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Rosary Congress in Honor of Our Lady of America

Every month a new Rosary Congress for the Intentions of Our Lady of America begins!

In honor of the 65th Anniversary of Our Lady of America’s messages to Sister Mary Ephrem

and to honor the North American Martyrs,  join a 40 Hours Devotion, September 22-25.

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Join the little children around the United States in Eucharistic Adoration August 1-7, 2021, in Honor of Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin. Prayerfully consider the prayer dictated by Our Lady of America to Sister Mary Ephrem, with Nihil Obstat from Daniel Pilarczyk, S.T.D. and Imprimatur from Archbishop Paul F. Leibold, Vicar General of Cincinnati.

Prayer found here:

Include also the following Command Prayer to Prepare for the Feast of the Assumption, Feast of the Divine Will. May the prayers of Our Lady’s little children in the Holy Divine Will, through the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Sister Mary Ephrem and Archbishop Leibold hasten the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Church and in the hearts of Her children.

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Command Prayer to Prepare for the Feast of the Assumption, Feast of the Divine Will

Abba Father 

In the Name of Jesus 

By the Power and Love of the Holy Spirit 

Under the Mantle of Mary, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will 

With all the Holy Angels and Saints 

Through the Intercession of the little daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta, we pray, 

O Jesus, The Feast of the Assumption is the Most Beautiful One, it is the Feast of Your Divine Will Operating in Mary, The Great Lady,  making Her So Rich and Beautiful that the Heavens cannot Contain Her.

O Jesus, Our Lady Wants to Give Her children what She Herself Possesses, and by Divine Love She shall Win God and Her children.  With this Consecration to Our Lady in the Divine Will, we implore You for Divine Healing so that Our Lady’s Desires may be Accomplished and Fulfilled within us.

O Jesus, bestow upon us Your Divine Healing that we are so much in need of. May Your Divine Healing come upon all who are disposed to receive Your Divine Will. May Our Lady, the Sovereign Queen, Who has the Virtue of Reproducing Divine Lives that She Possesses, give Divine Life to Her little children through Her little daughter Luisa.

O Jesus, You told Luisa that the Heavenly Father wants to give The Divine Will to Reign in the midst of creatures, and Our Lady in Your Will Wants this as well. We too want this, and so we need Divine Healing.

O Jesus, it is Your Own Divine Will that Asks for what the Sovereign Queen Wants. The Divine Will Reigning in Our Lady Ties You with Eternal Bonds, And so, You can refuse Her nothing. We, the little children of the Holy Divine Will, One with Luisa, want what Our Blessed Mother Wants, that we be Granted Divine Healing in order to Possess what She Possesses in Your Most Holy Will.

O Jesus, as Our Lady Lived in the Most Holy Divine Will, we pray You, together with Our Lady, Revealer of Your Divine Sanctity,  and with our little mama Luisa, to Divinely Heal us, so that we may Live in Your Most Holy Divine Will and become a Portent of Your Glory.

Please take our humble prayer and make it Your Command! 

May all be Accomplished and Completed in Your Most Holy Divine Will! 


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