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The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

(download or view book in below pdf)

Our Lady, Queen of the May – “Dearest daughter, I feel the irresistible need to Descend from Heaven to make you My Maternal Visits. If you assure Me of your filial love and faithfulness, I will remain always with you in your soul, to be your Teacher, Model, Example and Most Tender Mother.

I come to invite you to Enter Into the Kingdom of your Mama— that is, the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and I Knock at the door of your heart, that you may open it to Me. You know? With My Own Hands I bring you this Book as Gift; I Offer it to you with Maternal Care, so that, in your turn, in reading it, you may learn to Live of Heaven and no longer of earth…” – Maternal Appeal – Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Please remember to read and pray the book “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” every day in the month of May, and promote this Most Special book to others.

To encourage us here is what Luisa wrote in her Letters on the promotion of the book “The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will”:

Letter 11 – My good daughter in the Divine Volition, may Heaven reward you for the sacrifices you make, and for promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven.  It seems to me that the Celestial Mama never stops saying to you,  “Thank you, thank you, my daughter”, and that She is preparing for you more graces, especially the great grace of making you always do the Will of Her dear Son – grace which is bearer of peace, of graces, of intimate union, and also of temporal help.

Letter 12 – My good daughter in the Divine Volition, Thank you for interesting yourself in promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven and that of the Passion:  this is nothing less than calling back the Celestial Mama and the King of Sorrows into the midst of creatures, so that we may learn to live more from Heaven than from the earth.  This would be the greatest fortune for us, so as to be able to live from the Divine Will.  So it seems that Jesus and His Mama never stop repeating, “Thank you, thank you, my daughter!  As a reward, We will form our Heaven in your soul; We will be always with you; your life and Ours will become one.”  Therefore, what I recommend to you is to correspond to such a great good.  Be attentive to listening to sweet Jesus, Who speaks in your heart.  He wants to make of you a saint, but wants your will in His hands in order to make of it a prodigy of sanctity.

Three things I recommend to you:  firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust.  Trust will make you live like a little baby in the arms of her mama, and Jesus and the Celestial Mama will take care of all the things you need.  They will tell you with facts:  “Think about living from Our Will, and We will take care of everything, even the salvation of your brothers.”  Aren’t you happy?

You ask me whether your friends can write me.  My daughter, it is hard for me to answer; it is better if they pay attention in reading the book of the Blessed Mother.  Oh, how many things will the great Lady tell them of what they would like to hear from me!  And then, there is the book of the Passion in which Jesus speaks heart to heart.  In this fifth edition which I am sending you, you will find new things, and, doubled, the “Treaty on the Divine Will.”  Read it, and you will be able to tell me the great good it does to you.

Letter 17 – My good daughter in the Divine Volition, Thank you, thank you for all your attentions.  Know that every additional book you promote is an additional right which the King of sorrows and the Queen of Heaven give you, to be faithful daughter of the Divine Will.  Listen, my daughter, it is a mother that speaks to you.  Listen to me; maybe these are my last words.  Listen to the Celestial Mama and to sweet Jesus.  They want you to not think of the past – to place a sepulchral stone on it, so that you may forget everything and say:  “My life will start today; I am born again together with my Queen Mama, with Jesus, and with the Divine Will.”  And your pains, your crosses, even though heavy, will serve the Divine Beggar, Who looks for our sufferings in order to form and continue His life within us.  Oh, how happy will you feel, if in every pain you say, “This pain serves Jesus”!  Then you will feel His invincible patience, filial trust, and courage of heroes.  Patience, trust, courage, is the bread of the strong, the heroism of martyrs.  Therefore, courage!  Those who think of the past lose the present.  The Lord has disposed everything:  crosses, illness, state of marriage; in a word – everything.  The Lord had to prepare the material in order to make of you a saint; and He has prepared enough of it.  So, all you have to say and do is this:  “The Heart of Jesus wants me a saint:  I must become a saint!”  Have we understood each other?

Letter 35 – Dearest brother in Jesus Christ, I was immensely pleased by your request for the book of the Queen of Heaven, thinking that the Celestial Mama comes also to the prison to visit you and to be your Mother, Teacher, consoler; and also to give you her sweet company in order to teach you how to live from the Divine Will, and form, in prison too, the Kingdom of the Divine Volition.

Therefore, my brother, courage, trust, for you have a Celestial Mama who loves you very much, who will never leave you, and if you listen to Her, will make a sanctuary of the prison.  And if human weakness took you to prison, the Sovereign Queen comes with the strength of the Divine Will to take you to Heaven and render your days less sad; even more, She will turn pains, privations, loneliness, into ransoms and eternal conquests; She will make you feel the peace that, even in the world, cannot be enjoyed.  The Divine Will will transform you, and you will feel the new life that the Celestial Lady brings you.

Know that I am your sister in prison.  For more than fifty years the Supreme Fiat has kept me imprisoned in a bed.  Yet, I am glad – I am happy; but what makes me happy?  The Divine Will, Which I try to do always.  You too can be happy, if you do the Divine Will.  Oh, how It will change your bitterness!  You will feel a true divine strength that will ease your painful state.  Never neglect the Rosary to the Celestial Mother, and if you can, be a missionary in the prison, by making known that the Queen of Heaven wants to visit all the prisoners to give them the gift of the Divine Will.  And if you need some more copies and you cannot pay, I am willing to send them for free.

Letter 36 – Now let’s come to us.  I sent you the 23 addresses; I believe that you received them and sent them as well.  I also sent you the reviews in order to make their promotion; if you want others, I’ll send them to you.  Listen, my Mother, I want to teach you a holy trick:  for every “Appeal of the Queen of Heaven” and for every book you send, tell the Celestial Lady that you bind her to giving you the great gift of the Divine Will.  Then, every “Appeal”, every book, will be one more guarantee that you place in her maternal hands, not only for yourself, but also for the person to whom the book and the Appeal are directed.  The Sovereign Lady will feel bound and as though obliged, in seeing so many pledges in her hands, and She will give you what She herself wants to give you:  the Divine Will as life. 

Letter 40 – Most esteemed one in the Lord, In the name of the Celestial Mama I thank you for your attentions in promoting her book.  She will certainly reward you with her maternal blessings; She will look at you with special love, and will feel bound by a pledge for as many attentions as you use.  With yearning and sighs, the great Lady keeps making her maternal visits, because she wants to form the people of the Divine Will; and one who is interested, She considers as daughter and secretary.  Would you not want to be one of them?…Do not stop reading the book of  “The Queen of Heaven”, in order to better learn how to live in the Divine Volition.  By the end of August the fifth edition of  “The Hours of the Passion” may come out.  If you want them, ask for them, and they will both bring you light, joy and guidance.

Letter 75 – Most Reverend Father, Jesus says ‘thank you’ for your goodness in writing me.  What consolation did it bring to my poor soul and to my confessor Don Benedetto!  All of us went through sad times.  Jesus Himself cried bitterly, and it broke my heart to see Him crying.  It was a great demonstration of love, to reveal to us what the Heavenly Queen was about to begin, how much She loves us, how much She cared to teach us how to live in Divine Will, how to grow in It, and how She wanted to feed us with the food of the divine Fiat.  When the book  “The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will” was published in Italy, this good Mother took the first step to let us comprehend how much She loves us; so much so, as to take us onto her lap, to give us this gift of which She is the bearer.  But the machinations of the enemies of her little book hindered her step, and She was sent back into the heavenly regions.  From there, with invincible patience, She is waiting for a change of times, of people and of conditions, in order to continue her way, and give us that which is now despised.

download or view book in below pdf:

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