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Padre Pio and Luisa

Padre Pio and Luisa

An excerpt from the book, “LUISA PICCARRETA – collection of memories of the Servant of God” by Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, O.F.M.

Padre Bucci was a member of the Community of St. Padre Pio.


Relic card of Padre Bernardino Giuseppe  Bucci, O.F.M.


Luisa said to my Aunt (Fr. Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, O.F.M. referring to his Aunt Rosaria Bucci) “You will be my witness” and one day Padre (now Saint) Pio told her point-blank in his Benevento dialect: “Rosa’, va nanz, va nanz ca Luisa iè gran e u munn sarà chin di Luisa” (Rosaria, go ahead, go ahead for Luisa is great and the world will be full of Luisa). My aunt often recounted this episode, but things were not going well: everything indicated that Luisa would soon be forgotten.

After the venerated Padre Pio’s death, my aunt said one day: Padre Pio prophesied that Luisa would be known throughout the world. And she repeated the phrase Padre Pio had said in his dialect.

I answered that there would be no easy solution to the case of Luisa Piccarreta Indeed nothing further was said of it in Corato either, and Padre Pio’s words could have been considered merely a comforting remark. But Aunt Rosaria retorted  No! During my confession Padre Pio told me that Luisa is not a human factor, she is a work of God and he himself will make her emerge. The world will be astounded at her greatness; not many years will pass before this happens. The new millennium will see Luisa’s light“.


Relic card of Rosaria Bucci – “faithful and silent confidant of Luisa for 40 years and first promoter”



Saint Padre Pio, Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and Rosaria Bucci

The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina knew one another for some time without ever having met, for Luisa was always confined to the bed where she sat, while Padre Pio was enclosed in the friary of the Capuchin Fathers of San Giovanni Rotondo.

One question naturally arises, how did they come to know one another?

This is difficult to discover, yet one thing is certain, that the two did know and esteem one another.

My aunt recounts how Luisa would speak with respect and veneration of the blessed father, describing him as a “true man of God“, who still had great suffering to face for the good of souls.

In about 1930, a well-known figure arrived at Luisa’s house, sent personally by Padre Pio. He was Federico Abresch, a convert of Padre Pio. Federico spoke at length with Luisa. What they said we are not given to know; but one thing is certain. Federico Abresch became an apostle of the Divine Will and regularly visited Luisa, with whom he always had long conversations.

When his little son received his first communion from Padre Pio’s hands, he was also immediately taken to see Luisa who, according to the story, foretold that he would become a priest.

The small boy of that time is now a priest and works at the Congregation for Bishops in Rome; he is known by the name of Mgr. Pio Abresch.

When Luisa was condemned by the Holy Office and her works put on the Index, Padre Pio sent her this message though Federico Abresch: “Dear Luisa, saints serve for the good of souls, but their suffering knows no bounds“. At that time Padre Pio was also in very great difficulties.

Saint Padre Pio sent many people to Luisa Piccarreta and would say to the people of Corato who went to San Giovanni Rotondo: “What have you come here for? You have Luisa, go to her“.

Padre Pio recommended to certain of his faithful (including Federico Abresch) that they open a spirituality center at San Giovanni Rotondo, inspired by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

Miss Adriana Pallotti (a spiritual daughter of Padre Pio) is currently an heir to Padre Pio’s wishes. She has opened a House of the Divine Will at San Giovanni Rotondo, keeping alive the torch lit by Padre Pio with Federico Abresch. Miss Adriana Pallotti says that it was Blessed Padre Pio who encouraged her to spread Luisa Piccarreta’s spirituality in San Giovanni Rotondo and to help disseminate the Divine Will throughout the world, as Padre Pio desired.

Aunt Rosaria went regularly to San Giovanni Rotondo, especially after Luisa’s death. Padre Pio knew her very well, and when Luisa was still alive he would ask Aunt Rosaria when he saw her: “Rosa’, how is Luisa?“.

Aunt Rosaria would answer him: “She is well!

After Luisa’s death, Aunt Rosaria increased her visits to San Giovanni Rotondo, in order to receive enlightenment and advice from Padre Pio.

Aunt Rosaria was the one lamp that stayed alight to resolve Luisa Piccarreta’s case regarding the sentence of the Holy Office, visiting various ecclesiastical figures and, in addition, confronting the Congregation of the Holy Office. Once she managed – it is not known how – to enter the office of the Cardinal Prefect, Ottaviani, who heard her kindly and promised to take up the case.

Indeed, a few days later, Aunt Rosaria was summoned by Archbishop Addazi of Trani, who said to her: “Miss Rosaria, I do not know whether to reprimand you or to admire you for your courage. You have faced the guard dog of the Church, the great defender of the faith, without being bitten“.

The conclusion was that permission was obtained to move Luisa’s body from the cemetery to the Church of Santa Maria Greca.

 Jesus to Luisa – Volume 16 – February 10, 1924

“. . . in my All-Seeingness, I see that these writings will be for My Church as a New Sun which will Rise in Her midst; and men, attracted by its Radiant Light, will strive to transform themselves into this Light and become spiritualized and Divinized, and therefore, renewing the Church, they will transform the face of the earth.

The doctrine on My Will is the purest, the most beautiful, not subject to any shadow of the material or of interest, either in the supernatural or in the natural order. Therefore, just like the Sun, It will be the most penetrating, the most fecund, and the most welcomed and appreciated. And being Light, It will make Itself understood and will make Its Own Way. It will not be subject to doubt or suspicions of error; and if some words will not be understood, it will be because of too much Light, which, eclipsing the human intellect, will not allow them to understand the whole fullness of the Truth. However, they will not find one word which is not true. At the most, they will not be able to comprehend it fully.

Therefore, in view of the good which I see, I push you to neglect nothing in writing. One saying, one effect, one simile on My Will can be like beneficial dew upon the souls, just as dew is beneficial on the plants after a day of burning sun, or like a pouring rain after long months of drought. You cannot understand all the Good, the Light, the Strength contained in One Word; but your Jesus Knows it, and Knows the ones whom it will serve and the Good it will do.”

Now, as He was saying this, He showed me a table in the midst of the Church, and all the writings on the Divine Will placed on it. Many venerable people surrounded that table and were Transformed into Light and Divinized; and as they walked, they communicated that Light to whomever they encountered. Then Jesus added: “You will see this Great Good from Heaven, when the Church will receive this Celestial Food, which will strengthen Her and make Her Rise again to Her Full Triumph.”


 Saint Padre Pio, the wonder-worker of San Giovanni Rotondo

In  the book “The Little Daughter of the Divine Will” translated from a biography written by Fr. Pablo Martin Sanguiao, it states “…Luisa (as referred to by some witnesses) wrote to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina – the only time in her life. Padre Pio answered only this: “I Santi si fanno, ma guai a chi fa i Santi!” [“The Saints are made, but woe to those who make the Saints!”]

Luisa was bedridden in Corato since her teen years and Padre Pio was cloistered all his adult life at Our Lady of Grace Friary in San Giovanni Rotondo, therefore they never met in person.  However, Luisa and Padre Pio exchanged greetings and prayers, and each referred visitors to the other.  This is evidenced in the follow excerpts from the letters of Luisa Piccarreta:

“With all my heart, I thank the Lord, and additionally for the visit you made to venerable Padre Pio.”

“Thanks be to God, for that young man returned safe and sound.  He went to see Padre Pio, went to confession, and cannot thank you enough for your goodness and hospitality.  He brought me your dear letter.”

“Thank you, my child, for remembering me when you went to Padre Pio. Tell him to pray for me for I have great need of it.”

“Very dearest Son, why not tell the holy Padre Pio to pray in a very special way that the Divine Will be made known?”

“Tell the holy Padre Pio to pray to the Lord that the Kingdom of His Will come if we want peace; but I believe that Our Lord will put His limit with a general scourge throughout the world and perhaps with an epidemic for only in this way will the heads of governments surrender.”

“Tell Padre Pio to pray for me, because I need it and with all respect I kiss his right hand.”

“The dearest Jesus says: “The first one to sacrifice will be I because you want to do My Will.”  For this reason it will not harm the many miracles worked by Padre Pio to add this one also. Beg Padre Pio to pray to the Lord and obtain this cure that can produce much good for souls.  Kiss His hand and tell him to pray for me.”

“With respect to Padre Pio, He is right because, the poor thing, he has had to endure great problems and therefore it is necessary to obey the Holy Church; but we do not say what is printed in the books, but rather that which the Holy Church does not know yet and what is printed in the book is but a few drops; the seas of the Divine Desire are not known yet.”

“I leave you all in the sea of the Divine Desire. I kiss the hand of Padre Pio and tell him to pray for me.”

“I leave you in the Divine Desire so that you become holy; Kiss the hand of Padre Pio on my behalf, greet him with the love of the Fiat; pray for me.”

“I leave you in the Divine Desire; pray for me, kiss the hand of Padre Pio for me and receive the greetings of the love of the Fiat.”

“Kiss the hand of Padre Pio and I would like to know what he thinks of the writings.”


Saint Padre Pio, Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and Rosaria Bucci (continued)

Luisa said to my aunt: “You will be my witness” and one day Padre Pio told her point-blank in his Benevento dialect: “Rosa’, va nanz, va nanz ca Luisa iè gran e u munn sarà chin di Luisa” (Rosaria, go ahead, go ahead for Luisa is great and the world will be full of Luisa). My aunt often recounted this episode, but things were not going well: everything indicated that Luisa would soon be forgotten.

After the venerated Padre Pio’s death, my aunt said one day: “Padre Pio prophesied that Luisa would be known throughout the world”. And she repeated the phrase Padre Pio had said in his dialect.

I answered that there would be no easy solution to the case of Luisa Piccarreta Indeed nothing further was said of it in Corato either, and Padre Pio’s words could have been considered merely a comforting remark. But Aunt Rosaria retorted: “No! During my confession Padre Pio told me that Luisa is not a human factor, she is a work of God and he himself will make her emerge. The world will be astounded at her greatness; not many years will pass before this happens. The new millennium will see Luisa’s light”.

I was silent at this assertion and my aunt asked me: “But do you believe in Luisa?”.

I answered her that I did.

Then she said to me: “Come to my house in a few days’ time, because I have something very important to tell you”.

It was during the 70s and Padre Pio had been dead for several years.

Aunt Rosaria’s secret

In 1975, on 2 February to be exact – I remember it was a very chilly day – my aunt summoned me to her house. She was very old and was beginning to have problems with her sight, due to diabetes. My nephew and niece, Vincenzo and Sara, went to her house to keep her company.

That day, I found her sitting at the window as she recited the Rosary.

I sat down next to her, and having greeted her, asked her what it was she wanted to tell me that was so important.

She looked at me and said: “What I am going to tell you now is of the utmost importance. Try to use it well and I urge you to meditate on the miracles of the Lord who gave us Luisa, a precious creature in God’s Eyes and an instrument of His Mercy. You would find it hard to discover such a precious, great soul. Luisa goes beyond herself, and you can only contemplate her fully in God’s Mystery. Mary was the One who brought Redemption into the world with her Fiat, which is why the Lord Enriched her in such a wonderful way that she became a creature who was raised to the dignity of Mother of God. Mary is the Mother of God, and no other creature will ever equal her in Greatness and Power; after God it is she alone who expresses the Lord’s marvels to the world. After Our Lady comes Luisa, who brings the world the Third Fiat, the Fiat of Sanctification”.

She said this quietly, marking her words well, convinced of what she was asserting. I was overwhelmed by these assertions.

“That is why Luisa was always nailed to her bed and every day offered to the Divine Majesty as a victim of expiation to God’s Most Holy Will”, she continued. “God was Pleased with this creature and so Jealously Guarded her that He removed her from human beings, entrusting her only to His Church, so that She could preserve her and humanly forge her with infinite penances and misunderstandings. My Luisa knew no human consolations but only Divine ones; her body was continually suspended between Heaven and earth, and her earthly life was a continuous contradiction in comparison with normal human lives. Even in her body, she had to belong entirely to God”.

She then confided to me: “One day the Lord said to Luisa: ‘all those who have seen and known you will be Saved’”.

“Dear Peppino, this is an extraordinary Gift of God and it has remained shrouded in silence because Luisa did not want knowledge of it broadcast, or she would have become the object of curiosity or veneration which, she said, she did not deserve. Except that one day her confessor told me that I could speak of it and spread it with discretion. Now I have told you, in the hope that you may be able to make good use of it”.

That day I was left enchanted by the language used by Aunt Rosaria, who expressed theological concepts perfectly, and even in a poetic vein.

By accident, the notes I had made were lost and I have limited myself to writing what I remember.

Her death, almost unexpected, gave me no time to ask her further questions, which would have provided a clear explanation of what she had told me.

Aunt Rosaria died in 1978.

Rosaria’s Mission to help the Unborn

Rosaria had an earnest devotion to the protection of the unborn. According to Padre Bucci, just before her death, Luisa revealed to Rosaria that Jesus gave Rosaria the Mission of helping the Pre-born babies, in a similar way that Jesus gave Luisa the Mission of those born to the light of the day, as in the following reading:

Our Lord Jesus to Luisa, V36-April 12, 1938: “…You, Luisa, were asking in My Will for the Baptism of All newborn babies that will come to the light of the day – and then, for Its Life to Reign in them. My Will did not hesitate for an instant; soon It Pronounced Its Fiat.”

Now, the little children of the Divine Will are asking for the Baptism of All conceived babies – and then for Its Life to Reign in them.

We, the little children of the Divine Will, Fusing ourselves in  +Jesus +Mary and +Luisa, come to help Rosaria in her Mission with The Command Prayer for all conceived babies who will and will not come to the light of the day, and for the Kingdom to be Established on earth as It is in Heaven:

Abba Father,

In the Name of Jesus

in the Unity and Love of the Holy Spirit

Under the Mantle of Mary

with all the Holy Angels and Saints, through the Intercession of the little daughter of the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta, and Rosaria Bucci, whose Mission it is to Pray for the unborn, we Pray:

O Heavenly Father, we Pray You, Turn Your Merciful Gaze upon the babies who are in the wombs of their mothers.  They are the most vulnerable and dependent in this world. Their innocence makes them Most like Your Son Jesus, and Your favorites, sweet-smelling bouquets, before Your Throne (Divine Mercy Novena).

O Sweet Jesus, one with little Luisa, we come into Your Will together with You to Rise between Heaven and earth, Adoring the Supreme Majesty, Blessing It, and Giving It Homage for all, so that Heaven and earth may be Filled with Adorations, Homages and Blessings, and all may Receive their Effects (V14–4.21.22).

O Holy Spirit, we Echo the Acts of Our Lady and Luisa, Sealing and Surrounding the unborn with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, keeping them Protected in the wombs of their mothers. May the Blood of Jesus Guard and Defend them, like a Wall of Defense (Hours of the Passion – 7th Hour).

May Jesus’ Most Precious Blood Convert all who want to harm the unborn, putting an end to the grave and horrific evil of abortion. May Jesus’ Most Precious Blood Divinely Heal all who have lost a baby or babies.

 Queen Mama Mary, as Luisa Prayed for the Baptism of all newborn babies, Now with Luisa and Rosaria, through Your Powerful Intercession, we Pray that every baby that was conceived in the womb of their mother, past, present and future who will not come to the light of day, be Baptized with the First Light of the Divine Will and that It Reign in their souls (V36 – 4.12.38).

 May this Prayer be offered to God as a Baptism of desire through the deepest desires of the hearts of the little children in Your Most Holy Divine Will.

 O Most Holy Trinity, for Your Glory, we Repair and Redo in Your Most Holy Divine Will, for all evils committed against the unborn, and Pray for all those in any way tied with the grave evil of abortion. May this be for the good of all, and Establish soon the Kingdom of God on earth as It is in Heaven.

 Please take our humble prayer

and make it Your Command!

May All be Accomplished and

Completed in the Most Holy Divine Will!


Fiat! Amen!


Saint Padre Pio’s quotes taken from Padre Pio of Pietrelcina’s Letters, Volumes I, II & III.

“Ah, Father, I cannot ask you to remove Jesus from among us…how could I who am so weak and half-hearted live without this Eucharist food? How could I fulfill that petition made by your Son in our name, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”

“Be like children. They almost never think about their future, as they have somebody to think of it for them. They are only strong enough when they are with their parent. Therefore, you do the same, and you will be in peace.”

“You, too, must learn to more greatly recognize and adore divine will in all the events of life. Often repeat the divine words of our dearest Master: “Fiat Voluntas Dei sicut in coelo et in terra (Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven)” Yes, let this beautiful exclamation always be in your heart and on your lips…Say it in times of affliction: say it in times of temptation…Say it again when you feel yourself submerged in the ocean of love for Jesus; it will be your anchor and salvation.”

“Let us adore God’s will and be ready to confirm our will in all things and at all times to the will of God. In this way we shall give glory to the heavenly Father, and everything will be to our advantage for eternal life.

“God, who has bestowed so many benefits on us, it is satisfied with such an insignificant gift as that of our will. Let us offer it to him along with the Divine Master himself in that most sublime prayer, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

“Let us had it (our will) over to God in a total offering, and let us do this also in our daily life.”

“May the grace of the Holy Spirit make you more worthy of the heavenly Kingdom. May Jesus and Mary comfort you, sustain you and bless you all the time. Amen.”


Adriana Pallotti Founder of The “House of Prayer for the Kingdom of the Divine Will” In San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

Adriana Pallotti is a wonderful lady who lives in San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia – Italy), where she founded the “House of Prayer for the Kingdom of the Divine Will”. She is originally from Modena (Northern Italy), but she moved to San Giovanni Rotondo many years ago, “ live close to Padre Pio..”, as she says. Padre Pio, then, became her Confessor and Spiritual Director.

In San Giovanni Rotondo, she attended the Cenacles of Federico Abresch on the Divine Will, when Luisa was still alive. During the 40’s, Federico Abresch became a close friend and disciple of Luisa. He used to visit her house and learn, directly from her and from her manuscripts, of the Sublime Truths of Living in the Divine Will. He also exchanged frequent correspondence with Luisa.

Federico Abresch, a Franciscan Tertiary. Complying with wishes of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, he was the first apostle of the Divine Will in S. Giovanni Rotondo and did much to spread Luisa Piccarreta’s writings.

In the following interview, made in 1994 on the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Transit into Heaven of Luisa Piccarreta, Miss Adriana Pallotti gives clear testimony on the fact that Padre Pio knew and loved Luisa and her Writings. She also gives wonderful testimony on the conversion of Federico Abresch through Padre Pio, on the First “Divine Will” Cenacle in the San Giovanni Rotondo, and on direct and specific comments of Padre Pio regarding the spreading of the writings of Luisa.

Brief Highlights on Federico Abresch

Federico Amalia and their son Pio Abresch, friends of Padre Pio, were also admirers of Luisa. The book “Padre Pio: The True Story” by C. Bernard Ruffin, states “…Friedrich Abresch, a native of Germany who came to see Padre Pio in 1925, at the age of twenty-eight, out of pure curiosity. A nominal Lutheran in his youth, he had become Roman Catholic on marrying an Italian but did not practice his religion. ‘I had no faith,’ he admitted. …. Padre Pio did not expel Abresch from the confessional, but he did make him, as he put it, ‘understand immediately that in my previous confessions I had committed certain mortal sins.’… ‘He concealed his knowledge of my entire past under the form of questions. He enumerated with precision and clarity all of my faults, even mentioning the number of times I missed Mass!’

In 1926, a year later, Abresch’s wife began to hemorrhage, and doctors diagnosed a tumor in her womb….Amalia Abresch was devastated by the certainty that a hysterectomy would leave her incapable of bearing children, so she went to Padre Pio…he told her not to submit to the knife. After that, the hemorrhages ceased and, although the tumor remained, to her great delight, she conceived and, at the age of nearly forty, gave birth to a son. The boy, who was named Pio, later became a monsignor.

Eventually the Abresch family settled in San Giovanni Rotondo, where Friedrich opened a photography studio. For many years he was something of an official photographer for Padre Pio ad his brethren, …”


Go to “Andriana Pallotti in San Giovanni Rotondo” under “Who Is Luisa?” for full interview with Andriana Palotti.

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