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Luisa and the Most Holy Trinity

Luisa and the Most Holy Trinity

V1 – As for example, in one hour, with my thought, I brought myself to Paradise, and I imagined the Most Holy Trinity: the Father, sending the Son upon earth; the Son, promptly obeying the Will of the Father; the Holy Spirit, consenting.  My mind was confounded in contemplating a mystery so great, a love so reciprocal, so equal, so strong among Themselves and toward men; and then, the ingratitude of men, and especially my own.  I would have remained there, not for one hour, but for the whole day; but an interior voice told me:  “Enough – come and see other greater excesses of my love.”

“…“Faith and Hope give way to Charity, and Charity connects the whole of the other two together, in such a way as to make them one, while they are three. And here It is, oh my spouse, veiled in the three theological virtues, the Trinity of the Divine Persons.”

“…While my soul was exciting itself with ardent yearnings for receiving the grace that Jesus Himself wanted to give me, Jesus came back and transported me outside of myself, up to Paradise. And there, in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and of the whole Celestial Court, He renewed the marriage.  Jesus put out the ring, adorned with three precious stones – white, red and green – and He gave it to the Father, who blessed it and gave it back to the Son again.  The Holy Spirit took my right hand and Jesus placed the ring on my ring finger.  Then I was admitted to the kiss of all Three Divine Persons, and each of Them blessed me.

Who can say my confusion when I found myself before the Most Holy Trinity? I will just say that as soon as I found myself in Their presence, I fell flat to the ground, and I would have remained there if it wasn’t for Jesus, who encouraged me to go into Their presence, so great was the light, the sanctity of God.  I am only saying this; the other things I will leave out, because I remember them confusedly.

After this, I remember that a few days passed and I received Communion. I lost consciousness, and I saw, present before me, the Most Holy Trinity whom I had seen in Heaven.  I immediately prostrated myself at Their presence, I adored Them, I confessed my nothingness.  I remember that I felt so sunken into myself that I did not dare to utter a single word, when a voice came out from Their midst, and said:  “Do not fear, pluck up courage, We have come to confirm you as Our own, and to take possession of your heart.”  While this voice was saying this, I saw that the Most Holy Trinity descended into my heart, and They took possession of it – and there They formed Their dwelling.  Who can say the change that occurred in me?  I felt divinized; it was no longer I who lived, but They were living in me.  It seemed to me that my body was like a residence, and that the living God was residing in it, because I could feel, sensibly, Their real presence in my interior.  I could hear Their voice clearly, coming out from within my interior and resounding in the ears of my body.  It happened precisely as when there are people speaking inside a room, and their voices can be heard, clearly and distinctly, also outside.


V2 – 2.28.99 – Second. The sun is fire, but it is also light and heat – here is the Most Holy Trinity veiled in the sun:  the fire is the Father, the light is the Son, the heat is the Holy Spirit.  However, the sun is one, and just as one cannot separate the fire from the light and from the heat, so one is the power of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, who cannot really be separated from one another.  And just as fire, in the same instant, produces light and heat, in such a way that fire cannot be conceived without also conceiving the light and the heat; in the same way, the Father cannot be conceived before the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa, but all Three of the Them have the same eternal beginning.


V2 – 5.2.99 – “The whole of Heaven is veiled in my Church. Just as in Heaven one is the head, which is God, and many are the saints, of different conditions, orders and merits, so in my Church, in which all Heaven is veiled, one is the head, which is the Pope, and even in the triple tiara that covers his head is the Sacrosanct Trinity veiled; and many are the members that depend upon this head – that is, different dignities, various orders, superior and inferior.”


V3 – 11.26.99 – In one instant, I went about looking and I saw Three Persons who, surrounding me, delighted in looking at this cross. However, lamenting to Them, I said:  ‘Great God, too scarce is my suffering, I am not content with only the cross, but I also want the thorns and the nails; and if I do not deserve this, because I am unworthy and a sinner, certainly You can give me the dispositions in order to deserve it.’  And Jesus, sending me a ray of intellectual light, made me understand that He wanted me to make the confession of my sins.  I felt almost floored before the Three Divine Persons, but the Humanity of Our Lord inspired me with confidence; so, turning to Him I recited the Confiteor, and then I began to make the confession of my sins.  Now, while I was all immersed in my misery, a voice came out from Their midst, saying:  “We forgive you, and you – sin no more.”  I was expecting to receive the absolution from Our Lord, but then and there He disappeared.  After a little while He came back crucified, and He shared with me the pains of the cross.


V3 – 1.6.00 – ‘Are you really Jesus the Nazarene, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, the Son of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God?’ And the Baby assured that He was.  Therefore, being assured, I placed Him to suckle from me.


V3 – 1.27.00 – The soul possesses many little apartments in which each virtue takes its place, even though it can be said that one single virtue contains all others within itself, and that the soul, by possessing only one of them, comes to be endowed with all the other virtues. However, in spite of this, they are all distinct among themselves, so much so, that each of them has its own place in the soul.  And here is how all virtues take their origin from the mystery of the Sacrosanct Trinity:  while It is One, there are Three distinct Persons, and while They are Three, They are One.


V3 – 5.9.00 – I saw three Suns: one seemed to set in the east, another in the west, and the third in the south.  The splendor of the rays that they sent forth was so great that they united, one with the other, in such a way as to become one.  I seemed to see the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, and man, formed with the three powers in the image of It.  I also comprehended that for one who would remain in that light, his will would be transformed in the Father, his intellect in the Son, his memory in the Holy Spirit.


V3 – 5.21.00 – “…It is enough to tell you, so that you may become enamored and cooperate as much as you can on your part to reach such extent, that the soul who arrives at living of my Will alone is queen of all queens, and her throne is so high as to reach the throne of the Eternal One; she enters the secrets of the Most August Trinity, and participates in the reciprocal love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Oh! how all the Angels and Saints honor her, men admire her, and the demons fear her, seeing the Divine Being in her!”


V4 – 10.23.00 – “My beloved, here is the symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity: Myself, father, and you.  My love, even ab aeterno, was never alone, but always united in perfect and reciprocal union with the Divine Persons, because true love never remains alone, but produces other loves, and delights in being loved back by the loves which it itself has produced.  And if it is alone, either it is not of the nature of divine love, or it is only apparent.  If you knew how much I delight and take pleasure in being able to continue in the creatures that love which reigned from eternity, and reigns still now, in the Most Holy Trinity.  This is also why I say to you that I want the consensus of the intention of the confessor united with Me – so as to be able to continue this love more perfectly, symbolic of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”


V4 – 12.3.00 – This morning, as I was outside of myself, I found myself with Baby Jesus in my arms; and while I delighted in looking at Him, I don’t know how, from the same Baby a second came out, and after a few instants, a third Baby, both of Them similar to the first, though distinct among Themselves. Stupefied in looking at this, I said:  ‘Oh, how one can touch with hand the sacrosanct mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, that while You are One, You are also Three.’  It seems to me that all Three of Them spoke to me, but as the word came out, it formed one single voice:  “Our nature is formed of most pure, most simple, communicative Love, and the nature of true Love has this of its own:  it produces from itself images fully similar to itself in power, in goodness, in beauty and in everything it contains; and only to give more sublime prominence to Our Omnipotence it places the mark of distinction, in such a way that, melting in love, this nature of Ours – which is simple, with no matter at all which might prevent the union – forms Three [Persons]; and returning to melt, it forms One.  It is so true that the nature of true Love has this prerogative of producing images fully similar to itself, or of assuming the image of the beloved, that the Second Person, in redeeming mankind, assumed the nature and the image of man, and communicated the Divinity to man.”

While They were saying this, I could distinguish my beloved Jesus very well, recognizing in Him the image of the human nature, and only because of Him I had the confidence to remain in Their presence; otherwise, who would have dared? Ah! yes.  It seemed to me that the humanity assumed by Jesus had opened commerce for the creature, in order to let her ascend up to the throne of the Divinity to be admitted to converse with Them, and to obtain deeds of graces.


V4 – 12.27.01 – He (Jesus) said to the confessor: “I was the administer of the Most Holy Trinity – that is, I administered to people the power, the wisdom and the charity of the Divine Persons.  You, being my representative, must do nothing but continue my same work with souls; and if you do not interest yourself, you come to break the work which I started, and I feel defrauded in the execution of my designs, and I am forced to withdraw the power, the wisdom and the charity which I would have administered to you, had you carried out the work I entrusted to you.”


V4 – 1.14.02 – Then, as He withdrew in my interior, I heard Him pray, saying: “Ever Holy and indivisible Trinity, I adore You profoundly, I love You intensely, I thank You perpetually, for all and in the hearts of all.”  And I went on in this way, hearing Him pray almost continuously inside of me, and I with Him.


V4 – 1.26.02 – This morning, while I was in my usual state, I saw an endless light before me, and I comprehended that in that light dwelled the Most Holy Trinity. I also saw the Queen Mama before that light; She was all absorbed in the Most Holy Trinity, and She absorbed all Three Divine Persons within Herself, in such a way as to be enriched with the three prerogatives of the Sacrosanct Trinity – which are:  Power, Wisdom and Charity.  And just as God loves mankind as part of Himself, and as a particle that came out of Him, and He ardently desires that this part of Himself return into Himself, so does the Queen Mama, by participating in this, love mankind with passionate love.

Now, while comprehending this, I saw the confessor, and I prayed the Most Holy Virgin to intercede with the Most Holy Trinity for him. She bowed, taking my prayer to the Throne of God, and I saw that from the Divine Throne a flow of light came out, which covered the confessor completely, and I found myself inside myself.


V4 – 12.30.02 – As I was in my usual state, I seemed to see the Most Holy Trinity, as if They wanted to resolve what They should do with the world, and I was in Their midst. It seemed that They were saying:  “If most fierce scourges are not sent to the world, everything is over for it concerning religion, and they will become worse than barbarians themselves.”  And while They were saying this, it seemed that wars of every kind, earthquakes destroying entire cities and diseases were coming down upon earth.  On seeing this, all trembling, I said:  ‘Supreme Majesty, forgive the human ingratitude; now more than ever the heart of man has rebelled, but if man sees himself being mortified he will rebel even more, adding outrages upon outrages against your Majesty.’  And a voice coming from Their midst said:  “Man can rebel when he is merely mortified, but when he is destroyed his rebelling ceases.  Here We speak not of mortification, but of destruction.”

After this, They disappeared, but who can say how I was left?


V4 – 12.31.02 – “Poor daughter, is this very hard for you? You have encountered my same lot.  I was always Who I was, one with the Sacrosanct Trinity, and We loved One Another with eternal, indissoluble love.  Yet, as victim, covered with all the iniquities of men, my exterior was abominable before the Divinity, so much so, that Divine Justice spared no part of Me, rendering Itself inexorable to the point of abandoning Me.”


V4 – Jan. 5, 1903 – “My daughter, I did not make man for the earth, but for Heaven; his mind, his heart, and everything that his interior contains were to exist in Heaven. Had he done this, he would have received the influence of the Most Holy Trinity within his three powers, and It would have been copied within himself; but since he occupies himself with earth, he receives mud, rot and the whole bilge of vices that the earth contains.”


V4 – 1.13.03 – As I was in my usual state, I seemed to see the Most Holy Trinity. They were looking at One Another, and in those gazes Their beauty was so great that They remained ecstatic at the mere gazing upon One Another.  In this state They overflowed with love, and were as though stirred by that love, to then become more intensely ecstatic.  So, all of Their good and delight was comprised within Themselves, and the whole of Their eternal life, beatitude and exercise, was enclosed in this word alone:  ‘Love’.  And the whole beatitude of the Saints was formed by this perfect operating of the Most Holy Trinity.  While I was seeing this, the Son assumed the form of the Crucified, and coming out from Their midst, He came to me, sharing with me the pains of the crucifixion.  And while remaining with me, He brought Himself once again into Their midst, and offered His sufferings and mine, satisfying for the love that all creatures owed Them.  Who can say Their delight, and how satisfied They were by the offering of the Son!  It seemed that, since in creating the creatures nothing had come out of Their interior but flames constituted by love; so much so, that in order to give vent to this love They began to create many other images of Themselves – only when They receive what They have given, are They then satisfied – that is, love They gave, love They want.  So, the most awful affront is to not love Them.  Yet, Oh God, Trice Holy, who is there that loves You?


V4 – 3.12.03 – “My daughter, the same happened when in the consistory of the Sacrosanct Trinity the mystery of the Incarnation was decreed in order to save mankind, and I, united with Their Will, accepted and offered Myself as victim for man: everything was union among Them, and We arranged everything together, but when I set to work, a point came – especially when I found Myself in the sphere of pains, of opprobrium, loaded down with all the wicked deeds of creatures – in which I remained alone and abandoned by all, even by my dear Father.  Not only this, but loaded down as I was with all pains, I had to press the Omnipotent One to accept and to let Me continue my sacrifice for the salvation of the whole of mankind, present and future.  And I obtained this; and the sacrifice is still lasting, the pressure is continuous, though it is all a pressure of love – do you want to know where and how?  In the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  In It the sacrifice is continuous; perpetual is the pressure I put on the Father to use mercy upon creatures; and on souls, in order to obtain their love; and I find Myself in a continuous contrast, dying continuously – though all deaths of love.  So, aren’t you happy that I let you participate in the periods of my own life?”


V6 – 12.21.03 – (Celestial Mother): “My daughter, courage along the way of sorrow.  See, these seven suns that come out from within my Heart are my Seven Sorrows which produced much glory and splendor for Me.  These suns, the fruit of my sorrows, dart continuously through the throne of the Most Holy Trinity which, feeling wounded, sends Me seven channels of grace continuously, making Me the owner of them; and I dispose of them for the glory of all Heaven, for the relief of purging souls, and for the benefit of pilgrim souls.”


V6 – 12.24.03 – ‘My pretty little one, what was the cause – who made You come from Heaven and be born, so very little, in the world?’ And He:  “The reason was love; not only this, but my birth in time was the outpouring of love of the Most Holy Trinity toward creatures.”


V6 – 2.21.04 – In the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Queen Mother Mary Most Holy, of my guardian Angel and of the whole Celestial Court, and in order to obey my confessor, I promise that if the Lord, by His infinite mercy, should give me the grace of letting me die, when I find myself together with my Celestial Spouse, I will pray and plead for the triumph of the Church and the confusion and conversion of Her enemies; that the Catholic party may triumph in our town, and that the church of St. Cataldo may be reopened for service; that my confessor be freed of his usual sufferings, with a holy freedom of spirit and the sanctity of a true apostle of Our Lord; and that – always if the Lord permits it – I will go to him, at least once a month, to confer about celestial things and things pertaining to the good of his soul. I promise all this, for my part, and I swear.


V9 – 10.14.09 – Continuing in my usual state, I seemed to find myself with a baby in my arms; and from one they became three, and I felt all immersed in them. Now, in the morning, when the confessor came, he asked me whether Jesus had come, and I told him what is written above, without adding anything else.  The confessor told me:  “Didn’t they tell you anything?  Didn’t you understand anything?”

And I: ‘I can’t say it well.’  And he continued:  “The whole Trinity was here and you can say nothing?  You have become more stupid – it shows that these are dreams.”  And I:  ‘Yes, it is true that they are dreams.’


V9 – 10.4.09 – You, who are the One who is offended, are Infinite, therefore I want to render infinite also my reparations and my love; and in order to make it infinite, immense, endless, I unite myself with You, with your own Divinity – even more, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, and I bless You with your own blessings, I love You with your Love, I soothe You with your own sweetnesses, I honor You, I adore You, as You do among Yourselves, Divine Persons.’


V11 – 4.2.13 – “One who does my Will represents, vividly, the period of my life upon earth: while on the outside I appeared as a Man, at the same time I was always the beloved Son of my dear Father.  In the same way, the soul who does my Will has, externally, the skin of humanity; while inside there is my Person – inseparable, just like Me, in the love and in the Will of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  So, the Divinity says:  ‘This is another daughter that We keep on earth.  For love of her do We sustain the earth, because, in everything, she stands in for Us’.”


V11 – 6.12.13 – “…Now, this union with Me – part to part, mind to mind, heart to heart, etc. – produces in you, in the highest degree, the life of my Will and of my love. In this Will, the Father is formed; and in this love, the Holy Spirit; and through the operating, the words, the works, the thoughts, and everything else that can come from this Will and from this love, the Son is formed – and here is the Trinity in souls.  So, if We need to operate, it is indifferent whether We operate in the Trinity in Heaven, or in the Trinity within souls on earth.  This is why I keep taking everything else away from you, be they even good and holy things:  to be able to give you the best and the holiest – which is I; and to be able to make of you another Myself, as much as it is possible for a creature.  I believe you won’t lament any more, will you?”


V11 – 12.30.16 – “…I Myself wanted her to be free in this, so that, freely, not being forced, this will and this love might run toward Me; and immersing herself in Me, she might offer Me the noblest and purest acts which a creature can give Me; and since I am free, and so is she, we might pour ourselves into each other and run – run toward Heaven to love and glorify the Father, and to dwell together with the Sacrosanct Trinity; run toward the earth to do good to all; run into the hearts of all to strike them with our love, to chain them with our will, and make of them conquests. Greater dowry I could not give to the creature.”


V11 – 5.17.14 – “My daughter, one who does my Will takes part in the actions ‘ad intra’ of the Divine Persons.  Only for one who does my Volition is this privilege is reserved:  to take part not only in all of Our works ‘ad extra’, but to pass from these to the works ‘ad intra’.  This is why it is hard for Me not to content one who lives of my Will:  because since this soul is in my Will, she is present in the intimate place of Our Heart, of Our desires, of Our affections and thoughts.  Her heartbeat, her breath and Ours are one.  Therefore, the contentments, the delights, the glory, the love that she gives Us – all of them infinite in their way and nature, in nothing dissimilar to Ours – are such and so many, that just as in Our eternal love One enraptures the Other, One forms the contentment of the Other, to the point that, many times, unable to contain this love and these contentments We go out with works ‘ad extra’; in the same way, We remain enraptured and delighted by this soul who does Our Will.  Therefore, how could We render discontent one who makes Us so content?  How not to love just as We love Ourselves – not as We love the other creatures – one who loves Us with Our same love?  There are no curtains of secrets between this soul and Us; there is no ‘Ours’ and ‘yours’, but everything is in common; and what We are by nature – impeccable, holy… – We render the soul by grace, so that no disparity may exist between her and Us.  And just as, unable to contain Our love, We go out with works ‘ad extra’, in the same way, unable to contain the love of one who does Our Will, We let her out of Ourselves, and We point her out to the peoples as Our favorite one – Our beloved; and that it is only for her and for souls similar to her that We let goods descend upon earth; and that only for love of these souls do We preserve the earth.  And then We enclose her within Ourselves to enjoy her, because just as We, Divine Persons, are inseparable, so does the soul who does Our Will become inseparable from Us.”


V11 – 3.19.14 – “…See, as you were diffusing yourself in my thoughts, desires, etc., you formed the amusement of my thoughts; and my desires, fusing in yours, played together with them. Your affections, united to your will and to your love, running and flying into my affections, into my Will and love, kissed one another; and pouring like a rapid stream into the immense sea of the Eternal One, they amused themselves with the Divine Persons – now with the Father, now with Me, now with the Holy Spirit.  Then, wanting to give no time to One Another, We all play with her – the Three of Us together, and we make of her Our jewel.  And this jewel is so dear to Us that, since it must form Our amusement, We keep it jealously ‘ad intra’, in the intimate part of Our Will; and when the creatures embitter Us and offend Us, in order be cheered We take Our jewel, and We amuse Ourselves together.”


V11 – 2.8.15 – “My daughter, the union of our wills is such that the will of one cannot be distinguished from that of the other. It is this union of Will that forms all the perfection of the Three Divine Persons, because since We are equal in the Will, this uniformity brings also the uniformity of sanctity, of wisdom, of beauty, of power, of love and of all the rest of Our Being.  So, We reflect Ourselves in One Another, and Our satisfaction in looking at One Another is so great as to render Us fully happy.  So, each One is reflected in the Other, and each One pours into the Other all the qualities of Our Being, like many immense seas of different joys.  If anything were dissimilar among Us, Our Being could not be perfect, nor fully happy.

Now, in creating man, We infused Our image and likeness in him so as to overwhelm him with Our happiness and be reflected and delighted in him. But man broke the first link of connection – the will – between himself and the Creator, therefore losing the true happiness; even more, all evils swooped down upon him.  So, We can neither reflect Ourselves nor delight in him.  Only in the soul who does Our Will in everything can We do it, and in her We enjoy the complete fruit of Creation.  In fact, even with those who have some virtues, who pray, who attend the Sacraments, if they are not conform to Our Will, We cannot reflect Ourselves in them, because since their will is broken from Ours, all things are in disorder and upside down.  Ah, my daughter, only Our Will is welcome, because It reorders, It makes one happy, and brings all goods with Itself.  Therefore, do my Will always and in everything – do not care about anything else.”


V12 – 6.4.19 – “…However, there was no injustice or hatred, but highest love and accord on the part of all Three Divine Persons in the commitment which I had taken upon Myself to save souls at the cost of suffering as many deaths for as many creatures as would come out to the light of Creation, and which the Father had granted to Me with highest love.”


V13 – 10.27.21 – “…You must know that my Will must be like the soul to the body. See, this happens also within Us, the Three Divine Persons.  Our love is great, infinite, eternal, but if We did not have a Will that animates and gives life to this love, Our love would be without life, without works.  Our wisdom gives of the incredible, Our power can crush everything in one minute, and in another minute It can redo everything.  But if We did not have a Will that wanted to manifest the mastery of Our wisdom, as It manifested it in Creation – in which It ordered and harmonized everything together, and with Its power It pinned it up in such way that it cannot move one bit – both wisdom and power would have had nothing to do.  And so with all the rest of Our attributes.”


V13 – 11.4.21 – “…Among Ourselves, the Three Divine Persons, We had no need to speak in order to understand One Another.”


V13 – 11.8.21 – “…This little light of yours is nothing other than your will which, having placed itself in front of Mine, has received the reflection of my Will; this is why it has become a light. I am taking it with Me in order to let it go around; I will take it to Heaven as the most rare and beautiful thing – which is the human will that has received the reflection of the Will of its Creator.  I will let it go around among the Divine Persons, so that They may receive the homages, the adorations of Their own reflections – the only ones worthy of Them.  Then I will show it to all the Saints, so that they too may receive the glory of the reflections of the Divine Will in the human will.  And then I will make it flow through all the earth, so that all may take part in such a great good.”


V13 – 12.5.21 – ‘Tell me, my Life, and who is my family? What is my dowry and yours?’  And smiling, He continued:  “Your family is the Trinity.  Don’t you remember when, in the first years of bed, I took you to Heaven, and before the Sacrosanct Trinity we celebrated our union?  And the Trinity endowed you with such gifts, that you yourself have not yet known them; and as I speak to you of my Will, of the effects and value, the gifts with which, from that time, you were endowed, are uncovered.  I do not speak to you of my dowry, because what is mine is yours.  And then, after a few days, We, all Three Divine Persons, descended from Heaven, took possession of your heart, and formed Our perpetual dwelling.  We took the reins of your intelligence, of your heart, and of all of you; and everything you did was an outpouring of Our Creative Will over you, and the confirmation that your will was animated by an Eternal Will.”


V13 – 12.27.21 – “My daughter, every time the soul enters into my Will, she comes to reflect herself in the mirror of my Divinity; and in reflecting herself, she receives the divine features, and these features bind her to the Divinity. And the Divine Persons, finding in her Their own physiognomy, recognize her as one from Their Family, They give her a place in Their midst, They admit her to Their secrets.  And recognizing Their own Will in her as center of life, They admit her to that eternal point, and enrich her with all that eternity contains.  Oh! how beautiful it is to see this little image of Ours inundated with all that eternity contains.  She, as a little one, feels lost, drowned, unable to contain It within herself; but Love, the carrying out of the Life of Our Volition in her, pushes her to reflect herself in Us, and Our eternal waves continue in her, like a machine that never ceases its motion.  Oh! how We amuse Ourselves.  This was the only purpose of the creation of man:  by the exchange of our wills, he with Us, and We with him, to form Our amusement as well as to render man happy in everything.  Once the union with Our Will was broken by man, Our bitternesses began, and also his unhappiness.  So, the purpose of Creation failed for Us.”


V13 – 1.14.22 – “My daughter, let us go back together into your bed. What you see is the Most Holy Trinity, which holds all creatures as though in the palm of Its hand; and as though from Its mere breath, It gives life, It preserves, It purges and delights – there is no creature which does not hang upon It.  Its Light is inaccessible to created mind.  If anyone wanted to enter, it would happen to him as to a person who would want to enter into a great fire:  not having sufficient heat and power to withstand this fire, he would be consumed by the fire; therefore, being extinguished, he would never be able to tell either how much or what kind of heat that fire contained.  The rays are the divine virtues.  Some virtues are less adaptable to created mind; this is why the created mind is delighted, it sees them, but is unable to repeat anything.  The other virtues, which are more adaptable to the human mind, can be described, but like a stammerer would, because no one can speak about them in a way that is right and worthy.  The virtues which are more adaptable to the human mind are:  Love, Mercy, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Science.  Therefore, together with Me, let us send our homages in the name of all, to thank It, praise It and bless It for so much goodness toward all creatures.”


V14 – 4.8.22 – “…I endowed the soul with will, intellect and memory. In the first shone my Celestial Father who, as first act, communicated His power, His sanctity, His height, by which He elevated the human will, investing it with His own sanctity, power and nobility, leaving all currents open between Himself and the human will, so that it might be enriched more and more with the treasures of my Divinity.  Between the human will and the Divine there was neither ‘yours’ nor ‘mine’, but everything in common, with mutual accord.  It was Our image – Our own thing; so, it veiled Us.  Our Life was to be its own, and therefore, as first act, He constituted her will free and independent, just as – as first act – was the Will of my Celestial Father.  But how much has this will disfigured itself!  Free as it was, it rendered itself the slave of most vile passions.  Ah! it is the will that is the beginning of all the evils of man – it can no longer be recognized.  How it decayed from its nobility – it is disgusting to look at.

Now, as second act, I, Son of God, concurred by endowing her with intellect, communicating to her my wisdom, the knowledge of all things, so that by knowing them, she might enjoy them and delight in what is good. But, alas! what a bilge of vices is the intelligence of the creature.  She has used knowledge to deny her Creator.

Then, as third act, the Holy Spirit concurred by endowing her with memory, so that in remembering so many benefits, she might be in continuous currents of love, in continuous relations. Love was to crown her, embrace her and permeate all of her life.  But how saddened the Eternal Love remains!  This memory remembers pleasures, riches, and even to sin, while the Sacrosanct Trinity is cast out of the gifts given to Its creature.

My sorrow was indescribable at seeing the deformity of the three powers of man. We had formed Our royal palace in him, and he had cast Us out.”


V14 – 4.13.22 – “How happy I am with your triple affirmation. Do not fear, these are nothing other than reassurances, reaffirmations and confirmations, so as to impress in you the triple seal of the Will of the Three Divine Persons.  You must know that one who lives in my Will must rise high – but so high as to live in the womb of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Your life and Ours must be one; therefore it is necessary, it is decorous, that you know where you are, and with whom you are; that in everything you conform to what We do, and that, not by force, but willingly, with love and with full knowledge, you live in Our womb.

Now, do you know what Our Divine Life is? We amuse Ourselves very much in issuing from Us new images of Ourselves.  We are in continuous act of forming Our images, so much so, that Heaven and earth are filled with Our images – their shadows flow everywhere.  The sun is Our image, and its light is the shadow of Ours, which overshadows all the earth.  The heavens are Our image, which extend everywhere and carry the shadow of Our immensity.  Man is Our image, who carries within himself Our power, wisdom and love.  So, We do nothing other than continuously produce Our images, which resemble Us.  Now, one who must live in Our Will, living in Our womb, must form many other copies of Ourselves together with Us; she must be together with Us in Our work; she must let copies and shadows of Us come out of herself, filling the whole of the earth and Heaven.

Now, in creating the first man, We formed him with Our hands, and breathing over him, We gave him life. Once We made the first, all the others take origin from, and are copies of the first.  Our power, flowing through all generations, reproduces copies of him.  Now, since We constitute you firstborn daughter of Our Will, it is necessary that you live with Us in order to form the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will, so that, as she lives in Us, she may receive Our attitude, and may learn with Our power to operate according to Our way.  And once We have made of you the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will, the other copies will come.

The way of Our Will is extremely long – it embraces Eternity; and while it seems that one has navigated the way, much remains for her to do and to receive from Us in order to learn Our ways, and to form the first copy of the soul who lives in Our Will. This is the greatest work We must do; therefore We must give you much, and it is befitting to dispose you much so that you may receive.  This is the reason for my repeated questions:  it is to dispose you, to enlarge you and to elevate you in order to accomplish my designs.  I care so much about it, that I would leave everything aside in order to reach my purpose.  Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”


V14 – 4.17.22 – “Daughter of my Will, this light that you see is nothing other than my Will, which wants to consume your will in order to give you the shape of Our image – that is, of the Three Divine Persons; in such a way that, transforming you completely into Ourselves, We will leave in you Our Volition as divine actor that matches Us in whatever We do. So, Our images will come out from Us, and Our Will, acting in you, will assume as many of them.  Oh! how the purpose of Creation will be fulfilled.  The echo of Our Will will be the echo of Our Will possessed by you; the exchanges will be mutual, love will be reciprocal; we will be in full harmony, the creature will disappear within her Creator, and then nothing else will be lacking to Our joy, to Our happiness, for which We issued the Creation.  The ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness’ will have its effect; and Our Will alone, as actor in the creature, will give completion to everything, and Creation will bring Us the divine purpose, and We will receive It into Our womb as Our work, just as We issued It.  And besides, if you cannot be without Me, it is the echo of my love that resounds in your heart, such that, unable to be without you, it reverberates in you; and you, shaken, seek the One who so much loves you.  And I, seeing Myself sought for, feel the echo of your love in mine, and I feel drawn to send you a new current of love, so that you may seek Me more.”


V14 – 6.15.22 – “…Now, my Will is like the heartbeat in the creature. If It palpitates, sanctity harmonizes, the virtues harmonize – she harmonizes between Heaven and earth; her harmony extends up to the Sacrosanct Trinity.  This is why for you there is my heartbeat that offers itself as little cell to enclose you in it, and so that, palpitating with one single heartbeat, you may harmonize between Heaven and earth, circulate in the past, in the present and in the future, be present in everything – you circulating in Me, and I in you.”


V14 – 7.6.22 – “Poor humanity, how decayed you are. I want to bless you, so that you may rise again from your decay.  May my blessing impress in you the triple seal of the power, the wisdom and the love of the Three Divine Persons, and may it restore your strength, heal you and enrich you.”


V14 – 7.10.22 – “My daughter, rise, rise more – but so high as to reach the womb of the Divinity; your life will be among the Divine Persons.


V14 – 7.20.22 – “…I want the Most Holy Trinity to be veiled upon earth: Myself, my Mama, and you.  And this is necessary – that by means of a creature my Will may have operating life upon earth.  And how can It have this operating life if I do not give what my Will contains, and what It made my Humanity suffer?  My Will had true operating life in Me and in my inseparable Mama; now I want It to have it in you.  One creature is absolutely necessary to Me – so has my Will established; the others will be conditioned.”


V14 – 8.6.22 – “…My Will contains perfect balance. Balance brings order, regimen, utility, harmony.  All things harmonize together as if they were one single thing.  Order brings equality; equality brings likeness.  This is why there is so much harmony, order and likeness in the Three Divine Persons, and all created things are in perfect harmony – one is the support, the strength and the life of the other.  If just one created thing disharmonized, all the others would tumble and end up in ruin.”


V14 – 9.5.22 – “…Remember that a few months ago I fixed a little wheel of sun in you, and with a ruler I measured you all over; then, another little wheel descended from Heaven, and after I fixed it in you, it kept many threads of light which were fixed in the Most Holy Trinity. Everything remained open between you and Us and, for that time, I left you without giving you any explanation about my operating.  Now, after having worked in you so much during all this time past, and having to complete my work, I want to give you some explanations, so that the seal of my Will and of yours, becoming one, may give completion to the mission to which I have called you.  So, the little wheel of light which I fixed in you first, was the whole of Creation, which came out of the Divinity all love, light and beauty.  Then I measured you with a ruler to see your dispositions and those which you were lacking, in order to put them in, to be able to fix well this little wheel and keep it safe.  The second little wheel was the Divinity, which descended in you, established that which It had created in the Empyrean, and fixed it in you, so as to place Itself in the proper relations with Creation, as it was due to It.

Now, know that I have enclosed and fixed the Creation in you. I want that that which was done in Heaven have life upon earth – but in Our own Will which, ascending to Us again, may bring It to Us all love, full of light and beautiful as We issued It.  This is why I marked in you all the deaths and pains of each creature, and all creatures together – so that I might find in you the whole Creation.  And since Heaven remains open between you and Us, you will bring Creation onto Our lap, as though delivered by you – that is, as a birth from Our Will made in you, which you bring back to Our feet, delivering It onto Our lap.  These are Our rights that We claim; all We want is that that which came out of Us enter into Us.  It is true that Our Will alone, acting in a soul with Its power just as It acted in that void when We issued the Creation, will be able to give Us back Our rights, and make the whole Creation smile at Us, at Our feet, as though in triumph.  But We want to use this power so that We may not remain disappointed in the work of Creation; and Our love triumphs more in taking from one creature that which all should give Us.  Now We are fixing everything in you; then, the other little births will be delivered which, loving to live in this way in Our Will, will bring onto Our lap – some of them ten, some twenty, some a hundred [measures] of Creation.  You will be like a tree which has sunk its roots deep into Our Will, and these roots will make other saplings germinate which, forming a crown around the tree, will produce their fruits.

True good never remains isolated; and since my Will is the greatest good, Its fecundity will be immense. Therefore, courage, be attentive to everything; it is true that Our Will will do everything, but the thread of yours must run together with It and extend into Heaven, on earth and in everything, to let Us accomplish what We want to operate in you.”


V14 – 10.24.22 – “…My daughter, how many prodigies does my Supreme Volition operating in the creature contain! As the soul lets this Holy Will enter into her, and herself into It, and she lets It operate in everything, even in the littlest things, she already places herself in the current between the Will operating within the Divine Persons and Their same Will operating in the creature.  So, if They love or want to give love, They find a place in which to deposit this love, because at one point of the earth there is Their Will operating in the creature, which can receive this love.  And rising up into the womb of the Divinity, Their same Will – as though divided in two, in the creature and in the Divinity, while It is always one – will bring to Them the requital of Their love in a divine manner on the part of the creature.  And here is how the Eternal Love places Itself in current between Heaven and earth, descending and ascending with no hindrance:  there is one who can receive Its deposit.  Their own Will operating in the creature will be jealous in holding It in safekeeping.  In the same way, if my Divinity wants to issue from Itself Its beauty, Its truths, Its power, Its infinite graces, It has a place in which to make the deposit of them:   Its own Will operating in the creature.”


V15 – 12.8.22 – “My daughter, the immaculate conception of my beloved Mama was prodigious and all marvelous; so much so, that Heaven and earth were stupefied and made feast. All Three Divine Persons competed among Themselves:  the Father poured out an immense sea of power; I, the Son, poured out an infinite sea of wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal love, which, merging into one, formed one single sea; and in the middle of this sea the conception of this Virgin was formed, elect among the elect.  So, the Divinity administered the substance of this conception, and this sea was not only the center of life of this admirable and singular creature, but it remained around Her – not only to keep Her defended from anything that might shadow Her, but to give Her, in each instant, new beauties, new graces, power, wisdom, love, privileges, etc.  So, Her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves; so much so, that as soon as this noble and singular creature was formed, the Divinity did not want to wait as usual with the other creatures – It wanted Her embraces, the requital of Her love, Her kisses, and to enjoy Her innocent smiles.  Therefore, as soon as Her conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I endowed Her with all sciences, I made known to Her Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation.  And even from the maternal womb, She would come to Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the requital of Her love, Her tender kisses; and throwing Herself into Our arms, She would smile at Us with such delight of gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles.  Oh! how beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust, without fear.  In fact, sin alone is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dispersing trust, and striking fear.  So, She would come into Our midst as Queen who, with Her love, given by Us, dominated Us, enraptured Us, put Us in feast, and captivated yet more love.  And We let Her do it, delighting in the love that She captivated from Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth.”


V15 – 12.16.22 – “My beloved daughter, if the conception of my Celestial Mama was prodigious, and She was conceived in the sea which came out of the Three Divine Persons, my conception was not in the sea that came out of Us, but in the great Sea which resided within Us – Our very Divinity – which descended into the virginal womb of this Virgin, and I was conceived. It is true that it is said that the Word was conceived, but my Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit were inseparable from Me.  It is true that I had the acting role, but They were concurring.”

“…Imagine two reflectors, each one reflecting the same subject into the other. These subjects are three:  the one in the middle takes on the operating, suffering, supplicating role; the other two are with it, concur with it, and are spectators.  So, I could say that one of the two reflectors was the Sacrosanct Trinity, and the other was my dear Mama.  During the brief course of Her life, by living always in my Will, She prepared for Me in Her virginal womb the little divine ground in which I, Eternal Word, was to clothe Myself with human flesh, since I would never have descended into a human ground.  And as the Trinity was reflected in Her, I was conceived.  So, while that same Trinity remained in Heaven, I was conceived in the womb of this noble Queen.”


V15 – 1.24.23 – “My daughter, my Will in Heaven contained the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. One was the Will of the Three Divine Persons; while They were distinct among Themselves, yet Their Will was one, and being the only Will acting within Us, It formed all Our happiness, and Our equality in love, in power, in beauty, etc.  If instead of one Will there had been three Wills, We could not be happy, and even less could We make others happy.  We would have been unequal in power, in wisdom, in sanctity, etc.  So, Our one Will, acting within Us, is all Our good, from which so many seas of happiness are released, that no one can penetrate down to the bottom.  Now, seeing the great good of acting alone in Three distinct Persons, Our Will wants to act alone in three distinct persons on earth; and these are:  the Mother, the Son, the Spouse.  From them It wants to release more seas of happiness which will bring immense goods to all the pilgrim souls.”

‘My Love, who will be this fortunate Mother, this Son and this Spouse, which will veil the Trinity on earth, and in whom your Will shall be one?’  And Jesus:  “What? Have you not understood?  Two of them are already at their place of honor:  my Divine Mama and I, Eternal Word, Son of the Celestial Father, and Son of the Celestial Mother since, by incarnating Myself in Her womb, I became Her own Son.  The Spouse is the little daughter of my Will.  I am in the center, my Mama is at my right, and the Spouse at my left.  As my Will acts in Me, It echoes to the right and to the left, and forms one single Will.  This is why I have poured so many graces in you, I opened the doors of my Will, I revealed to you the secrets, the prodigies which my Will contains:  to open many ways, so that you might be reached by the echo of my Will, and, losing your own, you might live with my Will alone.  Aren’t you happy?”


V15 – 4.14.23 – “…This I did in the work of Redemption. In order to be able to elevate a creature to conceiving a Man and God, I had to centralize all possible and imaginable goods in Her.  I had to elevate Her so high as to place in Her the seed of the very Paternal fecundity.  So, just as my Celestial Father, virgin, generated Me within His womb with the virginal seed of His eternal fecundity, without the work of a woman, and from the same seed the Holy Spirit proceeded – in the same way, with this eternal seed of the Paternal fecundity, wholly virginal, my Celestial Mama conceived Me in Her virginal womb, without the work of a man.  The Sacrosanct Trinity had to give of Its own to this Divine Virgin, to be able to conceive Me, the Son of God.  My Holy Mama could never have conceived Me without having a seed.  Now, since She belonged to the human race, this seed of eternal fecundity gave Her the virtue of conceiving Me as Man; and because the seed was divine, at the same time She conceived Me as God.  And just as the Holy Spirit proceeded at the same time as the Father generated Me, in the same way, as I was generated in the womb of my Mama, the generation of souls proceeded at the same time.  So, everything that ab æterno happened to the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven, was repeated in the womb of my dear Mama.”


V15 – 5.2.23 – “My daughter, oh! how well your acts done in my Will harmonize. They harmonize with mine, with those of my beloved Mama, and one disappears within the other, forming one single act – it seems like Heaven on earth, and the earth in Heaven; and the echo of one in three and of three in one, of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Oh! how sweet it sounds to Our hearing, how it enraptures Us, but so much as to capture Our Will from Heaven to earth.”


V15 – 7.11.23 – “…The work of Redemption was the greatest, and I chose only one creature, endowing Her with all gifts, never conceded to anyone, so that this creature might contain so much grace as to be able to become my Mother, and so that I might deposit in Her all the goods of Redemption. And in order to keep my own gifts safe, from the moment She was conceived until She conceived Me, I kept Her overshadowed within the light of the Most Holy Trinity, which became Her custodian and held the office of directing Her in everything.  Then, when I was conceived in Her virginal womb, I being the true Priest and the head and the first of all priests, I Myself took on the charge of keeping Her and directing Her in everything, even in the motion of Her heartbeat.”

“…Three times did the Supreme Divinity decide to operate ‘ad extra’.  The first was in Creation, and it was without the intervention of the creature, since none of them had yet come out to the light of the day.  The second was in Redemption, and with It intervened a woman, the holiest, the most beautiful – my Celestial Mama.  She was the channel and the instrument I used in order to fulfill the work of Redemption.  The third is the fulfillment of my Will to be done on earth as It is in Heaven – that is, for the creature to live and operate with the sanctity and the power of Our Will; a work inseparable from Creation and Redemption, just as the Sacrosanct Trinity is inseparable.  Nor can We say that the work of Creation has been completed by Us, if Our Will, as it was decreed by Us, does not act in the creature and live with that freedom, sanctity and power with which It operates and lives in Us.  Even more, this is the most beautiful point, the highest, the brightest, and the seal of the fulfillment of the work of Creation and Redemption.”


V16 – 9.6.23 – ‘My Jesus, in your Will I unite my thoughts to yours, and since your thoughts circulate in each created intelligence, I want each thought to draw from yours the love of your intelligence, in order to place each thought of creature in the flight of love. This flight reaches up high, into Heaven, before the Supreme Majesty, and blending with the Eternal Love, draws the Love of the Most Holy Trinity upon earth, over all creatures.’

“…In fact, do you want to know why Adam sinned? Because he forgot that I loved him, and he forgot to love Me.  This was the first seed of his fall.  Had he thought that I loved him very much and that he was obliged to love Me, he would never have decided to disobey Me.  So, love ceased first, and then sin began; and as he ceased to love his God, true love toward himself also ceased.  His members and powers rebelled against him; he lost dominion, order, and became fearful.  Not only this, but true love toward other creatures ceased, while I had created him with the same love which reigned among the Divine Persons, by which one was to be the image of the other, the happiness, the joy and life of the other.  This is why, in coming upon earth, the thing on which I placed greatest importance was that they love one another as they were loved by Me, in order to give them my first love, to let the love of the Most Holy Trinity hover over the earth.  Therefore, in all your pains and privations, never forget that I love you very much, so as to never forget to love Me; and as daughter of Our Will, you have the task to love Me for all.  In this way, you will remain in the order, and will fear nothing.”


V16 – 10.16.23 – Now, while He was saying this, I seemed to find myself in Heaven, and as though from one single point, I could see all generations; and prostrating myself before the Supreme Majesty, I took the reciprocal love of the Divine Persons, Their perfect adoration, the sanctity, always one, of Their Will, and I offered them in the name of all as requital of love, adoration, submission and union which every creature should give to her Creator. I wanted to unite Heaven and earth, Creator and creature, that they might embrace and exchange the kiss of the union of their wills.  Then my Jesus added:  “This is your task – to live in Our midst and to make all that is Ours your own, and to give it to Us on behalf of your brothers; so that, drawn by what is Ours, We may be bound to the human generations, and give them, once again, the supreme kiss of the union of their will with Ours, which We gave them in Creation.”


V16 – 11.24.23 – Well then, the origin of my Will is eternal. Never did sorrow enter into It; among the Divine Persons this Will was in highest concord – even more, It was one.  In each act It emitted, both ‘ad intra’ and ‘ad extra’, It gave Us infinite joys, new contentments, immense happiness.  And when We wanted to issue the machine of Creation – how much glory, how many harmonies and honor did It not give to Us?  As soon as the Fiat was released, this Fiat diffused Our beauty, Our light, Our power, order, harmony, love, sanctity – everything; and We remained glorified by Our own virtues, in seeing, by means of Our Fiat, the flowering of Our Divinity veiled in the whole universe.  Our Will did not stop; swollen with love as It was, It wanted to create man; and you know his story, therefore I move forward.  Ah! it was he who caused the first sorrow to my Will.  He tried to embitter the One who loved him so much, and who had made him happy.  My Will wept more than a tender mother who weeps over her son, who is crippled and blind only because he withdrew from the Will of his mother.  My Will wanted to be the first actor in man, for nothing else but to give him new surprises of love, of joys, of happiness, of light, of riches.  It wanted to always give – this is why It wanted to act.  But man wanted to do his will and broke it from the Divine.  If only he had never done that…!  My Will withdrew, and he fell into the abyss of all evils.  Now, in order to re-join these two wills, One was needed who would contain a Divine Will within Himself.  Therefore, since I, Eternal Word, loved this man with an eternal love, We, the Divine Persons, decreed together that I was to take on human flesh in order to come and save him, and to re-join the two broken wills.  But where to descend?  Who would be the One who would lend Her flesh to Her Creator?”


V16 – 2.2.24 – “…Only one who has the wings of the abandonment in Me and follows the same course as my Will, hovers over everything, both in Heaven and on earth, enters into the sphere of Eternity, goes around in the midst of the Three Divine Persons, penetrates into Their most intimate hiding places, and is aware of Their secrets and of Their beatitudes.”


V16 – 5.13.24 – “My daughter, true and perfect adoration is in the complete accord of the union of the Will of God with the soul. The more the soul makes her will one with that of her Creator, the more complete and perfect her adoration is.  And if the human will is not one with the Divine – even more, if it is far away from God – it cannot be called adoration, but shadow, or colorless shade, which leaves not even a trace.  And if the human will is not disposed to receive the kiss of the union of the Supreme Will, instead of adoration, it can be insult and scorn.  The first act of adoration is to recognize the Will of her Creator in order to do It; if this is not there, she adores with words, but in fact she insults and offends.  And if you want to know the true and perfect model of adoration, come with Me into the midst of the Three Divine Persons.”

I don’t know how, Jesus clasped me more tightly and raised me higher, into the midst of an unending light. I felt myself being annihilated, but my annihilation was overtaken by a Divine Life, which unleashed from Itself many different tints of beauty, of sanctity, of light, of goodness, of peace, of love, etc.; in such a way that my nothingness was transformed by those divine tints, to the point of no longer being recognized and of enamoring the very One who had so much embellished me.  And my sweet Jesus resumed His speaking:  “See, my daughter, the first act of the Divine Persons is the perfect accord of Our Will.  Our Will is so unified that the Will of One cannot be distinguished from That of the Other; so much so, that even though Our Persons are distinct – because We are Three – Our Will is One, and this One Will produces a continuous act of perfect adoration among the Divine Persons – One adores the Other.  This accord of Will produces equality of sanctity, of light, of goodness, of beauty, of power, of love, and establishes in Us the true reign of order and of peace, giving Us immense joys and happinesses, and infinite beatitudes.  So, the accord of the human will with the Divine is the first link of connection between Creator and creature; and from it, the divine virtues descend into her as within a channel, producing in her true adoration and perfect love for her Creator.  And rising from within that same channel of connection, she receives the different tints of the divine qualities; and every time the soul rises in order to dive into this eternal Will, she is embellished by, and acquires, as many more varieties of divine beauty.

This is why I say that the soul who does my Will is my amusement and my contentment. And in order to amuse Myself, I keep the brush of my Will in my hands, and as she dives into my Will, I touch her up and I amuse Myself by impressing on her, with a brush stroke of mine, one more shade of my beauty, of my love, of my sanctity, and of all my qualities.  So, for Me, being in her and being in Heaven are the same – I find the same adoration of the Divine Persons, my Will, my love.”


V17 – 6.20.24 – “…In the soul in whom It wants to reign, my Will wants to find all the relations which exist in Creation between Creator and creature; otherwise Its happiness would not be full, nor would It find all Its things and the whole of Itself. In the soul in whom It reigns, my Will must be able to say:  ‘If no one loved Me or requited Me, I am happy of my own – no one can sadden my happiness, because in her I find everything, I receive everything, and I can give everything.’  It would repeat the sentence which is in the Three Divine Persons:  ‘We are untouchable; as much as creatures might do, no one can touch Us, or even slightly shade Our eternal and immutable happiness.  Only one who possesses Our Will can touch Us, can enter to form one thing with Us, because since she is happy of Our own happiness, We remain glorified from the happiness of the creature.’


V17 – 10.2.24 – I felt myself being transported outside of myself, toward the vault of the heavens, and I seemed to encounter the Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit. And Jesus, who was with me, placed Himself between Them, and He put me on the lap of the Father, who seemed to be waiting for me with so much love that He pressed me to His bosom, and identifying me with His Will, He communicated His power to me.  And so did the other two Divine Persons.  But while They communicated Themselves to me, One by One, They all became One, and I felt I was being infused with, all together, the Will of the power of the Father, the Will of the wisdom of the Son, and the Will of the love of the Holy Spirit.  But who can say what I felt as being infused in my soul?  And my lovable Jesus said to me:  “Daughter of Our Eternal Will, prostrate yourself before Our Supreme Majesty and offer your adorations, your homages, your praises, in the name of all, with the power of Our Will, with the wisdom and with the Will of Our supreme love.  We will feel in you the power of Our Will adoring Us, the wisdom of Our Will glorifying Us, the love of Our Will loving Us and praising Us.  And since the power, the wisdom and the love of the Three Divine Persons are in communication with the intellect, the memory and the will of all creatures, We will feel your adorations, homages and praises flow within all the intelligences of creatures, which, rising between Heaven and earth, will make Us hear the echo of Our own power, wisdom and love, adoring Us, praising Us and loving Us.  Greater adorations, more noble homages, love and praises more divine, you cannot give Us.  No other act can equal these acts, or give Us as much glory and as much love, because We see, hovering within the act of the creature, the power, the wisdom and the reciprocal love of the Three Divine Persons – We find Our own acts in the act of the creature.  How not to enjoy them and not to give them supremacy over all other acts?”  So I prostrated myself before the Supreme Majesty, adoring It, praising It and loving It in the name of all, with the power, the wisdom and the love of Their Will, which I felt within me.


V17 – 5.4.25 – ‘The mission of my Will will veil the Most Holy Trinity upon earth. Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, inseparable from One Another but distinct among Themselves, forming the whole beatitude of Heaven; in the same way, on earth there will be three persons who, because of their missions, will be distinct and inseparable among themselves:  the Virgin, with Her Maternity which veils the Paternity of the Celestial Father and encloses His power in order to fulfill Her mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; my Humanity, for the mission of Redeemer, which enclosed the Divinity, and the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, manifested my celestial wisdom – adding the bond of rendering Myself inseparable from my Mama; and you, for the mission of my Will, as the Holy Spirit will make display of His love, manifesting to you the secrets, the prodigies of my Will, the goods It contains, to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much good this Supreme Will contains, to love It and to let It reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to form Its Life in them – adding the bond of inseparability between you, the Mother and the Eternal Word.

These three missions are distinct and inseparable. The first two have prepared the graces, the light, the work, and with unheard-of pains, for the third mission of my Will, to then fuse themselves all in It without leaving their office, so as to find rest, because my Will alone is celestial rest.  These missions will not be repeated, because the exuberance of grace, of light, of knowledge is such and so great that all human generations can be filled with them; even more, they will not be able to contain all the good which they contain.  These missions are symbolized by the sun; in fact, in creating it, I filled it with so much light and heat, that all human generations have superabundant light.  Nor did I consider that, since at the beginning of creation there were only Adam and Eve who would enjoy it, I could place the necessary light for them only, to then increase new light as the generations would grow.  No, no – I made it full of light, just as it is now, and will be.  For the decorum and the honor of Our power, wisdom and love, Our works are always done with the fullness of all the good which they contain; nor are they subject to increasing or decreasing.”


V17 – 5.10.25 – As I fuse myself, an immense void, all of light, becomes present before my mind, such that one can find neither the extent of its height, nor of its depth, nor the boundaries on the right or on the left, nor those on the front or on the back. In the midst of this immensity, at a point extremely high, I seem to see the Divinity, or the Three Divine Persons, waiting for me; but this, always mentally.  And, I don’t know how, a little girl comes out of me; but it is my own self – maybe it is my little soul.  But it is moving to see this little girl placing herself on the way within this immense empty space – all alone, shy, walking on tiptoe, with her eyes always fixed on the place where she sees the Three Divine Persons, because she fears that if she lowers her gaze in that immense void, she wouldn’t know at which point she would end up.  All her strength is in that gaze fixed on high; in fact, as her gaze is corresponded by the gaze of the Supreme Height, she draws strength along the way.  Now, as she arrives before Them, she plunges herself with her face into that void, to adore the Divine Majesty.  But one hand from the Divine Persons raises the little girl; and They say to her:  “Our daughter, the little daughter of Our Will – come into Our arms.”  In hearing this, she becomes festive, and makes the Three Divine Persons festive, as They await the carrying out of her office, entrusted to her by Them.  And with grace typical of a little girl, she says:  ‘I come to adore You, to bless You, to thank You for all.  I come to bind to your throne all human wills of all generations, from the first to the last man, so that all may recognize your Supreme Will, adore It, love It, and give It life within their souls.  Supreme Majesty, in this immense void there are all creatures, and I want to take them all in order to place them in your Holy Will, so that all may return to the origin from which they came – that is, your Will.  This is why I have come into your paternal arms – to bring You all your children and brothers of mine, and bind them all with your Will.  And in the name of all, and for all, I want to repair You and give You the homage and the glory as if all done your Most Holy Will.  But, O please! I pray You, let there be no more separation between Divine Will and human will.  It is a little girl who asks this of You, and I know that You can deny nothing to the little ones.’  But who can say everything?  I would be too long.  In addition to the fact that I lack the words to express what I say before the Supreme Height, it seems to me that, here in the low world, we do not use the same language as in that immense void.


V17 – 5.17.25 – “My daughter, to what you have said on fusing yourself in my Will, another appeal must be added – that of fusing yourself in the order of grace, in everything that the Sanctifier – the Holy Spirit – has done and will do for those who are to be sanctified. More so since, while We, the Three Divine Persons, are always united in operating, if the Creation points to the Father, and Redemption to the Son, the Fiat Voluntas Tua will point to the Holy Spirit.  And it is precisely in the Fiat Voluntas Tua that the Divine Spirit will make display of His work.  You do it when, on coming before the Supreme Majesty, you say:  ‘I come to requite You in love for everything that the Sanctifier does for those who are to be sanctified.  I come to enter into the order of grace, so as to be able to give You the glory and the requital of love as if all had made themselves saints, and to repair You for all the oppositions and lack of correspondence to grace’.  And as much as you can, you search within Our Will for the acts of grace of the Spirit Sanctifier, so as to make His sorrow your own, as well as His secret moans, His anguishing sighs in the depth of the hearts, in seeing Himself so unwelcome.  And since the first act He does is to bring Our Will as the complete act of their sanctification, in seeing Himself rejected, He moans with inexpressible moans.  And you, in your childlike simplicity, say to Him:  ‘Spirit Sanctifier, hurry, I implore You, I pray You again – make your Will known to all, so that, by knowing It, they may love It, and may welcome your first act of their complete sanctification – which is your Holy Will.’  My daughter, We, the Three Divine Persons, are inseparable and distinct, and in this way do We want to manifest to the human generations Our works for them – that while being united among Ourselves, each One of Us wants to manifest individually His love and His work toward the creatures.”


V17 – 6.20.25 – “…Now, since this Will is the same as that which the Three Divine Persons have, it happens that They feel within Themselves the breath of the soul, her heartbeat, her motion. Also, every time Our Will decides to do an act, It makes new joys, new beatitudes, new happinesses come out of Us, which, harmonizing everything among the Divine Persons, form immense seas of new happinesses which, enveloping all the Blessed, cause them to remain enraptured within these joys, and to be shaken by this rapture when Our Will wants to form more acts of Will in order to delight Us and make Us issue more beatitudes; and while they are shaken, they remain yet more strongly enraptured within Our immeasurable beatitudes.  Now, because of this, the soul who lets Our Will live within herself reaches such a point that, as she lets It operate, she gives Us the occasion to put Our beatitudes, the harmonies and the infinite joys of Our love in motion; she makes Us issue new beauties of Ours.  Our Will operating in the creature is so very pleasing, tender and lovable to Us; It gives Us new surprises; It puts Our things in motion, to give Us the return of Our glory, of Our love, of Our happinesses.  And all this, by means of the creature who has given the place within herself to let Our Will live.  How not to love this birth from Our Will?  More so, since Our Will renders this creature more lovable, gracious, beautiful to Us, in such a way that in no one else do We see her prerogatives.  She is a work done by Our Will, with such mastery as to enchant the whole of Heaven, and to render her lovable to all – and even more so, to the Sacrosanct Trinity.”  And while He was saying this, He clasped me more tightly, and letting me place my mouth in His Heart, He added:  “You too – drink Our beatitudes in large gulps; satiate yourself, as you want, and as much as you want.”


V18 – 11.5.25 – “…Lend Us the ear of your heart and listen to Our profound moans in the Sacrament of Marriage. How many disorders in it!  Marriage was elevated by Me to a Sacrament, in order to place in it a sacred bond, the symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, the divine love which It encloses.  So, the love which was to reign in the father, mother and children, the concord, the peace, was to symbolize the Celestial Family.  I was to have on earth as many other families similar to the Family of the Creator, destined to populate the earth like as many terrestrial angels, to then bring them back to populate the celestial regions.  But, ah! how many moans in seeing families of sin being formed in the Marriage, which symbolize hell, with discord, with lack of love, with hatred, and which populate the earth like many rebellious angels, who will serve to populate hell.  The Holy Spirit moans with harrowing moans in each Marriage, in seeing so many infernal dens being formed on earth.  Therefore, place your requital of love in each Marriage, in each creature which comes to the light; in this way, your loving moan will render less sorrowful Our continuous moans.”


V19 – 3.19.26 – “…Furthermore, Creation, Redemption and the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven, symbolize the Sacrosanct Trinity.  In fact, just as the Divine Persons are inseparable from one another, so these works are inseparable from one another:  each one gives the hand to the other; each one helps the other – the triumph, the glory, belongs to all three of them.  And since Our Will has held the primary place in all Our works, Creation and Redemption remain eclipsed and as though dissolved within the immensity and the endlessness of the Supreme Will.  Our Will envelops everything and keeps the very things done by Us as Its throne, from which It reigns and dominates.  So, if Our Will is everything, why are you surprised that It will produce greater fruits than Our other works?  And man will receive that Life which he has, but does not know, because he keeps It as though compressed, drowned, weakened, while It moans and sighs, because It wants to carry out Its Life, but It is not allowed to do so.”


V19 – 4.16.26 – “My daughter, everything you experienced – your full abandonment in the arms of our Celestial Father, no longer feeling your own life – is the image of the living in my Will. In fact, in order to live in It, the creature must live more of God than of herself; even more, ‘the nothing’ must give life to ‘the All’, to be able to do everything, and to have her act at the top of all the other acts of each creature.  Such was the life of my Divine Mama.  She was the true image of the living in my Will.  Her living in It was so perfect, that She did nothing but receive from God, continuously, all that She was to do in order to live in the Supreme Volition.  So, She received the act of supreme adoration, to be able to place Herself at the top of every adoration which all creatures were obliged to do for their Creator.  In fact, true adoration has life within the Three Divine Persons.  Our perfect concord, Our reciprocal love, Our one Will, form the most profound and perfect adoration within the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Therefore, if the creature adores Me, but her will is not in accord with Me, it is vain word – not adoration.

So, my Mama took everything from Us, to be able to diffuse Herself in everything and to place Herself at the top of every act of creature – at the top of every love, of every step, of every word, of every thought; at the top of every created thing. She placed Her prime act upon all things, and this gave Her the right of Queen of all and of everything; and She surpassed, in sanctity, in love, in grace, all the Saints who have been and will be, as well as all Angels united together.  The Creator poured Himself upon Her, giving Her so much love that She possessed enough love to be able to love Him for all.  He communicated to Her the highest concord and the One Will of the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that She was able to adore for all in a divine manner, and to make up for all the duties of creatures.  Had it not been so, it would not be a truth, but just a manner of speaking, that the Celestial Mama surpassed everyone in sanctity and in love.  But whenever We speak, it is facts, not words.  Therefore, We found everything in Her; and having found everything and everyone, We gave Her everything, constituting Her Queen and Mother of Her very Creator.”


V19 – 5.19.26 – “…Furthermore, Creation, Redemption and the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven, symbolize the Sacrosanct Trinity.  In fact, just as the Divine Persons are inseparable from one another, so these works are inseparable from one another:  each one gives the hand to the other; each one helps the other – the triumph, the glory, belongs to all three of them.  And since Our Will has held the primary place in all Our works, Creation and Redemption remain eclipsed and as though dissolved within the immensity and the endlessness of the Supreme Will.  Our Will envelops everything and keeps the very things done by Us as Its throne, from which It reigns and dominates.  So, if Our Will is everything, why are you surprised that It will produce greater fruits than Our other works?  And man will receive that Life which he has, but does not know, because he keeps It as though compressed, drowned, weakened, while It moans and sighs, because It wants to carry out Its Life, but It is not allowed to do so.”


V19 – 5.27.26 – “…Now, this triumph of the unity of the Supreme Will, the center of its dwelling place, of its throne, is the center of the Sacrosanct Trinity. From this divine center start its most refulgent rays, which invest the whole Celestial Fatherland; all Saints and Angels are invested by the unity of my Will, they all receive Its innumerable effects, and abducting them all to Itself, It makes of them one single unity with the supreme unity of my Will.  These rays invest the whole Creation and form its unity with the soul who lives in my Will.  Look:  the unity of this light of my Will which resides in the center of the Three Divine Persons is already fixed in you; so, one is the light and the act, one is the Will.  Now, while you do your acts in this unity, they are already incorporated in that single act of the center, and the Divinity is already with you, doing what you do.  The Celestial Mama, the Saints and Angels, and the whole Creation – all in chorus repeat your act, and feel the effects of the Supreme Will.  Watch – listen to the prodigy never before seen of that single act which fills Heaven and earth, with the very Trinity unifying Itself with the creature and placing Itself as the primary act of the act of the creature.”

At that moment I could see the eternal light fixed in me, and I could hear the chorus of the whole of Heaven and of all Creation in its mute language. But who can say everything and what I comprehended of the unity of the light of the Supreme Will?  Jesus added:  “My daughter, in order for each act to be good and holy, its origin must come from God, and – behold, for the soul who lives in my Will, in the unity of this light, her adoration, her love, her motion and everything she may do, begin from the Divine Trinity.  So, she receives the origin of her acts from God Himself, and here is how her adoration, her love, her motion, are the same adoration which the Three Divine Persons have among themselves, the same reciprocal love which reigns among the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and her motion is that eternal motion which never ceases and gives motion to all.  The unity of this light places everything in common; whatever God does, the soul does, and whatever the soul does, God does – God by His own virtue, the soul by virtue of the unity of the light that envelops her.  Therefore, the prodigy of living in my Will is the prodigy of God Himself – it is primary prodigy, while all other prodigies, all other works, even good and holy ones, remain eclipsed – they disappear before the acts done in the unity of this light.  Imagine the sun, spreading its rays in the unity of its light, invading all the earth; and then the creatures, placing before the blazing light of the sun all the lights that exist in the low world – electric light, private lights.  As many as they would want to put there, their light would always be meager before the sun, almost as if they did not exist, and no one would use all those lights to give light to their steps in order to walk, to their hands in order to work, to their eyes in order to see, but all would use the sun; and all those lights would remain idle, without doing good to anyone.”


V19 – 5.31.26 – Now, while Jesus was saying this, the doubt came to me about whether the Three Divine Persons had suffered, all Three of Them, or the Word alone; and Jesus resumed His speaking, saying: “My daughter, because They are inseparable from Me, the Father and the Holy Spirit descended with Me and I remained with Them in the Heavens; but the task of satisfying, of suffering, and of redeeming man was taken by Me.  I, Son of the Father, took on the role of reconciling God with man.  Our Divinity was untouchable by the suffering of the slightest pain; it was my Humanity that, united with the Three Divine Persons in an inseparable way, placing Itself at the mercy of the Divinity, suffered unheard-of pains and satisfied in a divine manner.  And since my Humanity possessed not only the fullness of my Will as Its own virtue, but the Word Himself, as well as the Father and the Holy Spirit as a consequence of Our inseparability, It surpassed in a more perfect way both innocent Adam and my very Mama.  In fact, in them it was grace, in Me it was nature; they had to draw light, grace, power, beauty from God; in Me there was the springing fount of light, beauty, grace….  So, the difference between Me, as nature, and my very Mama, as grace, was so great, that She remained eclipsed before my Humanity.”


V19 – 6.20.26 – “…So I AM. My ideal in Creation was the Kingdom of my Will in the soul of the creature; my primary purpose was to make of man the image of the Divine Trinity by virtue of the fulfillment of my Will upon him.”


V19 – 8.12.26 – “My daughter, man was created by God with three powers: memory, intellect and will; and this, so that he might have the links of communications with the Divine Persons of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  These were like paths along which to ascend to God, like doors through which to enter, like rooms in which to form the continuous dwelling – the creature for God, God for the creature.  These are the royal paths of both of them, the gold doors which God placed in the depth of the soul through which the Supreme Sovereignty of the Divine Majesty might enter; the safe and unshakeable room in which God was to have His celestial dwelling.  Now, in order to be able to form Its Kingdom in the inmost place of the soul, my Will wants to find these three powers, given to the creature to raise her to the likeness of the Creator, in order with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit.  My Will would not go out of Its dominions if these three powers of the soul were in order with God, and Its reigning would be happy and as though natural, because, her three powers being in order with God, the creature would have order within herself and outside of herself, and the Kingdom of the Will of God and that of the creature would not be a divided Kingdom, but a single one, and therefore Its dominion and regime would be one.  More so, since my Will does not know how to reign where there is no order and harmony – inseparable qualities and indispensable properties of the Divine Persons; and the soul can never be ordered and harmonize with her Creator if she does not have her three powers open to receive from God His qualities ordered and His properties harmonized, in such a way that, finding the divine harmonies and the supreme order of the Divine Kingdom and of the human kingdom, my Will may make them one and reign in It with Its full dominion.”


V19 – 9.5.26 – “…But do you know what it means to possess such a vast paternity and such a long daughtership? It means to be bound with bonds of justice to all the riches, the glory, the honor, the privileges that such vast paternity possesses.  So, as my daughter, your Jesus gives you all the goods of Redemption as gifts; as Our daughter, you are endowed with all the goods of the Sacrosanct Trinity; as daughter of the Sovereign Queen, She gives to you Her sorrows, Her works, Her love and all of Her maternal merits as gifts; as daughter of the Angels and of the Saints, they compete among themselves to give you all of their goods; as daughter of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun, of the sea and of all created things, they feel honored to finally have their daughter, to be able to give their inheritance; and my very Will reigning in them, with Its endless light forms for you the deed of all Creation, and all feel the happiness, the joy of being able to give their inheritance, because by being able to give, they no longer feel sterile, but fecund, and fecundity brings joy, company, harmony, glory, the repetition of one’s very life.  How many fathers and mothers are unhappy, even though they are rich, because they have no offspring!”


V20 – 10.29.26 – “…In an excess of love, the Sacrosanct Trinity wanted to endow him, giving him intellect, memory and will; and according to his capacity of creature, We enriched him with all the particles of Our Divine Being. The whole of the Divinity was intent on loving man and on pouring Itself into him.  From the very first instant of his life, he felt all the strength of Our love, and from the depth of his heart, he expressed, with his own voice, love for his Creator.  Oh! how happy We felt in hearing Our work, the statue made by Us, speaking, loving Us – and with perfect love.  It was the reflection of Our love that came out of him.  This love had not been contaminated by his will, and therefore his love was perfect, because he possessed the fullness of Our love.  Until then, of all the things created by Us, not one thing had said to Us that it loved Us.  Now, in hearing that man loved Us, Our joy, Our contentment, was so great, that as the fulfillment of Our feast, We constituted him king of all the universe, and the most beautiful jewel of Our creative hands.  How beautiful man was in the first times of his creation.  He was Our reflection, and these reflections gave him so much beauty as to enrapture Our love, and render him perfect in all of his acts:  perfect was the glory he gave to his Creator; perfect his adoration, his love, his works.  His voice was so harmonious as to resound in the whole Creation, because he possessed the divine harmony, and the harmony of that Fiat which had given him life.  Everything was order in him, because Our Will brought him the order of his Creator; It rendered him happy, and made him grow in Our likeness, and according to Our words: ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness.’ Each one of his acts, done in the unity of the light of the Supreme Fiat, was a tint of divine beauty that he acquired.  Each word of his was one more harmonious note that resounded.  Everything was love in him; in everything, he sang the praises of Our glory, of Our power and infinite wisdom; and everything – heavens, sun and earth – brought him the joys, the happiness and the love of the One who had created him.”


V20 – 11.20.26 – “My daughter, all things have a continuous motion, because, having come out of a Supreme Being who contains a motion full of life, as a consequence, all things that came out of God were to contain a vital motion that never ceases. And if it ceases, it means that life ceases.  See, you yourself have a murmuring, a continuous motion in your interior.  Even more, the Divinity, in creating the creature, gave him the likeness of the Three Divine Persons; It placed in him three motions which were to murmur continuously, to unite themselves to that continuous motion and murmuring of love of their Creator.  And these are:  the motion of the beating of the heart that never ceases, the blood circulation that always circulates without ever stopping, the breathing of the breath that never stops.  This, in the body; in the soul, then, there are three more motions that murmur continuously:  the intellect, the memory and the will.  Therefore, everything is in keeping your motion bound to the motion of your Creator, in order to murmur together with His eternal motion.  In this way, you will follow my Will in Its motion that never stops, in Its acts that never cease, and you will make your motion return into the womb of your Creator, who awaits with so much love the return of His works, of His love, and of His murmuring.

In creating the creatures, the Divinity acts like a father who sends his children, for their good, one to a town, one to a field, one to cross the sea – and some to a place nearby, some far away – giving each one of them a task to fulfill. But, while he sends them, he anxiously awaits their return; he is always on the lookout to see if they are coming back.  If he speaks, he speaks about his children; if he loves, his love runs to his children; his thoughts fly to his children.  Poor father, he feels crucified because he has sent his children far away from him, and he longs for their return, more than his own life.  And if – may this never be – he does not see all of them, or part of them, come back, he is inconsolable; he weeps and utters moans and cries of sorrow, such as to snatch tears even from the hardest.  And only when he sees them return into his paternal bosom, to clasp them to his breast that burns with love for his children – then is he content.  Oh! how our Celestial Father, more than father, sighs, burns, raves for His children, because He delivered them from His womb, and awaits their return in order to enjoy them in His loving arms.  And the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is precisely this:  the return of Our children into Our paternal arms; and this is why We long for It so much.”


V20 – 1.23.27 – As I continued to be more sick than usual, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen – not Himself alone, but together with the Three Divine Persons. They all surrounded me, and I remained in Their midst, nor could I see anything but Their Supreme Height and the immense light which surrounded Them.  And all Three of Them said to me:  “We have come to make a visit to our daughter who is sick.  Our Will, more than powerful magnet, drew Us and called Us from Heaven to make Us come to you; nor could We do without coming to cheer the one who is firstborn daughter of Our Will, and to keep her a little company in her sufferings.  The strength of Our Fiat is irresistible for Us, and surrendering to Its strength is happiness to Us.”

Now, who can say what I felt and comprehended while being in Their midst? I do not have the words to express myself.

V20 – 1.28.27 – “…Now, the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will have the echo of the music of the Celestial Fatherland and the echo of the music of Creation. The order, the harmony and their continuous going around their Creator will be such and so great, that each one of their acts, words and steps will be a distinct melody, like many different musical instruments which will receive the breath of the Divine Volition, in such a way that everything they do will be as many distinct musical concerts which will form the joy and the continuous feast of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  For your Jesus there will no longer be difference between remaining in the Celestial Fatherland and descending to stay in the midst of creatures in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth.  Then Our work of Creation will sing victory and full triumph, and We will have three Kingdoms in one – symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, because all Our works carry the mark of the One who created them.”


V21 – 3.5.27 – “The reason, my daughter, for which I want the rights of my Eternal Fiat in safety is that I want to enclose the Most Holy Trinity in the soul; and only my Divine Will can give Us the place and the glory worthy of Us, and, by means of It, We can operate freely and lay within you all the good of Creation, forming yet more beautiful things. In fact, with Our Will in the soul We can do everything, while, without It, We would lack the place in which to put Ourselves, and in which to lay Our works; so, not being free, We remain in Our celestial dwellings.”


V21 – 3.10.27 – “My daughter, you must know that, before sinning, Adam did his acts in the Divine Fiat. This meant that the Trinity had given him possession of this Kingdom, because, in order to possess a kingdom, it takes one who forms it, one who gives it, and one who receives it.  The Divinity formed It and gave It; man received It.”


V21 – 5.24.27 – I was doing the offering of my work, saying: ‘Jesus, my Love, I want your hands in mine, in order to give to our Celestial Father that love and that glory which You, individually, gave Him with your works while being on earth.  Not only this, but I want to unite myself with You when You, Word of the Father, even from eternity operated together with Him with His very works, loving with reciprocal love and with perfect equality; and I want to glorify You with that same glory with which You glorified Yourselves among the Three Divine Persons.

“…My Will is not less powerful in the soul in whom It reigns with the fullness of Its dominion, than It is within the womb of the Three Divine Persons.”


V22 – 6.20.27 – “…So, one who loves, who adores in my Will, does nothing but follow that eternal love, that perfect adoration of the Divine Persons, which have no beginning and no end. As the soul enters into my Will, she enters into the midst of Our acts and continues to love with Our love and to adore with Our adoration; and she remains bound to Our reciprocal love, to Our Will, which has the virtue of being unceasing in Its acts, and everything that others may do, is nothing other than the continuation of the act done in my Divine Will.  The acts done in It have perennial and continual life.”


V23 – 1.22.28 – “Adorable Trinity, hurry, delay no more; we pray You, we press You, that your Will descend upon earth, make Itself known, and reign on it as It does in Heaven.”


V24 – 6.7.28 – “My daughter, how many prodigies of Ours concurred in creating man. With Our breath, the soul was infused in him, in which Our paternal goodness infused three suns, forming in it the perennial and refulgent day – not subject to any night.  These three suns were formed by the power of the Father, by the wisdom of the Son, by the love of the Holy Spirit.  While being formed in the soul, these three suns remained in communication with the Three Divine Persons, in such a way that man possessed the way through which to ascend to Us, and We possessed the way through which to descend into him.  These three suns are the three powers:  intellect, memory and will.  While being distinct among themselves, they hold hands and arrive at forming one single power, symbol of Our adorable Trinity, which is such that, while We are distinct as Persons, We form one single power, one single intellect, and one single Will.  Our love in creating man was so great, that only when We communicated Our likeness to him – then did Our love feel content.  These three suns were placed in the depth of the human soul, just like the sun in the depth of the vault of the heavens, which keeps the earth in feast with its light, and with its admirable effects gives life to all plants – and to each one the flavor, the sweetness, the color and the substance that befits it.  In its tacit silence, the sun guides the earth, instructs everyone – not with words, but with facts, and with such eloquence that no one else can reach it; and with its penetrating light it makes itself life of everything that the earth produces.

Look: there is only one sun for the entire earth, but for the human soul Our love was not content with one alone.  And finding Ourselves in the ardor of Our love for giving and giving, We formed three suns, by which all the human acts were to be directed, animated and receive life.  What order, what harmony We placed in Our beloved and dear son.  Now, my daughter, these three suns exist in man, but they find themselves in the same condition of the sun that shines in the heavens when it is surrounded by thick clouds and cannot fill the earth with the vividness of its light.  And even though the communications are neither interrupted nor broken by the clouds, the earth, however, receives its effects with difficulty, and does not enjoy all the good that the sun could do to it.  So, not receiving all the life of the sun, it is as though ill, its fruits are insipid and unripe, and many plants are without fruits.  Therefore, the earth is melancholic, without feast, because the clouds have prevented it from receiving all the fullness of the light of the sun, so as to be crowned with glory and with honor.  Such is the condition of man:  all things are in place, between Us and him nothing is broken or interrupted, but the human will has formed thick clouds, and therefore one sees man without the glory, the order and harmony of his creation; and so his works are without fruits, rotten and without beauty; his steps are unsteady.  It can be said that he is the poor ill one, because he does not let himself be directed by the three suns which he possesses in his soul.  Therefore, in coming to reign, the first thing that my Will will knock down will be the human volition; and, blowing, It will dispel the clouds, and man will let himself be directed by the three suns that he has in the depth of his soul, which possess Our communication.  And immediately He will rise to Our origin, and everything will be feast and glory for Us and for him.”


V24 – 6.29.28 – “…But do you know who will crown the forehead of the children of my Will? The Sacrosanct Trinity.  Enraptured by Their likeness, which They infused in them in creating them, seeing that Our Fiat has raised them and formed them as We wanted, and wounded at the sight of Our own features in them, the ardor of Our love will be so great, that each of the Three Divine Persons will place His own crown, as the special distinctive sign that they are children of Our Divine Will.”

Then, I was feeling so immersed in the Supreme Fiat, that I felt like a sponge soaked with Its light. It seemed to me that all created things were bringing me the kiss of the Divine Volition, and in that kiss I could feel the lips of my Creator impressing it on me.  It seemed to me that the Fiat was carrying the Three Divine Persons with Itself.


V24 – 7.19.28 – “My daughter, in Creation, three acts concurred on the part of the Trinity, which were power, wisdom and love; and all Our works are always accompanied by these three acts. In fact, since Our operating is perfect, they are executed with highest power, with infinite wisdom, with perfect love, communicating three immense goods to the work We are doing, as indeed We gave the great good of the intellect, memory and will to man.”


V25 – 12.25.28 – “…The bond, the union of one in many, was the greatest prodigy of Our Omnipotence, as Our Will, one in Itself, was to maintain the inseparability of all, the communicative and unifying life of all – symbol and image of Our Divinity, as We are inseparable, and even though We are three Divine Persons, We are always one, because one is the Will, one is the sanctity, one is Our power. This is why man is always looked upon by Us as if there were one alone, even though he was to have his very long generation, but always centralized in the one.  It was the uncreated love that was created by Us in man, and therefore he was to give of Us and be like Us; and Our Will, the only one acting in Us, was to act as the only one in man, in order to form the unity of all and the bond of inseparability of each one.”


V25 – 12.29.28 – “…The winds of these knowledges will place the secret joys of the Most Holy Trinity in common; and as the creature becomes the owner of the Divine Sanctity and Happiness, all evils will disappear, and I will have the joy of seeing the creature happy, just as he came out of Our creative hands.”


V25 – 2.27.29 – “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition never moves from the ways of her Creator and from being Our repeater – that while Our essence is one, one the Will, one the Life, one the Love, one the Power, We are yet three distinct Persons. In the same way, for the soul who lives in It, one is her heartbeat, and in each heartbeat she forms three acts:  one embraces God, the second embraces all creatures, the third herself.  And so, if she speaks, if she operates, in everything she does, she forms these three acts which, echoing the Power, Wisdom and Love of the One who created her, embrace everything and everyone.”


V26 – 4.12.29 – “My daughter, the Sanctity of Our Divine Being, the one Power of Our Will with which We are invested – in such a way that, even though We are distinct as Persons, yet Our Will which operates in Us, which dominates, which rules, is always one – Our equal, reciprocal and incessant Love, produce in Us the most profound adoration among the Divine Persons. So, everything that comes out of Us is but acts of profound adoration of all Our Divine Being.

Therefore, when Our Divine Fiat wanted to issue the whole Creation into the field with Its creating, operating and vivifying Power, as Our Fiat was being pronounced, We kept issuing from within Ourselves acts of profound adoration. So, the heavens are nothing other than an act of profound adoration of the immensity of Our Divine Being, and therefore everywhere one can see heavens, both at night and at daytime.  The immensity of Our Being released from Our womb the immensity of Our adoration, and extended the starry heavens over the universe, to call all those who would inhabit the earth in Our one Will, so as to unify them within the immensity of Our adoration, in such a way that, by virtue of Our Fiat, man was to extend himself within the immensity of his Creator, to form his heaven of profound adoration for the One who had created him.  The sun is an act of adoration of Our endless light, and the ardor of its profound adoration is such and so great, that it is not content with letting itself be seen up high, under the vault of the heavens, but from the center of its sphere it lowers its rays of light down to the level of the earth.  Molding and touching everything with its hands of light, it invests everything and everyone with its adoration of light, and it calls plants, flowers, trees, birds and creatures to form one single adoration in the Will of the One who created them.  The sea, the air, the wind and all created things, are nothing other than acts of profound adoration of Our Divine Being, which, some from afar, some from nearby, call the creature into the unity of Our Fiat, to repeat the profound acts of Our adoration; and as she makes what is Ours her own, she can give Us the sun, the wind, the sea, the flowery earth, as profound adorations which Our one Will knows how to, and can produce in the creature.  What can Our Fiat not do?  With Its one strength It can do anything, It unites everything, It keeps everything in act, and It unites Heaven and earth, Creator and creature, making them one.”


V26 – 5.4.29 – “My daughter, one who lives in my Divine Volition feels within herself the continuous and constant act of the divine operating of my Divine Fiat. This continuous act, generated by Its Power in the creature, has such strength, such empire over all, that it captivates all with its sweet enchantment, in such a way that all turn around her – the Angels, the Saints, the Sacrosanct Trinity, the spheres and all Creation.”


V26 – 5.16.29 – “…Now, you must know that the weapons of this army are the acts done in my Divine Will. Look how beautiful it is!  The Royal Palace is the Light of my Fiat!  The King that dominates is my Will!  The Ministry, the Sacrosanct Trinity; the army, the knowledges about It; the weapons, your acts done in It.  In fact, as you would have the good of knowing one of the knowledges about It, and would operate by virtue of It, you would form, in my Fiat, the weapons in the hands of each knowledge, so as to give the life of it to other creatures.”

“…Therefore, my daughter, it is necessary that you remain in my Divine Will in order to form sufficient weapons with your acts done in It, for the great army of Its knowledges. If you knew how this army anxiously awaits the weapons of your acts into their hands, in order to wage war on and destroy the poor kingdom of the human will, and to build Our Kingdom of Light, of Sanctity and of happiness!  More so, since I am within you, in the great Royal Palace of my Divine Will, in the midst of my army, with the continuous council of the Ministry of the Divine Persons, as the reproducer of Our works; because We are the operating Being, and wherever We are present We want to operate always, without ever ceasing.  Therefore, it is a necessity that you remain always in Our Fiat, to unite yourself to Us in Our continuous operating, and to give Us the field to always operate within you.  In fact, the sign of the divine operating is precisely this:  to operate always – always, without ever ceasing.”

After this, He kept silent. Then, with a more tender emphasis, He added:  “My daughter, if you knew the ardor of my love that I feel, because I want to establish the Kingdom of my Divine Will upon earth, so as to realize the only purpose for which man was created.  In fact, in everything that has been done by the Divine Persons, from the time when the world was created, and in what We will do, Our principle will always be that one, nor will We ever cease it:  that man return into the inheritance of the Kingdom of Our Fiat, which he rejected from Us.”


V27 – 12.22.29 – “…The greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, but two or three at least are needed, as depositories and nourishment of the work itself. Without nourishment works cannot have life – there is the danger that they might die at birth.  This is so true that, in Creation, there were the Three of Us, Divine Persons, in creating It; and then We made man as the depository of Our work.  Not content, because works alone do not bring happiness, We gave him the company of the woman.  In the Incarnation, the Three Divine Persons were concurring, and in my company – or rather, They were inseparable from Me, with the addition of the Celestial Queen; and She Herself was the divine depository of all the goods of the Incarnation.  See, then, how the company of the creature is necessary to Me in order to form my works – a creature who would place herself at my disposal in order to receive the great good I want to give her.  So, do you want to be my second mama?”


V27 – 1.16.30 – “Little daughter of my Eternal Will, I want to make known to you that the work of Creation, of Redemption, and that of the Kingdom of Our Will, are all work of Our Supreme Fiat. It is the Fiat that took on the operating role, and the Three Divine Persons took on the concurring role; but it was to Our Divine Fiat that We gave the task to create the Creation, to form the Redemption, and to re-establish the Kingdom of Our Divine Will.  In fact, in the works that come out from within the Divinity, it is always Our Divine Volition that takes on the active role, though all of Our Divine Being concurs together; because Our Will has the directing and operating virtue and office of all Our works.  Just as you have hands in order to operate, and feet in order to walk, and if you want to operate, you do not make use of the feet, but of the hands, though all of your being is concurring in the work you want to do – so it is with Our Divine Being:  there is not one part of Us which does not concur, but Our Divine Will takes on the directing and operating role.  More so, since It has Its dwelling in Our Divinity, Its Life flows within Our divine womb – It is Our Life; and while It goes out of Our divine womb – that is, It goes out and It remains – It carries outside of Ourselves the creative virtue of what It wants to do, direct and preserve.”


V30 – 12.25.31 – “Dearest daughter, you must know that as soon as I unleashed Myself from the womb of my Mama, I felt the need of a divine love and affection. I left my Celestial Father in the Empyrean, loving each other with love fully divine; everything was divine among the Divine Persons – affections, sanctity, power, and so forth.  Now, I did not want to change ways in coming upon earth; my Divine Will prepared for Me the Divine Mother, in a way that I had Divine Father in Heaven, and Divine Mother on earth.”


V30 – 1.3.32 – “…the Kingdom of my Divine Will is from on high, from the Heavens, formed and decreed in the midst of the Divine Persons – no one can touch It or disperse It. First We will deal about It with one creature alone, forming the first Kingdom in her; then with few; and then, making use of Our omnipotence, we will divulge It everywhere.  Be certain, do not worry because evils get worse; Our power, Our winning love that has the virtue of always winning, Our Will that can do everything and, with invincible patience, knows how to wait even for centuries – but what It wants and has to do is worth more than all the evils of creatures – in the face of Its invincible power and Its infinite value, their evils will be like little drops of water, like many trifles that will serve for the triumph of Our Love and for the greater glory of Our fulfilled Will.  And then, when We have the great glory of forming this Kingdom inside one creature alone, she will be like sun, such that all have the right to enjoy and possess its light.”


V30 – 1.12.32 – “My daughter, when my Divine Will operates in the soul, one knows it immediately: as It operates, It lays in the human being gentleness, sweetness, peace, fortitude, firmness; before It operates, It blows into it and impresses in it Its omnipotent Fiat, which extends Its heaven around the work It wants to do.  It seems that without Its heaven my Will is unable to operate; and while It operates, It makes Its sweet, harmonious echo resound in the Three Divine Persons, keeping Them aware of what It is doing in the soul.  In fact, since the Will that is operating in her is one with that of the Divine Persons, it happens that, whatever It does in the Divine Persons, It makes Its powerful echo resound in the creature; and in this echo It brings to her the admirable secrets, the ineffable sweetnesses, the inseparable love as the Divine Persons love One Another, and the sweet accord among Them.  This echo is the bearer of the most intimate things of the Supreme Being into the creature; wherever my Will is operating, the echo of one fuses in the other – the one up above makes itself the divine revealer; the one from below, resounding in God, has the virtue of speaking powerfully, with divine manners, of the good of the creatures and of the same love that They have for them.  My Will, with Its power, forms the sweet chains, and identifies and transforms God and the creature, in such a way that God feels redone in the creature, and she feels redone in God.  Oh! my Will, how admirable and powerful You are – extend your sweet chains and bind God and creatures, so that all may return into my divine womb.”


V31 – 9.14.32 – “Blessed daughter, my Will produces light in the soul; the light generates the knowledge; light and knowledge love each other, and they generate love. So, there where my Supreme Will reigns, reigns the Sacrosanct Trinity in act.  Our adorable Divinity is led by nature, in an irresistible way, without ever interrupting, to generate continuously, and the first generative act We do within Ourselves.  The Father generates Me continuously, and I, His Son, feel continuously generated in Him; the Celestial Father generates Me and loves Me, I am generated and I love Him, and from One and the Other proceeds Love.  In this generative act, without ever ceasing, are enclosed all Our admirable knowledges, Our secrets, Our beatitudes, the times, Our dispositions, Our power and wisdom – everything that eternity encloses, in one single generative act that forms the whole entirety of Our Divine Being.  Now, it seems that this reciprocal Love of Ours, which forms the Third Person of Our Supreme Being, inseparable from Us, is not content with Our generative act within Ourselves, but wants to generate outside of Us, in the souls – and, behold, We entrust the task to Our Will animated by Our Love, to descend into souls and go to form Our divine generation with Its light.  But It can do this in one who lives in Our Will – outside of It there is no place to form Our divine life; Our word would not find the hearing to let itself be listened to, and as Our knowledges would be missing, Love would not find the substance in order to generate – and here is Our Most Holy Trinity messed up in the creature.  Therefore, be attentive in listening to what this light wants to tell you, so as to give it the field for its generative act.”


V31 – 1.29.33 – “…Our word is always a birth from Us; it is Our Verbum that We put on the way from Heaven to seek Our longed-for creature; and Our Sacrosanct Trinity, drawn by the power of the Word, because He is inseparable from Us, takes Our steps along, and step by step We draw near, there where Our Word reaches.

Now, you must know that when We decide to manifest a truth by means of Our Word, since it is a part of Ourselves that We issue outside, Our Supreme Being takes on an unusual appearance; a new joy invests Us, a communicative force of new beatitudes comes out of Us. The whole of Heaven, in seeing Our unusual appearance, already realizes that We are about to issue a word of truth of Ours, because We Ourselves, the Three Divine Persons, are the first to celebrate the truths that We issue; and then the whole of Heaven together with Us.”


V32 – 10.22.33 – “My daughter, behold my Heaven in the creature: the Sacrosanct Trinity yielding Its love in order to love Me together with her; the Angels and Saints competing in giving out their love so as to love Me together with her.  This is the great act:  to bring all into the All, who is God, and the All into all.  Your littleness, your childlike manners in my Divine Will, embrace everything and everyone; you want to give Me everything, up to the very Adorable Trinity, and since you are little, no one wants to deny you anything; on the contrary, they unite with you and love together with the tiny little one; and by bringing Me all into the All, and by loving Me, you diffuse the All into all.  My love being bond of union and of inseparability, I find everything in the soul – my paradise, my works and everyone – and I can say:  ‘I lack nothing – neither Heaven, nor my Celestial Mama, nor the cortege of the Angels and Saints.  All are with Me, and all love Me.’  These are loving stratagems and industries of one who loves Me, who calls all, asks for love from all, in order to love Me and make Me loved by all.”


V33 – 7.8.35 – …But while going around, to my surprise, I found myself before the Great Lady, our Queen and Mother, the most beautiful work of the Sacrosanct Trinity.

“…the children of the Kingdom of my Divine Will will be those who will render to Her the honors of Queen; and transforming into sun, they will form for Her the most beautiful crown. This is why She longs intensely for the coming of this Kingdom – because after Her refulgent crown with which the Most Holy Trinity crowned Her, She awaits the crown of Her people who, proclaiming Her Queen, would offer to Her their life transformed into Sun as attestation of honor and of glory.”


V34 – 12.8.35 – “…Our Divinity, in seeing this Holy Creature as though reborn in Our Will, shared with Her Its divine rights, in such a way that She was the owner of Our love, power, wisdom and goodness, and Queen of Our Fiat. With Her growing act in Our Volition She captivated Us, She loved Us so much, to point of loving Us for all.  She covered all creatures, She hid them inside Her love, and She made Us hear the echo of the love of all and of each one.  Oh! how We felt bound and made as though prisoners by the love of this Most Holy Virgin.  More so since, as She loved Us, adored Us, prayed and operated with the growing act of Our Fiat that She possessed, so did She enclose Her Creator within Herself; as She loved Us, so did We feel absorbed into Her, unable to resist Her.  Her power was so great, that She dominated Us and enclosed Our Sacrosanct Trinity within Herself; and We loved Her so much, that We let Her do whatever She wanted.  Who would have the heart to deny Her anything?  Rather, We felt happier in contenting Her, because a soul that loves Us is Our happiness, for We feel the echo, the joy of Our happiness in her; and one who possesses Our Will as life is everything for Us.”


V34 – 3.1.36 – “My blessed daughter, my love in incarnating Myself in the womb of my Celestial Mother was so great, that Heaven and earth could not contain it. The act of incarnating Myself took place in an act of love so intense, so strong, so great, as to be more than enough to burn up everyone and everything with love.  You must know that before incarnating Myself my Celestial Father looked into Himself, and in the ardor of His love, unable to contain it, He poured out of Himself torrents and seas of love.  In this ardor of love He looked at His Son, and I was there in the same flames of love; and He commanded Me to incarnate Myself.  I wanted it so, and in a surge of love, without leaving my Father, nor the Holy Spirit, the great portent of the Incarnation took place.  I remained with my Father, and at the same time I descended into the womb of my Mother.  We, the three Divine Persons, were inseparable, nor subject to separating; therefore I can say:  ‘I remained in Heaven, and I descended upon earth; and the Father and the Holy Spirit descended with Me upon earth and remained in Heaven.’  Hence, in this act, so great, Our Divine Being overflowed so much with love, that the Heavens were stupefied and the Angels remained astounded and mute – all enwrapped with Our flames of love.  The Incarnation was none other than an act of Our Divine Will.  What can It not do, or is It not able to do?  Everything.  With Its Power and infinite Love It reaches the point of operating the prodigy never heard or done before – of making Us remain in Heaven and descend into the prison of the Maternal womb.  So did Our Will want, and so It did.

Now, my daughter, each time the soul wants to do my Will, my Celestial Father looks inside of Himself first, He calls the Sacrosanct Trinity as though into Council in order to fill that act of Our Will with all possible and imaginable goods; then He unleashes it from Himself, and has the creature invested with His operating, communicating, transforming Will; and just as in the Incarnation the Three Divine Persons remained in Heaven and descended into the womb of the Immaculate Virgin, in the same way, my Will with Its Power transports with Itself, within Its operative act, the Divine Trinity into the creature, while leaving It in Heaven, and forms Its divine act in the human will. Now, who can tell you the wonders that are enclosed in this act of Our Will?  Our Love rises and diffuses so much as to find no place where to put Itself; and when It has filled everything, It withdraws into Our source; Our Sanctity feels honored with a divine act by Our very Will operating in the creature, and It spreads with surprising grace in order to communicate Its Sanctity to all creatures.  These are unspeakable prodigies which It performs when the creature calls It to operate in her.  Therefore, let everything disappear in my Will, and We will give you everything in your power, and you will be able to give Us everything – even Ourselves.”


V34 – 8.23.36 – “…My daughter, this Great Lady, by living in the Divine Volition felt, by deeds, as Queen of everyone and of everything, and also Queen of the Great Divine King; but so much, that She Herself formed the door in Heaven, to make the Eternal Word descend; She prepared for Him the way and the room of Her womb, in which He was to form His dwelling; and in the emphasis of Her ruling love She would say to Me: ‘Descend, Oh Eternal Word – You will find in me your Heaven, your joys, that same Will that reigns in the Three Divine Persons.’


V34 – 2.10.37 – At that moment, I felt Her near me; and hiding me under Her azure mantle, holding me on Her maternal lap, with a love I cannot express She said to me: “Daughter of my Maternal Heart, the Kingdom of the Divine Will will be my Kingdom – to Me has the Sacrosanct Trinity entrusted It.  Just as They entrusted to Me the Eternal Word, when He descended from Heaven to earth, so did They entrust to Me Their Kingdom and Mine; therefore my yearning is ardent, my prayers incessant, I do nothing other than assault the Most Holy Trinity with my love, with the rights of Queen and of Mother that They gave Me, so that what They entrusted to Me may come out to light, may form its life, and my Kingdom may triumph on the face of the earth.”


V34 – 3.22.37 – ‘Listen, how beautiful is the note of the love that lives on earth in my Will.’ And It makes this loving note resound in the Saints, in the Angels, in the Virgin, in the Sacrosanct Trinity, in such a way that all feel their glory doubled and celebrate the Divine Will operating in the creature; and they also celebrate the creature who let It operate.  So, she is on earth and she is celebrated in Heaven.”


V34 – Apr. 25, 1937 – “My little daughter of the Supreme Fiat, Our Love is so great, that as soon as the creature calls Our Volition into her act, It runs and descends into it. To even just call It is nothing other than to prepare the little place for It to operate; to call It means to love It, and that the creature feels the need of the operating act of my Will, so that her own would not only not operate, but remain as a footstool for, and an admirer of so Holy a Volition.  So, in descending, It brings with Itself Its creative virtue, Its celestial joys and beatitudes, the very Sacrosanct Trinity as Spectator and Actor of Its operating; and while pronouncing Its Fiat in the little space of the creature, It forms in it such prodigies and wonders that heavens and sun remain behind; It surpasses the whole beauty of Creation; It creates in it Its divine melodies, the suns most refulgent; It creates in it Its Life operating, Its joys ever new.  This act is such and so great, that the Angels, the Saints, would want to empty the celestial regions in order to enjoy the operating act of their Fiat-Creator.”


V34 – 5.28.37 – “…But be sure that if my Son is there, there I am as well; and that if I am there, there is my Son. This is a task that was given to Me by the Supreme Being, from which I cannot, nor do I want to withdraw.  More so, since these are the joys of my Maternity, the fruits of my sorrows, the glory of the Kingdom which I possess – the Will and the fulfillment of the Sacrosanct Trinity.”


34 – 7.25.37 – Jesus became silent, and I remained as though soaked within this sea, and, I don’t know how, I felt myself being transported into the Celestial Fatherland, in the midst of three circles of light, at the top of which there was the Queen of Heaven on one side and Our Lord on the other, with an enchanting beauty and an unspeakable love. In-between these there was a multitude of souls, all transformed into the light in which they lived and grew, but kept, directed and nourished by Jesus and by the Celestial Mother.  How many beautiful surprises could be seen!  These souls possessed the likeness and the Life of their Creator.  And my sweet Jesus and His Mother told me:  “These circles of light that you see are a symbol of the Sacrosanct Trinity, and the souls are those who will form the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  This Kingdom will be formed within the bosom of the Divinity.  The rulers of this Kingdom will be Us – the Mother and the Son, who will keep It with jealousy.  See then, the certainty of this Kingdom – It is already formed, because in God things are as though already done.  Therefore pray that what is there in Heaven may be realized on earth.”


V35 – 4.29.37 – “My daughter, Our Love is so Great that We do nothing other than give continuous Gifts to the creature. The first Gift was the whole Creation.  Then the Creation of Man came.  How many Gifts did We not give to him?  Gifts of Intelligence, in which We placed the Model—the Image of Our Most Holy Trinity. The eyes, the hearing, the speech were all Gifts that We gave to him.  Not only did We give him these Gifts, but We also assumed Our Preserving and Creative Role to keep these Gifts—while remaining always in the act of giving them. Our Love in donating Our Gifts is such that We do not detach Ourselves from the Gift We give; rather, We remain inside that Gift to keep it more safe and guarded.  O, how Exuberant Our Love is; how it binds Us everywhere!  Our Love lets her give to Us, but it does not leave the Gifts at the mercy of the creature, since she wouldn’t have the virtue to preserve Them.  So We offer Ourselves to keep them, and to Love the creature more We also place Ourselves in the act of giving them continuously.

“How much more should I tell you, My daughter, of the Great Gift We gave to the creature in Creating her human will? First, We Created the space, then the sky, the stars, the sun, the air, the wind and so forth.  That space had to serve Us so that We could Create all other Works.  It would not be a Work Worthy of Our Wisdom to Create things without having the space in which to place them.  In the same way, by Creating the human will We Created the vacuum, the place, in which to put the Great Gift of our Most Holy Will that We gave to man.  This space had to serve Our Operating Will.  We were to place in it the most Extensive Heavens and the Brightest Suns; not a single one, but one for each time man would act.  Therefore, while Creation had to serve man, this space of the human will was to serve His God—to form His delights; to always be able to form His shelf, His Throne, His Divine Chamber.

“I gave man this Gift, forming this space within him in order to have the place in which to communicate with him—to be one-on-one with him, in sweet company. I wanted to have My secret room.  My Love wanted to tell him many things, but I wanted the environment in which to talk to him, and in which My Love could reach the extent of giving itself completely to man, while he would completely abandon himself in God.  This is why I Love so much that he Live in Our Will:  because I want what I Created to be only for Myself.  I demand My shelf, My Throne, My Divine Chamber.  I cannot accomplish the Creation until man comes back into My Divine Will and gives Me My Royal Place inside his will.  We have so many more Beautiful things to do—many more things to say inside Our Space of the human will—but we cannot say or do:  because Our Will is missing, We find Our Space all cluttered up.  So We do not have the space in which to place Our Works.  If We want to speak, he will not understand; he will not even have the hearing to listen.  Therefore, We will make Unheard-of Prodigies to acquire again what is Ours:  the Space and Our Divine Room.”


V35 – 10.19.37 – “By the Power of Its Word, Its Will Invests the human act—the breathing, the heartbeat, the thinking and the human word; and forms within it, Its Divine Work—the Breathing, the Heartbeat, the Thinking and the Divine Word. These Acts rise up to Heaven and present themselves before the Most Holy Trinity.  Our Divinity looks at them, and what do We find?  We find Ourselves, Our Life and even the Most Holy Trinity reproduced in these Acts.  We look at the Prodigy of Our Will that overwhelmed the creature with Its Power, making of her the repetition of Our Own Life.  O, how Happy, how enraptured We remain, because We find in her the Sanctity that resembles Us, Our Love that Loves Us, the Intelligence that understands Us, Our Power and Goodness that move Us to Love mankind through the bonds of Our Sweetness.  We recognize Ourselves in her, finding the Work of Creation as We want It to be.

“A single one of these Acts contains such Wonders that they just can’t find enough room in which to place themselves, such is their Greatness. Only in Our Immensity can they find the place in which to stay, remaining Fused with Our Acts.  What will Our Glory and the glory of the creature not be, since her acts, by virtue of Our Fiat, have their place within the Acts of her Creator?  O, if all knew what it means to Live in the Divine Will, to let It Reign, they would compete with each other to be invested by It and become repeaters of Divine Life.”

“My daughter, don’t be surprised. Everything is possible to My Will.  True Love, when It is Perfect, begins from oneself.  The true model is the Most Holy Trinity.  My Celestial Father Loved Himself, and in His Love He Generated His Son; so He Loved Himself in His Son.  I, His Son, Loved Myself in the Father, and from this Love the Holy Spirit proceeded.  By this Loving of Himself, the Heavenly Father Generated One Single Love, One Single Power, Sanctity, and so forth.  He tied the inseparable Union of the Three Divine Persons.

“When We Created the Creation We Loved Ourselves. We Loved Ourselves in laying Heaven and in Creating the sun; it was the Love for Ourselves that moved Us to Create many beautiful things Worthy of Us and inseparable from Us.  When We Created man the Love of Ourselves became more intense, and as We Loved Ourselves in him Our Love reproduced Our Life and Image in the depth of his soul.  One can give nothing other than what he possesses.  So, since Our Love was Perfect, as We Loved Ourselves, We could not separate Ourselves from what was coming from within Us.

“Now, Our Will, in wanting the creature to Live in It in order to form Its Kingdom, Loves Itself, and Loving Itself, wants to give what It possesses. Our Will is Happy only when It forms the repetition of Our Life, and when It Operates in the acts of the creature.  Then, Triumphant and Victorious, and with Highest Glory and Honor for Us, It brings them into Our Divine Womb, so that We may Recognize Our own Life in the acts of the creature who Lives in Our Will.  This is the meaning of Loving Itself in all that It wants to do and produce:  giving Itself in order to form another being similar to Itself.

“Our Will is the fecundator and the sower of Our Life. Where It finds souls disposed It Loves Itself, fecundating them with Its Love—sowing in them Its Divine Acts, that, united together, form the Great Prodigy of the Divine Life in the creature.  Therefore, abandon yourself completely in My Will.  Let It make of you whatever It wants, and we’ll be Happy—you and Us.”


V35 – 10.25.37 – I was doing my round in the Acts of the Divine Will and, arriving at the Conception of the Blessed Virgin, I stopped to offer to God the Power and the Love that the Divine Persons had in Conceiving this Celestial Lady, in order to obtain the Coming of Their Kingdom on earth. My sweet Jesus, surprising me, said:  “My daughter, as this Holy Virgin was Conceived, Our Feast with mankind started again.  In fact, since the first instant of her Conception she inherited Our Divine Will, which soon began Its Divine Crafting within Her Beautiful Soul.  In each of Her Heartbeats, Thoughts and Breaths, Our Will formed, with Its Creative Power, enchanting Prodigies of Sanctity, Beauty and Grace, to the extent that We Ourselves—Actors and Spectators together with Our Divine Will—remained enraptured.  In Our emphasis of Love We said: ‘How Beautiful the creature is, when together with Our Will!  She gives us ease to form Our Most Beautiful Works, and she gives life to Our Life within herself!’

“Our Love rejoiced and celebrated, because Our Divine Heiress—the Heiress of Our Will and of Our very Life, had come into the light of time. And since, by virtue of Our Will Operating in Her, She was all Ours—exclusively Ours; looking at Her We felt Our Breathing, Our Heartbeat, Our ever burning, ever Loving Love, and Our Motions in Hers.  Our Beauty shone through the movements of Her pupils, of Her little hands, and in the sweet enchantment of Her enrapturing Voice.  She kept us so busy and so in feasting, that not even for one instant could We remove Our Gaze from her.  So, She belonged to Us—completely Our own—and Our Will was already hers—by Right.  We Recognized in this Holy Creature Our Divine Heiress, and by possessing Our Will She already possessed all.

“This Holy Virgin had Her own humanity, in which She bound the whole human family, as limbs to the body. So, in seeing in Her the whole of humankind, as She was Conceived, for Love of Her We gave the first kiss of Peace to all humanity, making it heir of Our Divine Heiress—with the exclusion of some ungrateful who would not want to receive it.  See then, how certain it is that the Kingdom of Our Will must come upon earth:  there is already a Creature who inherited It, and since this Creature belongs to the human race, all creatures acquired the right of being able to possess It.

“This Celestial Sovereign, taken by Love, made Herself into a pledge in Our Creative Hands, so that all could receive the Kingdom. This pledge, possessing the Life of My Will, contained an Infinite Value; therefore She could commit Herself for all.  What a sweet dear pledge this Holy Creature was, in Our Hands!  By making Her Life and Her Acts flow into Our Divine Volition, She formed Divine Coins to be able to pay Us for those who were to inherit Our Divine Fiat.  And then My Humanity came—united to the Eternal Word.  With My Life, sufferings and Death, I paid a sufficient price to buy back Our Divine Will and give It to the creatures as their Inheritance.  One act, one breath, one movement in My Will contains such Value as to be able to buy Heaven and earth—anything that one may desire.  Therefore, may My Will, and My Will only, be your Life and your All.”


V35 – 12.14.37 – “…As the creature begins to form her acts in It, calling It to her as her own Life, she starts her Day, forming a most shining Dawn in the depth of her soul. This Dawn gathers Its Power, Renewing in the creature the Power of the Father, the Wisdom of the Son, the Virtue and Love of the Holy Spirit.  So she starts her Day together with the Most Holy Trinity, which descends in the most tiny acts and hiding places of the creature in order to Live together with her, and to do whatever she does.  This Dawn puts to flight the darkness of the soul, so that all becomes Light for her, placing Itself as a vigil sentry, so that all her acts may receive the Light of the Divine Will.  This Dawn is the first rest of God within the room of the soul—it is the beginning of the Eternal Day in which the Life of the Supreme Being starts together with the creature.

“My Will does not move—It is not able, nor does It know how to do without the Adorable Trinity. At the most, It goes forward—being the Actor, but always pulling with It, in an Irresistible way, the Adorable Trinity, forming the Divine Chamber in which the Divine Persons can enjoy their beloved creature.  Wherever It Reigns, My Will has the Power to centralize everything—even Our Divine Life.”


V35 – 12.21.37 – “My good daughter, it has been decreed in the Consistory of the Most Holy Trinity that My Divine Will shall have Its Kingdom on earth. As many Prodigies as this will take, so many We will do.  We will not hold back anything in order to have what We want.  But in Operating We always use the most simple, though Powerful ways, to overwhelm Heaven and earth, and all the creatures in the act We want.

“You must know that in the Creation it took nothing other than Our Omnipotent Breath to Infuse Life into man. But how many Prodigies in that Breath!  We Created the soul, providing it with the three powers—True Image of Our Adorable Trinity.  With the soul, he had the heartbeat, the breathing, the circulation of the blood, the motion, the warmth, the speech, the sight…. What did it take to make all these Prodigies in man?  The simplest of Our Acts, armed with Our Power—Our Breath—and the running of Our Love which, unable to contain It any longer, ran, ran toward him, even to the point of making of him the Greatest Prodigy of the entire Work of Creation.  Now, My daughter, since man did not Live in Our Divine Will, his three powers have been obscured, and Our Adorable Image remained deformed in him, in such a way that he has lost the first heartbeat of God’s Love within his heartbeat, and the Divine Breathing within his human breathing.  Or better, he hasn’t really lost it—he just does not feel it.  He doesn’t feel the circulation of the Divine Life; the motion of Good; the heat of the Supreme Love; the Word of God in his own; the sight to be able to look at his Creator…. All has remained obscured, weakened—maybe even deformed.

“What does it take to Restore this man? We will return again to Breathe on him with Stronger and Growing Love.  We will Breathe in the depth of his soul; We will blow more Strongly into the center of his rebellious will—but so Strongly as to shake the evils by which he is trapped.  His passions will remain floored and terrified before the Power of Our Breath.  They will feel burning by Our Divine Fire.  The human will, will feel the Palpitating Life of its Creator, and it will hide Him—like a veil, so that man will return to be the Bearer of his Creator.  O, how Happy he will feel!  We will Restore him and Heal him with Our Breath.  We will be like a most tender mother who has a crippled child, and by breathing, whispering and blowing, she pours herself on her child; only then she will stop blowing on him—when she will have healed him and made him beautiful, like she wanted him to be.  The Power of Our Breath will not leave him.  We will stop Breathing on him only when We see him coming back into Our Paternal Arms.  We want him Beautiful, like Us.  Only then will We feel that Our child has recognized Our Paternal Goodness, and how much We Love him.

“See then, what it takes to make Our Will come and Reign upon earth: the Power of Our Omnipotent Breath.  With It We will Renew Our Life within him.  All the Truths I Manifested to you—the Great Prodigies of Living in My Will—will be the Most Beautiful and the Greatest Properties that I will give to him as a Gift.  This too is a certain sign that Its Reign will come upon earth, because if I speak—first, I make facts; and then I speak.  My Word is the Confirmation of this Gift—of the Prodigies I want to do.  Why would I expose My Divine Properties, and make them known, if Its Kingdom didn’t have to Come upon earth?”


V35 – 1.2.38 – “My daughter, all that the creature does in My Divine Will is first formed in Heaven—in the Eternal Day that doesn’t know the night. The entire Celestial Court is already aware that one creature of the earth took refuge in her Celestial Fatherland, which is already her own—but to do what?  To enter into the Center of the Fiat and call Its Power and Its Creative Virtue, in order to give It the opportunity to Operate in her act.  O, with how much Love she is welcomed—not only by the Divine Volition, but also by the Most Holy Trinity!  They harmonized her to themselves; they embalm her act, and blow in it with their Creative Power, making such Great Wonders out of that act—making the whole of Heaven feel such Joy and Happiness—that all make the Celestial Regions resound with harmonious voices:  ‘Thank you, thank you.  You have given us the Great Honor of being spectators of Your Will Operating within the act of the creature!’

“Heaven is widened by New Joys and New Happiness, so that all remain bound and grateful, calling her, all together—‘Our Welcomed.’ This more than Celestial creature feels Loved by God with a Double Love—she feels inundated by New Seas of Grace.  Just as she rises up to Heaven, bringing her acts and letting God form wonders in them, so she descends again, becoming the Bearer of all that God Operated in her act.  She floods the earth and invests the whole of Creation so that all may receive the Glory and the Joy of the Marvels that the Divine Fiat Operated in the act of the creature.  There is no greater homage, love and glory that she can give Us, than to let Us do whatever We want in her acts.

“We can do the Greatest Wonders without anybody giving Us anything—and even without anybody telling Us anything—just as We did in the Creation. Nobody said anything to Us, but still, how many Wonders did We not Create?  But then, there was nobody—no one who could give Us even a sigh as a pretext for Our Love, and as a refuge in which to place Our Creative Wonders.  But now, there are those who can tell Us and give Us the variety of their little acts—even the natural ones; since nature is Ours too, and We can use anything to form the Greatest Marvels in the creature.  Our Love gets more of a taste for it—Our Power remains more exalted in doing Our Greatest Wonders inside, rather than outside of the little circle of the act of the creature.  After all, these are the usual pretexts of Our Love that, in order to give, goes in search for the opportunity to do it, and to say:  ‘She gave to me, and I gave to her.  It is true that she is small, but she didn’t keep anything for herself.  Therefore, it is right that I give everything to her—even Myself.’”


36 – 5.6.38 – “…This is the Life of Our Fiat: to Generate.  And where It Reigns It Generates continuously, without ever ending:  Generates in Us and keeps the Life of the Most Holy Trinity; Generates in the creature in which It Reigns; Generates Our Image, Love and Sanctity.  So, We still have a lot to do in the Work of Creation.  We have to reproduce Our Acts and Works, that will serve as the Most Beautiful Ornament for Our Heavenly Fatherland.”


V36 – 5.10.38 – “Daughter of My Pains, would you like to know who does not give Me such hard suffering? The soul who Lives in My Will.  Further, as she decides to Live in It, I name her My daughter.  I call the whole of Heaven and the Most Holy Trinity to celebrate My New Daughter.  Everybody knows her because I write her name with indelible characters inside My Heart—in My Ever-Burning Love:  ‘My daughter.’  She remains always with Me in My Will and anything I do, she does.  She rises again with Me in My continuous Resurrections, and if human ingratitude makes Me cry, I write her, ‘Daughter of My Birth.’  She cries with me, so I write, even in My tears, ‘Daughter of My tears.’  In sum, if I suffer, Work or walk, I write her ‘Daughter’ of My Pains, Works or steps.  I keep her impressed in Me, everywhere.

“Now, you must know that between Father and child there are permanent bonds. Nobody can deny the rights of the Father and the rights of the child, either in the supernatural or in the natural order. Therefore, as a Father I feel the obligation to make heir of My Goods, Love and Sanctity, the one who so solemnly declared herself to be My daughter, to the extent that I keep her written in My Heart.  Not Loving her would be like defrauding My Paternal Love.  I just can’t.  She then has the duty to love Me and possess My Goods, to defend her Father, to make Him known, even to give her life so that nobody may offend Him.”


V36 – 8.28.38 – “…When the creature enters My Will and is about to operate—to Love—nobody wants to be put aside, so they run; the Most Holy Trinity runs, the Virgin Queen runs, because We want the Primacy in that act; and then everyone and everything runs, except those who, ungrateful, not knowing such a Good, don’t want to receive It.”


V36 – 10.2.38 – “…All that I tell you about My Will is nothing other than the accomplishment of Our Decree, established since Eternity in the Council of Our Most Holy Trinity: Our Will must have Its Kingdom on earth.  Our Decrees are Infallible, nothing can prevent them from being Fulfilled.  Just as Creation and Redemption were Our Decrees, so Our Decree is the Kingdom of Our Will on earth!  Therefore, in order to Fulfill this Decree I have to Manifest the Goods contained in It—Its Qualities, Its Beauties and Marvels.  Here is the necessity I had to talk to you so much:  to accomplish this Decree.”


V36 – 10.12.38 – “…In Our Sea she finds rest, the chaste embraces of her Jesus, His reciprocal Love, sharing with Him Joys and Pains, and growing always in the Good. My Will becomes her Life for her—her Predominant Passion.  Our Winding makes her run so much that she even forms her own little Divine Royal Palace within Our Sea, which will be populated by the Most Holy Trinity, Who delights in this fortunate creature, filling her always with New Graces and Gifts.  Therefore, cherish in your heart to Live in Our Fiat, so that We may find in you the Joys and the Glory of the whole Creation—the scope for which We Created it.”


V36 – 11.13.28 – “…Now, you must know that the Acts done in my Will are inseparable, although distinct among Themselves—distinct in Their Sanctity, in Their Beauty, in Love and in Wisdom. They will carry the Seal of the Most Holy Trinity, for while the Divine Persons are distinct among each other, They remain inseparable:  one is the Will, one the Sanctity, one the Beauty, and so forth.  In the same way, these Acts will be inseparable yet distinct, enclosing within Themselves the Seal of the Supreme Holy Trinity, One and Three, Three and One.  Even more, these Acts will possess It as Their own Life.  They will be the Greatest Glory for Us, and the whole of Heaven, in seeing in them our Divine Lives being multiplied for as many Acts performed in our Will.”


V36 – 11.30.38 – “My daughter, Our Desire that the creatures Live in Our Will is so Great, that We find Ourselves in the condition of a poor mother who feels the need to give birth to her baby, but cannot. She does not know where to place him, or from whom she can find care, or who can take him.  Poor mother, how much she suffers.  Our Supreme Being is in this state.  We feel the need to Generate Ourselves, but where can We be placed?  If Our Will is not the Life of the creature, there is no place for Us.  We have no one to whom we can give Ourselves, no one who can feed Us—not even the court that is needed for Our Adorable Majesty.  Since Our Most Holy Trinity is always in the Act of Generating, these Births remain repressed within Ourselves.  We want to Generate Our Divine Trinity within creatures, but since they don’t Live in Our Will, there is no one to receive Our Divine Generation.  What a suffering, seeing Ourselves being rejected back into Ourselves; not being able to produce the Great Good that Our Eternal Generation can form within the creatures.

“Our Will embraces all, and as the soul forms her acts, she becomes the Bearer of all. If she adores, she brings us the adoration of all; if she suffers, she encloses the reparation of all.  One act in Our Will must surpass, enclose and embrace everyone and everything, to the extent of becoming the Bearer of Our Supreme Being, since We never get out of Our Will.  So, one who Lives in It can enclose Us within each one of her acts, to bring Us wherever she wants:  to the creatures, to make Ourselves known; to the whole Creation, to tell Us how Beautiful Our Works are; to Ourselves, to tell Us:  ‘See how much I Love You, I even get to bring You Yourselves.’

“We find Ourselves in the same condition as the sphere of the sun, that never goes out of the circle of its rays. Even if the rays descend to the bottom of the earth, investing all—even the most tiny plant, the sphere never moves from its light, from the high place where it is; but it still walks together with its rays, doing whatever they do.  Such are We, the Bearer of our Will; while Our Will is Our own Bearer.  We are One Single Life, and whoever Lives in It becomes the Bearer of Our Divine Being, while We become the Bearers of the little human will.  And We Love it so much that it forms Our Victory and Our Most Beautiful Joy:  to see Our Will being accomplished within it.”








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