you don’t hold me in your arms, if you don’t continue to inundate me with the waves of your Divine Volition, I tremble and fear.  What will happen to me?  Please, don’t leave me!  Don’t abandon me to myself in such a hard state.  But as I was thinking this, my always adorable Jesus ran to sustain me in His arms, and all goodness told me: “My good daughter, do not fear, courage; I won’t leave you.  I cannot leave you.  The chains of my love tie me to you and make us inseparable; but then, why do you fear to be leaving my Will?  Just as to enter It, it took a firm resolute act of wanting to live in It, in the same way, to get out of It, it would take another firm and resolute act; and you didn’t do this, neither will my daughter ever do it, will you?

All I want is that you do not let yourself be surprised by any disturbance.  It pales you, it makes you lose freshness,  it debilitates your strength, it makes you lose the liveliness of the light of the Fiat; so my love remains repressed, attention loses its pace, and although you are in my Will, you stay there as if inside a house in which you don’t bother doing your duties – to decorate it, put it in order and give it all the sumptuousness that befits it.  So, being troubled like this in my Will, you don’t pay attention to receiving my creative and operating act; you are as if idle.  But, courage then; since your pains are because of me, we keep you in our Will as the little ill one.  I am the first who suffers with you, since your pains are mine and I suffer more than you; I am like your nurse; I assist you, I make your bed out of my arms, and I place my pains around you to strengthen you.  Our Mother and Queen runs to put you on her lap, to protect her little ill daughter.  Since one who operated in my Will brought glory and joy to all Heaven, all the Angels and Saints run around our little infirm one to assist her and serve her needs, in our Will.  But they cannot enter into strange things that do not belong to Us.  Even the pains must be our pains, otherwise they can’t find the way to enter them.  Therefore, courage, all that I want is that you be at peace.  How many times I too, under the press of hard pains, became infirm, and the Angels ran to sustain me.  Even  my Heavenly Father, in seeing me in excruciating pains, ran to me and took me in His arms to strengthen my groaning Humanity.  And how many times my Mother fell ill in my Will, in seeing the sufferings of her Son – to the point of feeling as though dying – and I ran to sustain her, holding her to my Heart, not letting her succumb.   All I want is courage and peace.  Don’t trouble yourself too much, and I’ll take care of everything.”

Then He added: “My daughter, you don’t know yet all the good the creature receives by living in my Will, and the great glory she gives to her Creator.  Every act she does in It is a leaning of God on the creature, leaning His power of love and of sanctity.  The more acts she repeats the more we trust her and the more we can lean on what is ours, since our Will is there, giving capacity and strength to the creature to receive what we want to give.  But if we don’t find our Will and her acts repeated in It, we don’t know where to lean; she doesn’t have strength, capacity, or the space in which to receive our gifts and graces, so that I can trust her.  Poor creature, without our Will.  She, the true citadel, without doors and without sentries to defend it – exposed to all the dangers. If we want to give, it would be like exposing our gifts and our very life to uselessness and to the danger of receiving offenses and ingratitude, so that they make us turn gifts and graces into chastisements.

You have to know that when the creature does our Will, we settle our interests.  We never operate to our disadvantage:  first we secure the interests – our glory – and then we operate; otherwise it would be as if we didn’t have heart for our sanctity, or as if we did not appreciate our gifts or what we do, or as if we didn’t know ourselves – our power and our ability.  Who would ever start an enterprise without first securing his interests? Nobody.  It may happen that, by disgrace, his enterprise suffers some losses, but by having thought of securing his interests first, he won’t have to leave his situation – he can maintain his status.  But if he hadn’t put his interests in a safe place, he could reduce himself to starvation.  This is why we want the creature in our Will:  because we want to secure our concerns – what we give of love, sanctity, goodness, and all the rest.  Our Divine Will takes charge of having them returned to us in as many divine acts – we gave divine love, she gives us divine love back.  Our Will transforms the creature into our sanctity and goodness, and makes her give us back holy and good acts.  Therefore, even her breath, her motion and her steps are pure and holy.  We feel in her acts their similarity with Ours, because they are rendered so by our Will.  So when we receive from the creature what is ours, made divine by our Fiat, our interest is settled; our love celebrates, our glory triumphs, and we prepare new surprises of love, gifts, graces.  When our interest is returned, we don’t mind about anything.  We abound.  So much that the Heavens overflow.”

Volume 36 – November 13, 1938

How the truths on the Divine Will will form the regime, the law, the fierce army.  The knowledge will open eyes for the possession of such a good.  The seal of the Most Holy Trinity as a sign to know whether we live in the Divine will.

My flight in the divine Volition continues.  I can’t do without It, I would feel as if I myself were killing my own soul.  Heaven is watching me, and how could I live without my life?  Then, I was thinking to myself about the truths that Jesus told me about His Holy Divine Will, but like I wanted to raise doubts, not understanding well.  So I said to myself:  how is it possible that one can reach such a point by living in the Divine Volition?  And my beloved Jesus, surprising me, all goodness said: “My blessed daughter, do not be surprised; my Will has the power to let the creature reach every place, as long as she remains with It.  Now, you must know that Its kingdom will be formed and founded on the truths I have manifested.  The more truths I manifest, the more sumptuous, beautiful, majestic and superabundant in goods and joys this kingdom will be.  My truths will form the regime, the laws, the food, the fierce army, the defense and the very life of those who will live in It.  Each of my truths will have its own distinct office:  one will be the Master; one the most loving Father; one the most tender Mother who carries her daughter on her lap to protect her from every danger, rocking her in Her arms, feeding her with Her love, clothing her in light.  In sum, every truth will be the bearer of a special good.

See how this kingdom of my Will will be; I have been talking so much about It.  I feel sorry when you are not attentive enough to write everything, because you will cause an additional good to be missing, since creatures will enjoy according to their knowledge.  Knowledge will reveal the life, the light and the good for them to possess.  It is almost impossible to possess a good without knowing it. It would be as if they had no eyes to see, no intelligence to understand, no hands to work, no feet to walk, and no heart to love.  On the other hand, the first thing knowledge does is to give them eyes, to prevent them from being like the poor blind.  It lets them look, understand and desire the good and the life it wants to give them.  Furthermore, the knowledge of my truths becomes, itself, the actor and spectator transmitting its own life to the creature.

Now, you must know that the acts done in my Will are inseparable, although distinct among themselves – distinct in their sanctity, in their beauty, in love and in wisdom.  They will carry the seal of the Most Holy Trinity, for while the divine persons are distinct among each other, they remain  inseparable:  one is the Will, one the sanctity, one the beauty, and so forth.  In the same way, these acts will be inseparable yet distinct, enclosing within themselves the seal of the Supreme Holy Trinity, One and Three, Three and One.  Even more, these acts will possess It as their own life.  They will be the greatest glory for Us, and the whole of Heaven, in seeing in them our divine Lives being multiplied for as many acts performed in our Will.”

Then, I was thinking to myself:  how can one know whether he is living in the Divine Will?  My sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, it’s easy to know it. You must know that, when my Fiat reigns in the soul, It keeps Its act in continuous operation.  It cannot be present and not do something. It is life, and It must breathe, move, palpitate, make itself heard. It must have its primary operating act so the creature feels Its empire, and follows Its acts, almost continuously, in the Divine Will.  Therefore, continuation is a sure sign that one lives in It.  With this continuation, he feels the need of Divine breathing, motion and attitude.  Therefore, if he stops his continuous acts he feels as though he is missing life, motion and everything else.  Soon he restarts his continuous acts, because he knows that it would cost too much to do otherwise.  It would cost him divine life, and one who has possessed It can hardly let It go.

Now, what is this action of the creature in the Divine Will?  It is the sequence of my Life and of my Will in the creature, because only my Will has the virtue of being unceasing in Its continuous acts. Otherwise, if it could be said so, everyone and everything would remain as if paralyzed and with no life; but this cannot be.  Now the creature does not possess by herself this virtue of operating continuously, but when united with my Will, she has the virtue, the strength, the will and the love to do it.  How much she can change things.  In fact, the creature who lets herself be carried and possessed by It can make such changes that she no longer recognizes herself, if she even retains a distant memory of her past life.  There is also another sign.  When my Will sees the soul being disposed, It first embalms her – her will, her pains – with an air of peace; then It forms Its Throne. Therefore, one who lives in my Will possesses a strength that is never extinguished; a love that does not love anybody, but truly loves all in God.  To how many sacrifices she exposes herself for all – and for each one in particular.  Poor daughter, she is the true martyr and victim of all.  Oh!, how many times in seeing her suffering, I look at her with so much tenderness and compassion, and to cheer her up I say:   ‘My daughter, you received my same destiny.  Poor daughter, courage; your Jesus loves you more.’  And in feeling more loved by me, she smiles in the sufferings and abandons herself in my arms.  My daughter, to experience, to possess  what my Will can do, creatures need to be inside of It; otherwise they won’t understand a thing.”



Three – The Signature of the Holy Trinity

God the Father                   Jesus the Son                        The Holy Spirit


Fiat of Creation              Fiat of Redemption                 Fiat of Sanctification

Current of LIFE       Current of WORD & POWER        Current of LOVE

Tree of LIFE        Tree of KNOWLEDGE of good/evil       Tree of LOVE

Immaculate Conception      Divine Motherhood                Assumption

Daughter of the Father      Mother of the Son          Spouse of the Holy Spirit

Water                                          Blood                                        Fire

Power                                     Knowledge                                 Love

Intellect                                       Memory                                   Will

Garden of Eden                   Garden of Agony                Garden of Mary/Luisa

Mary                                            Jesus                                          Luisa

Green                                           Red                                             White

Know                                           Love                                            Possess

Joy                                                Sorrow                                         Glory

Faith                                             Hope                                           Charity

Old Testament                    New Testament                   Testament of the Kingdom

St. John the Baptist               Jesus/Mary                                  Luisa

Manna                                   Eucharist                     Food you do not know of

Daily Bread                       Sacramental Bread                      Bread of His Will

Transfiguration                   Transubstantiation                     Transmutation

Jerusalem                                Rome                                      New Jerusalem

Jews                                        Christians                 little Children of the Divine Will

Men of Good Will                  Saints                                            Sharing in Divinity

Thrones                                    Cherubim                                       Seraphim

Principalities                            Powers                                        Dominations

Angels                                     Archangels                                         Virtues

Other references to 3 in the writings of the Divine Will:

Jesus 33 years old

3 Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity

3 Marriages – Jesus the Mystical Marriage, in Heaven to the Holy Trinity – Marriage of the Cross

Ring 3 with stones Jesus gave to Luisa  – white, red & green stone

Luisa’s vision of 3 babies having one singe body with 3 distinct heads

3 Characteristics of Love – force of benefits, attractions and persuasions

3 ways Jesus uses manifest Himself to the soul – With Power, with News, with Love

3 way sacrifice of Jesus– to glorify the Father, Conversions of Sinners, companions in my pains

3 Signatures of Love – resignation, humility & obedience

3 suns  – One sets in the East, the West and the third in the South

3 powers of the Trinity given to mankind– Memory in the Father, the intellect in the Son, the will in the Holy Spirit

3 different days to come – one far from the other of storms, hail thunder and floods

3 Divine Breaths given to Luisa

3 enemies of man = Love of pleasures, of riches and of honors

Luisa’s vision of 3 children – their beauty and similarity was so striking…of the same birth…golden cords

Jesus  gave off 3 breaths full of Light that took the place of Luisa’s heart

Most Holy Trinity, for while You are one, You are also 3 …speaking a single Voice

Jesus “I was conceived in sorrow, born in sorrow and died in sorrow”

3 nails that they crucified me (Jesus), I nailed down the 3 powers intellect, memory and will

3 wise men

3 gifts – gold = intelligence & knowledge of truth = gold of their will, affections desires preferences of their whole essence, frankincense = adoration love,  myrrh = sacrifice

Jesus conveyed Himself to the Magi in 3 ways – with Love, with Beauty with Power

3 effects – Love for Jesus = Detachment from themselves, Beauty = disregard for earthly things, Power = bravery to risk both blood and life for Me.

Jesus waning to Luisa –  Daughter, Three terrible trials are going to happen.

3 qualities of the Holy Trinity = Might, Wisdom and Charity

3 prerogatives of True Love – Constant Love without limits, strong love and love renewed together for God and Neighbor.

3 stages of the World – natural law, written law and the law of Grace

3 stages of man – adolescence, youth and old age

3 types of true love – untiring suffering, perpetual atonement and preserving love

Luisa’s vision of 3 men in the shape of 3 untamed horses let loose across Europe bringing it bloody terror.

3 wicked domains – the world the devil and the flesh

3 Holy domains – the Spiritual Reign the Divine and the Eternal

3 of the Passion:

3 Times crowned with thorns

3 hours of agony in the garden

3 fold flagellation done with 3 different kinds of whips

3 times striped, condemned to death at night morning and full daylight

3 times fell under the Cross

3 nails to the Cross

3 times My Heart bled – In the garden, the Crucifixion and pierced with a lance

3 hours of agony on the cross

3 places in Italy, there were 3 points, 3 volcanic mouths …. To level the towns

3 steps for Luisa – Transformed interiorly in Him, operating exteriorly with Him and doing so for the benefit of all creatures and God.

3 ways that enable Jesus to be born in one’s heart – to be empty of everything to be filled by Him,

All is and must be done for Him, The 3 loves, heroic, ever-increasing, and love of sacrifice.

3 virtues of true love:  To purify all, to triumph over all and to attain all.

Luisa’s vision of the Baby Jesus in my arms from One Three emerged.

Jesus gave to men six hours of my Passion so that I may die. 3 in the Garden were for help in agony the 3 on the Cross were for help at the last gasping at death.

3 Weapons that Combat Anxiety – :  purity of intention, the right work ­ good in itself ­ of victim and of sacrificing yourself for Me, and having the sole purpose to love Me.

THREE wounds that give Me (Jesus) mortal pain and such bitterness of sorrow as to surpass all the other wounds together.  “[First:]  These are the pains of My loving souls. “The second mortal wound of My Heart is ingratitude.  “The third [wound] is obstinacy.  What mortal wound to My Heart!

“My daughter, the First Fiat was said in Creation without the intervention of any creature.  For completion of the Second Fiat I chose My Mama.  Now for the completion of both I want to say the Third Fiat, which will complete the glory [and] honor of the Fiat of Creation, as well as will be the confirmation and development of the fruits of the Fiat of Redemption.  These THREE Fiats will veil the Sacrosanct Trinity on the earth, and I will have the Fiat Voluntas tua, come in Cielo cosi in terra.  These THREE Fiats will be inseparable; one will be life of the other.  They will be One and Triune, but distinct among themselves.

“These THREE Fiats have the same value and power.

“My daughter, these THREE ‘Fiats’ are the Creating, the Redeeming, [and] the Sanctifying [Fiats].  In creating man I endowed him with THREE powers—intellect, memory, and will.  Moreover, with THREE ‘Fiats’ I will complete the work of the sanctification of man.

“This generation will not end if My Will does not reign on the earth.  My Redeeming Fiat will put Itself in the middle, between the Creating Fiat and the Sanctifying Fiat.  The THREE will mix together and will complete the sanctification of man.  The Third ‘Fiat’ will give such grace to the creature as to make her return as if to her state of origin.  And then, when I have seen man as he came forth from Me, My work will be complete and I will take My perpetual repose in My last ‘Fiat.’  Only life in My Volition will restore man to his state of origin.

I stayed in prison THREE hours.  In so doing, I wanted to restore the THREE epochs of the world: the law of nature, the written law, and the law of Grace.  I wanted to free everyone, reunite everyone, and give them the freedom that belongs to my sons.  By staying THREE hours, I wanted to restore the THREE stages of man: childhood, youth, and old age.

Luisa’s 3 affirmations:

I was saying my usual prayers when my ever-loving Jesus, surprising me from behind, called out my name and said: “Luisa, daughter of my Will, do you want to live always in my Will?”

I replied: “Yes, oh Jesus.”

He said: “But do you truly want to live in my Will?”

I replied: “Truly, my love.  Besides, I would neither recognize nor adapt to any other will.”

And again Jesus said: “But…do you mean it certainly?”

Then, feeling confused and almost fearful, I added: “Jesus my life, you frighten me with these questions.  Explain Yourself better.  I say it with certainty, but always aided by You and with the strength of your Will, which envelops me so that I could not but live in your Will.”

He gave a sigh of relief and continued:

“How happy your THREE affirmations make Me!  Fear not, they are but reaffirmations and confirmations to seal in you the triple seal of the Volition of the THREE Divine Persons.

Jesus in the Garden:

Suffering was I crying out? Ah, no!  You are deceiving yourself if you think that. I loved suffering to the point of folly; I loved death in order to give Life to my children.

That was the cry of all the human family together echoing in my Humanity.  I, crying out together with them, repeated THREE times: ‘If it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me!’ I cried out in the name of all humanity in so far as all humanity was a part of Me, and I felt oppressed and crushed.

Now I come to you.  After calling my Celestial Mother I called you so that all human acts would have THREE seals: the first seal given by Me, the second seal given by my Mother, and the third seal given by an ordinary creature.

3 Types of Bread:

“Our Will, seeing the great value in acting as one in THREE distinct Persons, also wants to act as one in THREE distinct persons on earth:  the Mother, the Son, and the Bride.  From these THREE persons other seas of happiness will flow, bringing immense good to all wayfarers.”

, I beseech You for THREE kinds of daily bread.  The first is the bread of your Will; .  Father, without this Bread of your Will, I will never be able to receive all the fruits of my Sacramental Life, which is the second kind of bread I ask You for every day.  “After that I asked for the third bread, which is material bread.

THREE times has the Divinity decided to work ‘ad extra’:  the first was in the Creation, and this was without the intervention of any creature, since none had come yet forth to the light of day; the second was Redemption, which involved the intervention of a woman, my Heavenly Mother, who was the holiest and most beautiful of all, and the channel and the instrument I used to accomplish the work of the Redemption; the third is the fulfillment of my Will, that It may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, so that the creature live and work with the Holiness and the Power of our Will,

“From then on I formed the epic of the Fiat Voluntas Tua upon the earth; and by saying it for [a] THREE times, in the first I impetrated, and in the second I made It descend, and in the third I formed It reigning and dominating.  And as I said ‘Non mea voluntas, sed tua fiat,’ I intended to empty creatures of their will, and fill them with the Divine.

3 in the creation of man

…in creating man, formed diverse ways of communication between the Creator and the creature, ways that form the THREE powers of the soul:  Intelligence, the means to understand my Will; memory, means to always remember It; and the will.  The middle of the first two ways formed the third way to fly in the Will of its Creator.  The intelligence and the memory were the help, the defense and the strength of the way of the will, because they could not deviate either to the right or to the left.

“The mission of my Volition will reflect the most Holy Trinity upon the earth.  And as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, inseparable yet distinct among themselves, who form all the beatitude of Heaven, so also on earth there will be THREE persons who for their mission will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  The Virgin with her Maternity, which reflects the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses his Power to fulfill the mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of the human race; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating Itself from the Father and Holy Spirit, manifesting my Celestial Wisdom, adding the bond to make Me inseparable from my Mother; and you for the mission of my Will.  In you the Holy Spirit will make his Love overflow, manifesting to you the secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, to make happy those who will want to know how much good this Supreme Will contains and who want to love It and have It reign in them.  They will offer their souls to let It inhabit their own hearts and form its Life in them.  And the bond of inseparability among you, the Mother and the Eternal Word will remain.

The 3 missions:

“These THREE missions are distinct and inseparable.  With extraordinary suffering the first two have prepared the grace, the light, the work and everything for the third mission—the mission of my Will—to fuse both in It so as to find Its repose, because my Will alone is celestial repose.

And glory to Mary; and THREE times Holy, She who has let this Supreme Will operate!’

The course of my thirty-THREE years was not sufficient, nor were the creatures prepared, disposed, to foresee a food so delicate that I gave to all Heaven;

THREE Divine Persons; It placed in him THREE motions which were to murmur continuously, to unite with that continuous motion and murmuring of love of their Creator.  And these are:  the motion of the beating of the heart which never ceases, the circulation of the blood which always flows without ever ceasing, the breathing of the breath which never stops.  This, in the body; in the soul there are THREE more motions which murmur continuously:  the intellect, the memory and the will.

But in order to manifest to the peoples the coming of Myself, Word of the Father, upon earth, I wanted and used royal authorities, learned and erudite men, so that, by their authority, they might diffuse the knowledges of the incarnate God and, eventually, also impose themselves to the peoples.  In spite of this, the star was seen by everyone, yet only THREE of them move, pay attention and follow it.

Then I will have THREE Kingdoms – one in the Celestial Fatherland, another in the Creation, and the third among the creatures – and each one will be the echo of the other, each one the reflection of the other.

.  For your Jesus there will no longer be difference between staying in the Celestial Fatherland, and descending to be in the midst of creatures in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth.  Then, Our work of Creation will sing victory and full triumph, and We will have THREE Kingdoms in one – symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, because all of Our works carry the mark of the One who created them.”

The THREE Appeals

1)   The Divine Appeal

With His Father and the Holy Spirit, the Divine King appeals to His children on earth to come now and enter into the Kingdom of His Will.



3)   Luisa’s Appeal

And in the first place, I appeal to the HIGHEST HIERARCH, to the ROMAN PONTIFF, to HIS HOLINESS, to the representative of the Holy Church, and therefore the representative of the KINGDOM OF THE DIVINE WILL. At his holy feet, this little, tiny child places this Kingdom, so that he dominate It and make It known, and with his paternal and authoritative voice, call his sons to live in this Kingdom so holy.

May the Sun of the SUPREME “FIAT” invest him and form the first Sun of the Divine Volition in Its Representative on earth; and forming Its primary Life in Him who is the Head of all, It will spread Its interminable rays in all the world; and eclipsing all with Its Light, It will form one flock and one Shepherd

The second appeal I make to all PRIESTS. Prostrate at the feet of each one, I pray, I implore them to interest themselves in knowing the Divine Will. Take your first movement, your first act from It; rather, enclose yourselves in the “FIAT,” and you will feel how sweet and dear Its Life is. Draw from It all your workings; you will feel a Divine strength in you, a voice that always speaks, that will say admirable things to you that you have never heard. You will feel a light that will eclipse all your evils, and eclipsing the peoples, will give you the dominion over them.   How many labors you do without fruit, because the Life of the Divine Will is lacking. You have broken a bread for the peoples without the leaven of the “FIAT”; and they therefore, in eating it, have found it hard, almost indigestible; and not feeling the Life in themselves, they do not submit to your teachings. Therefore, you eat this bread of the Divine “FIAT!” Thus you will have sufficient bread to give to the peoples. Thus you will form with all, one single Life and one single Will.

The third appeal I make to all, to the entire world, for you are all my brothers and sisters and my children. Do you know why I am calling all?  Because I want to give to all the Life of the Divine Will. This is more than air that we can all breathe. It is as Sun from which we can all receive the good of the light; It is as palpitation of the heart that wants to beat in all. And, as a little baby, I want, I yearn for you to take the Life of the “FIAT”…Oh, if you knew how many goods you would receive; you would consume your life to make It reign in all of you! This little, tiny one wants to tell you another secret that Jesus has confided to her; and I tell you it so that you give me your will, and in exchange you will receive that of God which will make you happy in soul and in body.


[1] Read:  “Sanctity, Power, Love, produce in Us…”.

[2] The plurality of elements which compose the army.

[3] The creature.


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