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Three Appeals

“The aim of God becoming manifest was that we might participate in Divine Life, and that the mystery of His Incarnation might be realised in us. This mystery is the fulfillment of man’s vocation.”  Pope Benedict XVI Jan. 5, 2011


The greatest thing Jesus Christ gave to the people of the Old Testament was the Transfiguration, by giving them a foretaste of the glory and heavenly delights; and to that of the New Testament was Transubstantiation, that the elements of bread and wine are not only spiritually transformed, but are actually (substantially) transformed into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. The elements retain the appearance or “accidents” of bread and wine, but are indeed the actual Body and Blood of Christ, the actual, physical presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. What is to come will be Transmutation, the conversion of one object into another; to change from one element inside and outside into a completely different element (Refer to the Volumes). The Writings of Luisa were dictated by Jesus Himself, the Word of God. He wishes that souls give Him their human will, and in return He will give the great Gift of His Divine Will, reigning in their souls, each one a unique creation. These dictated Writings are the means of learning what the Divine Will is, and how to live in It. The Gift of living in the Divine Will was given to Luisa Piccarreta, true daughter of Jesus and Mary, and is for souls who desire to live in It through Jesus, Mary and Luisa. Jesus Christ, The Word, Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, Son of God, together with Mary, His Most Holy Mother, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of Divine Grace, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and Luisa, little daughter of the Divine Will, herald of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, have each given their Appeal to all as regards these Writings and the living IN the Divine Will.

The ” Three Appeals” document can be found below or at top drop-down bar under Three Appeals.

“This little, tiny one wants to tell you another secret that Jesus has confided to her;

and I tell you it so that you give me your will, and in exchange

you will receive that of God which will make you happy in soul and in body.”

   Luisa’s Appeal

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A recent Divine Will Newsletter from Father Bernardino Bucci, translated from Italian, can be found below or at top drop-down bar under Three Appeals.

A document entitled “Droplets of Silence” by Sr. Assunta of the Pious Association in Italy can be found below or at top drop-down bar under Three Appeals.



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Three Appeals document

THE THREE APPEALS  DIVINE APPEAL With His Father and the Holy Spirit, the Divine King appeals to His children on earth to come now and enter into theKingdomof His Will. My dear and beloved children, I come into your midst with My Heart all drowned in flames of Love. I come as a Father to …

Divine Will Newsletter – Bucci

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Droplets of Silence

Droplets of Silence by Sr. Assunta   “Silence is necessary to hear what God says to the soul. The language that God hears the most is silent love. “ (St. John of the Cross) Sisters, brothers, the Light of the Divine Will that was given to us as a Gift, invites us to deepen also …