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The Arc, Our Lady and Luisa – for the Intentions of Our Lady of America

The Arc, Our Lady and Luisa

with Command Prayer for the Intentions of Our Lady of America

Priests of the Old Testament carrying the Arc of the Covenant

Praying the Bishops will carry the New Arc

as Requested by Our Lady of America

“I Come to you, O children of America, as a last resort.

I Plead with you to listen to My Voice.”

(Sister Mary Ephrem to Rev. Leibold 11/15/56)

“Our Lady has asked that a statue be made as She Appeared on Sept. 26th, 1956 (Our Lady of America). After being solemnly carried in procession in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Wash. D.C., She desires that there it be enshrined in the place of honor and to be venerated there, in a special way as ‘Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin’. Sr.Mary Ephrem to Arb. +Alter – 4/13/60

“Tell the Bishops of the United States, My loyal sons, of My desires and how I wish them to be carried out. Through him who is head over you, make known the longings of My Immaculate Heart to establish the Reign of My Divine Son in the hearts of men and thus save them from the scourge of Heaven, both now and hereafter.”Letter of Sr. Mary Ephrem, January 1957

“I place My Confidence in My faithful sons, the Bishops, who will not fail to take up My Cause and make it bear much fruit for sanctification among so many and countless souls.” – Letter of Sr. Mary Ephrem to Archbishop +Alter – 4/13/60.

The people of the United States of America represent all the nations of the world, as one nation under God and Our Lady has come to America in a final effort to bring the Peace of Christ once again to mankind through America.

             “I Come to you, O children of America, as a last resort…”

The messages of Our Lady of America to her Bishops through Sister Mary Ephrem are Her Final Plea. It is the last chance for mankind to adhere to Her Call and it is the daunting responsibility of the Bishops of the United States to obey Her Desires.  We are blind if we cannot perceive the most precarious state that this world is in and even more blinded and deafly hardened if we cannot hear and appreciate the Desperate Pleas of a Mother to save Her children, as She said to Sister Ephrem:

“Has ever a mother shown more love and interest in her children’s welfare than I have done?”

Our Lady’s imminent request is of the greatest simplicity. All that She asks of Her Bishops is to process Her statue into the Basilica in Washington D.C. and give Her a place of Honor which can and must be quickly and easily obtained.

“I Come to you, O children of America, as a last resort. I Plead with you to listen to My Voice.”

 It is to the Bishops that She places this Mandate. If it is accomplished, Our Lady Promised that greater Miracles than those Granted in Lourdes and Fatima will be Granted here in America, the United States in particular, if we do as She Desires (Sister’s notes 2/2/60).

Our prayers, love and support are for the Bishops of America who Our Lady is asking to fulfill this Mission that She has Entrusted to them.  They are Her last hope. The responsibility is theirs. Recalling Jesus’ Words:

“My Chosen ones, you in particular are responsible for the souls of poor sinners.

It is to you I have Entrusted them. As their spiritual fathers and mothers you must care for them

and by your unceasing prayers in their behalf, lead them safely to My Father’s House.”

Who has listened? Who is listening now?

“O My sweet child, when will My Desires be realized?”

 “My daughter, will My children in America listen to My Pleadings and console My Immaculate Heart?

Will My loyal sons carry out My Desires and thus help Me

bring the Peace of Christ once again to mankind?”

The weight of the world rests on the shoulders of the Bishops, Her loyal sons; the condition of mankind rests in their “Fiat” to the simple Request of Our Lady of America.  The responsibility of the Bishops is tremendous, and the blessings will be abounding. The fate of the whole world is in the Bishops’ hands. 


Abba Father

In the Name of Jesus

In the Power and Love of the Holy Spirit

Under the Mantle of Mary, Our Mother and Queen

with the Holy Angels and Saints

Through the Intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, we pray:

May Our Lady of America’s Requests be carried out,

that the Bishops of the United States hold a solemn procession

of the statue of Our Lady of America in the National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception,

Permanently Honoring Her there.


We have faith and believe firmly in Our Lady of America’s Love for us and for all.

We have confidence that She will Respond Far Beyond all expectations.

One with Luisa, we bring Her Bishops of the United States

and Her children of all nations to Her Feet in the Holy Divine Will.


As the Generation of souls Proceed in Jesus, by the Holy Spirit

with Our Lady The New Arc’s ‘Fiat’ at the Incarnation,

may the faithful, little children of America,

through Luisa, daughter of the Supreme Volition,

give their ‘Fiat’ to All that Our Lord and Our Lady Wish.

May all souls lead pure lives,

in particular, the “Divine Purity” found in Luisa, the Cathedra of the Divine Will.

May this lead the world to Peace, the Peace of Christ

that He Brought with Him from Heaven.

May we Live Continuously in Your Holy Divine Will, linked with Luisa,

that You may give Proper Growth and Healing,

and Restore the Freshness, the Beauty, the Splendor to the whole Mystical Body.

May All be Given back the State of Origin, Nobility

and the Purpose for which mankind was Created.


Lord, Bless Your Holy Church

with the Triumph of

the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May Your Holy Church and all the world

through Our Lady of America,

House of Gold, Seat of Wisdom,

receive Your Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven.


“By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, deliver us from evil.”

Please take our humble prayer and Make it Your Command!

“Everything shall be Granted!” (V20 – 1.13.27)

We Believe! We Receive!




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