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May Reminders

Month of Our Lady

5/1 St. Joseph the Workman –“My daughter, see the Order of My Divine Providence:  for the Great Portent of My Incarnation, I Chose and used a Virgin, humble and poor; and the Virgin Saint Joseph as My custodian, who acted as a father to Me, and who was so poor that he needed to work in order to sustain our lives.  See how in the Greatest Works – and the Mystery of the Incarnation could not be Greater – We use people whose outward appearance attracts no attention from anyone, because dignities, scepters, riches, are always fumes which blind the soul, and prevent her from penetrating into the Celestial Mysteries in order to receive a Great Act of God – and God Himself.” – V20 – 1.6.27

       – Our Lady, Queen of the May – “Dearest daughter, I feel the irresistible need to Descend from Heaven to make you My Maternal Visits. If you assure Me of your filial love and faithfulness, I will remain always with you in your soul, to be your Teacher, Model, Example and Most Tender Mother.

I come to invite you to Enter Into the Kingdom of your Mama— that is, the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and I Knock at the door of your heart, that you may open it to Me. You know? With My Own Hands I bring you this Book as Gift; I Offer it to you with Maternal Care, so that, in your turn, in reading it, you may learn to Live of Heaven and no longer of earth…” – Maternal Appeal – Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

      – Luisa begins Volume 13 (1921)

5/3 – Sts. Philip and James the less – Apostles – St. Philip – Symbol: Latin cross, Saint Philip is pictured carrying the Cross of Christ, which was the theme of his preaching. His preaching took him to Phrygia, where he suffered martyrdom.  – St. James the Less – the brother of Saint Jude and a cousin of Jesus. While serving as Jerusalem’s first Bishop, he was arrested by the Jews and killed. Symbol: fuller’s club, after being cast from the Temple roof Saint James was beaten to death with such a club.

      – Finding of the Holy Cross (Hist)

 5/4 – Feast of the Holy Shroud (Hist) – “I now thank you for the beautiful image of the Holy Shroud. I used to have one, but another priest snatched it; and Jesus, Who is So Good, had another priest send me one. Thank you! I commend myself to your holy prayers…” Letter of Luisa to a Priest – Corato, Oct 14, 1917

5/5 – Our Lady Queen of the Apostles – “But as the term of the forty days expired, Beloved Jesus Instructed the Apostles, and leaving His Mama as their Guide and Teacher, He Promised us the Descent of the Holy Spirit.” – Day 29 – Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

5/8 – Apparition of St. Michael the Archangel (Hist) – “Archangel Saint Michael, Defend me from the infernal enemy, who puts so many obstacles in my mind to make me fail this obedience.” – Vol. 1

5/9 – Our Lady of Loreto –

5/10 St. Cataldo, Patron of Corato – “In the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Queen Mother Mary Most Holy, of my guardian Angel and of the whole Celestial Court, and in order to obey my confessor, I promise that if the Lord, by His infinite mercy, should give me the grace of letting me die, when I find myself together with my Celestial Spouse, I will pray and plead for the triumph of the Church and the confusion and conversion of Her enemies; that the Catholic party may triumph in our town, and that the church of St. Cataldo may be reopened for service;” – V6 – 2.21.04

5/12 – 4th Sunday of Easter – Good Shepherd Sunday – “My daughter, My Language in Redemption was very different from that which I have had for the Kingdom of My Divine Will. In fact, in Redemption, My Language was to adapt to people who were incapable, weak, ill, deaf, mute and blind – and many were on the verge of the tomb. Therefore, in order to Speak to them, I made use of parables and similes of the low world, which they themselves could touch with their own hands. So, I Spoke to them now as Doctor, Offering them the Medicines to Heal them; now as Father, who awaited their return even if they were unruly children; now as Shepherd, who went in Search of the lost sheep; now as Judge who, unable to Attract them by means of Love, Tried to Attract them at least by threats and by fear; and many other similes. This Language of Mine says that those to whom I was Speaking did not know Me, did not love Me, and even less did they do My Will – on the contrary, they were far away from Me; and that I, with my parables, made the Searches and Laid the Net in order to Catch them and give to each one the Remedy to Heal them. But how many escaped Me. And I Intensified the Searches and the Teachings to give Light to many blind, that they might get out of their obstinate blindness.

Now, see how different is My Language which I have had in Manifesting the Truths on My Divine Will, which Must Serve the children of Its Kingdom. My Language on the Fiat has been like a Father in the midst of his dear and loving children, all healthy; and since each of them Possesses My Very Life Within them, by Virtue of My Will they will be capable of understanding My Highest Lessons.” – V24 – 8.30.28

         – Mother’s Day

5/13 – Our Lady of Fatima –

       – Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament (Trad) – “Now, when I Instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, I Looked for this creature, and My Queen Mama Offered Herself to Receive this Act of Mine and the Deposit of this Great Gift, saying to Me: ‘My Son, just as I Offered You My Womb and My Whole Being in Your Conception, to Keep You Safe and Defended, I Now Offer You My Maternal Heart in Order to Receive this Great Deposit, and I Line Up, Around Your Sacramental Life, My Affections, My Heartbeats, My Love, My Thoughts – All of Myself, to Keep You Defended, Surrounded by Cortège, Loved, Protected. I Myself Take On the Commitment to Repay You for the Great Gift You are Giving. Trust Your Mama, and I will Take care of the Defense of Your Sacramental Life. And since You Yourself have Constituted Me Queen of All Creation, I have the Right to Line Up Around You All the Light of the sun as Homage and Adoration, the stars, the heavens, the sea, all the inhabitants of the air – I Place Everything Around You, to Give You Love and Glory.’ Now, Ensuring a Place for Myself in which to Put this Great Deposit of My Sacramental Life, and Trusting My Mama, who had Given Me All the Proofs of Her Faithfulness, I Instituted the Most Holy Sacrament. She was the Only Worthy creature who could Keep, Defend and Protect My Act. See, then, when creatures receive Me, I Descend into them Together with the Acts of My Inseparable Mama; and Only because of this can I Perpetuate My Sacramental Life.” – V21 – 4.16.27

5/16 – Anniversary of Canonization St. Annibale Maria di Francia (2004) – Luisa: “I was feeling very afflicted, not only because of the privations of my Sweet Jesus, but also because I had received the unexpected news of the death of Reverend Father di Francia. He was the only one left to me, to whom I could open my poor soul. How well he could understand me – it was to a Saint that I would entrust myself, who had very much comprehended all the Value of what Jesus had Told me about the Divine Will. He had so much interest in it that, with insistence, he had taken all the writings with himself in order to publish them.” V22 – 6.1.27

5/21 – Confiscation of Luisa’s Volumes, taken to Vatican (1938) – Luisa: “Dearest one in the Lord, nothing new happened here, as far as what you say about Rome. On the contrary, there has been a terrible storm against the books and against me. However, I think it was caused by some priests and religious from Corato. May the Lord Bless and Forgive all. It must be a diabolical rage, since, in just hearing the Name of Will of God, he is consumed and becomes furious. So, let us pray. I thank you; do whatever you can do, and whatever the Lord Wants.” Letter of Luisa No. 99 to Federico Abresch June 23, 1941

5/23 – Pope Pius X grants extension for Sacrifice of the Mass in Luisa’s room (1905 – following Leo XIII)- Luisa: “Now, I let you know that I receive Holy Communion every day, and Holy Mass once a week, while before, even when I left of the convent, It was celebrated every day. Since, six months after the prohibition of the books, our Bishop died, the fathers who caused the books to be prohibited could also obtain from the Holy Office, after the death of the Bishop, the prohibition of Holy Mass. But the Divine Will, in which I find everything, even the Holy Mass – no one can take It away from me.…if you could interest yourself in letting me have back the Holy Mass, how grateful I would be! I had it for forty years, and without knowing the reasons, they took it away from me. Fiat, Fiat!” – Letter of Luisa No. 87 – April 10, 1940

       – Today begins Novena to St. Annibale di Francia for Vocations to the Priesthood –

Help of Christians (Hist)

5/25 – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Rome

5/27 – Memorial Day



        – QUEENSHIP OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY (Trad) – “The Queen Mother standing at the king’s right hand, arrayed in gold.”Psalm 45:9

       – Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces – There have been four Dogmas formally defined concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary. They are Mary, the Mother of God; the Perpetual Virginity of Mary; the Immaculate Conception; and the Assumption. Yet a fifth Dogma awaits to be proclaimed by the Church, one which has been prophesied by many Marian Saints. This Dogma is Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces. A lay movement called Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici has been actively promoting the proclamation of this doctrine.  Inside the Vatican magazine reports that “currently it has collected from all around the world more than 4 million signatures, including more than 300 bishops. There are 32 cardinals on its advisory board….” (Inside the Vatican, “A New Marian Dogma,” by Leonie Caldecott, June‑July 1996, p. 18). Dr. Mark Miravalle, Associate Professor of Theology and Mariology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, has authored a book entitled, Mary: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix. Advocate in which he proposes the dogmatic definition of Mary, Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Cardinal Luigi Ciappi, O.P., who served as Papal Theologian for all popes from Pope Pius XII to Pope John Paul II, endorsed this work with the words, “I share the hope of Dr. Mark Miravalle.”

       – Our Lady of All Nations

       – Our Lady of America Appears to Sister Mary Ephrem as ‘Queen of Heaven’ (1957) – Our Lady of America Messages:

       – Today begins Novena to the HOLY SPIRIT in the Divine Will –




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