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Christmas Wishes from the Association

+Christmas 2020





Dear brothers and sisters,

Holy Christmas in the light of the Divine Will of the Child Jesus!
We would like to thank so many of you who sent us their greetings and their testimony in this time of trial and suffering. Our families, our children, our work, our formative activities, our projects, everything we live every day has been impacted and often transformed by the global health crisis. Isolation, illness, work difficulties, like a veil before the sun, have often covered the inner light that dwells in the depths of our hearts: a flame that allows us to see and that warms us!
We are heartened to know that in her long life Luisa also experienced moments similar to ours. In her writings she told us how she faced them. That flame, or as Luisa liked to call it, “the spark”, is precisely the Divine Will that dwells in us. Nothing can ever extinguish it, nothing can obscure it because it is divine. In the birth of Jesus we contemplate precisely this “prodigy of prodigies, God and man, man and God! Without leaving the Father and the Holy Spirit, He comes to dwell in our midst, taking on human flesh, because true love never separates”. (Diary, Volume IV, December 25, 1900).
All our strength lies in the hope that God and man are no longer separable.  Not only does God live in us but also – and this is decisive – we live in God, we live of God. This life that is both human and divine within us is the gift, the inheritance or, as Luisa called it, the Christmas gift. It is only missing – but many do not know it yet – that we decide to live this life, doing all our acts in the Divine Will of Jesus, even those acts that belong to this time of pandemic trial.
We like to unite our wishes for you to those that Luisa made to St. Annibale Maria Di Francia: “With all my heart I wish you holiness in the Supreme Fiat, that holiness willed by our Creator, that is, not holiness in our will, but in His Will. May the divine Infant come into your heart and bring to you the eternal Sun of His Will, which, placing itself as its center in your soul, may direct your whole being towards this Will” (Letter of December 19, 1926).
Vincenza Arbore, president of the Association
Don Sergio Pellegrini, ecclesiastical assistant
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