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Happy Easter from the Association

Easter Fiat

Dear brothers and sisters in the Divine Will,

On behalf of the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of The Divine Will, I would like to extend my best wishes for the upcoming Easter celebrations to all of you.

It is nice to think that in the Divine Will everything is possible and then I unite my poor arms to those of Jesus, in one embrace to all of you and I hope this Easter Sunday doesn’t pass like many others, but it sees us as risen in Christ to be adorned with that incomparable Light.

Let’s offer all our sufferings, let us place at Jesus’ martyred feet our anxieties remembering that God does not suffer from anxiety because He has all eternity at his disposal. Let’ s give  to Jesus all that makes us unhappy, so we will contribute to renew in Him the joy of his Resurrection.

We are not fully aware of what living in the Divine Will means  but day after day we can understand that we can own a great treasure, a power that no human creature can give us: “To live on earth as in heaven “. This is a foretaste of heaven.

I wish you all to conquer this valuable pearl.


Sabino Lastella

President of the Association Little Children of the Divine Will

Do not get discouraged,

never lose trust.

look at your crosses as many visits from Jesus,

Who brings you the life of the Divine Will, to make It reign in you

and to give you all His love as food;

 to make you grow in His likeness within His arms,

 and to make of you such a rare beauty as to enrapture even Himself

If you do the Will of God,

you will feel a strength in all your sufferings;

you will feel an invisible hand which helps you,

guides you, and does whatever you do within you.

In fact, when one does the Will of God,

the work is more of God than ours.

Therefore, I wouldn’t know what else to say:

do the Divine Will

 live in It, and you can be sure that you will make yourself a saint.

You will feel the bond and the association with the Divine Family.

What is Theirs will be yours.

So, banish fear and fright,

and all the most painful circumstances will bring you the kiss,

 the strength – the life of the Divine Will,

embalmed by Its love and joy.

Jesus loves you so much that He looks at you continuously,

and with the brush of sufferings in His hands, He paints you,

to make of you a more beautiful image,

so that you may be like Him.

I send you my wishes of a good Easter:

let the Divine Will rise again in you.

I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a saint,

that the earth may no longer be earth for you, but Heaven.

                                              (Adaptation of a Letter from Luisa Piccarreta)

Associazione Luisa Piccarreta


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