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Advent and the Divine Will

Advent and the Divine Will

From Pope Benedict XVI and the Book of Heaven


Saint Peter’s Square First Sunday of Advent, 2 December 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today the Church begins a new Liturgical Year, a journey which, 50 years after the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, is further enriched by the Year of Faith. The first Season on this itinerary is Advent, formed — in the Roman Rite — of the four weeks preceding the Nativity of Our Lord, that is, the mystery of the Incarnation.

The word “advent” means “coming” or “presence”. In the ancient world it meant the visit of the king or emperor to a province; in the Christian language it refers to the Coming of God, to His presence in the world; a mystery that embraces the entire cosmos and history, but that has two culminating events: the First and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The first is, precisely, the Incarnation. The second is His glorious return at the end of time. These two events that are chronologically distant — and we are not given to know by how long — are deeply connected, because with His death and Resurrection Jesus fulfilled that transformation of man and of the cosmos which is the final goal of Creation. However, before the end, the Gospel must be proclaimed to all the nations, as Jesus says in the Gospel according to St Mark (cf. Mk 13:10).

Book of Heaven: V24 – 8.23.28 – “…The Truths about My Fiat are the New Gospel of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, in which they shall find the Norms, the Sun, the Teachings on how to Ennoble themselves, elevate themselves to their Origin, and take the State given to them by God at the beginning of Creation. They shall find the Gospel that, taking them by the hand, shall lead them into True Happiness, into constant Peace. The only Law shall be My Will that, with Its Brush of Love, dipped in the Vivid Colors of Its Light, shall give back to man the Likeness of his Creator.

Book of Heaven: V20 – 11.6.26 – “…I Myself also disposed, that I might find quickly the First Apostles of the Fiat of My Kingdom, so that they might Proclaim What Regards My Eternal Will.

Book of Heaven: V25 – 3.22.29 – “This was My Purpose, as in the last years of My Life down here I Called the Apostles around Me: to make use of them as the proclaimers of What I had Done and Said.

The Lord’s Coming continues, the world Must be Penetrated by His Presence and this ongoing Coming of the Lord in the Proclamation of the Gospel requires our continuous collaboration. Moreover the Church, Who is, as it were, the Betrothed, the promised Bride of the Lamb of the Crucified and Risen God (cf. Rev 21:9), in Communion with her Lord, Collaborates in this Coming of the Lord, in which His Glorious return has already begun.

Book of Heaven: V25 – 3.22.29 – …“So it shall be with the Kingdom of My Divine Will. I Called you Luisa, as a Second mother of Mine, and, One on one, just as I Did with Her (Mary) in the Kingdom of Redemption, I Manifested to you the many Secrets of My Divine Fiat, the great Good of It, and how It Wants to Come to Reign upon earth.

“…Until I find some who have interest and take to heart making Known Its Knowledges, more than if it were their own lives, the Kingdom of My Will can have neither Its Beginning, nor Its Life upon earth.”

Today the Word of God calls us to this, outlining the lines of conduct we should follow to be ready for the Lord’s Coming. In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus says to the disciples: “take heed… lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life… at at all times, praying” (Lk 21:34, 36). Therefore, moderation and prayer.

Book of Heaven: V24 – 9.24.28 – “But in the midst of so much sorrow, tears and sighs of this father, his will is resolute: he wants his unhappy son to desire—to pray that his paternal inheritance, his lost happiness, be returned to him. This disposes the son to receive and to appreciate his happy state, the return of his inheritance; and the father, drowned with love for his dear son, will say: ‘Your praying has formed a right over my heart that burns for you. Take again what you lost—you have deserved it. I am content as long as I see you happy, and I can say: ‘My son is no longer unhappy, but happy.’

“…We want the creature to pray—to yearn for the Good We want to Give. This forms a Right over Our Paternal Heart, and a Shelf within his heart to be able to Receive What We Want to Give, so that We may be able to say to him in Our Emphasis of Love: ‘My son, you have deserved it, and We have Given you What We Wanted to Give you.’ One who Prays Disposes himself; what is obtained by Praying is appreciated, is kept safe. “And since the Knowledge of My Divine Will, the Possession of Its Kingdom, is not an individual Good, but a general one, in order to obtain it, I have you Pray for all, in the name of all and of each thought, word and act of creature, so that you may form the Right in Our Divine Paternity that all may receive the Kingdom of Our Fiat, as well as the Dispositions within themselves to be able to Possess It. So the Queen of Heaven Did, to Impetrate the Kingdom of Redemption. She had a Prayer, a Sigh, an Act, for all and for each one—She let no one escape Her; and by this, She gave to each one the Right to be able to receive their Redeemer. So I Did to Redeem them, and so I Want you to do for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

And the Apostle Paul adds the invitation to “increase and abound in love” among ourselves and for everyone, to make our hearts blameless in holiness (cf. 1 Thess 3:12-13).

Book of Heaven: V11 – 9.3.13 – “…You Must Know that when I Place the soul in My Will and she takes up Stable Dwelling in My Volition, since My Will Contains All Possible and Imaginable Goods, the soul feels that she Abounds with everything…”

Book of Heaven: V36 – 10.26.38 – “…This is Why We Want the creature in Our Will: because We Want to Secure Our Concerns—What We Give of Love, Sanctity, Goodness, and all the Rest. Our Divine Will takes Charge of having them Returned to Us in as many Divine Acts—We gave Divine Love, she gives Us Divine Love back. Our Will Transforms the creature into Our Sanctity and Goodness, and makes her give Us back Holy and Good Acts. Therefore, even her breath, her motion and her steps are Pure and Holy.”

In the midst of the upheavals of the world or in the deserts of indifference and materialism, may Christians accept salvation from God and bear witness to it with a different way of life, like a city set upon a hill.

Book of Heaven: V4 – 12.24.02 – “…this Acting by Virtue of Divine Power makes him (man) Operate in a completely different way, and he does nothing but send forth the Light of the Divine Power he Contains within himself,…”

Book of Heaven: V36 – 3.28.38 – “My blessed daughter, since man was made by Us to Live in Our Will, all Our Acts had to serve as many little cities or nations in which man could find, by Right, his Fatherland—the different cities where he was to find his Amusements, his Joys, and the Enchanting and Delightful Scenes that his Creator had Prepared for him with So Much Love. Therefore, one can say that the sun is a City, and as the soul Enters Our Will, she finds this City of Light, as well as all the various Beauties of Color and Sweetness. She finds Our Creative and Festive Act Full of Joys, Love and Unspeakable Happiness, and she Dives into these Seas of Beauty, Sweetness, Love and Joy, taking her long walks in her Fatherland, as the owner of all the Goods that she finds in It.

“O, how Happy We are, in seeing Our Works—Our Cities, Created only for man, no longer as deserts, but Populated by Our children. Upon Entering Our Will they find the Way that leads them to the Different Cities that We have formed in the Creation; in some place they find a Delight, in another a Distinct Joy, somewhere else a more Outstanding Knowledge of their Creator, in another place, a Love so Intense that Hugs them, Kisses them, and Communicates to them the Life of Love.”

“In those days”, the Prophet Jeremiah announced, “Jerusalem will dwell securely. And this is the name by which it will be called: The Lord is our righteousness” (33:16).

Book of Heaven: V24 – 10.3.28 – “Now there will be an exchange: if Jerusalem gave to Rome the life of religion and therefore of Redemption, Rome will give to Jerusalem the Kingdom of the Divine Will. And this is so True, that just as I Chose a Virgin from the little town of Nazareth for the Redemption, so I have Chosen another virgin in a little town of Italy belonging to Rome, to whom the Mission of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat has been Entrusted. And since It Must be Known in Rome, just as My Coming upon earth was Known in Jerusalem, Rome shall have the great Honor of requiting Jerusalem for the great Gift received from her, which is Redemption, by Making Known to her the Kingdom of My Will.”

The community of believers is a sign of God’s love, of his justice which is already present and active in history but is not yet completely fulfilled and must therefore always be awaited, invoked and sought with patience and courage.

Book of Heaven: V12 – 4.15.19 – “…But the Saints of the Living in My Will, who shall symbolize My Resurrected Humanity, shall be few. In fact, many throngs and crowds of people saw My Humanity, but few saw My Resurrected Humanity – only the believers, those who were most disposed, and, I could say, only those who contained the Seed of My Will.”

Book of Heaven: V35 – 8.9.37 – This shall be the Fulfillment of the Work of Creation—Our ‘Consumatum est.’ We shall have the Kingdom of Our Will among creatures, Thanks to the Celestial Heir (Virgin Mary) Who wanted to give Her Life for each of them, to make It Reign.”

The Virgin Mary perfectly embodies the spirit of Advent that consists in listening to God, with a profound desire to do His Will and to serve our neighbor joyfully. Let us allow ourselves to be guided by Her, so that God who comes may not find us closed or distracted but rather may extend a little of His Kingdom of Love, Justice and Peace in each of us.

Book of Heaven: V19 – 4.16.26 – “…My Will is everything – this is why the Mission of the Sovereign Queen and yours can be Called One; and you Luisa, (and those linked to Luisa) must follow, Step by Step, the Way She Conducted Herself with God, to be able to receive the Divine Attitude in order to have within yourself a Love which says Love for all, an Adoration which Adores for all, a Glory which Diffuses throughout all Created things. You Must be Our Echo, the Echo of Our Celestial Mama, because She Alone Lived Perfectly and Fully in the Supreme Volition, therefore She can be your Guide and Act as your Teacher.”

Book of Heaven: V29 – 5.19.31 – “…and I placed you in Her Hands, that She might Guide you, Assist you, Protect you, so that you might Imitate Her in everything…”

Book of Heaven: V33- 7.14.35 – “And then, there is the Queen of Heaven Who, with Her Empire, Continuously Prays that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come on earth, and when have We ever denied Her anything? For Us, Her Prayers are Impetuous Winds such that We cannot resist Her. And the same Strength that She possesses of Our Will is for Us Empire, Command. She has all Right to Impetrate It, because She Possessed It on earth, and She Possesses It in Heaven. Therefore as Possessor She can Give What is Hers, So Much So that this Kingdom shall be Called the Kingdom of the Celestial Empress. She shall Act as Queen in the midst of Her children on earth. She shall Place at their disposition Her Seas of Graces, of Sanctity, of Power. She shall put to flight all the enemies. She shall Raise them in Her Womb. She shall Hide them in Her Light, Covering them with Her Love, Nourishing them with Her own Hands with the Food of the Divine Will. What shall this Mother and Queen not do in the midst of this, Her Kingdom, for Her children and for Her people? She shall Give Unheard-of Graces, Surprises Never seen, Miracles that shall Shake Heaven and earth. We Give Her the Whole Field Free so that She shall form for Us the Kingdom of Our Will on earth. She shall be the Guide, the True Model, It shall also be the Kingdom of the Celestial Sovereign. Therefore, you also Pray Together with Her, and at Its time you shall obtain the Intent.”

Book of Heaven: V36 – 12.28.38 – “You must know that as My Inseparable Mother Laid Her Maternity inside and outside of My Humanity, so She was made and Confirmed as Mother of every thought, every breath, every heartbeat and word of creatures, placing Her Maternity in their works, in their steps and in all their sufferings. Her Maternity Runs everywhere. If creatures are in danger of falling into sin, She Covers them with Her Maternity to prevent them from falling; and if they do, she leaves Her Maternity as Help and Defense, to Make them stand up again. Her Maternity Runs and Lays also on the souls who want to be Good and Holy, as if She found Her Jesus in them. She becomes Mother of their intelligence, and Guide of their words, Covering and Hiding them in Her Maternal Love, in order to Grow as many other Jesuses. Her Maternity shows on the beds of the dying. Using the Rights of Authority as Mother Given to Her by Me, in such a Tender Tone that I cannot refuse Her anything, She says: ‘My Son, I am the Mother, and they are My children; I Must Save them. If You don’t Grant Me this, My Maternity would be compromised.’ And as She says this, She Covers them with Her Love, Hiding them with Her Maternity to Rescue them.

“My Love was such that I told her: ‘Mother, I Want You to be the Mother of all, and I Want You to do for all creatures all that You have done for Me, Laying Your Maternity in all their acts so that I shall see them Covered and Hidden in Your Maternal Love.’ My Mother Accepted and Remained Confirmed, not only as the Mother of all, but also as the One who would Invest each of their acts with Her Maternal Love. This was one of the Greatest Graces I have Given to the whole of human generations. But what Pains does My Mother not receive? Creatures even reach the point of not wanting to recognize Her Maternity—of denying it. Therefore the whole of Heaven Prays and Anxiously Waits for the Divine Will to be Known and to Reign. Then, the Great Queen shall do to the children of My Will What She did for Her Jesus, and Her Maternity shall have Life in Her children.

“I shall Give My own Place in Her Maternal Heart to those who Live in My Will. She shall Raise them for Me, Guiding their steps and Hiding them in Her Maternity and Sanctity. Her Maternal Love and Her Sanctity shall be Impressed in all their acts; they shall be Her True Children, being Like Me in everything. O! how I would Love everyone to Know that if they want to Live in My Will, they have a Queen and a Powerful Mother Who shall Compensate for all they lack. She shall Raise them on Her Maternal lap, being with them in everything they do, Molding their acts as Her own; to the extent that they shall be Known as the children Grown, Kept and Educated by the Loving Maternity of My Mama. These shall be the ones who shall Make Her Happy, the ones who shall be Her Glory and Honor.”

Book of Heaven: V36 – 10.26.38 – “…Therefore, Courage, all that I Want is that you be at Peace…. All I Want is Courage and Peace. Don’t trouble yourself too much, and I’ll Take Care of Everything.”


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