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Feast of the Chair of St. Peter

The Chair of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome

The “cathedra” (chair) is the throne established where the bishop resides, hence the name cathedral, given to the church where his seat is placed. Metaphorically, it represents the episcopal authority itself. “The Chair of St. Peter” means, therefore, a memory of St. Peter’s episcopate, and his primacy as head of the Church.
To honor the dignity of the “Prince” to whom Jesus committed the power of the keys, the Church instated the Feast of the “Chair of St. Peter”, which is found in the Roman calendar at this date since the year 336.

Book of Heaven – Volume 2 – May 2, 1899 – How all Heaven is veiled in the Church
“… He (Jesus) made me (Luisa) see the Church, telling me these exact Words: “All Heaven is Veiled in My Church. Just as in Heaven One is the Head, which is God, and many are the saints, of different conditions, orders and merits, so in My Church, in which all Heaven is Veiled, one is the head, which is the Pope, and the Sacrosanct Trinity is Veiled even in the triple tiara that covers his head; and many are the members that depend on this head – that is, different dignities, various orders, superior and inferior, from the littlest to the greatest, they all serve to embellish My Church. Each one, according to its degree, has the office entrusted to it, and by the exact fulfillment of the virtues it comes to give from itself a Splendor so very Fragrant to My Church, that the earth and Heaven are Perfumed and Illuminated, and the people are so drawn by this Light and by this Fragrance, that it is almost impossible for them not to surrender to the Truth. I leave it to you, then, to consider those infected members which, instead of shedding light, cast darkness. How much torment they cause in My Church.”

Excerpt from the Third Appeal
by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will
“… Therefore, I appeal to all; and I make this appeal together with Jesus, with His own Tears, with His Ardent Sighs, with His Heart that Burns, that wants to give Its “FIAT.” …From within the “FIAT” we have come forth; It has given us life. It is Just, it is our obligation and duty to return into It, into our Dear and Interminable Heritage.
And in the first place, I appeal to the Highest Hierarch, to the Roman Pontiff, to His Holiness, to the representative of the Holy Church, and therefore the representative of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. At his holy feet, this little, tiny child places this Kingdom, so that he dominate It and make It known, and with his paternal and authoritative voice, call his sons to Live in this Kingdom So Holy.
May the Sun of the Supreme “FIAT” Invest him and form the first Sun of the Divine Volition in Its representative on earth; and forming Its (Divine Will’s) Primary Life in him (the Pope) who is the Head of all, It will Spread Its Interminable Rays in all the world; and Eclipsing all with Its Light, It will Form one flock and one Shepherd.”

Pray for our Holy Father who holds the Keys to the Kingdom:

Command Prayer
Abba Father
In the Name of Jesus
In the Unity, Power and Love of the Holy Spirit
Under the Mantle of Mary
through the Intercession of Luisa Piccarreta,
the little daughter of the Divine Will,

We pray for Sanctification for Pope Francis.

Take our humble prayer and make it Your Command!
We pray for the Fulfillment of that which Your Foretold, O Lord,

that the Pope will come out!
He will come out to console the peoples, because,
oppressed, tired, crushed, betrayed by so many lies…
they will ask the Holy Father to come into their midst!
(V4 – 1.5.01)
Take our humble prayer and make it Your Command!
May all be Accomplished and Completed in the Holy Divine Will!
Fiat! Amen! So Be It!


Vol. 26 – 5.28.29 – “Now, so I AM within you, Luisa; I look at My Sacrifices and yours, I look at the Order I have kept, at the many Lessons I have given you, enough to make My Divine Will Known in order to Form Its Kingdom; and if I do not stop Speaking, it is because Its Story is Eternal, and what is Eternal has its Eternal Speaking, which never ends – and the Speaking about My Fiat will be Eternal in Heaven. I look at those who surround you, and who know what regards My Will – without true interest in making known a good so great. I look at your humanity itself, Luisa, which serves Me as Cathedra from which I Impart My Lessons – and you yourself cannot deny that you feel Me within yourself, sensibly, Moving, Speaking, Suffering, and that I AM really inside you, to Form My Kingdom and make It Known. And while I look at you, I see that your humanity also will not remain on earth for much longer; and My Heart feels the grips of the Sorrow that the Great Good which My Divine Will wants to do is not even known, Its Knowledges are as though buried, and while they want to give Life, Happiness, Light, they remain as though Imprisoned between Me and you, and in the papers which, with so much Tenderness of Love, I have made you write. Therefore, My daughter, compassionate My Sorrow, adore My Dispositions in keeping you on earth still. I know that this is very hard for you, and I Compassionate you; and while we Compassionate each other, let us do what is up to us in order to make My Divine Will Known.”

Vol. 26 – 7.14.29 – “Now, after I became sure about you, Luisa, and I Secured My Work, My Acting changed – I made you break the silence; and the Ardor of My Instructions and of My Speaking was Such and So Great, that I can call you the cathedra of My Divine Will, the secretary of Its Most Intimate Secrets, such that, as you were unable to contain them all within yourself, I Commanded you to manifest them to My minister…”

V30 – 1.17.32 – “Do you think It does not take into account even just one Word of what It says? It ( Divine Will) Counts everything and loses nothing; and if in your soul, Luisa, It has Formed Its cathedra in order to Deposit Its Truths, however, the Primary Cathedra It keeps Reserved Within Itself as the Greatest Treasure that belongs to It, in such a Way that if you lose any Word or Manifestation that belongs to It, It already keeps the Original Within Itself, because what Regards My Divine Will is of Infinite Value, and the Infinite cannot disperse, nor is it subject to dispersing; on the contrary, Jealous, It Preserves Its Truths in the Divine Archives. Therefore, you too, learn to be jealous and vigilant, and to appreciate Its Holy Lessons.”



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